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    Pool Party II

    (Current Rating 83/100, based on 55 votes)

    On a warm evening in late summer, three of us were lolling lazily in our swimming pool. Absorbed in conversation with our new friend Jerry, my wife took no notice as I moved casually behind her and, without a word, untied the two knots that held her bikini top in place. As her full breasts sprang suddenly free, she gasped and I wondered what her next reaction might be, for my move had been a surprise.

    Despite the loud and detailed verbal fantasies about a threesome that had marked our lovemaking for some time, Cher and I had not met anyone who seemed just right to both of us until Jerry joined the company I work for. He was a few years younger than our own early forties, and was ruggedly handsome, with broad shoulders, black hair and a small moustache to match. He and I quickly became buddies, and I could sense that Cher found him attractive, but I didn't want to rush things. First I had to find out how Jerry might feel about a sex party with married friends.
    After a few weeks in the office and a couple of evenings at our house, I felt I knew Jerry well enough to broach the subject, and I quickly discovered (no surprise) that he was willing and readyhaving already fucked my wife several times in his own fantasies. But I had not yet mentioned anything to Cher, because I was afraid she might get cold feet when the time arrived. So far as she knew, Jerry had come over that evening just to have a drink and go for a swim in our pool.

    But Cher must have suspected what we were planning, because my sudden baring of her voluptuous bust did not seem to embarrass her. On the contrary, she drew her shoulders back -- the better to emphasize those tempting orbs-- and moved deliberately toward the smiling Jerry.
    He seized her in an embrace that snugged her nude breasts tight against his chest. For an instant they hesitated, staring into each other's eyes until both detected a silent sign of compliance, whereupon. Jerry lowered his head and kissed her. She responded by probing his eager mouth with an equally eager tongue, while at the same time slipping her hand past the elastic in his trunks and finding his already rigid dick. Jerry returned the favor by easing his fingers under her bikini bottom and flicking her clitoris.

    Cher backed away coyly. "Don't forget how to do that," she said. "I'll come back for it later but I have something else to do first."

    I knew what she intended, for I had helped her many times before. I pressed my naked body against her back and lock-stepped with her to the spot where a narrow jet of water was surging from an outlet in the pool wall. She had discovered during the very first swim in our new pool just how quickly that stream could arouse her, so in a routine that was by now well practiced, she slipped out of her bikini bottom, rested her elbows on the edge of the pool and presented her crotch to the outlet's flow. Jerry eased a hand between her legs and began to rub her asshole while I sucked on one of her voluptuous tits. Helped along by our extra attention, the gush of water buffeting her clitoris quickly had her rocking and moaning. She pumped her hips backward against Jerry's finger-- now well inside her asshole--and screamed in joy as the relentless flood of water sent thrills of orgasmic pleasure through every inch of her body.
    "Oh, God!" she sighed. "Oh, that is so great! Oh, I LOVE that finger up my ass!"
    She eased away from the wall until only an outer edge of current continued to pamper her clit and deliver a few final waves of delicious sensation. With her eyes closed and lips parted, she now waited eagerly for my usual post-orgasmic kiss, but I stepped aside and motioned for Jerry to do the honors.

    Luxuriating in the ebbing throes of her orgasm, Cher at first did not realize it was Jerry whose tongue was in her mouth, because his finger was still fucking her ass. When she opened her eyes to the discovery, she responded with an appreciative little laugh and turned to face him fully, compensating for the resultant loss of his probing finger with the sensation of the hard dick that was rubbing against her belly.

    Stirred by my wife's panting, I wrapped my arms around her from behind and locked hands under her breasts. We stood in waist-deep water so I leaned backward until I was braced against the pool wall. The move lifted her lower body and legs to virtually a floating position just at the surface, exposing the roundness of her hips, her beautifully contoured legs, and a dark triangle of pubic hair that waved in the slight current as if beckoning.
    Cher pointed her enameled toes at Jerry and widened her legs, slowly spreading open her vagina. He moved forward at once and began probing her crotch with the bulging head of his cock until it kissed those luscious lower lips. Then he grasped her by the hips and, little by little, buried his engorged member to the hilt. Supporting her ass with one hand, he rubbed her clitoris with the thumb of the other while starting a
    slow cadence of strokes that soon had her emitting a steady chorus of soft, hoarse sighs that sounded almost like the purr of a contented cat. She lay with her head on my shoulder, reveling in Jerry's rhythmic and increasingly rapid thrusts. Her warm back pressed hard against my chest with each new stroke.

    Since she was obviously in the ideal position to accept and enjoy Jerry's hammering lunges, I continued to hold her afloat. My head rested on her right shoulder and hers on my left shoulder. We were cheek-to-cheek, but Jerry stood close enough so that he had only to bend forward to cover her panting mouth with his, just inches from my appreciative eyes. Their open mouths blended for long seconds, and when they parted and Jerry stood erect once more--his dick still pounding into her hot pussy, his hand still gripping her soft ass--she had only to turn her head slightly to transfer her hungry lips from his mouth to mine.

    A few minutes later, Cher wriggled from my grasp and stood on her feet, obviously desiring closer contact as the climactic moment neared. Jerry embraced her, squeezing their bodies tightly together. Again their mouths locked as she wrapped her arms around his neck and circled his waist with her legs. Lowering one arm momentarily, she found his dick, and restored it to her pussy. He resumed his thrusts, now bucking upwardly in rapid, passionate strokes, and soon grunted, "I'm coming!"
    Cher responded in a moaning whisper, "Oh, yes! Do it! Come! The words sent his semen gushing into her, and his urgent gasps were echoed by her own ecstatic little shrieks.
    When their bodies parted I wasted no time in grabbing Cher by the waist and turning her around so that she could bend over and brace her hands on the pool coping. After the vigorous fucking she had just experienced, her slippery pussy was splayed open at the water's surface and slick ribbons of cum were oozing into the pool. My own hard dick (about the same size as Jerry's, I had noticed with satisfaction) slipped in easily, and the familiar moans she emitted after only a few hard strokes, demonstrated that she was still far from satisfied.

    As I continued to lunge into her, the walls of her well-used cunt seemed to keep diminishing in size and squeezing more tightly around my cock, until I feared I was going to shoot off ahead of her. But luck was with me, for just as my load started spewing out, I felt the wild bucking of her ass and heard the urgent screams that proved she was also soaring to a climax.
    We left the pool then and dried off with big Turkish towels, and for perhaps an hour the three of us sat naked on the family room sofa, laughing, chatting, and sipping wine.
    Cher sat in the middle, fondling our dicks from time to time, while Jerry and I caressed her breasts and ass and inner thighs, and occasionally dipped our fingers into the lovely well that we knew held more pleasures soon to come. The, recess over, we made our way to the king-size bed at the other end of house. Almost at the moment we sank down on it, Jerry lowered his head into Cher's crotch.
    She settled back into a semi-reclining position against two large pillows and spread her legs wide in welcome. As his tongue started flicking her clit, she whispered, "Mmm!" He licked slowly at first while she just lay back with a contented smile. But soon she began to pant as his tongue worked faster. She moaned softly, "Oh, that's so good! Oh, keep it up!" Lying close beside her, I planted my lips on hers. She took my head in her hands and held it tightly, plunging her tongue in and out of my mouth in perfect cadence to Jerry's inspired performance on her clitoris.
    Jerry now slipped his hands under her hips and lifted, exposing her soft pussy even more to his horny tongue. He increased the speed and widened the track of his lapping. Now his tongue not only flicked the sweet, tender clit but also swirled around the inside of her pussy, probing deep through the gush of delicious juices in search of her G-spot. She moaned continually and spread her legs wider, and began thrusting her crotch against that wonderful tongue as if fucking it-- which, of course, is exactly what she was doing.

    She ended our kiss to exclaim, "Oh, Jerry! Eat it! Eat it! OHHH!"
    Her body went rigid. Waves of orgasmic pleasure began to wrack her. She kept shuddering until finally she had to grab Jerry's head and lift it from her pussy. "That's enough! Oh! Fantastic! Fantastic!" Now she took hold of my throbbing cock. "I want this!" she demanded, and Jerry rolled to the side, making way for my dick to replace his tongue inside my wife's pussy.
    Even though I proceeded slowly, she started responding at once, for Jerry's expert tongue had set her virtually on fire, and I knew she was good for several smaller peaks of pleasure that would keep her passion climbing gradually upward, toward another climax as wild as the first. Moaning and panting, she gazed up at me with an expression of pure contentment, then took my head in her hands, and drew my lips down to hers. Her moans increased in urgency and I could feel them vibrating into me through the tongue that was probing every corner of my mouth. I continued fucking her for a few minutes longer, while Jerry stared at us entranced, pulling his dick with one hand and rubbing Cher's tits with the other. Obviously, he could have come at any moment, but with great willpower he held off. I too was having trouble holding my load before Cher at last yelled, "Let's do it!" My cock felt ready to explode and of course it did! She whipped her head wildly from side to side as !

    I shot into her.

    For a minute she relaxed, but we both knew very well that she wasn't finished. Her best climax invariably comes as the result of sitting upright on my face while I lick her pussy until she screams in joy and finally collapses backward over my body. So I quickly assumed the position she craved--lying on my back with my head near the edge of the bed. She immediately straddled my head and lowered her clitoris to my mouth. I began licking softly, for I knew it would be tender. She closed her eyes to let her enjoyment build while I maintained the pace and pressure she desired.
    Suddenly Cher felt something bump against her lips. She opened her eyes to see that Jerry was kneeling on the bed with his knees bracketing my head--a position that brought his stiff cock in direct line with her mouth. Though momentarily surprised, she sighed delightedly and opened wide. Gulping in as much of its length as she could, she began to move her head back and forth, keeping time to the steady lapping that I was bestowing on her clitoris. This was a new experience for her and she was in heaven-- sucking one lover's rock-hard dick, while sitting erect on another lover's face and having him eat hungrily at her burning pussy. It was new to me as well, and I inexplicably felt almost jealousnot of Jerry but of Cher and her unabashed enjoyment of the stiff organ she was swallowing only a couple of feet above my bulging eyes. This was wilder than any fantasy we had ever dreamed up!

    Cher had already experienced several orgasms that evening, and I thought the next one might take a while. But no! It was obvious that the twin raptures in her mouth and in her crotch were already igniting a new peak. Her abdomen went rigid and her full weight settled onto my facesure signs that she was ready to explode. Her frantic chorus of muffled squeals, issuing from lips that were stretched drum-tight around Jerry's fat cock, spurred my tongue into overdrive.
    Cher felt Jerry's dick spasm and realized with soaring excitement that he was about to shoot his load. An instant later, his volcanic cock erupted, spewing a river of hot lava into her mouth. She squealed over and over again in perfect ecstasy, swept away by a towering orgasm more intense than any she had ever before experienced or even imagined. She flung her arms around Jerry's waist and pushed her mouth tight against his crotch, so as to keep that marvelous, gushing organ from escaping her lips. And to her great delight, Jerry placed one hand behind her head and went through the motions of fucking her in the mouth, using short, gentle thrusts that sent more dollops of hot semen splashing down her throat.

    Sucking almost as loudly as she was moaning, Cher writhed on my face in wild, unrestrained passion. My upright dick also began spouting, for I was jacking off as fast as I could move my fist. Incredibly, all of us were coming at once in a three-way climax of savage intensity!
    Finally the fire waned. Cher lifted her pussy from my face and allowed her lips to slip reluctantly away from Jerry's fading erection. She fell back on the bed in exhaustion, her mouth slightly agape but showing not a trace of Jerry's copious cum, for she had swallowed every drop of it. Jerry and I collapsed on either side of her. Cradling a wet, limp dick in each hand, Cher closed her eyes and smiled.

    Author: Archie

    2009-02-12 18:14:37 Posted by
    finally something i can orgasm at sexxx

    2009-02-12 21:51:14 Posted by
    It was erousing and i couldnt help but masterbate fukallota

    2009-02-13 09:26:06 Posted by
    Hot!!!my pussy is wet..wish i had to guys to eat me out country girl

    2009-02-13 17:09:00 Posted by
    Omg that was a truly amazing story! Archie, you should definitly become a writer, it was so passionate and you have a brilliant story teling abilty, please write more stories for us to enjoy!! :) WeeHornyBabe

    2009-02-16 20:48:22 Posted by
    you are a good husbond and friend good story loi

    2009-02-23 01:55:58 Posted by
    Country girl i will eat u Anonymous

    2009-03-04 05:22:08 Posted by

    2009-05-26 08:37:40 Posted by
    touched myself the whole fucking way through this, my pussy is dripping Anonymous

    2009-08-01 16:20:03 Posted by
    I want 3 cocks, one 4 my WET pussy 1 4 my ass n 4 me 2 suck sexy wet pussy

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