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    Naughty University

    (Current Rating 36/100, based on 170 votes)

    I'm 18, about the age when you need to start thinking about University. I had gone through all the applications, all the brochures, but nothing appealed to me. Then, one day, while surfing on the internet, I came across a University that caught my eye. "Naughty University" it said. There were no grade requirements, it said only "10 inch penis, athletic, orgasm easily, 18, male, ready to explore sexually and have fun!" Well, that was a Univesity! I signed up immediately.

    Three days later a letter came in the mail, it said "Naughty University Interview". It turns out a needed to go in the next day for an interview. What could they possibly want to talk to me for? I asked my parents if I could go, and being porn stars, of course they said yes.

    The next day we all jumped into the car and drove to the University, it wasn't a long drive. We walked righ through the campus, and in to the main office. A secretary was waiting at a desk, wearing a short skirt and button down top. She had blonde hair, and very large breats, in fact, you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. "Are you here for your appointment with Jessica?" she asked. "Yes, we are, it was for three o'clock?" my father answered. He was a large man with brown hair, and a cock just a bit longer than mine... 13 inches. "Okay, come on in" she smiled and licked her lips while looking at me.

    Jessica was sitting at her desk, wearing a short skirt, lose tie, leather boots, and a button down blouse. She had long dirty blonde hair and medium sized breasts. "Ohh, hello, welcome!" she said has she got out from behind her desk. My father went to shake her hand, but she went in for a long, tongue filled kiss. She giggled and did the same for my mother. "Please sit down, make yourself at home." We sat down, and she started to tell us about her University.

    "If he is accepted" she said, smiling at me, "He will be be rooming with two girls his age." I liked the sound of that. "There are only a few things we need to check before we can sign these papers" she continued. "Stand up" she ordered, and I did so. "Now, take your clothes off!!" She did have to tell me twice. The secretary and Jessica herself had made me very hard, and by now I had a full on boner. I pulled down my boxers and she smiled, then licked her lips.

    "OHHhh, very nice, very nice" she said hornily, "do you mind if I suck you off? I need to check how fast you can cum" "Sure!" I said, as she got on her knees. She grabbed by cock with her two hands, and begin to rub very hard and fast. Up and down, making my tip begin to get wet. She twirled her tongue around my head, and soon enough she had my whole 12 inch cock in her mouth. In and out she went, deeper, her tongue and throat making my cock throb. She went in and out, faster, licking up all my juices. Then she took me out, and started to hit me off. Her hand was tight around my rod, and she spit on my member to make it even wetter and juicier. I could feel my cum starting up my cock, and so could she. She handed it me and prepared herself for a face full of cum. Instead of letting it fall all over, Jessica let it come into her mouth, the milky liqued sitting on her tongue. When I was finished, she swallowed it all down.

    "MMMMMmmmm, that was good, your cum is awesome, now it's my turn!!" She jumped up on her desk and took off her skirt and panties, spread her legs and ordered me to come over. I got on my knees and started sucking her legs, making them shake. "Ohhhh, yeahhh, make me wet" she moaned. As I got closer and closer to her pussy she got loder and louder "UGGHGGH FUCK YEAH, MAKE ME CUM". Finally I entered her will my tongue, making her clit bulge. She started to shake violently and scream with pleasure as juices creamed out of her. I licked up it all, and put my tongue deep inside her. I could feel her insides, her soft pink gooey insides, on my tongue. I fucked her wet until she came all over my face, making me very messy.

    "Ohhh my goodness" She moaned, "I've never came that fact before, you're a god!" I was pleased with myself, and couldn't help but notice I had girl cum all over my face. "Oh, let me get that" she giggled as she started make out with me, licking my entire face. All this cream had made my cock again, and she noticed"

    "Well, I think you're in!" She smiled, "Now that your cock's hard again, you can meet your roommates!" I was eager to see them. "Sarah! Morgan!" she called, as two 18 year old sluts came running into the room. They both were wearing school girl outfits. Small skirt, no panties, leather boots, and a short blouse that exposed their young tits. "Yes?" Morgan giggled, looking at Sarah... "Hey, where were you two?" Jessica asked. "Oh, well, we werreee...errr..." stumbled Sarah. "Were you in the bathroom again, sucking each other off?" the teacher asked "YES!!, but we can't help it, we just love pussy!!

    The two girls hoped over my parents, my dad looking very happy, as was my mom, and sat in two extra chairs. "I know you love pussy.. but don't you love a long cock too?" Jessica asked. "Yes, we do, I love a warm cock my ass, that's something Sarah can't give me!" said Morgan. "Well, meet your knew roommate!" Jessica said, as she looked over at me, still with a boner, and naked.

    "Oh goodness!!" said Morgan, "He's so longgg...I want it, can I fuck him Jessica?". "Yes, why don't you go now?!" Jessica asnwered.

    Morgan got off her chair and walked over to me. She lifted up her skirt and sat on my lap, facing me. As she sat down my cock entered her ass hole, making her scream in delight. "Ohhh, my tight ass loves it!" She moaned as she started bouncing up and down. Deeper and faster she went, moaning all the way. Sarah seemed to get lonely, she she did the same to my dad, as he was now naked. I cock got deeper and deeper, exploding cum into her body. Jessica smiled at my mother and motioned her over... my mom took off her closes, her d Cup breats bouncing around, and proceeded to get on her knees, and eat Jessica out.

    Morgan begin to scream and shake, and my cock brought her to climax. She slide my creamy cock out and thanked me for it, and said that I will be repayed tonight in our dorm. Then she went over with my mother, and licked Jessica's pussy to another steaming orgasm. Cum was everywhere. On the floor, on cute asses, and sexy faces. I happened to know my mother was a cum lover, and she didn't miss any as she suck it up with her long pink tongue. I father had brought Sarah to climax very quickly, and started to lick her pussy... "Mmmm I love young pink pussy" he said as he played with her clit and ass hole".

    When we were all done, drained and ready to leave, Jessica asked me where I was going. "Home, it's June, the semester doesn't start til September right?" I asked. "Welll, yes" Jessica explianed "But I'm sure Morgan and Sarah would love it if you would stay with them, their pussy's would appreciate it!"

    So I stayed, and made Morgan and Sarah orgasm as many times as I could before we calapsed onto eachothers sweaty bodies. I think I like this University!

    Author: Ben

    2006-07-09 02:29:14 Posted by
    Very funny and horny! Anonymous

    2006-07-09 09:38:43 Posted by
    lol wheres the next few stories to this one cant wait to see em up there dray

    2006-07-28 06:05:57 Posted by
    badly written Anonymous

    2006-08-05 19:23:47 Posted by
    that would be "poorly written"

    bash someone when you can use correct grammar

    2006-09-26 11:19:32 Posted by
    that was awsome Anonymous

    2006-10-02 20:20:01 Posted by
    "Poorly written" in general sounds better, but grammatically, "badly written" is correct. Trust me on this one. I'm an expert. Anonymous

    2006-10-05 23:22:04 Posted by
    Why does everyone suck so bad at spelling on this site? For Gpd's sake, I couldn't even finish the story. Get SMarter!

    2006-11-10 23:52:16 Posted by
    Someone needs to make that uiversity Austin

    2007-05-31 21:46:43 Posted by
    get your hand off of your cock and you can type better Anonymous

    2007-11-29 15:45:17 Posted by
    guys just lay off the spelling! this isnt a grammar site wtf lol I liked this story. i didnt notice any mistakes, its not the point of this site Anonymous

    2008-01-29 23:38:07 Posted by
    i got off i liked it but its hard to comprehend everything when u have to go over a word that is not spelled correctly to understand what they mean... Cati

    2008-06-20 13:12:45 Posted by
    not everyone can spell i mean who cares as long as the story is good not everyone studys grammer and english,you guys must not get any since your criticize on grammer and spelling. P.S I Loved the story anonymous

    2008-09-06 12:52:15 Posted by
    plese forget about spelling anonymous

    2008-09-14 20:01:43 Posted by
    This was rubbish! And sooo untrue. Un-realistic. Horny Kimbo

    2008-12-08 02:03:29 Posted by
    Listen no one likes spelling or grammer Jacob

    2009-05-24 00:27:51 Posted by
    awsome Anonymous

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