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    Playing Naughty

    (Current Rating 52/100, based on 59 votes)

    She heard the water running from downstairs while she sat in front of the TV; she was transfixed on a meaningless show. Something about who was dating who and why it wouldn’t work.

    He hadn’t been home long. Just short of 4 hours, but it seemed like he hadn’t been gone at all. Everything was back in its place. All was as it should be.

    The afternoon was mystical in the way he took to her. It was like days of old when their relationship was more animalistic than efficient. Children and the times had dictated that they change their normal habits. Yes it was still wonderful; their love making was like that of 2 life long partners working in synchronicity.

    But still, the water running provided an instant heat to her soul.

    Quickly she looked to see where the kids were. They were occupied with something else. Would they notice? Would they miss her? Quickly she made her decision; the heat between her legs was one she could not ignore. She had to see him, had to watch him. Had to enjoy him again.

    She made a subtle move towards the stairs, glancing over her shoulder for a brief moment to see if the kids had noticed. Apparently they hadn’t as she held her breath in check and waited for the tell tale cry that would remove her from this forthcoming fantasy. Nothing came.

    With a sexy, sultry grace she made her way up the stairs unnoticed and unheard. Her feet landing ever so quietly on the soft carpet below. She took special care to avoid the areas that she knew would give her away. Patiently she side steeped all the creaky boards and stole away into the bedroom.

    The water from the shower was louder now. Quickly she took a short glance to take in her surroundings and gaze upon the master bedroom bath. The door was open. Her heart started to pound harder. Her breath labored as she moves slowly to the bathroom door. The carpet seemed to help her float along her given path. The fibers brushing gently between her toes as she made her way to the door.

    Slowly she leaned gently in to the doorway, but yet held back just enough to hide herself from the angle she was sure he was in.

    There he was.

    She watched for a moment as the water danced its way down his body and collected at his feet as it made its sultry quest toward the drain. This was mesmerizing she told herself. How she wished she was the basin that caught the water. Able to revere in all that was him. Soaking up his essence from each drop as it fell laboriously from his body.

    It wasn’t long before she noticed the heat between her legs growing. There was something so amazingly naughty about watching him in the shower. Something so erotically welcoming.

    She reached down to her pants and slowly undid the button that held them on her hips as she watched him wash himself. Slowly and quietly she eased them over her hips and let the protective cotton fall to the floor.

    Quickly she took a glance to make sure he was not aware of her presence. Comfortable that she was undetected she made her way to her private dresser drawer. Without a sound she eased it open and peered inside at her instruments of pleasure.

    Slowly she reached in and grabbed a few of her favorites. She knew that these toys would only play as a part of her satiability. For she knew that what she really wanted was to feel him in her. Without a seconds thought she grabbed her large red dildo and the smaller blue vibrator.

    With a grin from ear to ear she made her way to the bed.

    She positioned herself perfectly so that she could watch him and explore her body at the same time. Confident that he was still unaware of her presence she started to explore.

    Slowly and teasingly she let her fingers glide down her silky smooth chest, coming to rest on her already hardening nipples. She gazed up from the bed to look at him again as he continued to wash himself. Totally unaware of her presence or her activities.

    She took one of her nipples in her left hand and started to squeeze it softly at first. Gently toying with it as it increased in size and became fully stimulated. She watched him as he was washing himself. Squeezing herself softly at first and then harder with each passing moment. Ohh how she wished she was one of those droplets of water. She could glide effortlessly over his body, enjoying every curve that was him as she sped her way down farther and farther.

    Her heart started racing as she continued watching him, careful as to her angle. She did not want this to end so quickly, she wanted to enjoy every moment, hidden.

    Her left hand continued caressing her nipples, slowly working from left to right. Massaging both nipples and pulling on them gently, squeezing with the beat of her heart. The pressure she was putting on them was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. The act itself was having the desired effect, she felt the middle of her legs heat up and start to throb.

    Slowly she made her way down her body with her right hand, tracing a sensual path over her stomach as she sought out the insatiable throb below her navel. Teasingly she made her way over the small tuft of pubic hair surrounding the soft and growingly wet skin of her pussy.

    Again she looked up as her hand started a rhythmic dance around her now throbbing clit. He was still totally unaware to her presence. She smiled ever so slyly and went back to playing with her wet pulsing pussy.

    Her fingers started to tremble as she toyed with her clit. The moistness of her pussy told her she was totally overwhelmed by the secrecy of her pleasure and the unknowing of her mate. She watched him as he washed himself. Every time his hand wisped over his penis she shuddered with anticipation and applied even more pressure to her clit.

    She was now unable to take her eyes off of him. She watched as she took her enlarging clit between her fingers and squeezed gently at first, then harder as her heart raced to keep up with her desire. Her clit felt so large and stiff between her fingers. It became harder and harder to squeeze it as her body produced more and more lubrication fitting to her desire.

    She now started massaging her pussy as the desire grew and grew. Her fingers danced a dance of desire and want. She dug into herself, pulling and spreading her pussy as she envisioned her lover playing with her.

    Her lips were swollen with excitement; she could now hardly contain herself. She spread her pussy one more time as her left hand abandoned the warmth of her nipples and hungrily grabbed at her red dildo.

    Before she could find her toy she thrust her right hand into her wanting pussy.

    The desire was too much. She had to satisfy herself now. She thought of what it was like when her lover thrust himself into her. The hardness of his cock. The warmth of his breath. She tried to duplicate this in her mind. It was working. A small moan of excitement escaped her soft lips. Quickly she stole a look to see if her lover had noticed her.

    He had not. He continued his task of showering, no more the aware that she was there.

    Her heart continued to race, faster and faster as she thrust her fingers into her wet warm pussy. Ohh how she wished he would look up and quickly join in. but for now she continued with her task. There was something so sweet and naughty about watching him and him unaware of her presence. The feeling only added to her excitement.

    As she watched him and played with herself she continued to grow her excitement. Without any hesitation she ran her red dildo over her wetness. The ridges of it sent spasmodic shivers through her body. She continued to tease herself with it. Running its large head over her clit and towards the entrance to her longing pussy.

    Now she was becoming oblivious to her surroundings. The rhythmic pulse of the shower only making it that much easier for her to concentrate on her little ruse. Her pulse became quicker; her pussy throbbed and longed to be taken. She grasped the soft toy and thrust it into herself.

    The release of pleasure from the large head penetrating her almost caused her to pass out from pure orgasmic ecstasy. The feeling was unbelievable. She was unsure if it was just her longing for him that caused this sensation or if it was the fact that she was hiding and being naughty by watching him. Either way the pleasure derived from this act was one she did not want to loose.

    She grasped her toy even tighter and started to thrust it into her at a feverish pace. Harder and harder she dove into her hot wet pussy.

    Her breath was labored now. She did not want to give her secret away; she did not want him to know she was there, not yet. She closed her eyes and blindly felt for her smaller blue toy all the while continuing to pound her pussy with her large red one. Her right hand felt its soft pliable coating and eagerly snatched it up.

    With the dexterity of a seasoned pro she turned on the vibrator and quickly eased it between her legs. She maneuvered it around her already working hand and gently slid it over her asshole.

    The sensation from it vibrating sent spasms up and down her body. She was so sensitive now. The wetness from her pussy had now found its way to her asshole where the new vibrator had silkily glided over. For what seemed hours she continued to pound her pussy with the large cock, spreading her pussy more and more as she thrust it deeper and deeper into her. She was almost there. Her heart felt like it was about ready to explode. The combination of the large dildo spreading her pussy and the erotic vibrations of her other toy on her asshole had brought her to a new place.

    She knew she was only moments away. Gently she started to slide the vibrator into her ass. The smaller head of it squeezed its way in to her tight ass. She tried to relax as much as she could to make the penetration from the new toy as pleasurable as possible. She felt the vibrating head enter her.

    She wanted it to go in just a bit deeper. She wanted to feel the pleasure of both of her holes being filled. The vibrator pulsed away with its erotic song, now in her ass far enough to where she could feel it rubbing on the larger dildo she continued to thrust into her dripping pussy.

    The vibrations could now be felt through her ass and into her pussy. The sensation was one of pure ecstasy. Both her holes throbbed together. Like an erotic dance she started to rock with the motion of her toys. Gently gliding forward with each thrust into both her filled holes.

    The pleasure was unbearable. She stole a glance at her lover still in the shower and realized he was nearing completion. The timing could not have been better. Soon she would blow up from her self induced pleasure and then she would get to feel the warmth and desire of her lover and mate.

    She did not slow…she continued on her frantic pace. One toy pounding into her hot, pulsing pussy. The other gently probing her tight lovely ass. Her breath became labored as she came closer and closer to climax. She continued on even more feverishly. Imagining with every thrust that her lover was the one behind this driving force. Her legs started to tense up first as the waves wracked through her body. Her pussy was next as it tightened around her toy, feeling every ridge in its form. Her ass followed as it tightened with uncontrolled ecstasy. The vibrating from her toy sending even more powerful waves of pleasure up her spines.

    She held tight onto both toys, afraid that in letting go the feeling may disappear. Her legs tensed, her toes clenched, her breathing stopped as she made the sensation last as long as humanly possible.

    She looked up again as the last wave of pleasure wracked her body. He was now standing above her, watching and pleasing himself. Slowly yet forcefully he gripped his penis and began stroking it. She watched as it thickened and became hard in a matter of moments.

    He was smiling now. His gaze transfixed on her soaking pussy. He continued to stroke his now throbbing member. He inched closer to her. He wanted to be careful not to let the magic escape; he wanted to make sure she was ok with his approach. He glanced up at her and saw her lips form into a small grin. She was enjoying this he told himself.

    His gaze refocused on her sopping wet pussy. He switched hands as he continued to play with his large throbbing penis. Effortlessly he moved ever closer, his right hand reaching out for her. He wanted to rub her swollen pussy. He wanted her cum on his hands.

    Gently he leaned forward and ran his right hand over her hot wet lips. The cum was silky soft and still warm. He labored a few moments running his open hand back and forth on her. Taking care not to penetrate her lips. Slowly he pulled his hand back, now covered with the cum from her pleasure, he switched hands again and continued to stroke his cock.

    She watched with an animalistic arousal as his penis started to glisten from the wetness that was once hers. She wanted him, she was ready again. She sat up on the side of the bed and reached both hands around his ass.

    Forcefully she pulled him in closer to her. She could smell him now. Even after the shower he smelled like sex. The aroma may have been hers, it mattered not, it only added to her insatiable hunger.

    Without a thought he stopped stroking himself as his hands went to her. He gently ran them along the sides of her face as she looked up at him. She could see the want in his eyes, feel the desire in his body, and sense the passion in his heat.

    She smiled softly and reached for his throbbing cock. It was so hard. Her touch sent a powerful spasm up his body as his knee’s locked and he almost wavered. The moan that joined the spasm made her pussy start to throb again. She wanted to please him; she wanted to be his only thought.

    She pulled his hard member closer to her and started to kiss it gently. First the kisses were soft. She covered his pulsing cock with them, taking extra care to apply softer ones to the silky soft head of his dick. She now took her other hand off his ass and slid it to rest on his balls. This again sent a pleasurable spasm up his body and another moan of desire escaped his firm lips.

    In a rhythmic motion she started massaging his balls as she took his hard dick into her mouth. Again another moan of pure animalistic pleasure escaped him. She was in total control now. His thickness filled her hungry mouth as she continued to rock back and forth on his penis. His moans coupled with the sweet taste of her own cum filled her with more excitement.

    She continued to pleasure him, running her warm wet tongue up the shaft of his penis stopping every once in a while to toy with the head of his dick. He seemed to be getting harder in her mouth, she could feel his excitement. Uncontrollable twitches from his rock hard cock pulsed with his heartbeat. He became harder, his balls started to retract at her touch. She knew he was almost there.

    Slowly she slid her mouth up his penis one last time. Sucking harder as she came to his soft smooth head. She removed her mouth from him and then removed her hands from the sensual blanket they provided around his balls.

    He was breathing heavier now. His penis released from the warm confines of her mouth now twitched up and down with pure delight. He lowered his head to look at her again. Gently she laid herself back on the bed and spread her legs. Welcoming him to her. She reached out a hand to him, beckoning him.

    He leaned forward only to find her welcoming hand pushing him back and down. She wanted his mouth on her. She wanted to feel that warm wet tongue flicking her clit. She wanted him to thrust it into her warm pussy. She knew he would do it all. She knew how much he loved to suck and play with her pussy. And she welcomed it all.

    Slowly he lowered himself to his knees as he lowered his head into her again pulsing pussy.

    To be continued

    Author: Vampirian

    2007-03-21 05:11:40 Posted by
    Finally a story without stupid and eye-rolling unbelievable fetishes--just two normal people in love, this one. Thanks! Nick

    2009-02-15 03:18:07 Posted by
    lame Anonymous

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