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    Secret Sex With A Naughty Girl

    (Current Rating 84/100, based on 25 votes)

    The doorbell rang and my girlfriend, Sarah, rose from the couch to answer it. As she walked away from me, I watched her admiringly. Sarah was a thin girl with a tight, fit ass with thick dark waves of hair that fell just above it. She looked especially sexy today in her tight black pants and white floral tank top. She opened the door to reveal our expected guests. Sarah's best friend, Candice, was standing at our door next to her husband, Tyler. Candice and Sarah are both 24 and they have been best friends since they were 18. They met in college and ever since then, it has become a tradition to get together and have drinks a few times every month.

    What Sarah doesn't know is that I've never been as attracted to ANYONE as I am to Candice. I looked at her now. Candice had full blonde hair that fell more than half way down her back. She was thin, but not like Sarah. Her hips were wide and her ass was round and perfect. She was wearing a button down shirt with the last two buttons undone, revealing a sexy, toned, tan stomach. Her breasts were bigger than Sarah's. They looked like two large mounds being suffocated by the button down shirt that was stretched tightly across them. She must have at least C cups. She was wearing a short mini skirt and I stared, lustfully, at her long sexy legs. Candice was a classic bombshell. Every time I see her, and this time is no different, I try to shake these tempting thoughts out of respect for Sarah. But they always overcome me.

    Candice greeted Sarah with a hug and then turned her gaze to me and let a big beautiful smile break across her face and she exclaimed "Jason!" And she bounced over to me, wrapping her arms tightly around me. I felt myself harden slightly in my pants as her large breasts pressed against me and my hands fell just above her ass as I hugged her back. When she pulled away, she looked up at me through her lashes, looking sexier than ever and she said, "It is SO good to see you again." And then she gave me a sexy little half smile.

    The night was pretty uneventful until a few hours after Candice and Tyler arrived. All of us had been drinking and we were now playing a card game that Sarah and Tyler were really getting into. I went to the kitchen to make another drink and exclaimed, "Shit! We're out of liquor! The stores are closed now." Candice was the only one listening, Tyler and Sarah were engrossed in the card game. Candice said to me "I have plenty of boos at my place. I can take you there and you can choose what you want to bring over." I agreed and Sarah and Tyler hardly seemed to notice when we said we were leaving.

    When we got to Candice's place we took our time looking for boos. She decided to give me a tour of her house. When we got to her bedroom, she had clothes tossed on the floor. I immediately saw the most sexy pair of panties I've ever seen. Sarah never wore lingerie like that. They were black, entirely lace. I looked up from them and Candice was looking at me through her lashes with a daring look in her eye. She held my gaze as she licked her lips. Then she said, "I'll be right back. I have to use the bathroom." When she left, I went to her dresser, opening drawers, trying to find the one with her panties. Instead, I found something even better. My eyes widened and I instantly went hard when I opened her bottom drawer. There were dildos and other sex toys and pictures of her in sexy, skimpy little outfits. She was in sexy positions, bending over, spreading her legs, or pushing those awesome tits out. Some of the outfits were hot pink and black and frilly and her tight hot body
    made me want her so badly. I closed the drawer and started on her other dresser. Finally, I opened a drawer that was stuffed to the brim with sexy panties, lingerie sets, garter belts, and teddys. There were see through ones, crotchless ones, and lace ones.

    I heard the bedroom door open and slammed the dresser drawer shut and turned around, my cock still pulsing. My eyes dropped to Candice's breasts as she walked in. Everything about her was just as it was when she left except two or three buttons were undone at the top of her button down shirt. My eyes were peeled on the thick line of cleavage made by her massive breasts. I could even see the center of her hot pink bra. Her tits were HUGE. I decided that they had to be bigger than C's. I began thinking to myself that her breasts were so big, being so suffocated by that shirt that I should just rip it off of her and let them move around, let her gigantic tits bounce around. I didn't realize how long I was staring when Candice asked, "What the heck are you-" She cut herself off and looked down at her blouse, seeing that a few of her buttons had come undone while she was in the bathroom. She looked up at me seductively and straightened her back, popping out her chest, making her b
    reasts look even larger, more luscious than they did before. She began talking slowly in a low, sexy voice "So I take it you like what you see." She began sauntering towards me until her face was inches from mine. I had to use every strength in my power not rip her clothes off of her right there. I was using every effort to remain calm. I couldn't even speak. If I let down this guard, I'd have no control and I KNOW I would throw her onto that bed and rip the shirt away. For a moment, she just stood there. And then she smiled slowly, knowing how weak I was in this moment, knowing that if I did just as much as touch her, I'd lose control. She licked her lips slowly and seductively and walked maybe an inch further towards me, pressing her breasts against my chest. I began to breathe heavily as I felt the pressure of her massive tits against me. Then she held one of my hands in hers, and drew it up. Her gaze was tearing through me and she held it as she placed my hand on her bre
    ast. It felt so creamy and doughy underneath my fingertips. I looked
    up at her and she smiled seductively and then, I lost all control.

    I pushed her on to the bed on her back, her breasts bouncing at the harsh movement. I bust open the shirt, popping off the remaining buttons. Her breasts jiggled when I did this and I threw both of my hands over her breasts, squishing them together and kneading them. I needed to get rid of this bra. I lifted her slightly and unhooked it, revealing the most round, most perfect set of tits I've ever laid eyes on. I buried my face in between them, licking and sucking all over. Then I began to flick my tongue over her nipple. Candice had beautiful large brown nipples. She began to moan and her nipples hardened. I tried to engulf her entire breast in my mouth but her breasts were far to big. With my mouth still covering one of her large breasts, I pinched and squeezed the other nipple with one of my hands and I slipped the other hand in between her milky tan thighs. I slowly pushed my hand upwards until it rest against her bare pussy. I split her pussy lips and began rubbing. I pu
    shed my index finger in and her pussy felt warm and tight. I took my finger out and put it to my lips to suck her pussy juices off. Her pussy tasted so good that I did it again. Then through heavy moans, Candice breathed "I think its my turn."

    She grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it off of me. She then put her hands on my stomach and lifted up, motioning for me to come forward. She looked up at me through her lashes, licking her lips, and she unbuttoned my pants. She began to rub the large bulge in them and then took my cock out. She was still on her back and I was straddling her around her waste. She motioned for me to come even further up. She lifted her head and slowly flicked her tongue over the head of my hard cock, all while glaring at me seductively. Then she began to lick the sides and eventually, she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth, sucking from the base. She lay her head back down and put her hands on my ass and pushed, motioning me to move back and forth. I began to slowly and carefully fuck her mouth. And then she began to push harder and I moved up. I was now on all fours. Her head was aligned with my cock and I moaned loudly as I jammed my cock in and out, in and out of her mouth. Sali
    va began to drip out of her mouth and down my balls. I kept fucking her mouth so good and she kept slapping my ass in encouragement. It was the best blowjob I've ever had in my 27 years of life. Ever. Hands down.

    Suddenly, this wasn't enough. I needed more. I needed all of it. I needed to get in that tight wet, perfect pussy of hers. I moved down and unzipped her skirt, removing it and leaving her naked. She had the most perfect, tight hot body. I unbuckled my pants and let them drop. I breathed heavily, "I want to fuck your pussy so bad. I'm gonna fuck your pussy so good." She smiled seductively and turned over on her stomach. She had the most perfect round, tight ass. I couldn't help myself but to slap it a few times before I spread her legs open. She was so wet already. I rubbed her pussy a few times before I put the head of my cock inside of her and moved it in circles. She moaned deeply and through moans I made out, "I...want me so hard." Without even thinking, without even further teasing, I pushed the rest of my cock as deep into her as I could. She let out the deepest, lowest, loudest, sexiest moan I've ever heard. "You like that baby girl?" I demanded. She ans
    wered, "Oh yes. Jason, fuck me harder than you've ever fucked anyone. Fuck me harder than my own husband can." I began drilling her, beating my cock into her pussy so hard. I slapped her tight ass over and over again, harder and harder until her ass cheek was red. Suddenly, she turned around so fast and before I knew it she suddenly had me on my back. She turned around, facing the same way I was and sat on my hard cock. She started bouncing up and down on it and I watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she pounded me. She did this for a few minutes and then faced me. I watched her magnificent breasts bounce up and down almost hitting her chin as she rode me. Then she started moaning extra loudly, louder than she had before and she starting saying desperately, "I'm about to cum, oh my god, I'm about to cum all over your fucking hard cock. Fuck me until I cum! Fuck me until I cum!" We changed positions several times and Candice came four times before I finally let it happen. We were
    fucking doggie style and her tight wet pussy felt better than I had
    ever had before and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I didn't WANT to hold it in any longer. So I let some of my cum shoot out over her perfect tight ass and then while I was still coming, I shoved my cock back in her, still fucking her, wetting her tight pussy even more with my cum. When I finally, reluctantly, pulled out of her perfect pussy she turned around and began cleaning off my cum covered cock with her tongue.

    When all of my spunk had been cleaned up, we lay together on her bed. I began to think of Sarah and Tyler. How angry and hurt they would be. I asked Candice, "What about Sarah and Tyler?" She answered, "They will never know." I thought about this more and then said, "But what you did was wrong. You're MARRIED." She looked at me and smiled seductively and said, "Then I guess I have to be punished. I guess YOU will have to punish me. My punishment will be having to share you." And then, Candice's doorbell rang and her smile widened.

    Author: MAC

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