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    My name is Dawn and I am always looking for adventure. I am a 24 year old college girl who loves to party!

    I work at a tanning salon/fitness center so I am tanned and toned. I am proud of my well kept body too. I love to show off my long legs and firm perky tits. I wish my tits were bigger (who doesn\'t) but I am happy with the 36-C that I am. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me my tits had a sexy jiggle when I walk...especially if I had on a halter top that you can\'t wear a bra under. (those are my favorite kind of tops because they show off my tanned back and sculpted shoulders)

    I was with my friend Becky at the street fair one night and we decided to dress like country girls. I had on a denim mini skirt and a low cut halter top with my cowboy hat and boots. Becky had on a pair of shorts and a cute little vest over a tank top and she borrowed my flip flops and my other cowboy hat. We looked pretty hot.

    We flirted with a few cute guys and we even flirted with a few nerdy guys in the slushy booth just because we wanted to. I pretended I dripped a little bit of slushy on my tit and as I pretended to wipe it up, I let him see part of my nipple on purpose but pretended it was and accident. I know it\'s mean but I like to tease.

    All the flirting was making me horny. I told Becky we needed to find a party and get laid. She agreed. We went to her car to go to the fair camp grounds. We parked in the grass and set out to find some men. I told her she needed to open the vest and show off her cute little titties a bit. She was sort of shy about doing that because she has a small chest and felt like everyone was making fun of her. I undid her vest and pulled her tank top down a little to show more of her tits. I told her she has nice tits and guys like firm ones like hers. She is a 38-B and they are perfectly perky and solid. I jokingly tweaked her nipples to make them stand out. \"Guys love nipples Beck.\" I said giving her a tank top another tug.

    We walked through the campers and came to a site where there were guys partying. They invited us to join them of course because we looked slutty and ready to party. There were 4 of them. We drank a few beers and flirted with them for about an hour or two and then we went inside the camper to smoke some weed. After a few hits, Becky and I were buzzin\' pretty good and decided to dance for them. We were grinding all over each other and feeling each other up. The guys were cheering us on and we started to kiss each other and grind more seductively.

    I went over to the guys sitting on the couch-bed and began to do a strip tease for them. Becky was doing the same thing for the other guys sitting on the padded bench. I gave them all a little lap dance and Becky bent over and showed them a nice view of her pussy from behind as she raised her ass up and down with the music.

    By this time the guys were naked too and we took turns sucking their hard cocks and teasing them. I gave the one guy a blowjob while the other one rammed my wet pussy from behind. Becky was busy getting it up the ass while the other guy fingered her with his two fingers. We switched around and I titty fucked the one dude while the other one sucked my clit. Becky finished her beer and came to me and we danced again rubbing each others nipples together and then she got behind me and pulled my ass up to her pussy and slid her arm around me and slid her fingers down to my pussy. She stroked my hard clit while her other hand was groping my tits and pinching my nipples. We asked the guys to tell us what they wanted to see. They wanted to see me lick Becky\'s pussy so I did. I fingered her tight wet pussy. She was so jealous of my big tits but I was jealous of her tight pussy. Mine wasn\'t that tight. I wanted to probe it all night and make her scream.

    We did everything the guys demanded...they wanted to see Becky fuck me with her empty beer bottle. It was very cold and smooth and she only slid it in me a few times and then one of the guys licked it.

    All night was spent drinking, smoking weed and fucking. I rode the one guy that was passed out on the floor because his dick was hard. I bucked wildly on his cock and had a guy on each side of me each one sucking on my nipples. I rubbed my clit furiously as I watched Becky doing a 69 with the other guy. One of the guys sucking my tit stuck his finger up my ass and began to slide it in and out of me making my pussy tighten up on the passed out guy. I then jerked off the two guys sucking my nips. Before they came the one who wasn\'t fingering my ass stood up in front of me and I sucked his throbbing cock. By this time Beck came over with her guy and I alternated sucking his cock and the other guy\'s cock while Becky took on the guy banging my ass\'s cock.

    The passed out guy came at the same time the other dude shot a load in my mouth. Becky passed out after she sucked off the ass banger and he spread her legs and rammed the shit out of her passed out ass until he finally came. That left me with one more guy to finish off. I got on all fours and let him pound my dripping hole. He wanted me to get on top and finish him off so he could enjoy more of my bouncing titties and hard pink nipples in his face. I did as he asked and he jetted a hot load in me that made me shudder with satisfaction.

    Becky and I woke up in the early morning and snuck out. We went back to her house in the country and took a long hot shower and cleaned all the cum off of each other and then layed out naked in her back yard on a big blanket. The sun felt good on our sore naked bodies. After we rested, we talked about the orgy and I couldn\'t resist touching her hard nipples. I made slow circles around them with my index finger and they were so rigid and taught it made my pussy tingle with pleasure. Before I knew it we were all over each other. She gently nibbled on my nips and we took turns slowly probing each other\'s pussies. It was an awesome afternoon filled with gentle pussy probing and nipple stimulation....can\'t wait to see what happens this weekend at the bike show in the park...

    Author: Dawn

    2007-12-22 21:15:31 Posted by
    Oh you slut! vinnie

    2007-12-23 00:52:31 Posted by
    nice no any gd places get fucked by guys??? slutie hore

    2007-12-26 20:09:29 Posted by
    Am all wet Pussy

    2007-12-28 03:16:37 Posted by
    Well it could have been better, but over all it was pretty good. Nya

    2008-01-03 00:56:19 Posted by
    What a freak! Dawn sounds like a whore I'd like to fuck with my buddies....oh and Becky too! lol pussy buster

    2008-01-21 07:22:56 Posted by
    I want to meet you both and fuck your wet pussies senseless!

    Pussy Licker

    2008-02-06 23:56:32 Posted by
    I Want to be fucked Anonymous

    2008-02-23 05:39:58 Posted by
    good job ladies old lady

    2008-03-14 17:35:43 Posted by
    I want to cum with you next time Anonymous

    2008-07-19 13:51:19 Posted by
    Hey Dawn! wanna take me with u and becky next time...have a wet an tight pussy...wuld love to gt fucked by a gang! sexy_boobs

    2009-01-26 19:11:13 Posted by
    very fuckin nice! im all wet! sexy p

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