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    Sometimes Stayin Home Pays Off

    (Current Rating 61/100, based on 22 votes)

    It was about 1:30am and I was sleeping in the TV room when all of a sudden I heard a pretty loud noise coming from the staircase. So, I got up to investigate. Looking down the stairs I WAS STRUCK BY THUNDER to discover that it’s my dads ex girlfriend! I just stood there not believing what I was seeing.. she had moved to the middle east a year or so back.. what the hell was she doing here?!

    “Oh my god! Linda?! What r u doing here? R u ok?” She saw me was even more surprised! So I guess she understood that my dad was no longer in the country. So I ran down the stairs to help her up. We came in the tv room WHICH IS FYI littered with pic of my dad’s wedding which took place 2 months back.

    So she just looked around and asked me with a sigh “so, whats she like? “

    “she sweet” I replied. “all I care is that she looks after him. takes a lot of my hands!”
    she just smiled. “do u want something? Water? Food? Coffee? “ she looked tanked! She just flown in that day for 3days. She had meet up with her friends for drinks then 1 of them dropped her off.

    “Coffee? Why coffee? Do I look drunk to you?”
    “No! no. just had to offer. Cause I love coffee, that’s all!”
    “FUCK ALL THAT! Do u have any alcohol? What do u have?
    Even before I could say anything “don’t like to me, I know you always keep a bottle strawberry vodka around for you girlfriend!”
    “I use to keep it for her! Not anymore since we are not together. Its for whoever is the nicest to me”
    “I am always nice to you. Haven’t I been nice to you Mr?”
    I just smiled and got the bottle.

    So we started drinking and talking about random stuff… I got up to go to the toilet and when I came in to the room again I found her @ the pc. “OH FUCKING HELL! I had left a porn site on the browser!!

    That was fucking embarrassing!! She looked at me and could just tell that I was freaking out! “Its ok, we all visit them”

    “Really u2? Y? all u have to do is look in the mirror” she laughed. “sometime I like 2 see what other people r up to” “I love amateur videos, not in to main stream stuff”

    “Yeah, me too” I really didn’t knw what to say to that.
    “N y r u watching porn? U r too young to be watching porn, U r not bold an over 55”

    “Well yeah I knw… so y do u watch porn?”
    “to learn new tricks” and she giggled
    “yeah? what u learn lately?”
    “why should I tell u. what u learn?”
    “women really don’t use that many positions and most women don’t talk half as much as I would like them to”
    “maybe u r not doing them rite”
    “Oh. I m”
    “how can u b so sure?” she asked
    “cause most men are selfish… they don’t invest half as much time as them should on a woman”
    “I love going down on a girl. That’s the 1st thing that comes to my mind when I see a girl”
    “is that rite?”
    “it is” I said with a smile, while she walked over from the pc. Came and sat down on the sofa.

    Ok! I m not goin to fucking deny it…. This woman was freaking hot! N that nite she was wearing a read n orange dress, red high heels, I really couldn’t see a bra and god knw what she was wearing downstairs! She was in her late 30 max. I really really couldn’t care. she went joggin every morning, went to the gym and played tennis.

    I mean she really kept herself in good bloody shape. Till that day I never really spent that much time talking to her… we were getting pretty tanked..

    “Y r u home? How come u didn’t go out 2nite? heart broken?”
    “no, cause I knw you were goin to come over”
    “really? Then I should thank you”
    “no need. When I tell my friends that I saw u they are going to go green with envy!
    they would come over to c u and 1 of them is in love with u!” she was laughing.
    At 1 point he was willing to pay me 500 dollars to install a wireless camera in your toilet!
    “FUCK OFF! i think I knw which 1. did he take my lacy thong?”
    “no actually I use to sell ur under ware in uni and get my pocket money from that”
    “cause they were convinced that u r 1 horny mummy!”
    no wonder I have nothing to ware now” and she laid back in to the sofa.
    “Is that rite? I think I have 1 some were in my room”
    “So m I a MILF?”
    “well u don’t have kids, so u r not a MILF. But, on the other hand….”
    “What? R u goin to say that u never?! ever?! Not even once?!”
    I locked my eyes with her, didn’t break connection once and said
    “thought about u naked, walking around the house in ur shiny black high heels, u sitting on my face while I eat, licking ur ass while I finger u wet, rubbing oil all over u, give u a message and then washing u, removing ur thong with my teeth while I have 1 finger in ur mouth and the other hand on ur tits?

    At this point I got up and walked towards her and took her hand, while continuing:

    U on top of me wearing those fucking sexy Channel shades, on this couch, on my bed with you hands tied behind ur back, 69, u taking me in ur mouth, how it would feel to just let go in u over and over again?

    I pulled her up and made her sit down on the arm rest of the sofa. I took a step forward and placed her hands around my neck. Pulled her closer and her breasts were firm and warm. Her nipples fully erect piercing her lovely nylon dress. Took my face closer to her and just teased her chin and cheeks with my breath and nose. she was responding she gave herself to me to do as I pleased.

    Is that what u wanted to knw baby, huh?
    N took her whole left ear in to my mouth n sucked on it. She just went crazy! Scratching my back over my t-shirt. I turned her towards me and looked in to her eyes and asked
    “u want me mummy?” she nodded said “ yess..” under her breath

    and kissed her
    she pushed her tongue as far down my mouth as she could, we were kissing like we were trying to fuck each others mouth with out tongue. We were drooling all the fucking while we had spit running down our neck..

    I took her hands and asked her to hold her hair with both her hands in a pony tail on top of her head and I licked and kissed her exposed skin

    Pulled her up and put her against the wall and sucked her nipples through her dress. Her face and cheeks were blood red! She was having hell of a hot flush.

    Breathing through her mouth she was now week in the knees, I placed my hands under her breasts and pushed them up till they popped out over her dress. Now fully exposed I was in love with her tits, squeezing gently sucking and messaging her nipples I whispered in to her ear “how old were u when u first took a dick, mummy?” “16” she replied.

    “Sweet 16?” I taunted, all the while kissing her and sucking her tits. “I bet u wanted a cock, I bet u couldn’t wait to ride that cock in anger again, u stayed up thinking about it didn’t u baby? Huh, mommy? U would wish it was there in u pumping your pussy juice out of u?”

    I turned her around and spread her against the wall, placed my hands on her hips, under her dressed, pulled her ass out in to my crotch and ached her back. Grinding on my dick through my trousers she was getting off.

    U like what u feel baby? u want ur ass tongued? I said While I slowly lifter her dress and exposed her ass.

    Do u want u ass tongued? I got down on my knees and placed my nose in between her ass and asked again: “do u want me to lick ur ass?” I cant here u baby..

    “say please”

    even b4 she finished her sentence I was in there.. licking her ass up and down while she reached around and pushed my face deeper in. she was loving every fuckin lick. She really got in to the groove and started riding my face.

    Spanking her gently, I pushed my tongue as much as I could in to her ass. Letting my saliva run down her ass and down her legs she was wet and I used that to massage her pussy. It was getting wetter and the contractions were get more fierce.. I knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm. N I wanted her warm cum in mouth..

    I got up after a good 10mins of licking her ass, turned her around and kissed her as she sucked on my tongue dry.. placed my hands on her ass and lifter her up, and told her I want u to ride my face and dump ur cum in my mouth. She looked in to my eyes and pushed her tongue in to my mouth while I carried her to the bed.

    Put her down gently and sitting face to face with my crotch she looked up at me and said I wasn’t to suck u off first. And proceeded to un do my belt and fly and it just dropped out and the next thing I knw I could feel the inner walls of the cheeks, her warm tongue and n unbelievable amount of vacuum in her mouth. I like my cock sucked hard and I was loving it.. looking straight in to my eyes with out a brink she pulled it out while at the same time sucking on it with all her lung capacity, she said
    “I m goin to suck u till its ripe” and fucking hell she want kidding when she said that! She was sucking on it so hard that I could feel it swelling up..

    “Keep sucking baby! Even after I come!”
    “Tell me so that I knw” and I did as soon as I could feel the rush she just stopped.
    I didn’t knw what was goin on but didn’t care as she was kissing me hard like a starved dog
    “I need to get my bag she said” she then came back with a blue pill and said “take this.
    I want ur wood all night”

    I just popped it and she started sucking me off again. This time harder and faster then the last time!

    HOLY SHIT! My cock was throbbing like hell! The rush was fucking insane! She was commin up to kiss me and sucking my nipples as well.

    “How old were u when u pushed ur dick in to a cunt” “18” I said

    “how many cocks did u suck baby?” “not enough”
    “how much cum did u swallow?” “not enough” she said

    “how about I sell ur ass for one night, all u can fuck fest” u would like that wont u baby?”
    just as I said that she took of her dress and tied my hand behind me and pushed me up against the wall and said “now its my turn” and started to swallow my cock as much as she could. Didn’t u want to come in my mouth? Didn’t u want me to swallow ur cum? I m going to suck every last drop of cum out off u”

    she placed her hands on my ass, opened her mouth and started to aggressively fuck my cock with her mouth.

    There was so much spit drooling down her face that her tits were dripping wet!

    “Baby I m goin to fuck u like a crazed dog. I m goin to give the fuckin of ur life. I m goin to pump u like u were in a gang bang!”

    “which one of ur bitches did u fuck last?” she asked me

    “remember the chemist” “she wanted to b fucked while she was partially sedated”
    I crammed her in every hole and she came every time! She woke up in the morning covered in cum and made me eat her pussy.

    She looked up to me said “u whore. I m goin to start payin u for ur services everytime I come”. that really sent me over the edge and I shot at least 3 grams of warm semen in to her mouth in a roar. And to her word she didn’t stop sucking me off till I collapsed on to the floor.

    She sat on my dick and slipped it in and she started to kiss me with her cum covered mouth. “taste it whore. Its ur cum”

    U wanted to eat my pussy? she let my arm go and I lunged at her!! Licking her face, tits and sucking her nipples I threw her to the bed. I took her breast to her mouth and we kissed and licked it together. She loved it. And all this while I had my cock in her cunt.

    I tool my dick out of her pussy and started to lick it ferociously. And I kept at it while at the same time fingering her ass. She came in my mouth and then she had such an orgasm that she had to me lock me down with her thighs. She rolled me over and sat on my face and started to ride my tongue while at the same time rubbing her clit. And in a few mins she shot her liquid straight in to my mouth givin me her ass to lick as well..

    We just didn’t talk anymore.

    I thwer her on her back and fucked her till she couldn’t get off her back and was rolling on the bed. Flipped her over in to doggy style and licked her ass hole for approval and right in.

    Then she got on top off me and OH MY GOD! She rode me like her fucking life depended on it! I was loading up to come and she could just tell and started grinding on my full hard cock like she wanted to snap it off. I was in so deep that we were grinding bone on bone now! As she felt my first drop she started riding me with whatever energy she has left.

    And then I came in her pussy lifting my head up and then just collapsing back on to the bed and grasping for breath. While she kept sucking my cock with her pussy for a little while longer.

    I rolled her over with my cock still in her and made out with whatever little energy that we had left. Covered in sweet and cum we were just lying there.

    U still think I m not fucking them right?

    Author: Ladiesman_07

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