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    Oh yeah, the baby sitter

    (Current Rating 82/100, based on 153 votes)

    Nikki’s been our twin girl’s regular baby sitter since she was a freshman. Now, she’s a recently turned eighteen, and a senior. Normally Nikki drives, but tonight her car was down. My wife Judi had picked her up, before we headed out for dinner and a movie. And, oh yeah, I just knew that somehow it would end up with me having to drive her home. The girl is pretty damn hot, but until she turned eighteen I was Joe Cool around her. Tonight though, maybe I could be my regular teasing, fun loving guy.

    It was only about 11:30 when Judi and I got back home. Nikki muted the TV as we walked in, and jumped right up to greet us. A whole lot of lean thigh showed before she smoothed her short leather skirt down. She caught my appreciative grin and flashed us one in return. “The girls are asleep. They were angels. I almost feel guilty taking money for watching them”. While Judi took care of paying her, I unobtrusively ran my eyes all up and down that hot young woman. Nikki’s a strawberry blonde, with freckles and a smooth light tan. Sure, I was wondering just how much of her hot little body was so sweetly tanned. She wore a scoop neck belly shirt that showed off her flat stomach, well doing nice things for a pair of firm round tits too. Judi caught me looking, and shot me an amused smile, and a nod of agreement. “OK then, the two of you are off”, said Judi. “Good luck Bob”. Nikki looked a bit puzzled, as she waved a good by, and followed me out the front door.

    Nikki slid up on to the front seat of my Jeep, and oh yeah, I sure noticed that she didn’t bother to pull her hiked up skirt back down. The sight of those long bare thighs had this poor boy wishing that she lived clear across town. She had herself turned partially sideways in the seat, so she could look at me as we drove. Honest, I couldn’t help wondering if she was wearing panties, and yeah, that was enough to have my cock stirring”. “Mr. Marshall would you mind stopping at McDonalds; I’m really starving”? I flashed her a quick smile and gave her knee a playful squeeze. “Sure, but only if you call me Bob, deal”? “Deal, but why did Judi wish you good luck when we left? I know she caught you checking me out”. She hadn’t pulled away from my touch, and her voice definitely held a teasing quality, so I figured, might as well try honest. “Well, I guess she’s hoping that I come home with an interesting story to share. We’re not swingers, but we like to h
    ave fun, and have a pretty open and sharing relationship. We never hide anything or sneak around. But, if one of us ends up in some kind of cute little sexual thing, then we can’t wait to share it”. Nikki laughed before replying. “Well, nothings going to happen, but you mean that if it did, then you’d tell her all about it”? “Right, she’d probably be on her knees with my hard cock in her mouth. And, she’d be getting way turned on hearing me telling her all about it”. “Shit, man I just don’t know what to say about that”, she added, sounding amused. “It would really turn her on hearing you telling her about what we did together”? Feeling bold, this time I gave her bare thigh a soft squeeze, letting my hand slide up a few tantalizing inches as I answered. “Absolutely, and you can guess what it’d be doing for me. Hey, here we are, do you know what you want”? Their was that teasing laugh again. “Oh yeah, I know what I want. You can pull it out, oops I mean pull right up and I’ll order”.

    After handing over her order I found a spot away from any other cars, and parked. Nikki polished off a burger in three fast bites, settled back, and slowly worked on a large order of fries. Her smile was mischievous as she held out the fries to me. I shook my head and grinned right back at her. The directness of her question surprised me. “Bob, so have you ever watched Judi going down on another guy”? “You bet, sometimes we’ll hit a bar or a club, and I’ll pick out some cute guy and she’ll go up to him and invite him out to the parking lot for a blow job. She tells him that her husband will be watching, but that it’s cool, and just a game we love to play. Judi loves an audience, and can really play nasty”. I was watching her as she accidentally, “accidentally on purpose”, dropped a fry down her shirt. She had her whole damn hand down there, feeling all around for a very long time, or so it seemed anyway. Coming up with the French fry at last she coyly h
    eld it out, offering it to me. I leaned over and sucked it between my lips, taking her fingers in along with it. I loved her little gasp of pleasure and surprise, but hey, she sure didn’t pull her fingers away before they were sucked clean. I sat back, looked straight in to her dark green eyes, and gave her my wickedest grinned. “Nikki I think you’re smoking hot; so how about showing me those sweet tits”?

    She stared right back, nibbled a couple more fries, and then sat the bag down. In one fast move she pulled her shirt up over her head and off. Her bra followed the shirt to the floor, and she sat there grinning with a firm round tit nestled in each hand. Yeah, and there were no tan lines at all, just a pair of absolutely delicious looking tits. Her hard erect nipples sat on crinkled areola, perkily upturned and beyond inviting. I leaned over, flicking my tongue out over first one then the other offered nipple. I loved the sweet little moans that I seemed to rip from her when I sucked one in to my mouth. Anyway, her hands went behind my head, pulling my mouth down on her luscious tit. I licked and kissed my way between her tits, tasting her sweet slightly salty skin, and just a hint of French fry. Hands that had started out on her knees, now slid slowly up those long sleek thighs, while my fingers teased sensuously along her silky soft inner thighs. I hadn’t even kissed her
    yet, but I had my fingers playing over damp panties, teasing Nikki’s pussy. “Stop Bob, oh my God I’m so fucking hot. Can we move to the back”?

    For an answer I clambered between the front seats and on to the rear bench seat. Nikki followed, but stopped and squatted down in front of me. She reached under her skirt and slid a pair of lacy red panties down her legs and finally off. And then, she was on her knees between mine, quickly working to get my jeans open. Pulling my hard on free, she held it tight in one fist. “Oh yeah, man what a big one, yum”. The fist released me, and her mouth dropped down, driving straight to the base of my almost nine inches of thick cock. She paused with me fully deep throated just long enough to push her hair back behind her ears. And then, she began pumping her full soft lips up and down my full hard length. Her hands had found their way to my balls, and her incredibly hot tongue quickly followed. Well, it did start slowly working its way down my throbbing shaft eventually sucking my balls in to a mouth as hot as a furnace. “Fuck Nikki, that’s awesome. Oh man, girl where did you learn to suck cock like that”? I didn’t get my answer until after she had climbed up and dropped that steamy hot pussy down on my bare thigh and kissed me. And what a kiss, her tongue was as far down my throat as my cock had been down hers. “My girlfriend Julie has a DVD on how to drive a man wild from head, and we’ve watched its lots and practiced on plenty of guys. I really love having a big hard cock in my mouth, but honest, I’ve never had one as big and fucking thick as yours Bob”. As her lips crushed and slid over mine her unbelievably slippery, and fiery hot pussy slid back and forth over my thigh. Little moans soon became loud cries of pleasure and desire when my hands lifted her tits to my mouth. Pulling my mouth off rock hard nipples, I lifted her off my thigh, and pushed her on to the seat.

    “Nikki loose the skirt and lay back. I’ve got to taste your pussy, hurry”. She worked the zipper, scooted her ass forward on the seat, and slid the skirt down her legs. I pulled it off, tossed it aside, and as slowly as I could manage ran my hands up her legs and pushed her thighs wide apart. As soon as my tongue touched down high on a slickly wet thigh her hands tangled in my hair. The girl was absolutely soaking wet, and pouring out heat like a fucking volcano. Oh man and how I wanted to go straight for her clit, but I did somehow manage a little restraint. I flicked my tongue teasingly around her opening, before it slowed and pushed deep in to her molten heat. That tight little hole took a thorough tongue fucking before I moved on. Soft velvety lips got sucked softly in turn, and finally my tongue reached the Promised Land. The little bitch nearly scalped me with the first hard flick of my tongue over one damn erect little clit. “Hey, enough with the hair. Use your
    hands to open your pussy to me”. Their was just enough light to show off her bare, totally open, shaved pussy for my hungry eyes. I was grateful that her hands stayed locked tight to her pussy and out of my hair. I intended to take her quickly, well, the first time anyway. Fast hard flicks directly to her clit had her crying out a series of “yeses”, and “mores”. I took her right to the edge and tried to hold her there, but no way was she having any of that. “Please, oh please make me cum. Oh my God; I’m just going to explode or something”. Hell, she almost did when I took that rock hard clit between my lips and sucked it hard. Her ass bucked up off the seat working to drive her pussy harder against my mouth, right up until my arms wrapped around her thighs and pinned her down. I don’t think that I’d given her by now darkly engorged clit more then four or five hard flicks, before she was cuming all over my face.

    I couldn’t believe it; she was still breathing in ragged gasps and already begging for more. More was just what she was going to get. Two stiff fingers pushed deeply in to her vagina’s slippery wet heat. “Oh yes, do that Bob. Fuck me”. She was incredibly tight and still quivering from her first orgasm. Pretty quick my probing fingers found a hard bump covered in tightly stretched silky smooth skin, and I knew I had found her G spot. I moved on, but I would be returning to that sweet spot. For now, this amazing young woman was going to get her red hot pussy thoroughly finger fucked. Stiff fingers were driving in and out, with hard twisting thrusts. A third finger and a hard rhythmic fucking quickly had her gasping for breath. ”Please more. Yes, hard, fuck me Bob”. Nikki had her ass bouncing on the seat trying to buck up to meet my hard driving fingers. A thumb sliding around and over her clit quickly brought it back to erect. “Oh yes, I like that. Fuck, I’m g
    oing to cum again”. Not quite yet she wasn’t. I knew that I couldn’t tease her for long, but I would enjoy every second of it while I was.

    My thumb stopped its sexy little dance, as my tongue cut in. And now, my fingers began a hard circular massage on her sweet inner spot. Nikki writhed and squirmed, making it hard to keep my tongue working right where I wanted it. Hey, life can really be tough, right? I began feeling rhythmic spasms rippling through her vagina, and then this incredible flash of heat and wetness. I moved my fingers even faster, pushing hard, as my tongue blazed over her throbbing clit. I’m not really sure when, but somewhere along the line she’d got her feet up on my shoulders. And now, they pushed off hard as her whole body went rigid. Her vagina clamped down on my fingers almost painfully, and she came and came again. “Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop. Oh my God, more, yes more. And with a final screamed “yes”, she shuddered in one long convulsion, and collapsed back on to the seat. Oh to be young; her gasping hard drawn breaths soon morphed in to a delighted laugh. “Oh boy, that was a good one. Oh my God Bob, I’ve never cum like that. Hey, are you going to fuck me or what”?

    “I’d sure love to, but no, not unless you’re carrying a condom”. She slid off the seat, and knelt facing me. One hand wrapped around my throbbing cock as she ground her mouth against mine in a kiss full of passion and heat. “Oh man, do I ever love how you kiss me. I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any condoms either. But, I like it in my ass too. What to go for it”? Fuck yes I wanted to, but knew I wouldn’t; at least not tonight. “Oh you delicious little tease; you know that I’d love to. But, not this time and sure as Hell not in the back of my damn car”. Her fist was still jacking off my rigid cock, when she sucked its head between her soft lips. Fuck me, and then, her hand held my balls and my cock was buried deep in her throat. She was still fondling my balls as she teasingly purred in a voice ripping with sultry. “You’re mean”, she teased. “I really wanted your huge cock in my ass, but OK then, another time. But, I’m going to at least get to swallow a huge mouthful of hot cum. So, get your butt up on that seat”. It seemed like only seconds until my hands tangled in her hair, holding her mouth pushed down hard, as my cock jerked and spasamed deep in her mouth. She got her huge mouthful alright, maybe several huge mouthfuls. And, she took every hard blast with me fully deep throated. Her hand was back working to rip a final shot from me as she giggled and teased. “Come on, one more. Give it to me”. I did, but it caught us both by surprised. I yelled out “now”, but to late. So, Nikki got my final shot splashed across her face. Hell, she loved it. “Wow, just fucking wow. I’ve never swallowed so much cum. Fucking great”. And then, Nikki was scrambling back in to her clothes, leaving me to put away my now quite limp, but very satisfied cock. She was back in the front seat munching on cold French fries by the time I squeezed my way back to my seat.

    The fries were a memory and she was quietly sucking on her Coke. “So Bob, just what are you going to tell Judi”? There was a noticeable pause before she went on. “Am I good? I mean, I know you sure as Hell liked it, but am I good? How do I compare with Judi”? “Well”, I started, but stopped, shaking my head. “I suppose that I’ll tell her that I just got a “world class blow job”, from one smoking hot young woman. And then, I’m going to hold tight to her head with both hands and fuck her sexy mouth while I tell her all about going down on your shaved pussy and making you cum twice. Next, I’m going to bend her over the sofa and fuck the brains right out of her head while I tell her about the huge load of cum you swallowed. I’ll do that just about the time I blast my load in to her pussy. But then, I’ll probably have to go down on her, oh for about an hour or two I’d guess”. I loved her pretend pouty little girl voice. “I was right, you are mean.
    While you’re home fucking Judi, think of me. I’ll be alone in bed with my fingers working my dripping wet pussy, thank you very much”. We shared a good long laugh, and then she was home.

    Author: ??

    2008-07-24 08:53:10 Posted by
    Should have eaten chips out of her pussy. Great story-left my cock aching for a fast and furius fucking Pussy lover

    2008-07-25 01:43:49 Posted by
    Fucking awesome story, lets hear more... Roadrunner

    2008-07-25 21:40:15 Posted by
    that was so hot! Pussy Lover sounds like he's earned his nickname. janie

    2008-07-30 13:58:22 Posted by
    what year was the jeep??? Anonymous

    2008-08-01 00:02:35 Posted by
    Why didn't you give your baby seeds to your babysitter so she could have your baby, too? Dr.T

    2008-08-06 08:08:16 Posted by
    Wow that is sexii u should of fucked her I WOULD fuck2nite

    2008-08-07 17:08:32 Posted by
    pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    2008-08-29 15:12:51 Posted by
    Sexy story! REALLY got ME going! Pussyfan

    2008-08-29 15:16:00 Posted by
    I know that (NOT EVEN; lack of; a condom!)WOULD'VE stopped ME; from fucking her GOOD!

    2008-08-30 22:06:19 Posted by
    that was okay i suppose

    2008-09-07 23:30:16 Posted by
    i like tits Anonymous

    2008-09-08 03:00:36 Posted by
    shouldvefucked her anonymous

    2009-03-16 15:24:41 Posted by
    Fuck her dammit Anonymous

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