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    Slutty Beautician

    (Current Rating 81/100, based on 93 votes)

    I always enjoyed getting my hair cut by Bri. She has been cutting my hair for awhile now and I have always kinda had a thing for her since day one.

    She is a cute little blonde who dresses to impress and she always smells good. I love the way the salon has mirrors everywhere. I can look at her without getting caught. I love it when she wears v-neck shirts. I can see right down her shirt when she is shampooing a client. Her plump tits jiggle around barely staying in her bra while she scrubs away. She always wears skimpy bras that barely cover her tits...just once I'd like to see a nipple pop out but somehow that never happens.

    I am a 39 year old man, recently divorced and she is a 22 year old hottie. I watched her fininsh up her client and then back to the routine of sweeping up for the next client, which was me. Her short skirt showed off her great legs as she bent down to sweep up the hair off the seat.

    "O.K. Kev," she said with a smile, "I'm ready for ya!"

    If she only knew my cock was always ready for her.

    She put the apron thing on me and snapped it around my neck. The she leaned the chair back and began shampooing. I put my hands on my throbbing cock as we began our usual chat. She flirted and brushed her tit against me a few times. She whispered in my ear a few times during our conversation because she didn't want anyone to hear her swear and a few times she made perverted comments that weren't work appropriate. Everytime she whispered in my ear I got goosebumps and my cock throbbed even more.

    "All done handsome." she said taking the cloak off of me.

    I thanked her and gave her an extra tip. I went to my car in the back of the salon and my phone rang. It was my ex. We talked for about 20 minutes, well I ex yelled and bitched me out for not telling her about a bill and blah blah blah....

    I told her I didn't want to fight with her and I would pay for my part of the bill and she called me a dick and hung up on me. I was about to get into my car when I heard Bri yell something to me.

    "What?" I said turning around.

    "I said, what the hell are you still doing here?" she said smiling.

    "I got a call from the ex." I said rolling my eyes.

    "Oh, a booty call?" she said winking at me and giggling.

    "" I said laughing it off.

    "Wanna have a drink with me?" she asked like I was her best friend.

    "Well..." I thought about it for a second "sure, I'd like that."

    "Cool, follow me then." she said getting in her car.

    I followed her to her apartment. I figured she wanted to change before we went out. She handed me a beer and went into the other room. A few minutes later, she came back with a tank top on and a pair of boxers. I could see her lacey bra through her tank top. As usual, it barely covered her tits. Her nipples were really hard and that made me hornier than ever. I guess we were staying in.

    We drank and talked for about an hour. She was flirting with me hardcore. I had to use the bathroom and she showed me where it was. I wanted to jerk off so badly. I saw her panties and bras folded neatly in a basket on a shelf and her silky bathrobe hanging on the door. Damn, I was throbbing!

    I came out of the bathroom and she smiled as she looked at my crotch. I told her that I should get going and she came up to me with another beer.

    "You don't have to leave you know." she said touching my arm softly. "Are you hungry? I could order a pizza."

    "Thanks but I think I need to go." I said as I walked to the door.

    She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head down to hers and began to kiss me. I did nothing at first and then she began rubbing my crotch and moaning. I began kissing her passionately and she started to pull away.

    She took my hands and led me to her couch. She had my cock out in no time and was on her knees sucking me off. I was about to cum and she stood up. Then she took off her tank top. I stepped out of my pants as she slid my shirt off over my head.

    I slid her boxers down and found out she wasn't wearing panties. Her soft shaven pussy lips were begging for my tounge. I guided her to the floor and spread her pussy lips apart and began probing her wetness with my finger while my tounge went to work on her clit.

    It wasn't long and she was cumming. I pulled out my finger and gently licked her juices. I made my way up her tight body and unhooked her bra. Her titties were so perfectly round. I sucked on her nipple while I played with the other one. I pressed my cock against her naked body as I devoured her plump tits and rigid nipples.

    She pushed me on my back and climbed on my cock. I almost shot my wad when I felt my cock enter her tight wet pussy. She rode me better than my ex ever had. She knew how to fuck that's for damn sure.

    I placed my thumb on her clit and rubbed it while she pounded away on my cock. She began to pinch her nipples and moan as she fucked me harder and faster.

    She started to yell "Oh God! Oh Yeah!" as she began to cum again. I pressed her clit even harder and raised my hips to meet her pussy as she totally soaked my balls.

    "Cum inside me!" she panted as she lowered herself onto my chest. She kept telling me to cum as she kissed my neck and whispered dirty things in my ear. "I've always wanted your cock inside me." she said as she fucked me slow. "My pussy always gets wet when I cut your hair." All I could do was moan and enjoy the moment. "I go to the bathroom and finger my pussy every single time you leave the salon. I always leave a 20 minute gap between you and my next appointment."

    I spread her ass cheeks so my dick could go deeper and I began ramming her harder. "Let me fuck you from behind." I blurted out.

    She slid off of me and got ready with her ass up in the air. I popped my cock inside her and grabbed both of her tits as I rammed her from behind. She was moaning and begging for it harder so I spread her ass again and fucked her hard and fast. I reached around and rubbed her clit while I shot my load. Her pussy tightened and she came again as I emptied my cock inside her hot pussy.

    We layed on the floor for a few seconds and then I got up and got dressed. She put on her tank top and boxers and walked me to the door. We kissed goodbye and I rubbed her nipples as our tounges gently touched. She moaned as her nipples stood out hard and taught under my touch.

    "You ever get lonely, you know where I live." she said as she kissed me.

    "Yeah, I get pretty lonely." I said kissing her neck. "You are beautiful Bri. I can't stop touching you."

    "So don't." she said raising her shirt for me to have another go at her tits.

    I fondled her tits and sucked her nipples for a quick moment and then pulled her shirt back down. "I need to go now." I said walking out the door.

    "I know," she said as she waved. "I'm sorry."

    "It's ok, I'll be in touch." I said with a wink.

    "I sure hope there will be more touching soon." she said winking back.

    "Oh don't worry, there will be." I said getting in my car.

    "Promise?" she yelled out to me as I started my car.

    "I promise!" I yelled as I drove off.

    Author: Kev

    2008-04-11 06:37:01 Posted by
    everything happened to fast, but still good. Anonymous

    2008-04-14 01:57:07 Posted by
    who doesn't want to fuck the girl that cuts their hair? My cock is always hard when I'm in the salon. So many hot sexy girls in sexy clothes....if they would line up, I'd bang them all! Hairy and horny

    2008-04-14 05:21:31 Posted by
    Its my kind of story. Nistha Sharma

    2008-04-15 09:42:04 Posted by
    enjoyable, she took control and the thought of her bouncing up and down on my shaft has me hard and horny muff worshipper

    2008-04-19 11:12:52 Posted by
    that is a top of the line story Anonymous

    2008-04-19 20:05:45 Posted by
    Too short and lack of detail, but decent. Anonymous

    2008-04-21 02:14:27 Posted by
    wow Anonymous

    2008-04-21 09:31:46 Posted by
    I have a friend who is a beautician. She very attractive and sexy and whilst she is married has given signals of interest. I am very strongly attracted to her and have a ravenous appetite to have her intensely and repeatedly. I feel sexually 'intoxicated' , have a storming erection every time I think of her and think it would be the wildest sex ever between us. I simply must have her but how do I go about bedding her? Hungry for her pussy

    2008-04-23 07:34:38 Posted by
    Short but very explicit and detailed Great Fucker

    2008-05-02 17:39:31 Posted by
    similar to mine too my beautician is one scrumpsous always we do it in the salon i am last one booked silver hair

    2008-05-05 23:32:12 Posted by
    Boring. Needs detail. Anonymous

    2008-05-20 14:57:31 Posted by
    good stuff Anonymous

    2008-12-18 16:04:29 Posted by
    I have fucked every girl that cut my hair at one time or another my most recent was last friday. I had a late appointment and it was the first time with her. It was great girl knows how to suck a dick. Mr.luvs69

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