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    (Current Rating 89/100, based on 287 votes)

    so this is my first story! I hope you'll like it... (by the way english is not my native language and I hope you'll excuse faults)

    ''What?'' I squealed, as my mother told me we would be staying over at the Delsey's.
    Inside I was very happy because i haven't seen Jack for about five years but still it was quite a shock. My name is Nina and I'm nineteen years old. I'm about 169 cm tall and have long brown hair that really is a hassle when i'm showering. Well about the meeting I'm going to have with the Delsey's... My mother and I were living next to them until my mother (Mary) has gotten a divorce from my father. So when I was 12 we moved away and started living in another town. We sometimes still kept in touch but as it always goes we slowly stopped seeing each other. The Delsey's were a family of four. First Gerald and Rose, the Elena's and Jack's parents. Jack should be about the same age as me and Elena is about 2 years older. When we were small, we used to play in our garden and we always had a lot of fun. How i missed those times. But now I had bigger problems...what kind of clothes should i be packing.For sure it's not my school uniform ( i go to an all girls high school).

    ''Mom, what should i take with me'' I asked my mother. ''Pajamas, underwear, toothbrush, a dress and a bathing suit'' she replied from the kitchen. I went to see what she was doing and asked her ''why do i need a bathing suit?''. Although my mother was in her midforties, most people, especially men thought she was 29 or 30. Well i admit that she is goodlooking for her age but it still makes me kind of jealous that she can easily get a boyfriend, when i never once had a serious realtionship. I am an outgoing person but it seems that boys always take me for an easy girl and I'm not into one-night stands( although I've never even tried one ). But still i can consider myself the better looking of the two of us. My mother wasn't rake thin,she is more like a ripe fruit,especially her butt, but she doesn't have big boobs and she is super small with short-cropped raven-black hair and tan skin. So in that area I'm her complete opposite. I have long brown hair (as i already mentioned)
    and I am about 169cm tall my skin has the colour of light honey and I have bright green eyes that make me look exotic my body looks good (I think) i have long, well-shaped legs, not too thick neither too thin. To my disappointment i did inherit my mother's butt ( i can work out as much as i want... it's not going away just getting firmer) but i am pretty happy with my boobys they overflow my hands and they are nice and firm and have pretty, small pink nipples. ''They have a pool that's why you need a bathing suit'' my mother answered my question and woke me up from my little egotrip. ''Okay'' i stammered'' so i'm packing my things''

    ''Huh? Nina and her mother are coming?'' I asked, bewildered.
    ''Yeah, that's why you need to clean up your room... It's such a mess... It' looks more like a pig is living there than my son'' my father, the stupid dickhead, said.
    ''And you couldn't tell me any sooner because?'' I asked in a tone that i knew would make my dad angry but whatever. I don't want my room to look shabby for Nina. So i just have one more day to clean up my room.F-U-C-K.
    ''Oho afraid Nina will see your mess?'' an annoying voice asked that belonged to my older sister '' you know you should erase the history in your web-browser because i have seen how you still look at her pics on facebook'' she went on.
    Shit I'm busted. '' I was just trying to see if she is the same girl and i wasn't sure if she is the same girl so i didnt contact her on facebook'' i replied and tried to make it sound true and honest. And i failed.
    ''Jack you're such a poor liar... hey you know if you give me ten bucks I'll help you clean your room, okay?'' my sister told me. Okay she is an angel i love her :D
    ( my room will be sparkly clean) but i can't see how she can even get a decent boyfriend in my eyes she is like a small ,childish shrimp no tits no ass, whatsoever.
    Well, fuck her and her stalking tendencies. How can she just spy my computer and search to look what i'm looking at. Well, I am looking at Nina's pics quite often, more or less out of curiosity and to see if she is doing well and she is not only doing well but great. She looks great. I've only seen pictures of her face but her smile still amazes me and her deep, green eyes and her full,pouty, red lips that make me want to suck her lip into my mouth. And her fucking hair ... okay i'm not some strange fucked up psycho, who's into that shit, but her fucking shiny curls make me want to put my hand into her hair while she sucks off my cock with her lips closed around my dick and when i come right into her mouth... fuck i shouldn't be thinking this, she is going to sleep over at our house for some time and i can't be like a horny, crazy teenager.

    After all the cleaning has been done I still had some time to make myself look presentable. So i jumped under the shower and shaved my facial hair off and washed really good. And to prevent any humping on Nina's legs i jerked off as much as i could. The shower's wall was covered with my cum and i had to clean that shit off. After i've gotten out of the shower i was standing in front of a mirror and looked at myself. I am about 189 cm and okay built. Not a bodybuilderlike body but i had a six-pack i could present, thanks to my basketball-experience. Hmm, what should i wear. Oh god, I am worse than a 15 year old girl before her first date.
    I'm so going to wear the usual. Black t-shirt and jeans. That's it.

    Okay it was a bad decision to wear that. It's about 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees fahrenheit) outside and I'm sweating bullets. Fuck the broken air-conditioner. So I'm sitting here with my family in the living room and waiting for our guests to arrive.

    okay she's here. My parents go greet them. I hear a barky kind of laughter ( that's Mary for sure) and a light melodic voice (Nina?). Okay so I'm getting kind of nervous and fidgety. And then they came inside our living room.
    She was wearing the tiniest pair of short denim pants that i've ever seen. It almost melted to her crotch. Fuck this I'm getting a full-on hard-on. Her legs look delicious. I would like to take a bite out of them. The legs mmm. OH god i so want to lick those legs.
    ''..llo''... ''Hello Jack'' a voice above the legs said. Okay i gotta say something and STOP staring at those delicious, long legs.
    ''urmm hey Nina'' i said and i was hit by yet another wave as i looked into her eyes.
    She greeted me and hugged me tight and i could feel another good thing. Big, soft tits. Hopefully she hasn't noticed my hard-on. She smelled good, too. Like coconut and coffee.


    OMG... Jack has changed so much. He was huge. I felt like a tiny little girl next to him. His shoulders are broad. But it seems like he is ignoring me. I love his blue eyes that look just like ice and water met and his hair looks like sunlight.A nice shade of blonde. But he is super huge and kind of intimidating. He seems to not be very happy to see me. And well Elena looks beautiful in a pixie, elfish, cute way. So cute. Gerald and Rose looked almost the same as they have when i was small but they've gotten older of course ,too.
    ''so you must be tired after the long journey. Take your time to unpack your things. And then we can go swimming in the pool.It is awfully hot'' Rose said to us.
    ''Nina you are in Elena's room. She won't be spending the nights here anyway. She is going to be with her boyfriend most of the time anyways'' Rose explained, accompanied by Elena's chuckle. So I took my bag upstairs. And as I unpacked we both had a pleasant time talking about the things we did in the last few years.
    '' So you're in an all girls high school?'' Elena asked me out of the blue as I was searching for my damn bikini. ''Yeah but I'm not lesbian or uptight'' i replied , because that was a question i knew too damn well and it annoyed the hell out of me. ''hey i was just asking... Well i don't think i could handle that'' Elena said
    ''Handle what?'' I asked curiously. ''First: girls tend to be bitchy Second: no boys and third: you can't fuck anyone in the school except old wrinkly teachers.It would just be missing nice young dicks.''
    I was astoundet at her openness or call it being blunt. So i was rendered speechless and didn't know what to say to that. Okay she has implanted some sort of fantasy with that but i couldnt admit to that. But when i heard her starting laughing i soon joined in and tried to compose myself. ''Hey Elena have you seen my bikini?''
    I asked her.
    ''errm... Guess not. What does it look like?'' She said, while she began looking around.
    ''Well it's a yellow triangle bikini with a flower-pattern.'' I explained and started to look more frantically for this damn piece of shit. I won't be in this damnable heat for much longer.
    ''Mom have you seen my bikini?'' I shouted.
    ''My dear I didn't. If it's not with your things I guess you'll just have to sit and watch'' my mother replied.
    ''Nina you can borrow Elena's bikini'' Rose shouted from the other side of the house.
    ''Yeah you can have mine''Elena proposed ''It's going to be small but well better than nothing right?'' '' brother's going to be tortured''she muttered but i couldn't be sure what it meant. So i changed into Elena's white bikini and truth to be told it was very tight and small. Well whatever better than nothing right?

    JPOV's nice when you got a nice pool with cold water to cool you down.
    I heard some chattering and opened my eyes and i know that i had to close them again but i couldn't. Nina was standing on the patio in what seemed a skimpy little bikini. It was my sister's i noticed but it suited Nina way better. Her tits looked nice and full in that. Her nipples were poking the thin fabric of the white bikini. One bead of sweat ran down between her breasts. They were round and would overflow my hands. I can't leave the pool as long she is here so she won't spot my throbbing erection. Even my wide boxers couldn't hide that damn cock. Her waist was tiny and her hips were nice. Her skin the nice colour of honey. The fucking bikini was so tight i could see her fucking vagina. And those fucking hot legs made my mouth water so much you could think the thames was flowing into my mouth. Long, lean legs that ended in cute feet. I would love to have her sitting on my cock and see how she rides it hard. Or her lips closing around the head of my cock and her little pi
    nk tongue licking a drop of precum of my erect dick. I started fisting my fucking dick midway but had to stop as soon as she climbed into the pool. Which gave me a shocking view of her round butt. Okay after letting her ride me i would fuck her from behind and hard to hear the slapping noises of her butt and my cock. I would lick that little tattoo on her back that showed an orchid while teasing her wet pussy with my cock. Entering her slowly 'till she begs me for more and then fucking her hard until i blow my cum deep in her. Oh fuck this fantasy is way too good. Think of something different.

    What the fuck is wrong with Jack? He stares at me like I'm a freaking alien or something. Have I done anything wrong? Nope I didn't so what's wrong with him.
    Screw him.

    A few hours later.

    ''so let's go to that bar we always used to go to'' Rose recommended
    Gerald:''yeah...the kids can stay here together and can watch a movie and order pizza and we're going out''
    ''yeah that will be nice'' my mother agreed. ''so that's a deal'' Gerald said.
    ''I'm going to be with Ian tonight so I won't be here'' Elena said.
    I was surprised and asked her who he was and what they would be doing.

    They're going to be leaving me all alone with that hot girl? Oh fuck this i'm screwed. How should i survive the night without fucking her. When i recall the image of her being wet in that bikini I'm getting hard instantly. It seems like i'm a fucking virgin.

    So they left and i took a shower to clean myself up and shave a little bit. I jumped into a plain white tee and some cheerleader shorts i still had from my middle school training. I absolutely loved them especially in such hot humid nights like these. They were short enough to not be suffocating. So i got downstairs to watch a movie with Jack. I guess it was called Speed 2. But as soon as i was in the living room. He looked at me once and then ignored me for the rest of the night.
    So i tried to collect my guts to ask him why he's treating me the way he's treating me.
    After half the movie was over i still wasn't ready to talk to him about it. Partly because i was fascinated with the way he looked like right now. He had nice lips. His upper lip wasn't too full but his bottom lip looked nice and full. He had a hard jaw-line, a straight nose and the most beautiful blue eyes i've ever seen. But he always averted them.
    ''Fuck this... What the hell did i do wrong?'' I just blabbered out. I'm soo stupid...
    ''What? Err... What do you mean?'' he asked.
    ''As if you don't know. You have been ignoring today. You haven't even talked to me or looked at me! So what is your problem?'' I told him as i was getting angrier by the minute.
    ''Well I'm sorry. I just didn't know how to talk to you after such a long time'' he said sincerely. So I believed him but I just had to ask him once more '' So you don't hate me?''.
    ''No of course not. It's quite the opposite'' he expressed hastily.
    ''Okay I'm relieved'' i blurted out.
    '' hey how about we start our own little party. We got some good liqour here. And I'm a damn good barkeeper'' Jack said.
    I had to chuckle and agreed to his proposal.

    Okay this is literally going to be a hard night. Well it's nice talking to her. She's smart and hot. Blowing my mind but unfortunately not my cock. Her little shorts are making me go insane her firm cheeks. I'd love to slap them while she bends over.
    I was starting to mix some Touchdowns ( It's a cocktail) and poured her one glass with it.
    ''MMMhhh delicious'' she praised me and then she licked her mouth with that little tongue of hers. I was happy that i stood behind the counter.
    After a few drinks I noticed how she is getting louder and funnier.
    So i said that she might want to stop now.
    '' yeah sure... It's perfect now ... good feeling'' She replied. She hopped down and her boobs jiggled and i could perfectly see her nipples through the thin shirt.
    ''Hey how about we talk a lil about our past?'' she said.
    ''Okay... so how is it going with your school?'' I asked ( safe theme i hoped)
    ''Well good actually although it is stupid that there aren't any boys... Your sister told me she couldn't be without boys you know especially their dicks''
    okay that word is sending me over the edge. I just grabbed her and leaned over the counter to kiss her. At first I noticed how surprised she was but soon she grabbed my head and started moaning in a very low sound. She freed herself from me for a second to say : '' You're a good kisser. I didn't expect that you were going to kiss me'' And then she initiated the kiss. Slowly sticking her little tongue into my mouth and taking mine to suck on it slowly and softly. I almost started groaning because it made me think of her sucking another part of my body. I grabbed her head harder and plunged my tongue in her mouth that tasted like a cocktail and chocolate. I wanted to get closer to her but the counter was in the way so i head to break up the short kiss and i rounded the corner and went to her. I held her close so i could feel her curves pressed against my hard body and i started kissing her again. I tried to keep my hands mostly to myself and i just used them to press her harder
    against me and to touch her velvety lengths of hair. She then surprised me because she was sucking my lower lip into her mouth and lightly nibbling on it with her small teeth. That made me even hornier so i pressed my erection right into her. She was a good 26 cm smaller than me but I'm sure she must have noticed my erection.

    Oh god. He kissed like the devil and i was sure he liked it , as well. His throbbing erection was poking my belly and i was brave enough to let my hand slide down to touch him through his jeans. He stopped the kiss and looked at me and started breathing faster.
    ''Don't do it while you're drunk'' he managed to growl through his teeth.
    '' I'm not drunk but i'm tired of being a fucking virgin'' i retorted.
    ''Yo-Yo-you're a virgin?'' he stammered as if it was unbelievable. In the meantime my hand wandered to his chest and I slowly circled his nipple. It seemed that he didn't notice.
    ''Is that so hard to believe?''

    Yes. Every male creature in the radius of 100 miles would want to fuck her.
    ''Yeah. I mean you're super hot and i can't believe you didn't have any boyfriends'' i said.
    '' Well i did have two relationships but it seemed that they just wanted to fuck me and nothing else but i think you're the right one. You were so nice in the last few hours. And truth to be told i WANT to have sex with you and that wasn't the case with my former boyfriends. So what do you think about it?'' She said.
    Jackpot. in my mind i did a little happy dance. But in reality I answered her question with my tongue in her mouth. I got a little bolder so i took her ass-cheeks in my hands and lifted her on top of the counter. I just couldn't let go of her butt and I pushed my cock right into her while i grabbed her ass tightly. She closed her legs around my hips so there was no air between us just our fucking clothes. She opened her mouth and moaned quite loudly as i rubbed my cock to her pussy. Her tongue was in my mouth and i tried to get closer still so i started sucking on her tongue and pushed her closer to me. Her soft breasts were squished against my chest and I was getting harder still. I thought it had already reached maximum hardness but i guess by her rubbing her little cunt against my stiff member its gonna make me even harder.One of her hands was tangled in my hair and she was gripping it quite tightly so that it hurt but it was a good kind of hurt that made me moan into her
    mouth and push my dick harder into her. Her other hand was stroking my back. After some time I almost couldn't breathe but i couldn't stop I was like in a mindshaking frenzy to fuck her even with clothes on.
    She freed her mouth from mine to breathe and to say: '' Let's go to your room''
    It seemed like she wanted to get off me but i didn't want to releave myself from those glorious thighs. So I just grabbed her ass and carried her with her legs clamped around my hips and I carried her upstairs. Thank god I cleaned up. I lay her on the bed and went to the drawer to get condoms. When I turned around she already took of her shirt and i could finally see her full tits with fully erect pink nipples that already had red ends. I just had to suck those. I jumped onto the bed but i was interrupted from sucking her pink nipples by her
    ''If you don't have any illnesses/sicknesses we can do it without a condom, I'm on the pill''
    ''No I don't''i rushed out''hey would you mind if i sucked those nipples?''
    ''You can do whatever you want as long as you lose the shirt'' she said while grinning. I'm more than happy to oblige and after i've gotten rid of the damn thing I took her little nipple into my mouth and sucked it. She started moaning and i took that as a hint and with my other hand i pinched the other nipple hard. She started gnawing on her lip and whimpering and her trembling hands left her face and disappeared underneath those shorts. She began moaning louder and i was enjoying it as if she was sucking me. I loved seeing her like this. Blushing and moaning and trembling. I could feel her being close to an orgasm and let herself just finger her pussy until she trembled and started moaning very loudly. I then let go of her nipple and took her hand that was moist with her pussy juice into my mouth to lick it off. It tasted so good... I knew i just had to get down on her with my mouth. Her nipples looked puffy red and i decided it was time to change it a little bit. I didn't
    want to rush it so i kept my pants on. I turned her around so she was on all four she was still a little wobbly after her orgasm but i steadied her until she could bend over by herself. Her little shorts were driving me insane so i gotta let them on for a little bit longer. I took the heel of my hand and pressed it right into her pussy. With the friction of the shorts she could feel it very clearly and she started moaning again. I could feel her dampening the shorts and the scent of her arousal nearly pushed me over the edge. I bent down to get a closer look and i just licked the shorts where i estimated her clit would be. Her breathing sped and i knew she would soon be close to another orgasm so i took off her shorts and saw a nicely shaved, wet pussy. My tongue slowly ran up and down and i tried to suck all the dampness away but she got wetter and wetter so i sucked her clit harder and she began moaning harder. I carefully slid one finger into her slick pussy. It seemed li
    ke it wrapped around my finger. So fucking tight.
    ''Fuck you're soo tight'' I moaned. If one finger was filling her up then what should i do with my cock. It would rio her apart.
    I got urgent with my finger and my tongue and i could feel her getting tighter and holding onto my finger when she came. Her pussy juice came into my face and i almost couldn't take it anymore.
    ''I need to fuck you'' I said and gave her butt a soft slap.
    ''Slap my ass again.But harder!'' she demanded.
    Fuck i am into this shit and if she was too she will be my death.
    So i gave her butt a hard smack and she moaned. I continued till her butt was red from slapping.
    ''It's your turn now'' she said and pushed me to lie down.
    She climbed on top of me and rode my cock through my jeans. I started moaning and i was close to coming although she was just riding me through the jeans. I could feel her wetness through my jeans and i noticed how her boobs were jiggling. God that was a sight to behold. Up and down those huge tits so i just grabbed them and groped them really hard until she started pushing her pussy down my jeans-clad cock really hard that i almost came.
    ''I'm gonna try to suck you'' she said and then she got off me and spread my legs so she could sit between them. I looked at the tent my stiff pole was making and saw how fucking wet my jeans was. Her hand opened button and then she slowly pulled down the zipper. I wasn't wearing any underwear so my cock just sprang up and greeted her the second he was freed. She took a long look at it that just made me want to fist my cock to cum on her tits.
    ''Do you have a ruler handy?''She asked with a shaking voice
    ''Why? Do you want to measure my cock?'' I asked. She nodded and said:'' I've never seen such a big and fat cock''...''It's like so thick. Will it even fit my pussy?''
    I didn't want to brag or to make her even more scared so I didn't tell her that my cock was 26cm/10 inches long and i havent measured the thickness yet but she wouldn't be able to close her hand around it.
    She then took it into her hand and she really couldn't close it around my cock. But she was holding it too softly.
    ''Please harder'' I mouthed. She then complied and slowly slid her hands up and down.
    ''Oh fuck yes'' i moaned as she licked the head of my erection with her tongue and ate up the bit of precum. Then she slowly let it inside her wet mouth and her little tongue made circles around the head of my erection. She did this for about five minutes and she slowly increased the speed. She then started to really suck my cock, creating some sort of vacuum with her mouth that was making me feel great. She fisted me harder and tangled my hands in her hair. I had to restrain myself from bucking my hips up to push my cock deeper. But she was getting it deeper into her mouth too. Slowly but surely and then it was getting faster and faster and i was on the verge of cumming into her sweet mouth.
    ''Let go...I'm gonna cum'' I huffed.
    She mumbled disapproval. And then i just fucking came into her mouth shooting jets of hot cum into her mouth. She gulped down every bit and then sucked and licked me clean which prevented my cock going soft. I then noticed that one of her hands has been between her legs all the time. She was fingering her clit during all that time.
    ''Aren't you a little slut? Fingering yourself while sucking my cock?'' I blurted out before i could stop myself. I thought it was sexy how she touched herself it got me horny.
    ''Yes'' she replied with a grin. Okay so she knew i was into that'' why don't you punish me?'' She said with a twinkle in her eye.
    ''Really?'' i asked, i just wanted to make sure i didn't do anything wron
    ''yeah i'll say stop if it hurts too much'' she said.
    okay so i sat on the edge of the bed and made her sit on my thighs with her boobs to me.
    ''You've been a bad girl, you know that don't you?'' : Jack
    ''Yes, sir'' she said while rubbing her pussy on one of my thighs.
    ''I didn't give you permission to rub your wet pussy on my thigh'' I said while i smacked her butt really hard.
    She started fucking moaning and bit her lip.
    ''Forgive me'' she muttered
    ''Forgive me SIR'' i told her with another hard smack to her butt and i started pinching one of her nipples really hard.
    '' Oh you don't have to call me sir'' she said with a smile. So she like being punished.
    ''Bend over that desk right now'' I instructed her. So she did and i could see her anticipation. I really had a ruler handy but instead of measuring my own cock i smacked her butt with it. She began whimpering and her hand wandered between her legs again.
    ''Hands on the table'' I ordered. She did as i told her to do and i took a pen and pushed the pen into her pussy with my left hand. She started moaning again and smacked her.
    ''Oh I'm comming again'' she moaned. So I fucked her hard with the pen and stopped smacking her butt, but i took my free hand to stimulate her clit. She came really hard and i couldn't hold myself any longer. I just needed to be inside her fucking pussy.
    After i gave her some recovery time I carried her over to the bed and lay her down to spread her legs a little bit.
    ''Are you sure you want me to fuck you?'' I asked
    '' Yeah just go slow please?!'' she replied.
    I felt the tip of my cock nudging her entrance and i softly pushed inside her. Oh god so fucking tight.
    ''AHH IT FUCKING hurts'' she screamed.
    ''Shhh it'll get better'' i hushed her.
    I very slowly slid into her. I could feel her trembling underneath me and i really tried to make it as slow as i could. After an awful long time i was about half inside i asked her how she was feeling.
    '' It's better. Still hurts like a bitch. But the feeling is not all bad.'' she said with a half forced smile. So although it took all my selfcontrol i normally dont have i tried to stay halfway inside her and just enjoyed the hot, wet and tight feeling of her pussy. She really was super tight. When my balls finally turned blue she said:
    ''Try to move; It's okay now''
    I slowly slid in a little bit more and out. I could still feel that this must hurt her but i was as careful as i could be and after about 20 minutes ( living hell) she said she didn't feel a lot of pain and that i should try to enter her completely. I slowly pushed inside until my balls were the only thing outside. I threw my head back and groaned in pure pleasure.
    ''This is fucking heaven'' I cried out as i felt her tight pussy wrap around my big cock.
    Her legs wrapped around my hips and i could feel her getting tighter. Her internal muscles were like a massage.
    ''Okay Jack...Now the pain is just some sort of uncomfortableness but i want you to really fuck me, okay?'' she demanded.
    ''oh yeah'' I almost slid fully out and then pushing my hips into her.At some time I got lost in the grinding rhythm until she started moaning underneath me.
    ''Oh yes Jack fuck me'' she huffed. I grabbed her knees and stretched her legs up. And then I pounded against her. My thumb stimulated her clit and her internal muscles made her even tighter so he had to moan even louder. As she orgasmed, I came with a fucking roar, crashing into her but not fucking stopping pounding into her. I came a lot. Hot jets of my cum filled her, then spilled out onto her thighs as i kept pumping into her pussy. When i finally collapsed ontop of her i was still inside her.
    '' Oh fuck this was soo good'' she moaned. I slid out of her. And i couldn't wait what would happen the next few days

    (so if i get good reviews I'll write more from Jack and Nina, and more from Elena and Ian, maybe even some gangbang scenes... i know it has been awfully long but i hope you'll enjoy)

    Author: Steppenwölfin

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