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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    Fleshlight Reviews

    Payment for changing a tire

    (Current Rating 65/100, based on 58 votes)

    I'm a 22 year old guy, I've got a better female figure than my 18 year old sister. This wasn't the first time I'd got fucked, and it wasn't the first black cock that I'd been introduced to. This took place on monday night the week of thanksgiving 06, in my motel room in spearfish SD, I was on my way west to spend thanksgiving with some family. My fuck buddy drives over the road trucks, and I hadn't seen him for two weeks when I left home monday morning. I already had a room reserved in spearfish and when I hit I-90 and headed west across Sd I started thinking about my buddy, and then some of the other guys that I'd been with and that got me horny. A few miles east of Wall Sd, the car I was over taking suddenly pulled onto the shoulder, as I got closer I saw that he had blown a rear tire. I pulled in behind and got out just as the driver of the car got out, he was an older black guy, dressed in slacks and a white shirt, and looked like a football player. we exchanged !
    greetings, and looked at the flat tire, he said I've never changed a flat before, I said well I have, and will be glad to change this one for you. I was wearing girls levi lowrise jeans without a belt, and a pair of bright red silk panties under them, and a short length tee shirt. I caught him looking me over and thought he might be interested. Just then a tall beautifull long haired younger blond got out of the car, she said I thought those tires were new, why did it blow out, we might have hit something, who knows. She looked me up and down, gave a hint of a smile and got back in. I found the jack and tools in the trunk and started to change the tire, I was on my knees and I knew he could see my panties, it turned me on, but seeing the blond he was with starting anything with him was useless. I got the tire changed and was putting stuff back in the trunk when he asked if I just dressed like that, or was there another reason. I knew he'd noticed, so I said there's anothe!
    r reason, I like other guys. We both had the same state plates, he asked where I was heading, I said out west, but I'm staying is spearfish tonight. He said well if you're interested thats where we're staying also, and it was at the same motel. I starte to say something about the blond, but he said, she knows, and has no problem with it. So I told him my room #, he pulled the big caddy back on the road and I didn't see him again. Later that evening after I'd checked in and pulled around to my room, there sat the caddy, two rooms down. As I got out of my truck he stepped out of their room, waved, and went back in, I set my suit case inside and went back out for the shirts I had hanging behind the seat. When I stepped out he and the blond were standing by their car, he handed her some money and said take your time shopping, we'll go eat when you get back. She looked at me and smiled, got in and left, he came on over, and we went inside. We got undressed and took a shower!

    togather, he was so much bigger than I am, with curly black hair all over his body. I started playing with his cock, it got hard and when it did it was glossy black, and hugh. I turned around and backed up to it, but he said no, I'll do all the work you just injoy it, we dried off and got on the bed. I wanted to taste it and he let me, a few seconds later I got the sweet taste of pre cum, and then he pulled away, had me lay on my stomach, and then I felt something cool on my ass, and then he started to finger fuck me. That felt good but I wanted the real thing, and it wasn't very long untill he laying on top of me, and started working his dick in my ass. When he got the head in, he stopped, it took a little while, he went at it slow, and finally I felt his course pubic hair touching my smooth shaved cheeks. He had the whole length of that massive thick black cock in my small white ass. I had goose bumps running up and down my arms and legs, he didn't move for a few seco!
    nds, then he slowly started pulling back, he pushed it back in full length, then humped. He'd been holding himself off me untill then, but after a few strokes he let his weight down on me, and started to fuck. I felt like a small pony mare getting bred by a draft horse stud. I didn't remember him putting on a condom, but that thought didn't stay very long, it was warm in the room, and before long I was sweating, I know he was to, and I could feel it running dowm my sides. His face was right beside of mine, I could feel his hot breath, smell his musky smell, then I felt him start to tense up, his tempo started to change, then with seven or eight super thrusts he finished what he'd started. A few seconds later he started going soft, pushed himself up off me, got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. I just layed there and almost drifted off, then he came out, got dressed, and as he turned to leave said, is that enough payment for changing that tire for me? I said payed!
    in full, and he left. when I got up there was a wet spot on the sheet, and I could smell cum, then I remembered not seeing him put on a condom and I thought it was funny feeling like a pony mare getting bred by a draft horse stud, because I just had been.

    2007-11-24 19:53:56 Posted by
    I think he came out ahead on the deal. rob

    2007-11-30 21:57:31 Posted by
    its ok what the he'll did that pony shit mean but whatever its one of those real quit and when its over you realize how good it feels to say I'm not reading that fouking shit again. little dicky

    2007-12-27 19:15:00 Posted by
    it sounds like that big black stud was just what a hot young filly like you needed, did you get his address, I'll bet he'd be glad to service you again. short cock

    2008-01-28 21:26:36 Posted by
    I've read better I'm hella horny 24/7

    2008-02-06 20:06:51 Posted by
    I just wish that I could get fucked like that, just one. young ass

    2008-02-09 19:01:50 Posted by
    me 2 Anonymous

    2008-02-11 22:24:14 Posted by
    Some of those big studs can put out a load of spunk, so I can see where you would feel like you'd been well bred. hard&black

    2008-02-16 19:09:10 Posted by
    the only black i was ever with was hung like you wouldn't believe, but he only stayed hard for about 3 minutes, sounds like you were with a real stud. Anonymous

    2008-03-02 21:17:54 Posted by
    one night i was with this older black guy and he put 3 loads of cum in me with the same hard on. brad

    2008-03-06 15:02:10 Posted by
    i just want one cock like that.. sweet ass

    2008-03-08 19:31:15 Posted by
    Black studs know how to take care of a hot white ass. white boy

    2008-03-28 21:49:12 Posted by
    I'd say he injoyed it more than you did because he was the one in charge, and he fucked you the way he wanted to. And when his cum left the end of the big black dick you know he felt like a stud. hard rider

    2008-04-12 03:54:10 Posted by
    i like the story very much but you could have eloboreted little more.i wish i could fuck you. Anonymous

    2008-04-21 21:22:41 Posted by
    I'm not black, but I've got an 11 inch cock that would love to get aquainted with your hot sweet ass. anonymous

    2008-04-23 21:29:01 Posted by
    When he was really sticking it to you did your toes come off the sheets? Anonymous

    2008-04-25 22:31:08 Posted by
    If he was a lot bigger and heavier than you are its a good thing you wanted it, because once he got started you wouldn't have had a choice. Anonymous

    2008-04-28 05:43:19 Posted by
    sucked u

    2008-05-05 22:20:10 Posted by
    What were you thinging about while he was having a good time screwing you? mike

    2008-05-12 21:06:00 Posted by
    I liked the story, but I wish you would've put in some more details, like how big was his cock and nuts, what he said while he fucked you, and how much cun did he pump in you, I'm very well hung, and I'd love to have you under me. joe

    2008-05-27 23:53:15 Posted by
    that was stupid. Anonymous

    2008-06-11 20:02:53 Posted by
    I thought it was HOT. Anonymous

    2008-07-02 14:55:07 Posted by
    My bf better be ready when he "cums" home! Amy

    2008-07-08 23:31:20 Posted by
    He got his nuts off, all you got was fucked. easy rider

    2008-07-20 22:46:18 Posted by
    can i fuck u 2? p

    2008-07-22 21:56:16 Posted by
    I agree with an earlier poster, he got the best part of the deal. rocken r

    2008-08-30 03:59:04 Posted by
    I want to become a cumslut for blackmen only and be handed over to gangs at parties. Marriedbicumslut.

    2008-10-23 15:48:58 Posted by

    2008-10-28 00:53:25 Posted by
    ok im sorry but i just couldnt read this story seeing as how im from this area of sd. haha its just weird. :) anonymous

    2008-11-01 08:48:42 Posted by
    i think you gave in too quick, you should've teased him for at least 30 minutes, he might have fucked you twice. Anonymous

    2009-02-21 01:06:44 Posted by
    The blonde should have stayed and joined in also. But next time you write a story keep it going longer and have more fucking and sucking in iy Rambon1

    2009-03-10 19:50:59 Posted by
    Spearfish must have changed since I lived there. Maybe for the better? Fevzi

    2009-06-26 14:55:23 Posted by
    It so good to be fucked in ass! igor

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