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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

    I have a fleshlight for over a year and love it !
    Fleshlight from my girlfriend
    today was my 1st try of the FL
    I am a Fleshlight Fan
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    Fleshlight Reviews

    Petite and sweet

    (Current Rating 68/100, based on 45 votes)

    110 lbs, 5'4", blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. That's me in a nut shell. I have a nice body I've been told. I think I need bigger boobs but I'm happy with my 32-C's. They are perky and firm with pink nipples that love attention.

    I live with my parents but I can do what I want because they really don't give a shit. Seriously, they are too busy being social with their lawyer friends to even care about my life. Fuck them! They made me the spoiled rich bitch 18 year old that I am.

    I tossed my stuff in my convertable and headed for our beach house for the weekend. I knew they'd never miss me so I thought I would have some alone time. I had my whole weekend planned out. Sleep, eat, lay out on my deck. Why not?

    I drove for two and a half hours and had to pee. I stopped at a rest stop. It was getting late so I thought I would get ready for bed while I was there since it would be about one a.m. by the time I made it to the beach house. I grabbed my bag and went inside.

    I put on my sleep pants and took off my bra. I put on my pajama tank top and stuffed my clothes in the bag and put my flip flops back on my feet. Feeling relieved and more comfy, I walked back to my car and continued on my way. Then I looked down at my gas...shit...I needed to fill up. I caught the next exit and stopped for gas.

    I only had about another half hour to go and I was getting sleepy. I filled up and went in to get a cappuccino to keep me awake. It was freezing cold in the store which made me want that cappuccino even more. I grabbed a french vanilla and went to pay for my gas. The attendant was pretty cute and he was flirting with me. He kept looking at my tits and then I remembered I didn't have a bra on and my nipples were very hard and noticeable due to the coldness of the store.

    "Where you headed this evening?" he asked in a polite tone.
    "Oh, about 30 minutes away." I said
    "Beach?" he asked
    "Yeah," I replied "how'd you guess?"
    "You look like Brad and Lisa's girl." he said
    "Oh my God, you know my parents?" I said in shock
    "Yeah, they stop here all the look just like your father."
    "I've heard," I said rolling my eyes "I need to pay for gas on number 2 also." I said swiping my credit card.
    "Sign this please and drive safe." he said in his 40 year old voice.
    "Thanks," I said catching him looking at my tits again "Have a nice night."
    "Oh, don't worry honey, I will." he said winking at me.

    I got into my car and headed out. 'I'm in the home stretch' I thought to myself. I finally made it! I put up the top on my car, grabbed my stuff and headed inside. I loved being there. I took my stuff to my room and heard a knock on the door. I went and opened it and it was the guy from the gas station!

    "You left this," he said holding up my wallet. "I hate to bother you this late but I know you'll need it."

    "Oh, geez...please come in." I opened the door and let him in. He was very sexy and smelled good too. "Thank you so much for doing this."
    "Well, I know your mom and dad really well and I would feel like shit if I didn't return it to you right away."

    "Let me pay you something for your kindness." I said opening up my wallet.
    "NO, really...thank you is enough." he said looking at my tits AGAIN! I have to admit, it made me horny.

    He walked to the door to leave and I gave him a hug. He was very hard! I knew he was horny too and would probably not mind a random fuck so I flirted with him by brushing my tit against his arm as I reached for the door. He smiled at me and I knew he wanted me. I have always wanted an older man to fuck me so I had to act fast before he left.

    "Are you sure I don't owe you anything?" I asked raising my eyebrow.
    "Positive." he said with a sexy smile.
    "Not even a little something?" I pressed.
    "Like what?" he asked laughing.
    "Like...maybe...this" I said slowly raising my shirt letting my perky titties out. My nipples were so rigid and dying for him to suck on them.
    "Oh, well...I guess I could accept looking at firm perky titties as payment." he said looking them over with approval.
    "Well, you can do more than look." I said as I started to rub his cock and undo his zipper.
    "No, honey." he said stopping me. "I'm married, but you are beautiful."
    "Come on...who's gonna know?" I said rubbing his bulge.
    "I can't sweetie." he said again.
    "Are you sure?" I said playing with my nipples.
    "Yeah, I really am sure....but you definitely made me horny." he said turning to leave.
    "Maybe this will change your mind.." I said taking off my bottoms and totally exposing myself to him.

    "Damn!" he said "why are you doing this?"
    "Cause, you want me to." I said sitting on the couch. I spread my legs and began to rub my pussy.
    "If you don't mind, I'll watch you." he said sitting in the chair.

    I let him watch me masturbate. I pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit while he smiled the whole time. I plunged my fingers in my pussy and moaned as I came. I looked at him and he had his cock out and was stroking it. "I need to have that!" I said begging. "My pussy is so wet and tight, no one will ever know. Your cock is so big...I've never had one that big."

    He gave in to my begging and stripped down to nothing. "No one will ever know." I said again as he started to suck on my nipples. "I hate to ruin this for you but, I need to make it a quickie so my wife won't wonder what took so long getting home."
    "Just fuck me" I said.

    He rammed me quick and hard and I screamed as I came. He came hard and fast and then he left in a hurry. I cleaned up and went to bed satisfied.

    Author: Chloe

    2007-12-19 05:44:13 Posted by
    So nice and good story.
    I want to fuck the girl of the story . In my mind.

    2007-12-24 00:21:03 Posted by
    thats hot, but not enough Anonymous

    2007-12-29 02:40:28 Posted by
    Wow...if only I could have a hot random fuck like that! I cranked one off while I read this and I'm gonna go to bed satisfied too! Hung member

    2008-01-01 01:40:20 Posted by
    This girl seems sexyI would fuck her Matt

    2008-01-02 07:38:09 Posted by
    And then what? Is that all? That whole long story 4 that and then it ends Anonymous

    2008-01-03 00:53:21 Posted by
    I wish I could have a random fuck like that. I would shoot my wad if a woman said "Just fuck me!" I like the way you think Chloe ;) Anonymous

    2008-01-06 00:49:06 Posted by
    puzzy Anonymous

    2008-01-31 12:45:46 Posted by
    wow too many details building up to something that needed more details....oh well, it made me horny Jim

    2008-11-29 02:38:32 Posted by
    I would fuck you honey and I wouldn't make you have to beg me to either. Maddog

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