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    (Current Rating 83/100, based on 614 votes)

    There was a soft knock on Micki's bedroom door followed by a whispering voice that asked, "Hey sis, are ya busy!?!" Micki put down her history book and replied, "Come on in, Mike, I'm just studying for quarterly final, what do you need!?!" Mike plopped down on the edge of Micki's bed and without even blinking, slid his hand up and under her bathrobe and began caressing the inside of her smooth thigh!!! "Hey, dummy," she whispered hoarsely, "what if mom or dad comes in, you wanna get us in trouble!!!" He chuckled quietly under his breath and replied, "Don't worry about a thing, they're already in bed fast asleep," while his fingers worked their way up her thigh until they encountered her panty clad pussy!!! "Well just the same," she retorted, "we made a deal that unless we were alone, we wouldn't take any chances!!!" I know, I know," he replied softly, " but jeez louise, just look at this," while standing up and opening his own bathrobe revealing a very firm erection!!! Micki looked at the door one last time, and making sure that neither of her parents were about before lowering her mouth to her twin brother's long fat cock!!! "Oh god, sis," he moaned, "you suck better than any girl I've ever had, I wonder which side of the family you get it from!?!" "She let his big pecker slip from her mouth before replying softly, "I don't know, but I'll bet it's from mom, I just think she loves sucking cock as much as I do!!!"

    Mike stared down at his sister while she gently mouthed the head of his cock with her silky tongue and thought what a lucky guy he was to have a sister who loved sucking his pecker as much as he loved having it sucked!!! With her short blonde hair and compact swimmer's body, Micki was a wet dream come true!!! Her pert nipples seemed to always be standing at attention, acting like an open invitation to be sucked on!!! While they were only eighteen, both of them had an unbelievably heightened sense sexuality that required at least one orgasm a day, preferably induced by each other's warm mouth!!! Mike's head rolled back an forth on his shoulders while nearing his climax, and while a lot of women would like to be warned of an impending ejaculation, Mike smiled to himself safe with the knowledge that his pretty sister was desperate for a mouth full of his cum!!! With his knees buckling slightly and his cock stiffening perceptably, Micki groaned loudly as Mike filled her mouth with a load of hot burning sperm which she hungrily swallowed down as if it were nectar from the gods!!!

    "Jesus christ," he panted, "someday you're gonna kill me when you do that, but what a way to go!!!" Micki just laughed that sweet lyrical laugh of hers that sounded a lot like wind chimes and offered, "Well, brother dear, you have such a beautiful cock I just can't help myself!!!" "Do you want me to do you," he asked thickly!?! "No," she replied, "let me use my dildo and you can jerk off watching me, I really feel like getting fucked tonight, do you mind!?!" "Mind," he sighed, "are you kidding, you know how much I love seeing you fuck yourself!!!" With that, she quickly slid off her white cotton panties, and after lying down on her back with her legs spread wide apart, she slowly pressed her thick black latex cock deep into her dripping wet pussy!!! "H-holy maloney," he gasped while fisting his meat and staring at the thick black invader sticking out of her smoothly shaved cunt, "y-you exactly how to drive me crazy, don't you!?!" As she slowly began fucking herself with short even strokes, she replied, "Do you know what I've been thinking about doing!?!" "What," he replied as his eyes began to glaze over, "t-tell me!!!" In a very sweet an syrupy voice she replied, "I've been thinking about going to school with my dildo stuck up my pussy, just think about that, me walking around school all day with eight inches of black cock jammed into my cunt!!!" "Are you really thinking about doing it," he gasped as his hand literally flew up and down his rock hard shaft!?! "Uh huh," she said with a little moan, "why, don't you think that would be a good idea, I mean, you know, having this big black cock up inside me all day!!!" "D-do you think you'd be able to cum," he croaked barely able to contain himself while picturing his pretty sister with the big rubber dick being held in place by her tight little panties!!! "Of course I'd be cumming, you silly boy," she sighed as her climax began building, "I'd probably cum right in math class, I just love staring at Mr. Logan's ass!!!"

    "Oh, god," he moaned, "I-I forgot to tell you that last summer at the pool I saw Mr. Logan in the locker room, and he had a huge cock, a lot bigger than mine!!!" "Are you kidding me," she gasped while picturing her teacher's huge cock in her mind's eye, "I'll bet he'd love it if I sucked him off, wouldn't he!?!" Mike's hand was now a blur on his shaft as he pounded his way towards certain orgasm, but he still managed to reply, "H-he's fucking huge, sis, and if he ever just saw you naked he'd probably blow his nut right in his pants!!!" "I don't want him in his pants," she moaned loudly, "I want him in my mouth, right where he's supposed to be!!!" "Y-you're a real cock sucker," he groaned as his spunk jettisoned from the end of his dick and landed on his sister's thigh and tummy, "you just love sucking big cock don't you, baby!?!" The second Mike's hot sperm hit her leg, Micki's pussy convulsed hard around the brutally thick weapon pounding her pussy, causing her vagina to spasm in a series of numbing orgasms that left her shaken and depleted!!!"

    While Micki lay panting and gasping for breath, Mike leaned heavily against the wall as his pecker slowly began retracting to its normal flaccid state, while she said with a sigh with the big cock still hanging obscenely from her well fucked cunt, "Jesus, Mike, I just love watching you jerk it, I get so fucking hot just seeing you blow!!!" Now leaning down and taking one of her hard little nipples into his mouth, he nipped her playfully and whispered, "And I love seeing you fuck yourself with that big black pecker, so I guess we're even!!!" "Are you keeping score," she laughed while cupping his nut bag with her small warm hand!?! "Nope," he replied while letting his mouth roam over her teenage chest, "but from what I can tell, were about even, but you're way ahead of me in the climax department!!!" "Well I can't help it if I cum in bunches," she protested, "I guess I'm just multiorgasmic!!!" Hah," he said with a laugh, "you're a fucking orgasm machine, no man in the world could keep up with you!!!" "Hmmmmm, not even Mr. Logan, she hummed, "it sounds like he might be able to handle me!?!" "Oh, please," Mike replied while shaking his head from side to side, "he wouldn't have a chance, just look at your pussy, it's already gettin' hot from just our talking, in fact I'll bet in another minute or two you're gonna have another one aren't you!?!"

    He was right of course, she was going to have another one, only this time she pulled the thick rubber pecker from her pussy and instead pulled his head down between her legs and in a halting voice begged, "Y-you know me too well, brother of mine, now please, do me!!!" Her cunt, which just seconds before had been filled with cock, was now drooling pussy juice out of its distended lips, while her clitoris stood proudly erect and begging to be sucked!!!" "Is this what you want me to suck," he asked innocently while barely flicking his tongue over her tiny organ!?! "Oh, god," she moaned while her whole body stiffened, "yesssss, that's it, do my clit for me, oh please, don't make me beg, just do it for me!!!" After a couple more lazy strokes, he chuckled and asked, "now are you sure you want me to suck it, I mean what if mom walks in on us!?!" "Fuck, mom," she said through gritted teeth, "just do me, I promise I'll let you come in my mouth next time we do it!!!" "Who are you kidding," he laughed, "you always let me cum in your mouth, remember, you're a fucking cock hound!!!" "Okay, okay," she gasped, "w-what ever you want, I'll do it for you, just please, suck my clit, I'm going fucking crazy!!!" "Wellllllllll," he replied in mock seriousness, "if you really want me to, I guess it would be all right," and like lightning hitting a tree, his tongue snaked out and viciously attacked her little bud catching her totally unawares!!!" "Ayyyyeeeeeeeeee," she groaned, "oh my god, I'm fucking cumming like a rocket, it's really a fucking hard one, too," and even though she barely weighed one hundred pounds, she bucked her hips against his mouth, nearly forcing him off the bed!!! "Take it easy, sis," he admonished, "and keep it down, you don't want the folks to hear us, do you!?!"

    Her whole body shook as it was wracked by another series of cums that would have left a mere man near death, but which she took easily in stride!!! After taking a moment to get her bearings, she sighed, "Now that's what I call a good cunt lapping!!!" Mike stood up while wiping the juice from his face and replied, "Well, that's what a brother's good for!!!" "Mmmmm, yes," she sighed, "that's what a brother's good for!!!"

    2007-06-29 22:32:36 Posted by
    Haha that was really hot fuck face :DD

    2007-07-16 23:11:44 Posted by
    :) that was really good. it was really really hott!! horny god!

    2007-08-21 19:05:06 Posted by
    There is absolutely no need for so many exclaimation points!!! It gets frustratingly repetitive!!! And nobody screams everything they say!!! It makes no sense!!! Especially if you have them whispering too!!! Anonymous

    2007-10-28 18:08:52 Posted by
    nice story, no other comments... Wish d other stories r like diz 1... (^,^) xxx-rater

    2007-12-12 17:16:31 Posted by
    fucking awesome, wish my sister was like that, she is hot and has erect nipples nearly all the time that demand attention. Fangaas

    2007-12-18 12:03:05 Posted by
    Good lord!!! Are the exclamation marks really necessary!?!?! Learn how to punctuate!!! away

    2008-01-28 12:48:31 Posted by
    that so like me and my sis Anonymous

    2008-02-19 17:59:00 Posted by
    disgusting I mean ur SISTER!!! (how do u like the exclamation marks) Horny

    2008-02-29 21:52:43 Posted by
    this was soooo hott!! i came like twice horny asian

    2008-04-04 05:15:51 Posted by
    niiiiiiiice!!! 7teen

    2008-04-15 02:45:53 Posted by
    That was incredibly hot!!!!!!
    Tone it down on the exclimation points & questionmarks!!!! That gets annoying!?!!??!

    2008-05-18 02:39:52 Posted by
    MY!! GOODNESS!! COULD!! THESE!! GET!! ANY?? MORE?!?! ANNOYING?!?!?!??!?! this was a hot story!!!! JayJay

    2008-07-20 21:12:36 Posted by
    Omg that was nasty my parents arnt related

    2008-08-09 15:50:38 Posted by
    "jeez louise"? "H-holy maloney"? Haha. Sorry just thought they were funny to say in the middle of the story. .

    2008-08-21 01:58:34 Posted by
    so hot, I came like 6 times. :) cocksucka

    2008-08-23 11:11:42 Posted by
    Shit!!! The best story ever fuck whoever say shit about punctuation!! Kevo The Great

    2008-08-26 01:05:32 Posted by
    wtf that is so fucking discusting i could fucking hurl who the fuck came up with this Anonymous

    2008-10-20 14:04:45 Posted by
    that was totaly epic Anonymous

    2008-10-20 17:09:09 Posted by

    2008-11-12 03:27:07 Posted by
    thank you!!! ufkd

    2008-11-15 08:10:40 Posted by
    disgusting! Anonymous

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