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    Pig Roast

    (Current Rating 65/100, based on 47 votes)

    Carol and I got invited to a Pig Roast. We have lived in a rural setting for years yet we had never been to a pig roast and we were both looking forward to going.
    Our friends Jack and Peggy picked us up at 11.45am. We thought this was a bit early but they explained the Pig Roast party was a lunch time affair.
    When we got there everyone was jolly and on entering the field we were handed a choice of either a glass of mulled wine or a glass of scrumpy cider. I chose the mulled wine and Carol chose the cider. The only reason Carol chose the Cider (she had never drank Cider before) was because she did not like hot wine.

    There was loud music and people dancing around a fire while the farmer was attending to his pig on the spit. The pig was huge and roasting well and smelt delicious.
    Carol was knocking back the scrumpy and I told her to go steady. She said I was a fine one to talk and she said if she wanted to drink she would and she could control her drinking unlike me. I got back under my stone and enjoyed another glass of mulled wine.
    We all queued up for our pig roast and found a place on the ground to sit and eat it with another drink. I noticed Carol had another glass of Cider. I thought there was no way she was going to last the afternoon.

    After some dancing and a few more drinks I noticed Carol had disappeared. I asked Peggy if she had seen her and she said she hadn't. I wondered about the farm and decided to look in one of the barns.

    I peeked through a barn door and could see some boys gathered around some hay. I sneaked into the barn and hid so I could get a better look at what was going on.
    I heard one of the boys say to his pal that it was his turn now and they swapped places.
    As one of them got up I could see that on the floor was a woman's leg. As soon as I realised it was Carol I was just about to go into a rage until I heard Carol laugh so I continued to watch.
    One of the boys was gently kissing Carol's leg and Carol said she liked that. One of the boys was feeling her between the legs and she said she liked that also. I thought this was going to be just like the three bears and the last one entered her and she said she definitely liked that.
    Each boy took it in turns to screw Carol and she could have taken more but they were all exhausted and wondered off leaving Carol on the floor in a heap.
    I gave it a few minutes and called out ‘Carol, are you in there' Carol replied ‘Yes, Tom, I am just coming'. I thought that was a lie as she had already come several times earlier.
    I said I was worried about her and thought she might be drunk from the scrumpy. Carol said she felt a little tired but reminded me she could control her drink.
    We both went back to the main area and I poured a huge glass of Cider from a jug and Carol snatched it from me and laughed.
    After another hour or so Carol went a bit quiet. I could see the boys watching her and I told them to bugger off. She was my bitch after all and they had already had their way with her. The boys disappeared.

    A couple more hours passed. Jack and Peggy, our friends, left as Peggy had to work at the hospital later. Jack said he would come back and pick us up to give us a lift home.
    It was early evening now and it just started to rain. Most people left and those who stayed ran to the barn for cover.

    Someone soon brought the remainder of the food and drink into the barn and someone else rigged up some music.

    There were only about fifteen people, three women and twelve men and it seemed that a natural grouping of one woman to four Chaps formed.

    The first group of four men watched the woman tease them as she danced and one of the men shouted out that she ought to do a strip. The woman started to but soon chickened out and her partner grabbed her by the hand and they both left the barn laughing.
    The second group chanted and the woman started to peel off her clothes and got down to her bra and pants when a big guy picked her up and carted her off to a corner of the barn. A couple of the guys went with him.

    Their were about seven other guys, me and Carol left and one of them told Carol that he did not think she could strip as well as the other woman did. Well this was all the incentive Carol needed. Like a red rag to a bull. There was no-way another woman was going to beat her at stripping.
    Carol told the men to sit in a circle and she told the music man to turn up the music.
    Carol picked up some of the clothes the other woman had left. There was a shawl and a long dress. She put them over her clothes and started to dance.
    Carol teased the men and danced about pulling up her long dress to reveal some leg. The men were enjoying the tease and started to clap.

    Carol started to fall as she danced. No-doubt she was swaying because of the Cider and as she fell one of the men pushed her back up and she slid towards the men on the other side of the circle.
    As the men pushed her they accidentally ripped a bit of her dress. Carol fell down.
    One of the guys picked her up and whispered something in her ear and she started to dance again and laughed. This time as Carol was pushed towards a couple of the guys one of them held her arms up while the other one put his hands up inside her top and undid her bra.
    Carol was laughing and got pushed to the other side of the circle and suggested she be parcel as in the game pass the parcel.

    Carol got passed around the circle from one man to another and when the music stopped Carol removed her bra and through it in the air and laughed.
    The music started again and Carol got passed on. When the music stopped she kicked off her shoes.  Next time the music stopped she through off the shawl.
    The men chanted ‘pants, pants' and the next time the music stopped Carol slipped off her pants and through them in the air. Someone caught them and took a sniff and passed them round so others could smell what was coming.

    By this time Carol was only wearing a long outer dress (that she put over her own clothes), a knee length skirt and a loose fitting top.

    The music seemed louder and as Carol got tossed around when the music stopped each man ripped at her top and within minutes her top was in shatters on the floor and her ample breasts were on full view. It looked like a pack of wolves around a chicken. Each man was drooling as Carol became more naked than the last time.

    Carol continued to laugh and dance about in her tattered long dress and when the music stopped she pulled out a belt from her inner dress.
    When the music stopped the next time one of the guys chanced a kiss that lingered. As Carol kissed the guy one of the other guys unclipped her inner skirt and pulled it down.
    The music started and Carol continued to dance and was pushed quite hard across to the other side of the circle. Someone ripped her dress a bit more and as she stood up she stood on her own dress and it tore completely off. She was now completely naked.
    Everyone just stared and did not know what to do. Carol laughed and ran off.
    Carol ran up one of the ladders and some guy gave me a beer. Most men stayed down on the ground and decided to have a beer but a couple of the younger men chased after Carol.
     You could hear Carol laughing in the distance.

    One of guys chasing Carol did a rugby dive on her and she fell in the hay. As they lay there the other two guys chasing her caught her up and one of them fell to his knees and told Carol she was gorgeous. He licked her left breast. Another guy licked her right breast. The other guy went straight down and licked her between the legs. Carol wriggled about and made appreciative noises.
    Each of the guys fucked Carol and when they were done they carried her to the ladder and slowly lowered her.

    One of the men in the bigger group came over to Carol and wrapped a large coat around her. The three guys she was with left and as the man wrapped the coat around her he opened it to take a look at her beautiful body and could not resist it. He looked Carol straight in the eyes while he undid his zipper and then pushed his erect cock in and out of her until he ejaculated. Another man came over to see what was going on and grabbed the collar of the coat lifting Carol with it so he could simply drop her onto his throbbing dick. He fucked her also in a standing up position.
    There were only two guys left who had not fucked Carol and they soon realised what was going on and what they had missed and came over for their rations.
    They locked their arms together and lifted Carol up and took her to a corner of the barn where the other woman was laying with a three guys. They laid Carol down and the five guys took it in turns to fuck Carol while the other woman watched in amazement. She got so turned on that she lay on top of Carol and started to kiss her and rub her clitoris while the guys watched.
    One of the guys called everyone else over and all the man watched the two women in their lesbian rummage..

    I grabbed the woman who was still on top of my wife, who was simulating shagging carol, and carried her off to fuck her. While I fucked this young woman, who I had never met before, everyone else shagged Carol again and again.
    I heard a car horn beeping and remembered Jack was picking us up so I quickly pulled up my jeans collected Carol and we ran off towards Jack's car.
    Jack opened the car door as it was still raining and we jumped in. Jack asked where Carol had got her coat from and she said one of the farmers had lent it to her because it was raining. Little did Jack know she was stark naked underneath.

    Carol never drank Cider again but we kept the coat and sometimes got it out for our kinky sex sessions remembering that Carol must have had dozens of cocks on the day of the pig roast.

    Jez's tales

    Author: Fiction Stories

    2008-07-10 15:20:57 Posted by
    Please meet me carol Rock the ghanta

    2008-07-13 17:45:11 Posted by
    Omg.OOOOoo YEAHHHHH Mmmm. Love the story. :P BigCockProblem?

    2008-07-28 02:10:27 Posted by
    love to meet ya carol Anonymous

    2008-08-22 10:01:12 Posted by
    I'm so jealous of Carol! So many cocks.....MMMMMmmmmm Lisa4fun

    2008-11-10 00:30:26 Posted by
    Have me HORNY about to phone these two guys over. TaKE ADVANTAGE OF ME!!!!! Anonymous

    2009-02-19 22:40:21 Posted by
    with all those guys she needed one in her pussy, one fucking her ass and one fucking her mouth, with one sucking on each nibble. Anonymous

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