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    Seducing Sadie

    (Current Rating 46/100, based on 46 votes)

    As she approached her desk, Sadie figured today would be just like any other day. She would get her coffee and slowly sip the morning away while she panged at the keyboard in front of her. Standing at almost 6 feet, Sadie was a picture of her father. She had blue-green eyes which had a tendency to sparkle when she was angry. Her face was round, shaped by sunkissed brown hair which fell at an angle just below her shoulders. A woman of only 20, Sadie had known love, heartbreak, and sorrow. She promised herself that if another man were to ever cross her path she would treat him as if he were only a pesky animal to her. "Good morning Saide" her boss, David said to her while plopping a folder on her desk, causing a sea of papers to quickly fan out over the emtied space in front of her. She sighed, forced a smile and said "same to you David" as he nodded and quickly walked out of the room and into a soon to be closed office door. She cursed him under her breath as Sadie forcefully grabbed the papers, crinkling the corners, and put them into a tidy stack in the corner of her desk. She prided herself on being organized, and most importantly, in control.

    Sadie slurped at her empty coffee mug, while she reached into her blouse to rub her stomach. He saw her as she was coming down the hall with a fresh cup of coffee and a mid-morning snack. It was just another day, but in hindsight, this was the day Sadie would change. She would meet a man who would awaken a new side of her. A side that has always lived in her. A dark side. A very dangerous side.

    "Sadie, I'd like you to meet Josh, he is starting work here today".

    Saide's thoughts flashed back to a few months back when this large man ten years more experienced than her, pledged his love for her in the parking lot of a local bar. She despised this man, so she barely heard his words. As Josh reached his hand to hers she came to and quickly flashed him a smile and took his hand. "It's nice to meet you Josh, forgive me, I'm a bit distracted this morning". Her eyes darted from his back to Andy's, this grotesque man who even now, she would tell was undressing her with his eyes.

    As the months passed Josh and Sadie became good friends. He helped pass the time for her by telling her jokes or sending her funny emails while they worked. From where he was sitting, he could always see Sadie if he turned his chair in the right direction. He loved watching her. In fact, on any given day he made it a point to make her cheeks turn pink at least once. Josh was tall, with midnight features. Sadie guessed him to be in his early thirties, she knew he was married with two children, though he never spoke of his personal life with her. No, Josh saw Sadie as someone a little different than just a friend. As time went on he became more and more amused with their constant games, which would always end up in flirting. A misture of laughter and a slight desire between the two of them. It wasn't lust, it wasn't love, it was something different. Sadie had never known this feeling before, it was exciting, and she planned to find out just how far along he was goi
    ng to take her.

    The things he began saying to her over the next few months could have very easily gotten him fired, not to mention charged with sexual harrassment had Sadie decided to report him. She wondered what he was after, this man seemed to have it all together. So why persue her?
    "You really love to try to make me blush" she joked to him through instant message. "It's just too easy" he replied. "So what is it gonna be? I've put it all out there, but you haven't given me a direct answer" Josh said. She could sense a slight annoyance in his tone as she wondered how she became "the other woman".
    "I dont' wanna lose my job" was her only reply.
    She struggled with herself for the next few days wondering what it is she would do at that moment of truth. He was moving out of state at the end of the week but not before all their co-workers threw him a going away party. That would be her chance, she thought.
    Sadie brushed her hair and spritzed a little perfume. As she looked in the mirror she saw someone different. She would be entering uncharted territory tonight with a man she barely knew. She hated the way he got under her skin. The way he pushed the right buttons to get her to succumb to his plans.

    Josh played this game with her that made her want to blow him off and have him ravage her all at the same time. The good and the bad angels on her shoulders were at battle, with no way of knowing who would win.
    He bought her drinks which she gladly accepted. Her night was spent in both fear of her co-workers finding out their plan, and anticipation of just how he would feel inside of her. She suspected it would be one of the most intense feelins she would ever know.
    As the night came to an end Sadie found herlself fulling away from Josh. She hadn't yet conquered her fear of the unknown and he sensed it. She went home alone, feeling both relieved and disappointed in herself.

    It would be a month before she would see him again. She didn't know what would happen this time she encountered him. It was two days before Halloween when there was a knock on Sadie's door. They had planned to meet at her apartment and ride together to meet up with their co-workers. When Sadie opened the door and greeted Josh she wouldn't help but wrap her arms around him in excitement. She hadn't realized just how much she missed this man and their secret games they used to play. She turned up the stairs to grab her things, but when they turned to leave she felt a hand on her arm. Suddenly, Sadie felt her back against the wall, as Josh sliped his tongue into her mouth. At first she was so shocked she didn't know what was happening. Just as she came to and began to ingdulge in the pleasure of the moment, he pulled away from her and walked out the door. Sadie was frozen for what seemed like years while she watched him turn around with a knowing smile on his face.

    "Are you comin or what?"
    She smile at her vulgar interpretation of his words and walked out the door. They didn't speak about what happened the rest of the night, they jsut laughted and drank with the 4 other people lucky enough to share this night with them. Sadie tried to hide what she was feeling, but she was never very good at keeping a secret. Josh would judge her when he told a joke or smile at her when someone else was talking. SHe wondered if this was affecting him the same way as it was crawling under her skin. She was intoxicated with him and the game they played, and the alcohol only heightened the pleasure.

    As they drove home she wondered just what pleasures he had in store for her. Or maybe there was nothing? Maybe he had already gotten what he wanted form her? She tried to shake off the feeling. She had to believe he wouldn't be so cruel to send her inside alone to play with her vibrator.
    As Josh followed Sadie up the stairs she was relieved to feel his presence behind her when she went into her bedroom. He plopped face down into her bed and began to groan about drinking too much. Sadie was pulled to the spot next to him on the bed.
    "Well your welcome to crash if you don't think you can make it home" she said in a very plutonic tone. He looked up at her doubting her comment. "Do you want me to go home?"
    She couldn't respond. All she could do was try to prepare herself as he was leaning over her now forcing her to lie on her back staring up at him. He kissed her as if he was satisfying a craving as he whispered "tell me to go home". Her skin tingled in a wave of needles from her shoulders to her thighs as he began nibbling on her neck. She was repeating the words in her mind but her lips refused to speak them. She was suprised to find her hands fumbling with his belt.
    "Tell me to go home" he whispered again as he turned to taste the other side of her neck. The only thing that came out of her mouth was a slight breath of satisfaction as she arched her neck and ran her fingernails down his spine. She had never felt more alive than at this moment.
    As soon as she began to tell herself to make him leave, the same moment she remembered he was married with two children, was the exact moment she felt him slide into her. She gasped and clung onto him, her mind screaming for her to stop but her body rejecting the cry. He began thrusting in and out of her, each time creating a sensation in her which saturated him completely. She was addicted to this feeling. She knew after tonight she would spend her days craving this intensity. Just as she feld she was going to completely surrender to him and explode with him inside of her, he flipped her over. Suprised, she put one hand on the wall and braced herself for his thrusting. His fingers gripped her hips fiercely as he pushed himself deeper into her. She threw her head back and let out a cry of pleasure. His thrusting continues for what seemed like one single moment that lasted a thousand years. Deeper and deeper he pounded into her, clenching at her hips with each thrust
    . Her breasts flailed about, and she tried to keep herself from being pounded into the wall.
    He filled every inch of her, and she enjoyed every tingle it sent through her body. Just when she felt as though she would die from pleasure, his pace slowed, and she felt him slip in and out of her very slowly, and then he pulled away. She collapsed into the bed while he began to dress. When she turned around to smile at him he asked "care for a smoke?"

    He eyed her as she dressed letting the experience they just had completely wash over him. He had her. She would never be the same after tonight. She had crossed a line that left her with a new craving in life. He was forbidden to her. He was completely off limits. But she had him. She smiled at the thought. They sat on the porch relaxing and watching smoke blow out over the porch railing and drift into the night. Tomorrow he would be gone, but the memory of tonight would forever be theirs.

    Author: Lyn

    2008-09-25 16:07:58 Posted by
    not so exciting!!!! anonymous

    2008-09-26 15:43:56 Posted by
    kind of annoying Anonymous

    2008-09-27 15:21:35 Posted by
    eh, ok, i guess, i mean, mine was better(going dangerous) but it was still ok i guess Caroline

    2008-09-30 19:31:57 Posted by
    ok then that was really bad anonymous

    2008-10-03 10:13:48 Posted by
    "she would never be the same after tonight"
    it was about a 7/10 up until that sentence.
    and try not using so common names, makes people remember past boy friends

    2008-10-15 22:00:03 Posted by
    Needs more detail in the sex, males always love good foreplay so i would of liked to of read a more prolonged sex scene... instead of the metaphors..

    the last sentence, lol... ehh.. ruined.

    2008-10-25 18:09:14 Posted by
    Very boring Kim

    2009-01-15 00:24:40 Posted by
    LAAAME. Anonymous

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