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    Room 101

    (Current Rating 60/100, based on 252 votes)

    It was the seventh straight day the new guest in room 101 had a Do Not Disturb sign on her door. Our hotel manager has strict rules about the cleanliness of our facilities, so sign or not we have the right to enter as housekeepers. If you're a female, like me, this can be rather awkward. Especially if you happen to walk in on a man or woman getting out the shower or having sex. Never the less, the manager still wants every room that's occupied by guests to be thoroughly cleaned every three days, no exceptions. For me this is where my job gets the hardest, when I have to bother paying guests that have made it blatantly clear they want to be left alone. Rumour had it the woman that occupied room 101 was a real bitch. Apparently she's the president of some high profile company upstate and four or five times a year comes down for business meetings with her other branches. During those times she stays at our hotel of course. A few of our cleaning staff had past run-ins !
    with her, which resulted in them losing their jobs. Horror stories let me tell ya! I knew perfectly well that by not cleaning room 101 for the past seven days I was putting my job at serious risk from my boss. But hell if I happened to get into it with this lady my job would still be in jeopardy. Serious mental gymnastics I swear. I couldn't afford to be fired, so there was only one thing left to do. I made up my mind that I would at least knock on the door and if no one was in I would do my cleaning and leave. If by chance she was in the room, I'd just politely ask if I could get her anything such as towels or wash clothes.

    Just so happened I'd seen our unfriendly guest on two occasions while doing other rooms. A tall very attractive woman, that looked completely the opposite of what you'd expect hearing all the stories. She was actually always polite to me when we past one another. She had to be in her mid to late thirties, judging from her high profile position she held and the way she carried herself. Very nice toned legs and overall size and shape for a woman her age, indicating that she must workout regularly. Working as a housekeeper for 11 years you learn how to read little details about people from there appearance, but mostly by what you find in their rooms.

    This particular day I decided to work backwards on my cleaning list so room 101 would be the last one I got too. I figured that by making it last maybe with a little luck she'd be out. When I finally did make it to that room, as expected the Do Not Disturb sign was on the door. I lightly knocked twice while announcing housekeeping each time before entering, following job procedures of course. I was in luck, she was out! Now usually when guests keep us from coming in for long periods of time the room looks like a tornado hit it, but to my surprise her room was in good order. Everything was in perfect order except for the bed, but this was normal. I immediately started with the bed, being that's the longest choir so I could hopefully get in and out before she came back. I'm such a scary cat when it comes to confronting people and she's one woman I did not want to piss off.

    When I threw the bed comforter on the floor to change the sheets my mouth dropped in utter disbelief, as a large vibrator was flung from underneath. I'd never seen a vibrator in person before but knew of them from overheard girl's gossip in the break room. They would gossip often about the many vibrators they would find in guest's rooms and how they were tempted to use them. I myself thought that was extremely nasty, to even consider using someone else's vibrator, besides my figures always worked just fine. Being the case my initial thought was to pull the covers back over the bed like nothing happen and just leave, but I was curious. I hesitantly picked it up off the floor and was amazed at how soft it felt. The length was more than I'd ever had from any man, but then again I hadn't been with that many. I wasn't sure but it looked to be about seven or eight inches. I was kinda nervous standing in this room holding another woman's dick in my hands, but I was aroused b!
    y it also, I must admit. All kinds of images of her using this dick began flashing throughout my head. I couldn't believe a nice looking woman, not to mention sexy, needed such a thing. She could have any man she wanted. I on the other hand didn't have a life so it was understandable why my lonely nights were spent clinching pillows between my legs.

    I was starting to get really curious and horny just holding it. All I'd ever masturbated with was my fingers and even that hadn't been in recent times. I was over-do for some personal attention. If this toy felt this real just by touching it with my hands, I was starting to wonder how good it must feel pushed up inside me. Naw that's nasty, I thought, while contemplating what I had judged others for saying. At closer inspection of the vibrator, I could still see traces of her cum ring around its base indicating recent usage. She must have used it this morning, I thought to myself. I can't explain it but seeing her cum stuck to the vibrator was turning me on. I was really tempted now and who would know, I though further convincing myself. Just then I nervously took another quick glance around the room before heisting up my housekeeping dress to get a quick sample. I reached my hand under my uniform to slide my panties aside, they were already damp with excitement. !
    My God I'm horny! At that point I desperately needed to satisfy this curious craving I was having. Taking one last glance at the door, for safe measure, I slowly inserted our guest's long, brown, love toy into my moist pussy. I was trembling from the sensation that it sent throughout my body, as my juices engulfed its plastic inch by inch. Damn, I've been missing out, I though. The feeling was so insanely good I unconsciously moaned. I heard the door slowly creaking open to the sound of a woman's voice saying hello repeatedly.

    As soon as I heard the door opening I froze out of fear from being caught. Unable to move as the lady of the room had returned, to find me standing with her eight inch vibrator stuck up my soaked pussy. At that moment I was too embarrassed to think about losing my job. Life as I knew it had ended. Just when I thought she was about to storm back out, to report me to the hotel manager, she did the complete opposite by hanging the Do Not Disturb sign back out. Confused, but more surprised I watched as she came on in the room.

    Closing the door softly behind, she turned and said with a look of surprise and extreme delight, "I see you found Bob." I attempted to explain, but she shushed my lips with her finger. "Its ok let me show you how to use him," she said, while patiently unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt. All I could do was stare nervously like a child on her first day of school. "But I'm not gay," I stuttered timidly almost afraid I might offend her. "Don't worry dear I'm not either," she replied, with a self assured grin. "Just relax you might enjoy it." Nervously, I sat on the end of the bed, taking everything in while trying to calm my nerves. Why couldn't I just get up and leave that instant? Subconsciously maybe I wanted this to happen or at least that's what I was thinking. She instructed me to continue satisfying myself, as though she never interrupted. She was very much turned on by it. I didn't know if I could though. She then removed her bra, her creamy,!
    white breast jumped out all erect and firm. I watched enviously wishing my breast was as firm. "Lick 'em for me," she said, in a seductive tone that the average horny guy would pay to hear. She then stepped out of her skirt that fell to the floor around her ankles. She gently pushed me back onto the bed, she crawled on top my trembling body brushing her breast against my lips. Instinctively I grabbed her breast with my mouth, almost savagely and began tracing my virgin tongue around her erect nipples. She moaned and groaned how good my mouth felt on her. Watching her freely enjoying my inexperienced foreplay fuelled me with enough confidence to do the same.

    She then reached underneath my uniform, pushing my hand away from Bob so she could take control. She whispered, "Here let me show you." Taking Bob in one hand, she pulled my soaking panties off with the other. She guided him throughout corners of my pussy that were undiscovered, even by me. I came again and again and then some. She slid down onto her knees at the foot of the bed so she could, as she put it, "Do something for me no man could." My nerves were a big jumbled mess, but I still wanted her to continue and that she did, indeed. Before I could even begin to imagine what she had in store for me my body jerked, as her experienced tongue entered my creamy insides for the first time. I quivered and squirmed as she performed magic on my clit with her pink wand. She was so experienced and gentle, she seemed to almost make my pussy cum on command. No man had ever made me feel in such a way.

    Her tongue danced on my clit as though it was possessed. Sucking and spiting my juices on my pussy until, without warning she stuck one of her figures up my tight virgin ass. Cum came pouring out like a clogged drain, unplugged for the first time. After that I was more than willing to be her helpless slave. She manoeuvred my legs every which way she saw fit. Kissing and caressing my body, in places I'd gladly repeat in private if only I was flexible enough. Thirty minutes later and there I was still on my back, legs in the air begging her not to stop. I was whipped and I didn't give a damn!

    When she was finally done we both shared a long sensual kiss, from which I tasted myself for the first time. She then got up, inviting me to share in a hot shower. Unfortunately my shift was about to end, so I had to decline, I could never explain clocking out that late. Before leaving though, there were a lot of unanswered questions eating away at me, one question in particular that had to be answered. I had too know were all those terrible rumours about her being a bitch and getting people fired true? I couldn't see how they were. When asked she hesitated at first, as if she was contemplating whether or not to tell me. This kinda told me I wasn't prepared for answer. She admitted to me, that even though she has a man at home, every now and then she likes to be with women. She then went on to explain how the vibrator in the bed was only bait for unsuspecting nosey housekeepers like myself. Catching one of us housekeepers holding her vibrator made it easier for h!
    er to make a pass, rather than taking a chance and embarrassing herself. She said that by being in such a powerful position, she could never afford for the wrong image of her to get out and damage her career. Hence, the reason those housekeepers were fired. Apparently a few other nosey housekeepers had fallen into the same vibrator trap, but refused to play house, resulting in there termination for fear of them talking. At that moment, I didn't know whether to feel used or lucky. After that steamy afternoon in room 101, she never returned to stay with us again. I was never quite the same after that, often finding myself craving a woman's touch and mouth on me. But I never told!

    Author: Javon64

    2006-08-03 18:24:40 Posted by
    This is one hot story...........I cum all over myself !!!!!!!!!!! Sailor Anonymous

    2006-08-10 22:37:50 Posted by
    What a fucken nice story! I've cum all over my pussy. I wish you would come and lick me up to my Gspot lesbofucker

    2006-08-12 15:14:02 Posted by
    that kicks ass! Lesbians are teh best things ever!! lesbofilmer

    2006-08-17 18:00:32 Posted by
    ew. too short. bitch.

    2006-08-22 14:06:32 Posted by
    mmmm my 5 inch cock exploded with cum smallcock

    2006-09-17 21:21:36 Posted by
    Ohhh yess. yomum

    2006-09-21 13:01:08 Posted by
    wow my kind of story, wish I was there m4

    2006-09-22 00:52:05 Posted by
    Fantastic...... wishthe game lasted longer... blakbush

    2006-09-25 12:26:22 Posted by
    fuk wat a story am drippin redhedhottie

    2006-11-17 20:43:27 Posted by
    excellent story- i tried to get my wife to eat another woman, but she refused/
    asking her made us both horny & her very wet.
    good story

    2006-11-29 19:05:25 Posted by
    mm id love to do that with daughter and i lick each other out and her friends and i have 3somes Anonymous

    2006-12-05 11:00:23 Posted by
    my wife sucked my nine incher til i came while reading this hot tale. mmmmmmm Anonymous

    2006-12-19 21:57:57 Posted by
    I want to be the housecleaner. ladycharade

    2007-01-28 17:39:19 Posted by
    gave me tips about fucking my first was fantastic!thanks for the inspiration in the closet

    2007-02-18 23:07:46 Posted by
    Me & my boyfriend liked it ! It was a turn on ! CaveGirl

    2007-03-09 14:00:23 Posted by
    this is so fucking hot....i enjoyed it!! punar_janam

    2007-03-23 15:57:21 Posted by
    This story is so HOT, it makes me want to grab my girlfriend and fuck her till i cum 20 TIMES!!!!!!! Big Dick

    2007-05-12 15:20:06 Posted by
    this story is fuckin HOT cutie

    2007-06-01 08:14:46 Posted by
    uh uh uh soo lush do it 3 me some day bin laden

    2007-06-30 12:56:17 Posted by
    I'm not a lesbian but i think i may be converted!!
    that was a fucking HOT story!

    2007-07-14 17:55:29 Posted by
    This story made me so damn wet..I am not a lesbian but I would love to have a woman do me... cutiepie

    2007-08-30 09:23:08 Posted by
    very hot story .you are very lucky by the way kefi

    2007-11-17 22:59:01 Posted by
    there are no words for how wonderful this story is. i'd like to help you write some. mia

    2007-12-18 12:02:20 Posted by
    ew u r all gross!!!!!!!! grossed out!

    2007-12-30 21:05:13 Posted by
    this story was fuckin awsome it made me squirt cause i was masterbating sexymama

    2008-01-22 17:23:16 Posted by
    me n ma friend (were both girls) do shit like no just to try it.... were both straight and im in a relationship but what he dont no dont hurt him..:))) Shhh ;) xx Anonymous

    2008-01-22 17:24:23 Posted by
    i do that with my friend...w/o ma b.f noing!! :) curious

    2008-02-05 18:02:26 Posted by
    will it wasnt bad but could have been better Anonymous

    2008-04-04 19:43:08 Posted by
    God that made me wet. Anonymous

    2008-04-06 14:52:38 Posted by
    this was hot !!! made me creme all over my bed sexy chocolate writer

    2008-05-11 14:20:11 Posted by
    Very good story when i was reading it i wanted some fingers up my cunt anonymous

    2008-06-26 19:45:41 Posted by
    That was HOT. Me and my friend just loooove reading stories like theese. Dont tell my bf what we do! :P Lez

    2008-11-04 02:45:18 Posted by
    ain't freaky enough.... asslicker

    2008-12-09 13:22:04 Posted by
    I'm at work reading this and my pussy is throbbing. I want to go in the bathroom and stick my finger in my pussy and taste my sweet pussy juice. Anonymous

    2009-02-26 21:24:50 Posted by
    my 7 incher exploded with the best orgasm i have ever had amazing big dick

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