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    Pamelas punishment

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 206 votes)

    I have to tell you about something that happened between me and my teenage step-daughter last month. I have been married to Caroline for two years and last month her daughter Pamela quit college and moved in with us. Now Caroline is beautiful, but Pamela is something else. The first time I met her I felt a strong sexual attration to her, although I tired to ingnore it as I was committed to Caroline. Pamela was sexy in all the right ways. She has caramel skin and a really hot way of looking up at you through her lashes when she catches you looking at her. You could stare at her body for hours without getting bored, although she is embarrassed about how heavy her breasts are and thinks she is too short, but that is just teenage insecurities. She is a perfect 19 year old hottie.
    It all happened that day she came back from college. Caroline was at work and I was home fixing some stuff around the house on my day off. I heard the door to the bouse open and I walked through to the hall to see who it was.

    "Hi Dad" Pamela said as she stood in the door. She had started calling me that about 6 months into my relationship with Caroline as a joke, but I think it stuck because she hadn't seen her dad since she was six and liked the fact she had someone to call that now.
    I asked her why she was home and all she would say to me was that she was ill and had to leave college to come home for a couple of weeks. I was understandably confused as she didn't look ill. In fact she looked gorgeous. She had on a short wool skirt that clung to her bottom and a lycra top that did the same to her breasts.
    I questioned her and she avoided the real issue for half an hour till she stared to get pissed and I started to get pissed with her too. The questioning turned into an arguement. She said it was none of my business what she did and swore at me turning on her heel and pushing past me into the kitchen. That was it, I have never been able to deal with rudeness, especially from people over 20 years younger than I am. I followed her into the kitchen and grabbed her wrist; I wanted to teach her a lesson.
    "So if you are so ill you'll have a temperature, right?" I shouted.
    "What?" she was angry and trying to twist away.
    Still holding her wrist I got the thermometer from the medicine cabinet and dragged her into the den.
    "What are you doing, get off me!" She was really shouting now and struggling hard to get away, but I wanted her to be punished in a way that would really effect her. To be honest I was also driven by a latent sexual desire to dominate her.
    I got her into the den and I sat down on the closest armless chair we had.
    "Get over my knee, we'll see if you have a temperature"
    With that she started crying and begging me not to do what she realised I was going to do. There was no help for her though, I was going to find out she didn't really have temperature in about 2 minutes and completely embarrass her in the process.
    "Get over my knee or I will give you a spanking as well" I had no intention of letting her get away with this and I was really starting to enjoy myself too, I was way too carried away by this time to think rationally about what I was doing.
    "NO Daddy please don't, please don't" she was still sobbing and begging, trying to be cute to appease me because she knew I was much stonger than her and stuggling was hopeless.
    Still holding onto her wrist I pulled her down over my knee and holding her down firmly with my left arm I pulled up her wool skirt exposing her white pantie clad bottom. Pamela cried out at this and kicked her legs, but I gave her a sharp smack on the bottom and she stopped kicking.
    "Now off with those panties, lift up your bottom"
    Pamela didn't move so I gave her another smack. Suddenly angered by the situation she started screaming at me "How dare you? I am 19 years old and you aren't my Father. How dare you put me over your knee like this you fuck. Let me up"
    Again, rudeness fueled my temper up. Holding the thermometer in between my lips I yanked down her panties revealing the smoothest, roundest ass I have ever seen. The sight of her squirming bottom on my lap and the thought of what I could to do with this rude teenager gave me the strongest erection I have had for years. I am ashamed to tell you dear reader, that I was thinking now solely about fucking this little temptress rather than punishing her, but I had to keep up the act.
    "Open your legs up, I need to insert this thermometer, lets see how ill you are"

    "What? No way" She was shocked and evern more humiliated by this request and she started crying and begging, her earlier anger forgotton.
    " 'No way?'" I repeated....and I started to spank her.
    I can't tell you how good it felt to feel her soft tight ass under my hand. Every time I brought it down she would cry out and her ass would push down making her pussy lips crush against my cock. She was panting and her bottom was red before I stopped. I looked down at her and I had to suppress a powerful urge to strip her naked and fuck her beautiful ass, knowing her big tits would be swinging beneath her.
    "Now, I said, open your legs up" and I ripped her panties so that they were completely off and she had the freedom to open her legs up.
    Pamela was still for a minute and I was worried that I had gone to far, then slowley she started to open her thighs and I was treated to a sight. Her ass hole and cunt were pink and as perfect as I could have hoped for and completely hairless. I readjusted her on my knee and then further spread her ass cheeks with my thumb and forefinger. I would have eaten out that little hole right there and then if I could have, shown her what a man of my age knows about a woman's body, what none of the idiot jocks she had been seeing would have known. I held back, I was her father figure, I had to.

    Taking the themometer from between my lips, I inserted it into her asshole, feeling her tense up as it went in and starting a new wave of sobbing. I knew I was humiliating her badly. 19 years of ages lying over her step father's knee with her bare ass exposed to his gaze and more, a themomenter sticking out of the most private place she had.
    "Hey, it's ok" I said to her stroking her bottom lightly over the reddest areas, feeling sorry for her, but still horny as hell "it's ok, this will be over in a minute. You shouldn't have pushed me Pamela. You know how I feel about rudeness"
    "I know daddy" she said quietly "I wanted this"
    I was shocked, my cock jumped. I asked her to explain herself.
    "Daddy, I came home because I have quit college, but I knew you would be home alone when I got in and I wanted to see if something might happen between us. You have made me hot since I met you and I can't stop thinking about you"
    With this she slid off my knee and knelt down between my legs with the themometer still sticking out of her bottom. She raised her arms and pulled off her top revealing her 19 year old firm swollen tits, unrestrained by a bra.
    "Daddy, will you play with my breasts? I've wanted you to do it for so long. I think about you doing it when I play with myself and it makes me cum"

    I stared at her, was this for real? All those times I had watched her bend over or sneaked a look down her blouse and wished I could fuck her. Now she was kneeling naked infront of me with a bare red ass and those beautiful big tits exposed, asking me to touch her.
    I had to make this good. I took her upstairs and asked her to get on the bed on her hands and knees and spread her legs as far apart as she could. God she was stunning to look at. I got some lubricant that Caroline and I used sometimes and I squeezed a generous amount on to my hand. I then moved up behind her and smeared it all over her asshole that was so open to me, sliding my finger in a little as I did it. She gasped and tensed just as she had when I had put in the thermometer and I knew for sure she was an ass virgin. This might be the only time I would get to fuck this naughty girl and I wanted it to be something special.
    Climbing onto the bed too, I sat with my back against the headboard and released my cock. Seeing her still on all fours those magnificent tits hanging down and her ass in the air, my cock felt like it grew another inch.

    "Come over here" I said.
    She crawled over and straddled me. I positioned my cock at he entrance to the anus, her breasts level to my face.
    "Sit down. There's a good girl. Sit down for daddy" and I patted her bottom.

    Pamela bit her lip with pain as she slid down onto my hard cock. I squeezed and rubbed my face in her puppies as she complained how it hurt. I pressed her breasts together and pulled them apart and then just left them alone to watch how they swayed and shook with the stain she was under taking my length into her asshole. When it was nearly all the way in I pushed Pamela onto her back and held her legs up and together the way you do when you are changing a baby's diaper. From that angle I could see exactly waht was going on and I finally pushed my penis the whole way into her. We fucked like that for no longer than a minute, I couldn't control myself. Watching her asshole strain around my tool, her fat tits shake as I picked up speed. Seeing her face blush because of the position I had put her in and finally watching her orgasm, maybe for the first time in her life.

    We haven't repeated what happened that day, although I would love to. Maybe one day she will do something wrong and I will just have to punish her again....

    Author: Miss Rita

    2007-10-18 05:21:10 Posted by
    well done. fantastic. it is the duty of a person being a human being to fulfill the desire of a person. whosoever he/she is. v

    2007-10-24 22:42:31 Posted by
    thats not really a short story. but it is still pretty good. hrnyguy

    2007-11-03 14:16:00 Posted by
    it was unusual Anonymous

    2007-11-25 14:00:55 Posted by
    can he do it to me sexy

    2007-12-26 22:55:53 Posted by
    i hate that old basterd i hope he burn and die in hell but it still turned me on bich please

    2007-12-30 13:35:58 Posted by
    I've never had hot thoughts about my step father [who is an accountant] so i just dont understand these stories Wanted

    2008-01-16 03:41:58 Posted by
    I like it v much. Uff! I wanna fuck this nic girl. Fucker

    2008-01-17 15:09:50 Posted by
    I love that story it made me cum Babygirl

    2008-01-21 13:19:54 Posted by
    oh i wouldnt even mastrubate to that, I hated it!! MASTRUBATION

    2008-02-16 23:15:41 Posted by
    I masturbated to it naughtygirl

    2008-02-22 19:52:48 Posted by
    It wuz a gay story Tjizz

    2008-02-24 06:02:04 Posted by
    now thats a sick fuck who desirves jail scuba

    2008-02-24 19:05:01 Posted by
    god i just keep cumming to dis i really wish u would do that 2 me lucious whore

    2008-02-25 11:25:38 Posted by
    let me at it lucious! Anon.

    2008-02-25 11:47:05 Posted by
    My cock is throbbing for her ass and pussy Anon

    2008-02-25 12:30:29 Posted by
    THat story has me so hard I am gagging to fuck Anon

    2008-02-26 09:33:49 Posted by
    I want her ass Anon.

    2008-02-26 11:01:11 Posted by
    Eat her! AnoN

    2008-03-12 19:58:28 Posted by
    gets me off every time Anonymous

    2008-03-26 17:11:02 Posted by
    it made me cum Anonymous

    2008-04-03 21:00:45 Posted by
    I love that story it made me cum but i would never make out with my stepdad only if he is hot Nikita

    2008-04-04 18:53:28 Posted by
    I Want To See Her Tits! I Also Want To Screw Her! My Penis Got Hard! horny

    2008-04-06 00:01:41 Posted by
    She is so sexy in the story I want to fuck this bitch in real life Anonymous

    2008-04-07 09:34:12 Posted by
    I want Miss Rita's ass too! Pussyhunger

    2008-04-07 09:42:08 Posted by
    Its naughty but I want her ass too. I'd like to titty-fuck her as well. Hard and horny

    2008-04-10 02:41:03 Posted by
    Omg i jerked my seven inch cock off to this Thehornykid

    2008-04-16 08:46:14 Posted by
    It's a bold story but it left my cock twitching for her ass and mad to fuck - unforgiveable that he failed to eat and take her pussy. Muffy lover

    2008-04-28 03:33:43 Posted by
    yeah, he should have fucked her pussy -_- Good Job

    2008-05-19 15:52:44 Posted by
    should have fucked her pussy and mouth. cherry

    2008-05-26 18:48:37 Posted by

    2008-05-30 23:10:04 Posted by
    this story wass mad hot!! only15

    2008-06-09 18:30:54 Posted by
    hot but more should have been added dfhf

    2008-06-17 00:11:41 Posted by
    This Made Me Cum anonymous

    2008-06-26 13:39:48 Posted by
    omg you sick fuck! BiGirl

    2008-06-28 15:47:13 Posted by
    i am rubbin my hot clit just wishin that a guy was here to do this to me. i am soo horny! fckme

    2008-06-30 20:04:49 Posted by
    Masturbating now :) sexybitch101

    2008-07-21 08:46:24 Posted by
    I have nine inches of rigid cock for Pam's ass and a warm, wet and loving tongue for her pussy. I am rampant and need a hungry woman who likes to have her pussy eaten voraciously Stiff for pussy

    2008-07-26 02:13:45 Posted by
    i like the story, the only things is did you ever take themometer out? Anonymous

    2008-08-06 00:55:10 Posted by
    Hey 'Stiff for pussy', I'd like u to come to my house and eat me!! O, I need a bad boy to complete my dirty needs. NymphoBitch

    2008-08-13 11:37:25 Posted by
    What about your ass NymphoBitch, does that require attention too? I always insist on providing full and vigorous service! Stiff for Pussy

    2008-10-21 13:56:07 Posted by
    hey babygirl that is my stepdaughters name where u from and how old are u? baddad

    2008-11-12 14:16:42 Posted by
    I loved that story it made me cum Hard

    2008-12-20 10:20:10 Posted by
    this person is such a rude jackass. weird story what the fuck

    2009-01-03 00:39:42 Posted by
    It*s Discusting Cunt Lapper

    2009-03-01 03:45:17 Posted by
    I laughed my ass off for some reason. It was a good story. Well written Mr right

    2009-06-01 03:23:25 Posted by
    What's wrong with him? And what is wrong with the author? Nasty! Disgusted

    2009-06-24 01:24:34 Posted by
    It was a good story except for the jackass tch

    2009-06-25 01:13:03 Posted by
    I wanna fuck her aaa

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