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    Spying on my wife

    (Current Rating 72/100, based on 26 votes)

    We have been married for over fifteen years. My wife is a bomb. She is half Punjabi and half from Hayrana. Chicks from here tend to be fair, have nice boobs, great ass and lovely cunts. Well Neha and I have had a good sex life. We fuck twice a month and she always feels tired. Or maybe she is tired of me. We fuck in the conventional way and she does not look interested. When she comes with me she wears long skirts or loose pants.

    But then I noticed that she would be going to office well dressed. Nice tight clothes which showed her rounded ass. With me she would keep her shirt out saying she was not comfortable. But then once returning from office I saw her at a distance near the mall with her shirt tucked in and her boobs protruding. Then she started speaking of a guy in her office named Joe. She would keep saying Joe is good at dancIng, singing and so on. He wants to teach me salsa and then we can do it together. I was obviously suspicious.

    She had an office party one day in the evening and she told me she would come late and have someone drop her. While she was in the bathroom I saw the bag she was carrying. It had one pair of white trousers which looked transparent with no front. This meant that her pussy would be visible and her crotch enticing. She had a short red top. There was a bra which just had strings. A panty with a sting behind and transparent front. I ignored this. Maybe she was to surprise me in the night. When she left she wore on a tight black jeans with her panty line visible from the top while the top was a teeshirt which showed her boobs.Man, the guys cocks would rise.

    Neha is around five feet high, and while she is 37 years old, looks like a teenager. I look old in front of her and she knows it. She has short hair and fair and when she smiles, she gives that come hither look. Her ass is the greatest and my cock goes up thinking of it. Well all men will obviously like to feel it and more.

    In the evening I came home and started getting visions. No Neha cannot be like this. I opened the whisky bottle and had two pegs with head was spinning. I thought let me go an investigate. At around 9 in the evening I went to the Rum cafe where the part was going on. I put on a disguise and stood at the corner smoking my cigarette.

    Right in the center, I see her in the red top and whit pants- tucked in dancing away. That guy must be Joe. She is drinking and he is making her drink more. Their dance is erotic. She bends down in front while he holds her waist. Soon he is holding her ass and pushing his pelvis fowrad and she is laughing. He puts one hand on her right boob, and she takes the other hand and places it on the other. The fucking bitch. I take a drnk again.

    As the music slows down he is kissing her and she has her tongue inside his mouth whle his hand kneads her fucking ass.she takes her hand towards his cock and rubs. He breaks away and gets a drink. He breaks away and then makes a call on phone. He tells her something and then holding her by her boobs they move out. I follow.

    They get on to his bike and drive towards Marve beach. He stops on the way near the church and gets a key from someone. They then carry on while I follow behind.

    She is necking him all the way. They reacH a bungalow and he opens the door. Ther are trees outside and large windows. This motherfucker is going to fuck my wife. I go near the window, take a swig and observe. He puts on some music. Ther is only one room and it looks like a place where sluts are brought and fucked. Joe now holds Neha and kisses her hard. He slaps her as she goes for his cock. 'you will be my slut now you bitch' says he and slaps her again. 'Joe, please fuck me. I have not known what is. Amanda. Vinod has such a needle as a cock and can't keep it up. Treat me like a slut.' and so saying she moves like a slut pushing her greats forward. Joe is all excited and catcher her and then puts his hand below her tee shirt. He pulls it out and tears her bra. Ge catches her tits and starts kissing them and squeezing them, 'my slutty whore. Yes, I will give you a cock you have never seen. A nice black one. Vinod cannot be blacker and bigger than mine' .so saying he shoves his hand below to feel her cunt. 'you are wet you bitch' he strays taking it off. Her string of panty makes him excited and Joe now asks her to bend down. He gives her a whack and then asks her to take out her lord. Gosh his cock must have been ten inches. Y mine is a needle. He runs it on her face and it is drooling. Fuck you, Neha. She takes it in her mouth. Fuck. When I wanted her to do it, she would insist that I put a condum and she would squeeze with her hand. Now the slut is taking his cock and enjoying it. 'slut, harder and faster', cries Joe and soon his cum is out and he chokes her mouth with it.

    'swallow all, you whore. That is what you are when you get fucked by someone who is not your husband'. He takes off his clothes now and takes his belt and grips it. He how's to his pouch and snuffs something from a box, he asks Neha to stand and whips her on the ass with the belt. The intensity increases and he warns her he will give her shocks if she cries out. He stops and then kisses her hard and puts her on the bed. He goes down and thrusts hard his tongue in her pussy while she yells away. He then pushes his cock inside and the motherfucker digs in for seven minutes continuously shouting slut and whore and finally explodes in her. Thet then kiss and he says, 'darling, this is great. You are a great fuck. Next time I will get Dick along and you will have a ball,.

    I am disgusted and go back home. I keep drinking and wait. After an hour when it is 2 in the morning I hear the door open. Neha comes in non-Chalantly and closes the door. She does not expect to see me. She has the red top and black tight jeans on.'how was it I say' I am in my jockies only and drunk and angry. As igo and grasp her she says'what is wrong with you. Go away I am tired.' I kiss her and she pushes me aside. 'you are drunk'. 'yes I am, and I want to fuck you.'

    I catch her ass and reach for her boobs. She fights. I take out her top and there is no bra. 'where is your bra' so saying I feel her crotch and bind her hands with one hand and pull down her pants. The panty is not there and I can feel joe's cum all over. ' where is your panty and how come you are wet. Dreaming of me,'

    So saying I take out my cock and push it hard into her cunt. 'leave me you animal. You are drunka nd hurting me. Ouch ouch ouch. Take that needle out,'

    Author: Vinod

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