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    It was 10:00 pm, and my boyfriend still wasn't ready.
    I wanted to go out and he was taking his time. He was doing it on purpose because he knew I wanted to get drunk, get wasted, and get fucked.
    "Babe! Hurry up!" I yelled, from downstairs.
    "Give me a minute! Damn.." I heard him reply. I rolled my eyes and took a seat on the couch. Pulling out my mirror, I began to give myself the once over. My makeup was flawless. My eyes were done in a smoky eye shadow and cat eye look. My lips were glossed in a delicious red and there wasn't a blemish in sight on my caramel skin.
    I put the mirror away and stood up, fixing my clothing. I adjusted my shorter than mini, black mini-skirt over my black fishnet stockings. Below them were my six inch platform heels. Traveling back towards my neck, I adjusted the hot pink corset top I was wearing to make sure my natural 48D breasts were in tact yet still very noticeable. With that, I felt satisfied with my outfit and sighed, irritated.
    "JOHN! I am going to leave with you, I swear!" I yelled. No answer. I mumbled to myself then marched upstairs.
    My boyfriend of five years was standing over his dresser, towel covering only his bottom half. He turned around to look at me then rolled his eyes. He hated when I wore this outfit, or any outfit that revealed anything.
    Tonight I didn't care though.
    We'd had an argument previously that had gotten very heated. I was trying to bring up the possibility of a new sexual position: doggy style. He wouldn't hear of it. Said it was dirty, demoralizing and immature. "Were 24!" I'd told him afterwards. He didn't care and we just agreed to disagree. I was still upset though when we decided we'd go out for drinks tonight with my girlfriend and his guy friend, Joe.

    I looked at his very obvious six pack and felt myself get a little turned on. The beads of water rolled off of his pale skin in the most intense way. I tried to keep my calm and tried to remember I was mad at him.
    "Look you're not even dressed, I'm going to go ahead and call Kara to pick me up. You can take the car." I told him, then pulled out my cell to call Kara. He mumbled something like 'whatever' then continued to rumage through his clothes.
    He didn't like Kara or any of my friends. Said they were all "too slutty". They weren't though, they just loved to have fun. Ok, maybe they were a bit on the slutty side, but who cares? I wanted to have fun with my girls tonight. It felt like I hadn't had fun in years!
    Just a few minutes later Kara beeped at me from the driveway. I ran out and hopped into her car. We drove in silence, but all smiles and I gave her the once-over. She was looking hot, with a tight strapless dress barely covering her. From the position she was in while driving I could see her cleanly shaven pussy. She always shaved before a night out and wore no underwear, and I'd done so tonight as well.
    "What ARE you looking at, Trace?" She asked, smirking. I laughed and shoved her playfully.
    "You're looking hot, girl!" I told her, trying not to blush. I'd always had a little crush on Kara. A little crush that turned into little fantasies. Ones I didn't think were ever possible, until tonight.

    When we got to the club, the music was bangin', the lights were strobin' and the air was seductive as all hell!
    Hot, sweaty bodies were moving everywhere, dancing to the hip r&b and hip-hop songs. The music would go to techno, then rock then back to electro. Within minutes I was all smiles, forgetting John would be there any minute.
    Kara and I were in the middle of a sexy dance when she yelled that she was going to go get drinks. I nodded my head and conitnued dancing. A tall, white skinned man caught my attention. He'd been giving me the eye the whole time I'd been there and now was moving closer. I blushed because he was very sexy and it had been a while since I'd gotten any kind of affection or attention.
    "What's your name, sexy?" He yelled, over the music when he'd gotten close enough to me. I blushed again but didn't respond. He continued to dance but all the while moving closer. I could smell him now, a mixture of alcohol, cologne and sweat. It smelled sinfully sweet. Within seconds, Kara was on her way back with shots.
    We downed the shots and continued dancing. Kara had seen how the man was dancing next to me but said nothing. After a few songs she winked at me and moved in closer to him. He grabbed her waist and began grinding on her to the music.
    I continued dancing by her side but watched her face in interest. Her mouth was twisting in pleasure as she gripped his ass and continued grinding his now obviously hard dick, against her. I could tell he was breathing hard even in the loud, hot atmosphere. After a few dances I spotted John towards the entrance with Joe. I waved at them to signalize my location then walked over to the bar.

    "What'll ya have?" The bartender asked, all eyes on my breasts. I laughed, a bit buzzed from the first pair of double shots. He was a man in his late twenties...I could tell, dark skinned but with a hard body. Even through his shirt I could see his abs. His jaw was sharp and his eyes hazel, he was fine.
    "I should ask the same to you..." I replied, flirting. I felt sexy but was in new territory. It had been so long since I'd flirted with anyone other than John and I hadn't flirted with him in a while.
    He licked his lips but never lost sight of my larger than average, breasts. The intensity of his stare caused my nipples to harden, something very obvious in the top I was wearing. I blushed but continued to play the sexy seductress.
    "I'll have a double-wait, triple shot. Two of those for my friend, over there..." I pointed to Kara, who was not only grinding with the man I'd left her with but he had now gotten ahold of her breasts and seemed to be sucking on her nipples. I gave a double glance at the sight of it, but a bolt of electricty shot through my pussy. It was intense and it took me by surprise.
    The bartender poured out my shots but grabbed my wrists as I turned to pick them up.

    "They're on me. If you'll let me get on you later." He said this with such intensity, while looking into my eyes that I couldn't look away. I smiled but my eyes said it all. I'd have him later. He knew and I knew it. Nothing else had to be said.
    On my back, John stepped in front of me. I stopped walking, annoyed and waited.
    "What? No hello?" He asked, seeming irritated. He looked at my outfit and the irritation in his face was unmistakable.
    "Look, I'm trying to have a good time tonight with Kara. So I'm going to bring these shots to her and were going to dance, ok?" I pushed past him and headed towards Kara.

    The music had changed to an electronic/pop hit. I handed Kara her shot. She looked at me from over the guys shoulder and smiled as she downed her shot. I did the same. Within minutes I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. I was never a drinker and hadn't been out in such a long time. I knew I'd probably had too much already but didn't want to stop. Tonight I was going to do what I wanted and I was not going to stop, no matter what.
    As I danced, I moved my hips, opened my legs, felt my body...I danced like I was fucking and I got turned on just as fast. The feeling of my hands running over my breasts had me in ecstasy. My eyes were closed as I continued to dance, shaking my hair from side to side. I could feel someone come in close in front of me. It took me by the waist and moved their body with mine. As I put my hands around their body I knew it was Kara. Her hips were thick but her tummy small. Her ass was plump but her thighs perfect. I thought about her body as I danced with her. She slowly came closer and closer until her thigh and knee were coming in between my legs.

    I continued to dance never once opening my eyes.
    I felt hard, manly hands around my neck and I turned my head back towards them smiling... it was John, I knew. I smiled because I'd always fantasized a threesome with he, Kara and I. I smiled because I knew tonight I'd get one.
    The manly hands continued to caress my neck as Kara's knee and thigh got closer to my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet. I was in pure bliss. Suddenly I was grinding on her knee. I was moaning. My hands were squeezing her waist as I dug her knee around my pussy, touching my clitoris as it went.
    The hands behind me suddenly pulled up my mini skirt and I felt fingers nearing my pussy, then suddenly felt my fishnets being torn. I continued to dance.
    The fingers slid into my pussy without friction. I almost felt embarassed at the juice trickling down my thighs but I continued to dance.
    Kara slowly traced my breasts with her mouth then managed to pop one out with her lips. She began to suckle on my nipple softly, I began to moan.
    "Kara...mmm..Kara.." I wasn't audible over the music but I didn't care, I would scream her name if the words wanted to leave my mouth. The mans hands traveled towards my clit, caressing it softly then going back into my pussy. With each in and out motion more of my juice came pouring out. I was always a squirter, but I never knew how far I could be pushed. I had the feeling I was about to find out.
    While the hands fingered my pussy I felt myself begin to climax. I could feel Karas tongue flicker up and down my nipples, the hands pumping more and more juice out of me..

    "" I repeated.. "OH.FUCK. KARA."
    I continued to get pleasured, but more fiercely. The hands were pumping at a faster pace and Kara was now biting my nipples. I felt a sudden urge inside of me, I felt it push out, deeper out until, I felt my thighs become drenched. I felt a release and as I felt it I opened my eyes and locked stares with John, who was across the club, looking intensely at me in disbelief. I continued to orgasm though I couldn't understand why. The juice continued to pour out of me as I continued to moan and whimper. Suddenly it was over and I looked down at Kara who had the sexiest smile plastered on her face. I blushed, wanting so bad to feel her...all over. I then remembered John from across the club and looked over but he was gone.
    "I'm going to get more drinks" Kara whispered in my ear, I could somehow hear her over the music and just nodded. I was in shock. Had this really just happened? I was not this kind of girl. Kara was the slut, not me..what was I doing?

    After downing two more sets of shots I was starting to think maybe I was a slut. I didn't care. I wanted to come. I wanted to squirt. I wanted anything and everything in me. I didn't care. I stumbled around the dance floor with Kara in hand. We danced on each other but not as close as before. The man who was behind me, who was dacing with Kara previously was gone. I didn't waste time looking for him. When I turned back towards Kara I spotted John walking towards us.
    "I rented out a room. Apparently they have back rooms available like hotel rooms here..the bartender keeps the keys. You look sloppy and drunk. I don't want either of you driving. Or coming home."
    He threw the keys at my chest and I felt them fall on the floor. A very drunk Kara bend over to pick them up but fell. Her legs were wide and her head hung over her shoulder. We laughed hysterically as I bent over to pick her and the keys up. I looked at John, while laughing and caught him looking at me from behind. I worried about him spotting my torn fishnets but didn't care. In seconds, he was gone. I decided to order a bottle and proceed to our room before things got too out of hand, so I stumbled to the bar. When I'd gotten there I smiled and tried my best to keep my composure but I knew I was wasted.
    "Heyyyyy!" I yelled, getting his attention. He turned to me and laughed.
    "What ya need, beautiful?" I didn't blush this time, just stared, all confidence.

    "I needaa boddle, of your bezzt vodka!." I replied, laughing afterwards. I know I was sounding horrible. The bartender laughed but pulled out a large bottle of vodka. "I'm guessing it's your guy who asked for the room? He tipped me to make sure you and your...friend, both went up there. I'm supposed to check on you later."
    I rolled my eyes but almost stumbled and grabbed the bottle from him.
    "I dun need no baby zitter!" I yelled at him. Before turning to walk away, he asked
    "Well what do you need, sexy?" I looked at him and replied, "I needa get fucked." I let out a loud laugh and stumbled back to Kara who was now dancing with the guy from earlier.
    "Comonn' Kara babe, we shud go to our room" I managed to say. The guy who was dancing with us laughed, he was obviously sober, but he picked Kara up, put her arm over his shoulder and helped me take her to our room. I gave him the keys and he opened the door.

    "Put 'er over uhm there." I pointed to the bed and the guy laid her down. Kara's legs were wide open, pussy showing breasts hanging over her dress. We laughed but I went to close the door.
    "Should I leave?" The man asked. I shrugged because I felt too drunk to respond then I kicked the door closed and laid next to Kara. She started laughing suddenly then I did too. I felt her arms around me and that part of me began to awaken. The part that just wanted to feel pleasured. I wanted her. I didn't think I wanted to share her either.
    "Can you go now? Dont meanabe rude" I tried to explain to the guy who'd helped us in. He was now sitting on the corner of the bed, lust in his eyes.
    "No." He replied. I looked back at him in disbelief but he stood up and stepped at the foot of the bed. "You're going to return the favor, you know, the one from earlier?"

    I laughed, thinking this was a joke but he looked serious and Kara was still laughing but I wasn't scared. I was way too wasted.
    "Touch her." he commanded. "Whaa?" I slurred.
    "Touch her pussy." So I did. I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, next to him and drew my fingers on Karas pussy.
    "Oh, Trace...right there" I heard Kara mumble. I felt that electric shot run through me again and I continued to work my way into her pussy with two fingers. She moaned louder and wriggled her waist, I continued to finger fuck her then play with her clit. She moaned even louder. I drew my hand out of her pussy. Juice soaked my hand but I loved it.
    "Lick it" the guy said, I'd forgotten he was there but I did what I was told. I liked each finger one by one, savoring her pussy juice. I then felt myself let out a moan. The man crouched down behind me and undid my corset. My breasts immediately tumbled from the tight top and I felt the most amazing sensation in my nipples. He then liftted up my mini-skirt.
    "Lick her pussy..suck it.." I bend over and did what I was told. I flicked my tongue across Karas clit slowly at first, then with each wave of her hips I increased in force. Soon she was shaking and tumbling all over the bed. I tried to keep my mouth on her pussy but she was moving too much. I felt my own pussy begin to drip again but didn't want to stop tasting Kara. I grabbed my hands out and held her waist then with the same intensity I drew my tongue into her pussy hole and wiggled my tongue back and forth...I felt a wave of juice come from inside of her and onto my mouth. It continued to flow as she whimpered. Her hands reached my head as she moaned and what sounded like crying. I licked the juice off my lips.

    "Hey, you lick her." the guy said, pulling Kara down onto the floor where I was positioned on my knees. He was in the same position but his hard dick had been taken out. I opened my mouth at the site of it. It was thick. Not all that much bigger from John's but it was three times as thick, at least.
    Suddenly his big dick was in my mouth. He'd shoved it in and I felt myself start to gag. After a few more pumps the gagging ceased and I started to suck and lick that dick like I hadn't had one in years!
    I licked the head of his thick coke then moved my lips down to his shaft. I continued in an up/down motion, wanting to milk him. I wanted his cum.
    I could feel Karas tongue on my pussy and I could feel my juice dripping on her mouth. I couldn't help it, but I didn't want to. The though of my juice covering her face had me going. I sucked and sucked with force and continued to be pleasured all the while. Suddenly I felt a bolt from deep in me. I could feel it surging out, so I sucked harder. With the dick in my mouth I moaned.
    "Immgunna cummmm!" I yelled in mumbles. The guy moaned load and forcefully pushed his dick deep into my throat while Kara stuck her tongue deep into my pussy. I yelled out in ecstasy and a surge went through my pussy. I could see the juice shooting out on Karas face and I could feel the guys cum in my throat. Warm, sticky, gooey cum. I swallowed it deep and continued to squirt during my orgasm. I looked down at Kara and saw her coughing. She was choking in my juice.
    "Swallow her cum!" The guy yelled at Kara. Kara smiled and licked up my juice. Her hair was soaked and so was the carpet from the floor. Then I heard a slam.

    "What is going on here?!" Joe asked from the door way. He had thrown the door open and scared the guy kneeled in front of me.
    "I-I..We met at the club and-" The guy mumbled, now seemingly less attractive.
    "Get out." Joe told him. The guy simply pulled his pants up and jogged out of the room and down the hall.
    "What the fuck are you guys doing?" he asked us. Kara laughed, lying on her back on the floor next to me.
    "Fuckin'" she replied. I laughed then too and so did he. He came over and sat on the foot of the bed.
    "John wanted me to check up on you guys." he said. Kara suddenly got up and began caressing his dick.
    "Oh, no. Stop that." He said, ressisting. He stood up but she pulled him back down. His dick was dying to come out in his jeans. It looked bigger than the guy who was previously here. My mouth drooled. Kara positioned herself in front of him and unzipped his pants. He tried to wave her off but I could tell in his face that he wanted this. His eyes closed as he sat back down. Kara whipped his big cock out and shoved it in her mouth. He started moaning almost instantly. The sight of them had me going. I wanted to join in.
    The door then opened again. It was the bartender. Joe and him both looked shock but neither I nor Kara looked surprised.

    "I-I was supposed to check up on these two. I see you've got that covered." He said, breaking the silence. He turned to leave.
    I stood up quickly. "Well there's two of us. Only one of us is covered." I smiled at him, seductively. He turned around, closing the door behind him.
    In a matter of seconds I was naked, so was Kara. My big breasts hung down and my tight pussy was so swollen with desire. I couldn't wait to get dick in me.
    The bartender unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. I could not believe the size of his dick. I had heard that black men had big dicks but this cock was a monster. I figured I could try sucking it but no way was that getting in me.

    Joe began to mound Kara. She stretched her legs around his waist and took him in. Her moaning and screaming turned me out.
    The bartender led me to the other side of the bed and then laid himself down. I stood over him not knowing what to do. Eyes on his cock the whole time.
    "Fuck me, beautiful." He said, softly.
    "I can't. I really can't. It's too big." I whimpered. My pussy throbbed even faster.
    He grabbed my waist and positioned me on top of him. His big cock made my pussy squirt as he continued to grind it against my clit. The head of his enormous dick entered my pussy and I let out a moan. I felt my pussy stretch and felt pain but an intense pleasure at the same time. I looked over at Kara and she was riding Joe. Her face was in a state of pure pleasure. She was glistening with sweat. Her pink nipples puffed out and her waist rode that dick like a jockey. She was coming.
    Faster and faster she rode and deeper and deeper the bartenders dick went in me. Soon he was all in and I felt the biggest wave of pleasure I'd ever felt. I began to come too. I rode him hard, feeling pain but so much bliss. "OH FUCK!" I yelled.

    "Yeah! YOU LIKE IT!" He yelled at me and went in deeper. "SAY YOU LIKE IT!" He grunted. "IM COMING FUUCKK. FUCK MEEEEEE..." He pulled his dick out quickly and my cum shot up in into the air and landed on my breasts. The juice trickled down as I shivered in ecstasy. "You ain't done" he stated and lifted me up by the waist and forced me to ride again.
    Kara was sucking Joe's dick again but his eyes were all on me. He eyed my plump ass and licked his lips. The bartender nodded. Joe stood up and I was removed from the position I was in, whimpering because I wanted it back in me. The bartender grabbed kara and positioned her on top of him, in a sitting position. She began to ride with force, like she was already coming. I would have thought it impossible but I'd just had that cock. It wasn't impossible.
    "OH!" I yelled, suddenly feeling a sharp pain in my ass. Joe had entered me from behind. "What? Oh.." I tried ressisting. This was my first time doing anal. He pulled my hair, whispering "Shh..Shhh." I continued to move, finding pleasure in the cock that had entered my ass, soon I was shivering in pleasure. I was gonna squirt. I felt my asshole ripping but I didn't care. He fucked me deeper and I heard him moan.."OOooH..ahOOH.!OH!" A warm liquid filled my asshole and my juices squirted all over Kara. I couldn't help it. "AHH! FUCKKKKKKKK" I yelled as I kept squirting.

    I heard Kara moan too and realized she was coming as well. The bartenders face was distorted in a look of pleasure. He was coming too. He pulled out of her and his cum squirted my face. I licked it off, suprised yet delighted. The bartender scooted towards me and shoved his big, black cock in my pussy. I yelled out in pleasure "OHH YES! Fuck me with you BIG cock! FUCK THIS PUSSY!"
    "Yeah?! Yeah?!? He asked. I continued moaning.
    "YES!" I felt Karas mouth and tongue on my nipples. I was gonna blow, when I felt Joe in my asshole again. Yeah, I was gonna blow.
    "IM GONNA COME EVERYWHERE!" I yelled in disbelief. I wanted it to stop. It was too much.
    "Yeah, cum baby..cummm" I heard Kara whisper. That did it.
    "OH.OHH its coming ITS COMING!" I could feel the rush in me and felt it was still too much.
    I heard grunts from both men and an increase of speed on both ends. I couldn't believe I had both holes plugged up by two of the biggest cocks I'd ever had.
    "Pleeeeaseeeee..aahhhsssstopp!" I pleaded.."I cannnntt.OOOH MYYYYFUUCKK"
    Faster and faster.."oh..OHH" faster and faster...One load shot..straight into my pussy. Feeling the warm cum triggered something in me. This was it.
    I shivered and shook, my body was exploding. My pussy trembled. The black cock pulled out of me and my juice squirted into Karas open mouth, I heard her gurgle moans and continued to come from the sight of it all. I felt another load in my asshole. I came again
    "MMMM PLEASEEE NO MORE" I pleaded, but was taken over.
    "OOHH! FUCKK!" My pussy squirted again, all over Kara. Her breasts laid soaked in my juice. The bed was drenched. Our bodies glistened. I passed out.

    Author: Erotica

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