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    Office Teasing

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 139 votes)

    Carol had started in my department last April. She had been doing the
    inventory and product placement for the
    past seven weeks. Then she moved up into the production room where I run the
    copiers and mail machines.
    She is 41 and married, but during the time we have had together, her sexual
    desires have not been met as much at home.
    She is very attractive to me. She has shoulder length auburn hair, kinda
    layered. Dark brown eyes that smile when she looks at me.
    Probably a 34c, and in my opinion, the most wonderful nipples I have had the
    pleasure of watching grow stiff we we talk.
    When she has worn a skirt or a dress, her legs invitingly make your eyes
    wander upwards.
    She is a flirt. More than I thought I was. It wasn't long before our
    conversations turned to sexual tones. During the training
    on the machines, she would move close to me and nonchalantly rub her arm or
    leg or fingers against me.
    That in turn would be a dare for me to touch her or say something. Soon we
    were bantering to one another about
    each others bodies and personal parts, making each of us excited and very
    much turned on.
    Finally last Thursday afternoon, I made the point that it was to bad she had
    to spend all this time teasing me here at work,
    otherwise we could have gone out someplace afterwards and made good on our
    threats and innuendo's.
    Well, that went over like fine linen on a soft fluffy mattress on a cool
    summer night. She said that the innuendo's and threats
    weren't such if they were meant to be direct statements.
    I walked closer to her and asked then, if she would be interested in meeting
    me tonight, at the park near the old electric building
    to prove that statement and more. She blinked confidently to my bluff, and
    said, "7:45!

    I left work, shaking, excited and nervous. I told my wife at dinner, I was
    going to my buddies work to help him and his friends
    move some office stuff and would be back around ten that evening. I took a
    shower, dressed and hit the road as it was about a half
    hour from home but closer to where she lived.

    Carol was in her minivan waiting for me. She had on sweat pants and a
    pretty pink buttoned fleece shirt on.
    I came to find out later when she got there, she took off her bra and
    panties so I wouldn't have to later. How thoughtful.
    I shut the door and sat down when she asked abruptly how serious I was about
    the innuendo's of me kissing her like I said I.....
    before she could finish the sentence, I brought my hand to the back of her
    head and leaned in to kiss her.
    The warm lips touching mine sent electric shocks through me. I had to taste
    those lips. We spent several minutes just kissing.
    Deeply, passionately. Never like this with my wife. Something new,
    different...forbidden like.
    Her lips sucking on mine. Our tongues licking tasting, touching. It was the
    way we were it would end soon and at the same time
    not soon enough. She began to lick and suck on my neck. When she did that
    I went perhaps unconscious to the reality around me.

    I had already gone past the moral issues, now I was exploring the sensual
    and sexual side of myself and this wonderfully
    enticement of passion that was nibbling on my neck and shoulder. I reached
    up to feel her face and caress my fingers along her cheek.
    Her hand had gone down over my chest and into my lap, where she had started
    to massage my thigh and rub over my already hard cock.
    I took that cue and reached down to slide my hand over her breast, feeling
    the soft firmness of the warm globe and the stiffness of her nipple
    as my fingers rubbed over it.

    MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm, I heard her hum as she continued to lick my neck and
    bite my shoulder.
    With her unbuttoning my jeans and tugging at the sides, she whispered in my
    ear for me to help take these off.
    I held her face and looked into it saying we should move into the back
    first, so I could help her get off once I had taken it off.

    As she bent over the seat, I pulled off the sweat pants. Oh godddddddd. I
    was shaking still with nervous excitement in a forbidden
    moment taking off her clothes. Pulling the material past her ankle, and
    seeing the soft supple skin, nude, smooth, mesmorizing...

    I reached up and ran my fingers underneath and in between her thighs from behind. She didn’t move. Bent over the seat, she put her arms up on the backbench seat headrest and lowered her head as she felt my hand caress her soft skin. I traced invisible outlines on her ass and lower back as my other hand slid it’s way upward between her thighs and into the smooth sensitive area around there.
    “MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm”, she stated. My fingers traced the inner thighs.
    Teasing, tempting their way upward and around the trimmed and wet pussy. I watched and smiled as she moved to my touch. Listening to her vocalize her pleasure was genuinely turning me on even more.
    I could feel my cock bulge and throb. Wanting to ride up against her from behind like this. I had
    to wait. I wanted to wait. To touch her every part. My hands and fingers were magnetic to her skin. To touch it all. To feel the passion from her as well as the excitement we had towards one another at this moment. I wanted for her to release and enjoy the feeling of this sexual forbideness. One that she and I had been separately nervously excited about for two weeks.

    All the teasing and flirting, not thinking anything would happen. And now, in a dimly lit parking area, in a tinted windowed minivan. With her, naked from the waist down. Allowing me to touch, tease and fully enjoy her soft, smooth figure. Ohhh godddd, I guided my finger upward and slid slowly along the outer edges of her folds. Trailing them back and forth, slowly over the lips and inner thighs. Drawing an imaginary design with no particular shape or size. Skin skating, several times, over and over. Just slowly tracing her back and her thighs, over and around the trimmed lightly colored pussy hair.
    Still bent over with her one leg outstretched and the other bent on the bench seat, I could see her breasts exposed under the shadowed material. Each were moving mesmerizing to her inhaling and exhaling breath. My hand left the soon to be touched again thighs, and moved up slowly over her bottom. Circling it, my fingertips drew out from there. Lightly dragging along her back. I slid them down along her sides causing a chill tickle. Tracing the outer edges of her breast. The softness, the warmth, the shape. Cupping and caressing underneath. Letting my fingers trail over and then off to the sides.

    I leaned up and began to kiss the soft ass. Bringing my lips over the smooth skin. Licking and tasting her softness. My hand reaching around to cup her breast, I squeezed it firmly and held it there. Sucking gently with my mouth, I covered my lips over her ass cheek. Holding it and taking my middle finger to trace the unseeing lines and shapes over it as I kissed and sucked.
    My hand released the hold on her breast and I let my fingers rub over her nipple…one at a time. Feeling the stiff flesh as my hand brushed up and over it, then tracing the upper softness of her chest, then back down again over the nipple. One at a time, then cupping it to squeeze it softly again. She shivered I thought. Until she said she just came.

    Looking at me, Carol rolled over and collapsed sitting down on the bench seat. The coolness of the pleather against her warm kissed bottom sent chills over her as I watched both breasts heave and her nipples stiffen as she watched me. I leaned into her and we kissed passionately again. With her hand behind me pulling my head closer to hers, I could feel her tongue search me. Deeply, as we intertwined within one another mouths. Her lips opening to draw me in as she sucked on my tongue. Oh god the feeling it brought. Sensual exchange with the oral motion back and forth as I sucked upon hers as well. I placed my hand underneath her top, upon her breast. Cupping it again from the bottom, I squeezed it firmly, letting it release slowly and fall under it’s weight to my fingers curling around it and upwards as I turned my hand and let the back of it caress the sides of her breast. Then turning it again to trail my fingers over her chest and downward over her nipple again. Keepi
    ng my hand there I brought my fingertips around it and pinched gently as I pulled slowly.

    My mouth left hers as I wandered down her cheek. Kissing along the cheekbone to her neck. Licking, kissing, biting it. Hearing her moan and grab my head and hand as she felt the warmth and wetness from my lips tasting her neck and shoulder. Softly biting the part between the neck and the shoulder blade, sucking on it, dragging my teeth across and then sucking on it again. She melted unto my arm and the seat. My hand left her breast to trace up to the other side of her face. My finger ran along the cheek and up under her ear and behind it. Between my fingertips I held and rubbed her earlobe and gently pulled on it as I sucked on the other one.

    Carol had reached down and started to pull off her top as she moaned deeply to me to suck on her breasts. I leaned down and took the supple firmness in my hand and brought it to my lips.
    Kissing it openly. Holding it in my hand. Raising it upward to lick underneath…using the flat of my tongue to taste the skin. Drawing upward and around the smooth flesh. Then bringing my tongue to lick over the nipple slowly. Lapping at it…again, with the flat of my tongue. Then sucking it between my lips as my tongue lashes at it from inside. Sucking it slowly, then licking. Sucking over it, then licking. Doing again and again. Then moving to the other as one I leave it wet and exposed for my fingers to trace and pull upon it.

    My other hand, palm down, wipes over her stomach and down between her thighs. Teasing the skin along the inside of them. From the lower calve, to the side of her tummy. Back and forth tracing and squeezing against the soft skin. The fingers circle the belly button then dip down to trace the outer puffy folds on each side. My finger ran up and this time softly slid over her clit.
    I pushed my finger back and forth slowly in to release the folds to the wetness inside.
    Then slid it up into her just barely inside. Sucking a bit harder this time on the stiff nipple, I let it drag across my teeth slowly and release it to the cool air.

    With that I bent down and leaned into her thighs and began to lick her softly between the wet folds. Tasting her for the first time. The wet mix of honey and cream as the scent and warmth entered my senses and mouth. I lapped slowly. I could feel her writhe and tense at the same time. Feeling my lips devour her lips and folds. Licking around the outer edges and then into her. Sucking on the lips and then pushing my tongue between them. I could feel her building again.
    I wanted to feel her cum while I sucked on her. To have her squeeze her legs around my head as she orgasmed in my face. I looked up at her. Her eyes closed as she felt my mouth warmly against her pussy. Her hand reached up and held my head as her other hand wrapped around her breast and squeezed it. Pulling on it. I leaned into her more and lapped my tongue over her clit and sucked over and on her lips. Pulling on them. I let them fall away, only to lick between them and than take her clit between my lips and suck on it.

    It didn’t take muck of an effort to draw her into my mouth before she shuddered and began to rock against my face. She held my head tight as she did indeed squeeze her legs tight around me as she started to orgasm. I held my breath and sucked as evenly as possible in a steady methodical pace….feeling her build and then tell me between her breaths that, she is going to cum hard. I reached up to feel her breast and pull on her nipple as I continued with the pleasure of sucking on her pussy. She started to scream in her hand and I felt her pump against my face.
    She twisted and moaned as another wave flashed through her. As soon as she screamed again, I slid my finger into her and curled it upward and dragged it slowly in and out as I continued to suck on her folds. Every other breath she had I would bring my lips together and suck in her clit and have my tongue lap over it.

    She pushed my head away and I traced her skin again looking up at her. Her breasts were full and moist with the sweat and beautiful to look at as she looked at me looking back at her.

    “Fuck me!!!!” was all she said. I teased her clit with my finger as I brought my hands and I wrapped them around her hips and pulled her to me. Kissing her again, she took her lips and tasted mine. Her hand reached down to feel the hardness between my thighs. Stroking it, I felt her squeeze it. Pulling on it she drew me up so that I was hunched over standing up in front of her. She leaned into my waist and took my cock into her mouth. Her warm lips and swishing tongue made me throb. She moaned a pleasure humming of “mmmmmmmmmmmm” as I felt her take it all in and then slowly pull her lips over it. Licking it’s length, she looked up at me.
    With that I grabbed her hips and turned her around and we both kneeled over the bench seat. She reached around to take my cock and I grabbed her hand placed it in mine. I pressed up against her with my hardness sliding along her slit. Holding her hand still, I placed it on the headrest and pulled my hips back and guided my stiff flesh into her wet pussy.
    I heard and felt her melt into me as she pushed back and felt the shaft drive straight and true into her. I left my cock still. To be surrounded by her hot wet walls as it pulse in there. I felt her squeeze it.

    Slowly I pulled out just to the tip and to the edge of her lips. Then slowly pushed back inside only not as far. Holding her waist and gently squeezing it, I held her hand tightly against the headrest in mine. Pulling out, then slowly pushing back in…..partly again. Then out slowly, waiting…then all the way in, deep. I would repeat this over and over again. Each time pulling her close as I pushed in deeply. I leaned into her and breathed on her neck before I took the same spot on her shoulder into my mouth and sucked while I bit gently on it. She came again suddenly and quickly.
    I felt her walls close around my cock and pull me. When I left in there for a moment and pulsed, she said she could feel that and squeezed it again. I reached around to hold her breast in my hand and let go of her hand as I placed it on her shoulder and squeezed her muscles. Licking the back of her neck, I whispered if she would cum for me again. I held firmly her breast and then trailed my finger over her nipple then squeezed it as I bit softly on her shoulder again.
    Pushing deep into her wetness and warmth, I began to slowly pump in and out. I was ready to explode. I focused on the rocking of our bodies in opposite unison, The stiffness of her nipple in my fingers. The smell of her skin and us together in the confines of the van. The heat of her pussy surrounding my cock, the cock tip touching the lips of her pussy and then the edges of wet walls. Listening to her moan and breathe as she pushed back into me. I could feel her start. Her breathing short and she started to chant softly “ohhhh yeah yeah yesssss I am going to cummm!” I felt the juices building in my balls. Hearing her tell me that I was ready tooo!

    “Cum for me” I asked her. I felt her shake and tremble as she pushed back against me and pushed harder, harder each time. I shuddered too and felt the balls fill.
    “I am going to cummm too baby” I answered. She bent over and screamed into the sweat top and I felt her squeeze my cock as she started to orgasm. I pumped deep and hard as I started to cum. The feeling of the hot white cum shooting through the stiffness of my cock and into her felt incredible as I pumped it over and over into her. Carol moaned and screamed again, feeling the hot fluid spray inside. “Oh my god- oh my go- oh my god……yessss yessss yesssss…..yessss oh god-yesssssssss I am cumming oh goddddddddd!!!” she screamed to me and the world as I felt her tense and then release - tense and release, tense and release my cock. Feeling the hot wetness over my hardness I slowly pulled out….just to the folds…..then pushed back into her. Then again…and again and again. Over and over a couple more times just draining and feeling her against me.
    When I pulled out finally, I turned sat next to her. She leaned down and began to lick the wet and semi stiff cock. I had never had someone do that afterwards and it turned me on. I held her head in my hand and brought her back to me to kiss her. I wanted to taste the both of us especially kissing her like this. Deeply, passionately, our tongues vying for attention.
    Touching one another with hope of another encounter….soon.

    Author: Indecentlust

    2009-04-30 17:34:52 Posted by
    i am soooo wet Anonymous

    2009-05-01 08:58:30 Posted by
    amazing!! I came twice! minnie

    2009-05-01 18:46:15 Posted by
    i want someone to shove their hard cock into my soaking wet pussy right now! Annonymous

    2009-05-01 23:47:06 Posted by
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    2009-05-02 00:30:40 Posted by
    boring and 2 long Anonymous

    2009-05-02 11:20:18 Posted by
    i had to have my roomate come n lick my pussy after that, then she read it while i fingered her Abby

    2009-05-02 19:49:27 Posted by
    Greatt story
    I am semi horny

    2009-05-02 23:57:14 Posted by
    omfg i am so wet i need my man dick lover

    2009-05-03 13:47:38 Posted by
    It's refreshing to hear the finer side of lovemaking instead of 'Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am' Spike

    2009-05-03 15:27:05 Posted by
    This story made me soo wet.
    I need to be licked right now.
    Im soo horny.
    SOmeone come help me.

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    im not lolo

    2009-05-04 03:50:28 Posted by
    Wow this is an amazing story, I had such an intense orgasm, and I had already had one this afternoon! Anonymous

    2009-05-05 07:49:19 Posted by
    I hope his wife spent the evening sucking off his best friend. Anon

    2009-05-05 20:29:34 Posted by
    i came in my pants iFuck

    2009-05-05 21:51:55 Posted by
    me too Jo

    2009-05-06 02:18:05 Posted by
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    Me so horny Thejackoffmeister

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    boring!! nad

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    Awesome stuff!! You took your time with this one :) cumlover

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    2009-05-19 03:15:25 Posted by
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    u know what ur doing - thanks 4 sharing Anonymous

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    amazing. icame twice. i am going to go masturbate again now!!!!! Anonymous

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    2009-07-16 19:07:42 Posted by
    What's up with all of you
    that was shit...
    and i get pleased pretty easily

    2009-07-22 09:10:22 Posted by
    I am had a similar experience with one of my clients. The long build up over a couple of weeks leading to an intense night of raw passion. It is difficult to beat Horny as hell

    2009-07-28 19:10:49 Posted by
    I just came on the bus ride home...crazy busman

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