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    Sex Ed The Girls Class

    (Current Rating 78/100, based on 386 votes)

    Helen Boyer surveyed glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and Family Planning class to order!!! "Okay everyone," she
    ordered, "please open your books to chapter eleven, page two hundred fifty two, today we're going to be discussing condoms and when we should be using them!!!" "Now, how many of you use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse, please raise your hands!?!" "Well, that's almost all of you, but a few of you didn't raise your hands," she continued, "and I think it would be helpful if those of you who don't use condoms tell us why, so we'll start with you Judy, can you tell us why you and your boy friend aren't using condoms during sex!?!"

    With a slight look of embarrassment on her face, Judy offered, "Well, uh, you see my boy friend says it doesn't feel as good when he wears one, and frankly, I have to admit that when he ejaculates, I love feeling his hot sperm filling me up!!!" "Several of the other girls in the room were nodding in agreement at Judy's assessment, when a thin blonde raised her hand and chimed in with, "For me it's a little different, when my boy friend and I are having intercourse and he's just about ready to ejaculate, he almost always pulls out and shoots his sperm all over my belly and breasts, so if he was wearing a condom he couldn't shoot it on me!!!" Miss Boyer nodded her head and added, "Well girls, those are two very good reasons for not wearing a condom, does anyone else have anything to add before we go on with the lesson!?!" A shy girl in the back row, slowly raised her hand and almost whispered, "I have a good reason too, Miss Boyer!!!" "Good, Alicia," Miss Boyer replied, "would you like to share it with us please!?!" With her head bowed from
    embarrassment, the eighteen year old replied, "My boy friend has a beautiful penis that's over nine inches long and very thick when he's erect, and well uh, you see I just love giving him oral sex and sometimes when he's just about ready to cum in my mouth, he'll pull out his penis, push me down, and then quickly mount and fuck me, so if we had to take the time to put on a condom the whole purpose of a quick hard fuck would be lost!!!"
    Upon hearing Alicia describing in great detail her boy friend's huge cock and intimate details of their sex life, at least half of the class began breathing shallowly while crossing and uncrossing their legs!!! "My goodness, Alicia," Miss Boyer stammered, "and who is your boyfriend, he sounds like a superman!?!"

    Alicia fidgeted uncomfortably in her chair for a moment, but then in a shy voice replied, "Uh, his name is Tommy, Tommy Heath!" "You indicated that you enjoy sucking Tommy's penis," Miss Boyer said casually, "can you tell us how you feel when his erection is in your mouth!?!" With her face turning six shades of red, Alicia stammered, "I-I feel all gooey inside, you know, down in my vagina, and after a sucking him awhile I'd do just about anything to get his big penis into my pussy!!!" Several other girls were nodding as if they knew exactly what Alicia was talking about, so when Miss Boyer reached into a drawer and pulled out a huge cream colored dildo, there were soft sighs and moans wafting softly throughout the classroom!!! "That's enough, girls," Miss Boyer admonished the class, "now Alica, will you come up here for a moment, please!?!"

    Whe the cute little brunette finally made her way to the front to the class, Miss Boyer put her hand on her shoulder and asked softly, "I think by the tone of your voice that we can assume that you're quite arroused, is that not true, child!?!" After making an audible gulping sound, Alicia merely nodded and waited for her teacher to continue on!!! "Since this class is supposed to be about sexual education, I feel that it would be a good idea if we could all see what Alica expereinces when a tiny little girl like her is taken by a massive penis like Tommy's!!!" "Not to the class, Miss Boyer put her hand on her shoulder and asked softly, "I think by the tone of your voice that we can assume that you're quite arroused, is that not true, child!?!" After making an audible gulping sound, Alicia merely nodded and waited for her teacher to continue on!!! "Since this class is supposed to be about sexual education, I feel that it would be a good idea if we could all see what Alica expereinces when a tiny little girl like her is taken by a massive penis like Tommy's!!!" "Not to the class, Miss Boyer put her hand on her shoulder and asked softly, "I think by the tone of your voice that we can assume that you're quite arroused, is that not true, child!?!" Af
    Before we violate Alicia's vagina with such a large dildo," Miss Boyer said softly, "I think it best that we take a moment to observe her vagina and make some notes on its appearance and condition, so can anyone tell me anything unusual about it!?!" From the middle of the room, a pretty red head offered, "Well, she has shaved her lips for some reason, and I don't think most of us have done that!!!" "Very good observation, Sandra," Miss Boyer replied, "can anyone think of a reason that Alicia keeps her vaginal lips so smooth and clean!?!" "I think I know," Randi Parker said softly!!! "And why is that, dear," Miss Boyer asked!?! "Well," Randi answered quickly, "I think she does it so when Tommy sucks her pussy he has wide open access to her slit, is that right!?!" "I don't know," Miss Boyer replied, "why don't we ask her to find out for sure!!!" By now small beads of sweat had broken out on her forehead, so in a very small voice, she replied, "Yes, it's so Tommy can suck me off better, oh please, Miss Boyer, help me, I can't wait another second!!!"

    "Well it seems as if our little demonstrator is in a great deal of distress," Miss Boyer chuckled softly, "so with out any more delay, would someone like to come up here and help the poor thing out!?!" Almost every hand in the room shot up at the same time, but it was Sally whose hand Miss Boyer saw first, so with a nod in her direction, Sally literally raced to the front of the room, took the thick pecker from Miss Boyer, and then very slowly, pressed the monster into Alicia's tight little opening!!! Right from the get go it was obvious that Alicia was multi orgasmic, because before Sally even had a third of the ten inch satisfier inserted into the tight little cunt, Alicia was in the middle of probably her third climax and was well on her way to her fourth!!! Miss Boyer, along with the rest of the class, stared trasnfixed as the huge piece of latex stretched the little pussy far beyond
    its limits, and when she slid her hand up under her dress and began furiously fingering her own pussy, the rest of the class followed suit!!!" Little Alicia was now begging Sally to ram it harder into her, and from the other side of the room, one of the girls offered, "Come on Sal, fuck her harder, treat her like the little slut she is!!!" Alicia was now in the throes of a brutally satisfying orgasm, as as she thrusted her pevis forward and lewdly begged Sally for more, several girls in the class room had taken off their own panties and were not only frigging their clits, but had produced an assortment of vibrators and dildos and were fucking themselves along with Alicia and Sally!!!

    Miss Boyer's legs were now so weak from excitement, that she plopped down onto a chair and without a moment's hesitation, hiked up her dress and exposed her huge hairy muff to the class while she masturbated like a maniac!!! The room resonated with the echos of females climaxing, and with her eyes now closed and on automatic pilot, Helen Boyer's finger literally flew over her white hot clitoris, so she wan't even aware of it until she felt a pair of warm wet lips press into her pussy and a tongue slither out into her drooling crack!!! "Connie," she gasped, "w-what are you doing to me!?!" "I'm gonna suck you off," the cute little blonde replied while flicking her tongue across the hot little clit sticking out from the forest of dark pubic hair, "you don't mind do you!?!" "Oh no," she gasped, "p-please, suck me off, ohhhhhhhhhhh your a fucking cunt lapping little bitch, eat my fucking pussy!!!" The whole room was now in an uproar as Connie sucked Miss Boyer's cunt and Sally rammed the big dildo in and out of Alicia's hot pussy!!! The steady hum of vibrators, the squishing sounds of pussies being violated, and of course the aroma of hot freshly aroused vagina saturated the room, inducing orgasms from each and every girl in the class!!! The two hardest cums, however, came with a cressendo groans as Alicia's and Miss Boyer's pussies lurched hard, wrenching gut churning climaxes from each of them, leaving both of shell shocked and shaking in front of the entire class!!!

    Sally gently removed the thick dildo from Alicia's overly fucked pussy while Connie continued giving Miss Boyer's pussy hundreds of tiny little kisses all over her lips and clit!!! Whe she finally had regained a modicum of self control, Miss Boyer gently pushed Connie away from her crotch and in a soft satisfied voice offered, "Well, class, we didn't really get to spend much time talking abut condoms, so we'll take that subject up next time, class dismissed!!!

    2006-03-29 00:25:10 Posted by
    good but not believable Anonymous

    2006-04-08 08:18:47 Posted by
    i agree Anonymous

    2006-04-08 08:19:38 Posted by
    i agree too Jake

    2006-04-08 08:20:13 Posted by
    kristina, do u no that jake kid? i think i might go out with him cuz heez really sexy Charlene

    2006-04-08 08:21:18 Posted by
    yeahh gurl of course i know him. I fuckd him last night and he was the best fuck i've had in a while! ;) call me and i'll give you his number!! Kristina

    2006-06-13 03:57:08 Posted by
    it was amazing. i loved it. as i was reading the story i started fuckin myself! sara

    2006-06-13 03:57:59 Posted by
    give me that jakes number i anna fuck him too sara

    2007-03-01 13:19:56 Posted by
    Wow as soon i it got to the good part i was naked and rubbing myself too!!!!!!!! Jennie

    2007-03-08 01:51:49 Posted by
    fucking myself the whole time...unbelievable story but amazing all the same. ahhhhhhooohohoohohhh KK

    2007-04-04 23:28:25 Posted by
    Well well what do we have here...

    Good stuff i say...

    Who writes this stuff anyways?

    2007-07-11 12:26:16 Posted by
    I loved the story although it wasn't believable! luvsblkdic88

    2007-07-20 20:45:53 Posted by
    impossible... clear

    2007-10-04 05:27:09 Posted by
    loved it,i just have to fuck now Anonymous

    2007-10-06 21:41:35 Posted by
    i feel like i floating on air. im squirting Anonymous

    2007-10-16 14:36:08 Posted by
    jake is a fag and christina has a bad pussy the king

    2007-11-28 16:29:57 Posted by
    that was great i had 2 orgasms from friggin 14 and i masturbate 3 time a a lesbo and i go 2 an all girls a free period me and my bestie go to th lane room and kiss and play with each otha!! Mother fuker

    2007-12-12 18:33:47 Posted by
    this was off the chain, that gurl was soo un beliveabl tho:( hoe man

    2007-12-22 14:31:04 Posted by
    i wanna fuck her fuckin sexy ass bicth

    2008-01-09 12:36:06 Posted by
    Tht was fucking well good put me in th mood 2 find sum gash nd move my warm hands all ova it then let my 9inch fuck its saint-jake style Saint-jake

    2008-02-27 14:18:05 Posted by
    Not reli believable but i would pay money 2 c that i fingered myself and squirted all the way up 2 my boobs! Johanna

    2008-03-08 02:05:40 Posted by
    unbelivable but i got my pecker in my hand Anonymous

    2008-03-25 10:36:12 Posted by
    dat wac so hot had me fingerin my self Anonymous

    2008-03-28 00:40:08 Posted by

    2008-03-28 17:35:19 Posted by
    ew. nasty girlll

    2008-04-02 07:05:20 Posted by
    like the name says...this is BULLSHIT this is BULLSHIT

    2008-04-05 04:16:33 Posted by
    hot Anonymous

    2008-04-08 20:59:15 Posted by
    This this wuz so gud ...........I'm so wet I want a nice big cock in me rite now meli

    2008-04-10 13:13:56 Posted by
    WOW...I wood let that gal do me 2. shelli

    2008-04-15 20:44:29 Posted by
    this is fucking hot, i wannna touch myself Mike

    2008-04-16 10:25:59 Posted by
    That Story was Terrible. My dog could write that story better and he doesn't have hands. Archer

    2008-05-12 20:30:39 Posted by
    someone fuck me Stud muffin

    2008-05-31 19:04:54 Posted by
    I cant pay attension when you add every sentence with either !!! or !?! Fuck

    2008-06-11 05:59:26 Posted by
    who wants to webcamm ?????? AlmightyOne

    2008-06-17 14:04:20 Posted by
    seriously, hunter mowers read this fuck-fest shit.. B:G mb

    2008-06-19 13:01:51 Posted by
    mother fucker i was rubbing my wet pussy and once i read this i started to fuck myself happypussy

    2008-07-12 09:38:11 Posted by

    2008-07-28 22:48:10 Posted by
    That was fucking hot. Anonymous

    2008-07-31 13:16:47 Posted by
    gtg masterbate now!!! alli

    2008-08-03 15:11:52 Posted by
    Ah, if only. Anonymous

    2008-08-13 18:18:21 Posted by
    all of yall are some gay ass muthafucka's including my boyfriend. this shit is gay

    2008-08-22 08:50:44 Posted by
    do you think this really happens? sexed up

    2008-08-29 19:17:57 Posted by
    hahaha, that's funny!
    simply impossible, but still.....

    2008-09-05 01:15:09 Posted by
    wow that was interesting. impossable, but interesting. nick

    2008-09-06 01:47:30 Posted by
    ahhhh plz fuck me i need a tight pussy to fuck me sexbo

    2008-09-09 23:33:21 Posted by
    while i was reading my bf came and started fucking me so i had to keep locking over his sholder to read sexy mama

    2008-09-15 17:33:19 Posted by
    wow made me fuck myself Anonymous

    2008-10-23 04:23:23 Posted by
    Duude, it isn't IMPOSSIBLE.
    It's less likley too happen buttt,
    it isn't impossible.

    2008-10-26 15:44:50 Posted by
    im 19 and me and my 5 best friends all live in the same house nude and have done this so many times anonymous

    2008-11-13 20:02:25 Posted by
    uh i got nude and fingered the whole time
    i cant wait to have sex with my lesbo gf Sammie
    she fucks me good

    2008-12-20 02:16:29 Posted by
    That would never happen. anyone looking to fuck b/c i could use a warm pussy about now. pugs

    2008-12-29 03:37:59 Posted by
    um does every sentence require 6 explanation points? Anonymous

    2009-01-12 14:45:12 Posted by
    omg i had 2 orgasms i woz playin wiv a vibrtor :p horny

    2009-01-19 07:01:51 Posted by
    All girls should turn nude and fuck each other sexygey

    2009-02-05 00:47:27 Posted by
    What the fuck? This shit is not even fucking making sense upyours

    2009-03-08 03:36:10 Posted by
    I wish my sex ed classes were like this I wish my sex ed classes were like this

    2009-03-10 18:16:57 Posted by
    Dam I'm so wet right now. That was hot!:) Anybody wonna fuck a nice warm virgn pussy? Mmm gosh this story still has me masturbating. Virgin Slut

    2009-03-23 09:03:54 Posted by
    I'm fucking myself right now!o god I want a big cock in me Horney slut

    2009-04-07 02:50:25 Posted by
    wow totaly against porn but friend showed me dis an i was like fuck dat is som chill shit ya an som of u lesbos add me on fb name is brandon beltran brandon

    2009-04-11 07:44:35 Posted by
    Wow! I'm glad to see almost everyone had the same reaction as me. I'm ready for some serious sexie time. sexie.

    2009-04-13 00:51:42 Posted by
    O fuckyah i need a cock in me im cuming aaalllll over my fingers fuck me fuck me harder... HARDER

    2009-04-16 00:51:46 Posted by
    it was really decent however there was an over usage of exclamation points Kix

    2009-04-28 18:30:41 Posted by
    Virgin slut 9012899877 Call it if u want a 9 inch dick Big country

    2009-07-17 11:00:50 Posted by
    Wow im so horny right now I fingered myself to 3 orgasms reading this!! Anyone wanna talk dirty?? Add me on msn virgin girl

    2009-07-19 21:31:31 Posted by
    i fucked myself all through it Anonymous

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