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    Stacys mom

    (Current Rating 86/100, based on 1791 votes)

    When I saw the music video for the song, "Stacy's Mom," on TV with Rachel Hunter playing the role of a teenage girl's mother; the first thing that popped into my head wasn't the thought of possibly banging Rachel Hunter as much as what might my chances be with my girlfriend's mother. Vivian had a figure like Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame, I still remember how embarrassing it was when I saw Vivian in a swimsuit for the first time and got a huge erection. And like the girl in the music video who caught her boyfriend masturbating, my girlfriend Victoria thought she was the inspiration for my erection upon seeing her in a swimsuit. While Vivian might had an idea of what was happening, I think Vivian felt flattered instead of being upset by the circumstances.

    I just didn't know how to approach Vivian as when you're a teenager, you can't simply go up to your girlfriend's mother and say of wanting to have sex with her. A couple of months after the incident at the beach, I went over to Vivian's home and discovered that Victoria was out. Vivian said Victoria had gone out with a couple of girlfriends as the neighbor`s daughter just got her driver's license. Vivian said she didn't think Victoria would be gone for very long and invited me to stay. Vivian worked as a real estate agent and had just returned from showing a couple of properties to a client. While sipping on some juice on the living room sofa, Vivian said of not knowing how Victoria and her girlfriends could stand wearing their high heels boots all day. Vivian said of how her feet were killing her after wearing pumps for just an hour.

    I responded by telling Vivian that I thought she looked great in her pumps and commented that it probably helps when her clients are men. Vivian smiled, as she said my analysis was right and when you`re trying to convince someone into buying something costing a half-million dollars; you had to pull out every trick in the book. After Vivian kicked off her high heel pumps, I offered to give Vivian a foot massage and while she hesitated a bit; it didn`t stop Vivian from stretching out on the sofa a bit and resting her feet on my lap. When Vivian lifted her legs to my lap, I noticed that she was wearing thigh-high stockings with lace trim. And while I tried my best in massaging Vivian`s right foot, my brain was trying to think of what Vivian might look like underneath her business suit if she was wearing black thigh-high stockings with lace trim.

    Vivian wasn`t made of stone as she could feel my penis respond and after fifteen minutes for this foreplay, Vivian pulled her feet off my lap and said it was time to return my kindness. Vivian got up and took me upstairs to her bedroom, while she undressed before me; Vivian admitted that she noticed the size of my erection at the beach during the summer and did dream of what Victoria was getting. I admitted to Vivian that Victoria and I were just into oral sex, as the furthest we ever went was to sixty-nine. My comments brought a smile to Vivian`s face as she asked me if I was any good at eating pussy. I countered by saying how Vivian would need to ask Victoria, Vivian said first hand experience was always best as she pushed down the very sexy pair of black lace bikini panties with a satin crotch. Vivian then sat down on the side of her bed and showed me my first shaved pussy.

    And from my experience with Victoria, I knew from the way Vivian`s pussy looked; Vivian was sexually aroused and I didn`t need to do very much. My analysis was right, as Vivian responded immediately to the sensation of my tongue licking the swollen pink folds of her pussy. Vivian moaned and gasped like her daughter, but one difference was different was when Vivian screamed of having experienced an orgasm; Vivian sprayed my head and left it dripping with love honey. Thus, this caused me to wonder if Victoria had ever reached an orgasm when I performed oral sex on her; but I didn`t really care as I knew that Vivian had thoroughly enjoyed herself. I licked and finger-fucked Vivian to a second orgasm before she pushed my head away and said it was time for me to lose my cherry. I tore off my clothes if they were on fire and getting naked before positioning myself between Vivian`s still splayed legs.

    Vivian didn`t let me penetrate her pussy immediately, as she sat up and gripped my penis in her hands. Vivian rolled back the foreskin completely and gave my penis several licks of her tongue before she took me into her mouth and started to suck me off. I couldn`t believe it, as my fantasy was really happening and Victoria`s mother was giving me head. Vivian`s approach to giving head was totally different from that of Victoria`s as she used a lot of tongue; my legs nearly buckled at this point as I placed my hands on Vivian`s shoulders and then her head to steady myself. While I had my hands on Vivian, I decided to do something that I had never done with Victoria and began fucking Vivian`s head with my penis. Vivian didn`t mind to what I was doing and allowed me to treat her mouth like a pussy. I fucked Vivian`s mouth like this for about 10 minutes before I pushed my entire erection into Vivian`s head and climaxed.

    Vivian sucked like a professional whore as she didn`t have any problems dealing with what I was doing and swallowed all I had to give. And after she was assured of taking all I had, Vivian continued to suck to maintain my erection. I slipped my erect penis from Vivian`s mouth and as she laid back down on the bed; I lifted Vivian`s legs a bit before penetrating her. I couldn`t believed how smooth Vivian`s pussy was and as I managed to get the entire length in her, I could feel that Vivian had a surprise for me as I felt her pussy grip down around my erection; it was incredible as I had never felt anything like that before. It was a fantastic first time and after I had experienced a second orgasm and laid atop of Vivian, we kissed and rested before taking a shower together. After toweling off, Vivian asked if I had enjoyed myself and if I was better than Victoria. I reminded Vivian that I had never had intercourse with Victoria, but said of wanting to learn more from her!
    ; Vivian said it wasn`t safe as she told me to get dressed. Vivian took me to a house she was showing to clients and we spent the next 5 hours making love.

    I never did have intercourse with Victoria, but it`s alright as I enjoy my time with her mother and the mothers of several other classmates. Thus, when one of my friends calls me a `motherfucker,` I simply smile and laugh of how accurate they are; especially in some cases I am fucking their mother.

    Author: d_king

    2006-04-01 17:44:44 Posted by
    good Anonymous

    2006-05-07 06:45:17 Posted by
    while reading this story i jerking off tutu

    2006-05-19 12:16:50 Posted by
    enjoyed you and your girl friends mothers as well but do not forgeet to fuck girls also! kantishree

    2006-05-26 22:56:19 Posted by
    This bit of fiction seems like it was written by a fifteen year old who has difficulty in distinguishing reality from fantasy. At the very least you should run your fiction through a grammer and spell checker first, before submitting it here... lapetitmort

    2006-06-11 14:45:57 Posted by
    fuck grammar just write it it was really good god

    2006-06-13 04:04:20 Posted by
    i took my sex toy and started to fuck my self while pretending i was in the story sara

    2006-09-12 11:35:47 Posted by
    holy-wow ...that was f'ing awesome! TommyBoy

    2006-09-19 18:24:54 Posted by
    real man! Down to the fucking mistakes we make when we are looking for our first fuck Gazzo

    2006-11-06 10:48:21 Posted by
    Sounds like my best friends mother. She got fucked by a guy named Benny and his Dad found out and divorced her. To this day she is single but I don't know if she is fucking anyone. Bob

    2006-11-25 12:23:54 Posted by

    2006-11-26 18:39:22 Posted by
    Met a lady like her after school, she was my moms fried back in college. She played with my cock for hours, then ate me. What agreat storie this is.
    I jerked while I read it.

    2006-12-12 18:30:15 Posted by
    i beat off twice to ur story good

    master baiter fishman

    2007-01-14 03:33:54 Posted by
    Dont say shit about any stories till u write 1 Eric

    2007-01-22 07:55:54 Posted by
    This would have been better if you had to seduce her more. Her just taking you upstairs is so far away from the truth. the true tale

    2007-04-09 11:37:13 Posted by
    well this story sounds true, the same thing happened to me but with my dads friend at my house and my dad wasn't there. I took him to my bedroom I don't I don't regret it and now when he looks at me neither does he. sxywldgirl

    2007-05-23 22:15:36 Posted by
    It was a relatively gud story bt as many othrs dat hv read it b4 me i tink there was sum measure of fiction amidst truth..7 othr mums fiction..Had sex wit gf mum cud b tru..Hw it happend cud b tru if she is realy fuckn slutty.Othrwise it was falsified. *TapShatta*

    2007-06-19 15:22:12 Posted by
    good job guy! hot story! momma 9704

    2007-07-13 20:48:28 Posted by
    come and fuck me!! I'll give Vivian a run for her money Sex deprived

    2007-08-14 10:36:09 Posted by
    linda carter lok alike body must be of best idea carnalityours_32

    2007-08-24 15:09:42 Posted by
    i think people who wrote the top rated stories are either one person... or they all have the same problem... they dont know how to use PRONOUNS! weiblich

    2007-09-11 08:47:12 Posted by
    fuck u Anonymous

    2007-10-15 18:22:20 Posted by
    Made me cum so bad! Thnx x No1

    2007-10-19 19:11:49 Posted by
    i think sex deprived need a goooood suck of her - well yes- pussy. james

    2007-10-28 17:26:40 Posted by
    nice story, catchy lines, juz try 2 keep d story a wee bit more realistic... (^,^") keep up d gud work lol... =] xxx-rater

    2007-11-01 04:52:09 Posted by
    I am married 30 year old sexy lady. I am busy fucking the brains out of a 17 year old boy who can fuck for hours. At least once a day I go home with my panties full of his cum...mmmmmm Michelle

    2007-11-02 04:29:36 Posted by
    love it

    2007-12-05 03:06:01 Posted by
    i read it with masturbating by one hand. I also have a good ses rod, do u pepole wanna fucked by me? Anonymous

    2007-12-10 20:06:01 Posted by
    Nice Story. True to the song and better. Anonymous

    2007-12-17 12:17:31 Posted by
    shut up!!! what lier story!!! fucker

    2007-12-18 07:06:46 Posted by

    2007-12-18 08:52:20 Posted by
    ive done the same thing but with my dads friend...this story made me wet sylvie

    2007-12-23 04:31:25 Posted by
    my girlfriend caught me reading this and punished me ;] Anonymous

    2008-01-11 20:55:50 Posted by
    nice one anonymous

    2008-01-20 10:25:26 Posted by
    it was a good story. it just needed more girls. naruto

    2008-02-07 11:30:32 Posted by
    That was really awful...unrealistic and hard to get into the story because of how terrible the grammer was. Is that the best you have? Anonymous

    2008-02-12 06:29:34 Posted by
    I'm rock hard and gagging to have her Anon

    2008-02-15 07:00:16 Posted by
    next time fuck both mother n' daughter at same time, then call me to help u out Andre

    2008-02-19 10:28:29 Posted by
    Aching to give Vivian my cock and tongue Anon

    2008-02-24 01:41:00 Posted by
    it fucking sucked go die in an a ditch dajgmwt

    2008-02-26 14:11:23 Posted by
    Michelle you sound like the "mommy" I am fucking. Umm. She can't get enought and I "own" her and take her anytime I desire. There is something really hot about a woman taking the cherry of a boy. Her mature soft body and honest way of letting you know what she wants. Umm I also fucked Bobbie, the mother of the girl (Sherry) I was dating. She was sexy and ohhhh man. But have to be careful of family jealous trouble. What horny guy doesn't want a 3 way with mom and daughter? MaMa's Boy

    2008-03-04 21:41:41 Posted by
    I lilked it cool

    2008-03-08 01:10:58 Posted by

    2008-03-10 18:26:28 Posted by
    ohh wow
    fancyy a fuckk ?

    2008-03-12 07:06:19 Posted by
    Left my cock pulsating. I need a furious fuck Anon

    2008-03-12 20:48:42 Posted by
    my pussy is throbbing, need a hot hunky man to make me squirt now!!! wow i enjoyed that! thanksx candie

    2008-03-13 19:37:37 Posted by
    not bad...made me cum but wasnt very beleivable towards the end...but good story candie's Dad

    2008-03-16 21:15:26 Posted by
    What clever dick analyses a sex story?? Read it, enjoy it, move on! You wish!

    2008-04-09 20:54:27 Posted by
    holy shit i had sex w/ vivian too bob

    2008-04-10 11:44:47 Posted by
    Want to taste and savour Vivian's warm, wet nest. Muff diver

    2008-04-11 22:55:10 Posted by
    sorry but i wasnt impressed what was up with using question marks instead of ' next time use more discriptive adjatives and dont go on and on to get 1 poit across im rilly 15yr old

    2008-04-12 22:16:46 Posted by
    very hot and sexy story!!! 14 incher

    2008-04-14 05:32:12 Posted by
    my cock is rock hard and twitching. Want to slay Vivian's pussy and eat her out. Hot tongue

    2008-04-15 17:34:54 Posted by
    what rubbish........ reckless

    2008-04-16 14:35:36 Posted by
    those of you criticizing grammar, punctuations, don't get any sex, do you? If you are a better writer, write! And others who make critical comments, how about learning to correctly write in English first? The Punjabi/English mix is killing my ability to read your stupid comments! Anonymous

    2008-04-20 02:03:02 Posted by
    gd story but horrid grammar hard to get into altho the story wuz stil gd keep it up! Anonymous

    2008-04-28 10:49:08 Posted by
    want to bury my head between vivian's firm thighs
    lick her to multiple orgasms and lap up her beautiful warm juices.
    lapper lover

    2008-05-04 22:36:09 Posted by
    i need a hard fuck, someone bring me their cunt Anonymous

    2008-05-06 13:12:19 Posted by
    what up with the question marks? KENTVUNTER

    2008-05-29 03:14:02 Posted by
    shut up about the grammer. i got it just fine. if you didnt get it you need to go back to kindergarten dumb asses

    2008-06-08 14:06:52 Posted by
    The grammar was fine if u take time to bother bout it your sad. Just enjoy the story Anonymous

    2008-06-13 10:31:20 Posted by
    I just want to feast on her warm wet nest and then fuck her to kingdom come (excuse the pun!) Love to lay

    2008-06-22 01:37:24 Posted by
    "you should run your fiction through a grammer and spell checker first, before submitting it here"

    How about you check the spelling of the word "grammar" before submitting here. Thanks for playing.

    2008-07-10 07:03:56 Posted by
    You alL are idiots.dont you know his just tryin to tell us about his first all chill with the grammar shit and just think about the story. enlightened one

    2008-07-14 09:49:22 Posted by
    It's anoying how people say gud instead of good. How much more effort does it take to write it so we can actually READ it. However the story was good. Anonymous

    2008-07-16 06:25:39 Posted by
    i just blew in me fuckin pants what a hot slut of a mum Anonymous

    2008-07-19 02:35:30 Posted by
    the female pussy is the greatest gift from god ~^~ Bones

    2008-07-25 12:49:56 Posted by
    Vivian is my wife, you fucking punk. If I catch you you will eat my cock, motherfucker VantheMan

    2008-07-28 04:24:51 Posted by
    im wet! Anonymous

    2008-08-06 00:46:24 Posted by
    this was a good story, i have sleped with more weomen than he has pusslover

    2008-08-21 06:16:26 Posted by
    cool....: ) bizzle

    2008-08-21 17:25:02 Posted by
    i had an exprience like urs.
    but my gf was with us(me and her mom) 2.

    2008-08-29 17:03:01 Posted by
    NOT (TOO) "BAD" of a story----once I got "past" (thru?) ALL of the "?"! I "NEVER" had a gf with an attractive mother; to EVEN "fantasize" about THAT way! Pussylover!

    2008-09-13 00:36:39 Posted by
    I need pussy big rick

    2008-09-21 04:02:37 Posted by
    Vivian has nice feet FMR

    2008-10-30 01:05:36 Posted by
    Mean. Im hard n.z 8 inch. around

    2008-11-01 12:52:12 Posted by
    So SO...well like other mother fuck story... Hey Baby!

    2008-11-20 16:25:56 Posted by
    nice nrg

    2008-12-02 17:59:55 Posted by
    Atleast you are talking about older woman oh i wish too and its very interestin wen u say she was pentiless or i took off her panty Robert mugabe

    2008-12-08 10:33:16 Posted by
    good story but coulda been better MarkB123

    2008-12-20 15:19:50 Posted by
    Hot and nice Anonymous

    2009-01-09 03:19:59 Posted by
    ahhhhhhhhhh im cumming i need boobs Anonymous

    2009-02-24 16:40:06 Posted by
    wow jerked off hard ot this story Anonymous

    2009-03-01 06:42:27 Posted by
    What's with all the semi-colons (;) in the wrong places? I agree about the pronouns (he, she, they). Although, as a fantasy bases sexy story - well done! Great idea. Anonymous

    2009-03-03 11:43:32 Posted by
    Extremely badly written. Anonymous

    2009-03-07 07:46:14 Posted by
    i already had such an incident in real life bro..... gf's moms are fuckin cherry randeep

    2009-03-09 16:00:57 Posted by
    well its not an englsh lecture to criticise d grammar OK...... Anonymous

    2009-03-10 15:54:28 Posted by
    ok.. but u badly written :| Anonymous

    2009-04-16 12:39:35 Posted by
    my dream Anonymous

    2009-04-26 11:49:37 Posted by
    WOW that was so sexy I can feel me juicing up already!?!? sexyfied

    2009-04-28 21:23:58 Posted by
    Call me if u want a nice dick or txt me a pic 19012899877 Anonymous

    2009-06-03 10:30:05 Posted by
    Me and my gf dine something the same as this. We had a three way with her mom and she really knew how to turn us both on. And the story was excellent. P.S. Don't worry about the grammer and spelling d**kheads, it doesn't matter just enjoy the story 3-way master

    2009-06-08 09:38:45 Posted by
    u suk anoyumousben

    2009-06-13 12:15:43 Posted by
    yum... im a swallower

    2009-08-06 13:14:47 Posted by
    very good read allen

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