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    (Current Rating 55/100, based on 2 votes)

    My wife Sarah and i were in a small nightclub on the Sunset
    Strip, about 50 people sitting by small tables around a small
    dance floor, a few couples dancing to soft jazz music. Sarah
    was wearing as little as possible in a public place, her tits,
    nice ones, looking like they might fall out any minute. A
    couple of guys a few tables away were giving her the once-over
    and she was obviously enjoying the attention.

    We went onto the dance floor and I steered us past the guys
    and she gave them a smile. a half minute later one of the guys
    came over and asked if he could in. She looked at me, I handed
    her over and went back to our table.

    The guy was a good dancer and soon had a had a hand on
    her ass and his chest rubbing her tits. I watched, wondering what
    she do, and was not the least bit surprised to see her doing an
    "Elvis Presly" against his fly.

    The dance ended and they walked back to our table. The guy
    had a very noticable bulge in his pants and to my surprise,
    instead of trying to hide it, he pointed it out to me and asked if he
    could have another dance with my wife. I said "sure, if you don't
    dissapoint her."

    The next dance was a Bolero, and as he swung her around in
    the air, sure enough. one of her tits flew out. He covered it with his
    hand and neither made any effort to put it back in. Several people
    noticed. A few dancers stopped dancing to watch. The dance ended
    and he took the tit in his mouth, she put a hand on his fly. they
    nodded acknowledgement to the starers, who gave them a nice hand.

    She put her tit back into her dress, but with one hand still holding
    hs fly, asked me if i'd mind her dancing another round with him. I
    said "Sure, if you started it where you left off".

    He took her tit back out of her dress, put a hand on her ass, but
    this time under her dress. They danced this way till the song ended.
    Nobody else got on the dance floor. everyone was watching. I
    guess they thought this was part of the entertainment.

    The next dance was a simple two-step, and as they danced my
    darling wife slowly pulled down his zipper while his hand moved
    from her ass around to her pussy. Then, his cock out, put it between
    her legs.

    As the gawkers gave them a big hand my wife threw me a kiss,
    lay down on the floor, pulled her dress up over her hips, spread her
    legs disclosing that she had no panties, and pulled her partner
    down and guided his prick into her crack.

    Sarah threw me another kiss, gave me the OK signal and began
    to give the fucking her full attention.

    The guy who had been with her new friend came to them, took
    out his prick and put it close to her face. She fondled it for a few
    seconds, then put it in her mouth. The watchers cheered.

    The fucking lasted about 10 minutes. The guy got off of her and
    his friend took his prick out of her mouth and went to take his turn
    fucking her, but she refused, explaining that she was here with her
    husband whom she dearly loved. She pulled her dress down, put her
    tits back in, threw a kiss to the watchers. We left the place and went

    Author: tony

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