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    Step Mom

    (Current Rating 82/100, based on 164 votes)

    As Jerry was getting ready to start his senior year of high school, he had to deal with the divorce of his Father and Mother at a most difficult time in his life. It didn't help that his Father married a woman only four or five years older than Jerry a couple of weeks after the divorce was final. Jerry took it hard, and took most of his frustration out on his new step mom Nicole. Nicole was beautiful.... 5' 7" with sexy hazel eyes, along with long silky brown hair. She had that girl next door face, yet sultry at the same time.

    As much as Jerry wanted to hate her, he spent more than one night stroking his teenage cock thinking about her hot body. Jerry went off to college where he was able to sort out his issues, and realize that his father was the problem and not Nicole. He tried a couple of times calling Nicole to set things right, but he would only get tongue tied, and end up hanging up. He eventually put things down on paper and sent her a letter explaining his feelings of anger and frustration toward her, and expressing his regret that he had made their first few months together so hard.

    After graduation, Jerry went home to hopefully set things straight in person with Nicole once and for all. He stood in the doorway of the house wondering if he should knock or just go inside. Finding no one home, Jerry went to the guest house to get settled. After a shower Jerry decided to lie down on the bed and mull over in his mind what he was going to say to Nicole.

      Nicole arrived home to find a note from Jerry saying he was in the guest house and was anxious to see her. Nicole's eyes lit up as she rushed into the bathroom and showered quickly. She put on a light summer dress and hurried over to the guest house to see how much Jerry had changed in four years, if at all. She knocked on the door and waited for a response. Not getting one, Nicole decided to try the door. It was unlocked, so she opened the door and stepped inside. She made her way to toward the bedroom trying to be quiet in case Jerry was resting from his long trip.

    Nicole thought she head something coming from the bedroom, and decided to check in on Jerry just to get a look at him, without disturbing him. She opened the door and peeked inside. Jerry was lying on his side, a towel draped over him. As her eyes scanned his body Jerry turned over, the towel sliding off. Now on his back Jerry's semi erect cock was in full view. Nicole couldn't take her eyes off Jerry's had been so long since she had been with a man. Jerry's father has nothing to do with her sexually....he has his whores for that.

    As Nicole looked at Jerry's cock she could feel her nipples beginning to tingle, and her pussy becoming moist. Nicole tried to banish those thoughts from her mind, but she couldn't. Jerry stirred and moved his hand down towards his cock. His fingers passed through his pubic hair and wrapped around his cock squeezing it. Nicole watched as Jerry began to pleasure himself. Without even thinking her hand drifted over to her breasts where she began teasing her nipples with her fingers. Jerry in the meantime had begun to stroke his cock faster as he laid there in a semi state of sleep.

    Totally taken in by the sight, Nicole lost her inhibitions and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her dress so she could slip her hand inside and stated rolling her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The more Jerry stroked his cock the hotter she became. As she stood off to the side peeking in through the opening of the door she slipped her hand under her dress and down the front of her sopping wet panties. Her pussy was soaked, her fingers easily sliding into her sex.

    Nicole thought of leaving, but she couldn't. She was nearing her own orgasm as she watched Jerry, his eyes now open as he jacked. As Nicole listened to his balls slapping against his legs, she wondered if Jerry was fantasizing about her. The thought of him fantasizing about her sent a powerful orgasm through her entire body. Just as she re-opened her eyes Jerry groaned loudly and a huge torrent of cum shot up into the air landing on his chest. Ohhh how she wanted to burst through that door and take him, but she couldn't....not yet. As he spurted his last few drops, Jerry closed his eyes giving Nicole time enough to slip out.

    She waited about thirty minutes before calling over to the guest house. When Jerry answered Nicole welcomed him home, and invited him over to the main house. Together again, Nicole and Jerry looked at one another for a moment and then hugged. Damn, Nicole smells good, he thought as she squeezed his strong young body. She still looks beautiful....hotter than ever. Nicole thanked Jerry for the wonderful letter he'd sent and how it helped her through the tough times. Nicole made them coffee and they sat and talked, getting everything out into the open.

    Jerry told her he was there for her anytime she needed him. A teary eyed Nicole thanked him and squeezed his hand. The sexual energy being generated between the two of them was intense, but neither one had the courage to acknowledge it...not yet...not right not yet. After dinner Nicole and Jerry watched a movie, and talked more all the while the sexual attraction was building between the two, but neither one wanting to make the first move. Finally Nicole, a little frustrated told Jerry that she was tired and was going up to bed. Jerry started to head back to the guest house when Nicole asked, "Weren't you going to stay in the main house with me while you father is gone? "I'd feel safer." "Sure," Jerry replied.

    Nicole led Jerry upstairs, and told him to use the room across from hers. Jerry went back to the guest house to get a few things and returned to the main house. He could hear Nicole using the shower as he entered his room. As he slipped into his shorts he heard the shower stop running. He began to wonder what Nicole looked like fresh from the shower. He could feel his cock starting to tingle, the fires of passion starting to build in his loins. His door was still open and he walked over to close it. He could see that Nicole's door was ajar as well. He pondered for a second if he should go take a peek.

    With his heart pounding in his chest, lust superseded his common sense and he quietly slipped out of his room and into the hallway. He peeked through the crack, and gasped when he saw Nicole sitting at her dresser running a comb through her long silky hair. She had on the flimsiest of nightgowns. Jerry could see her in the reflection of her dresser mirror. Her nipples looked hard as they pushed against the transparent fabric of her nightgown. Jerry was mesmerized by her beauty as he looked on. Suddenly Nicole dropped the hair brush and leaned over to pick it up. In doing so she saw Jerry looking through the crack in the door. She smiled at him.

    "Come on's OK." Trying to hide his raging hard on, Jerry walked into the room and over to where Nicole was sitting. Nicole smiled at him asking, "Would you mind brushing my hair?" "Jerry paused....he wanted to more than anything, but what if she noticed his hard on. "Come Jerry I won't bite....not hard anyway." Her little joke brought a smile to Jerry's face as he took her brush. Jerry started brushing her hair as he looked at her in the mirror. His eyes were transfixed on her breasts, her nipples looked so red. Nicole smiled at him telling him he was doing a wonderful job.

    "Do you like my breasts Jerry?" "Yes they're're beautiful." "Relax sweetie....relax." As Jerry kept brushing her hair Nicole raised her hand and started circling her nipples, teasing them with her fingernails. "Mmmmmm that feels so good when I do that. Does it turn you on?" Jerry swallowed hard and said, "How could it not." Nicole smiled and said, "I have a confession to make." "What's that?" "Well I went over to the guest house earlier today, and I knocked, but there was no answer so I went inside.

      "I found you on the bed with only a towel on, and you were napping." "As you slept you turned over and..well the towel fell off and I saw your cock.""You have a beautiful cock Jerry." "Then as I watched you I started playing with my nipples like this." Nicole slide the strap of her night gown from her her shoulder exposing her breasts. Then she began squeezing and rolling her nipples between her fingers as Jerry looked on.

    "Then, as if you knew what I was doing you took your cock in your hand and started jacking off." "You looked so hot I had to finger my pussy as I watched." "I watched as you woke up and kept stroking your cock till you shot your load." "I came too watching you jack off."
    By now Jerry's cock was aching." Nicole could see it in the mirror and raised her hand up, touching Jerry's cock. Jerry's cock jumped at her touch as she tilted her head back and started rubbing his cock along her cheek, kissing the purple head as Jerry closed his eyes and moaned his approval.

    Nicole turned around on her stool and began running his cock all over her face, peppering it with kisses as she massaged her cheeks with it. Then she ran his cock down her neck...down her chest and then started running it over her breasts and nipples. Jerry was beside himself with lust as he tried to hold off his orgasm. Jerry had tossed all his trepidations about making love to his stepmother aside and was now in total lust for Nicole. Jerry shuddered as she ran the head of his cock over her nipples, bringing herself to a nipple gasm using his cock.

    Nicole reached back and scooped up some lotion form a jar on her dresser. It feel cool as she spread it over Jerry's hard cock, down the shaft, finally over his balls. Nicole began running his well lubed cock over her nipples again...this time it felt even more intense. She began to stroke Jerry's cock, he could hear the crackling sounds the lotion made as she began stroking him even faster. "Cum for me sweetie....cum all over my tits." Then Nicole wedged his cock between her tits and pushed them together trapping his throbbing cock.

    As if by instinct Jerry knew to start thrusting his hips back and forth as he tit-fucked Nicole while she leaned back squeezing her tits together. "Mmmmmmm Jerry...your cock feels so good between my tits." "Come on Jerry, Mmmmmm yes, I love that big cock between my tits." Jerry was moaning out loud; he'd never felt anything like this before. It was wonderful...Nicole was wonderful. He could feel his orgasm building as the heat in his groin intensified. His balls tightened, and soon he could feel the pain trying not to cum...trying told hold it back.

    Suddenly his body jerked violently and Jerry covered Nicole's tits with a huge spurt of cum. She squealed with delight, as she raised up and stuck out her tongue still pumping his cock. Jerry watched at his cum shot out onto Nicole's tongue. She giggled as a dollop of his cum hit her on the nose and chin as his spurts of cum started to wane. She took her finger and wiped it from her nose and chin; then she massaged his cum into her tits cumming again as she did.

    "Have you ever tasted your own cum?" "Ahh no." Nicole stood up putting her arms around Jerry and said, "Come on it won't kill you."
    Not waiting for a answer she slipped her tongue between Jerry's lips and kissed him passionately. Nicole then pushed Jerry back onto the bed and removed her nightgown. "Have you ever tasted a woman before Jerry?" "Sure." "Mmmmm then show me how good your are," she told him as she moved her hand down to her perfectly trimmed pussy, spreading her creamy lips.

    Jerry took his time, kissing Nicole and working his way down to her tits where he could still taste the cum even after she had massaged it in. Jerry worked his way down her tummy to Nicole's full pouty lips. He teased her with his tongue making her moan, telling him how good he was making her feel. "Mmmmmm are good." "You're making me so wet baby....please suck my pussy...don't make me wait too long....please." Jerry ran his tongue over her lips tasting Nicole's sex for the first time. She tasted nice...not like some girls he'd been with before. He continued his teasing causing Nicole to raise her hips off the bed, squeezing her tits, tugging at her nipples.

    Finally she grew impatient and grabbed his head and moved him to the center of her pussy. "Eat me....make me cum!" Jerry parted Nicole's lips with his tongue as he licked and explored her folds, listening to her moan and purr as she undulated her hips against his face. Jerry found her entrance and started tongue-fucking her with his long tongue. Nicole bucked her hips and started cumming as she fucked his face.

    Nicole laid back on the bed her legs spread wide waiting as Jerry took his cock in hand and aimed it at her creamy pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as Jerry ran the head of his cock up and down her hot lips teasing her as he prepared to enter Nicole's tight pussy. Nicole was gyrating her hips begging Jerry to plunge his cock into her pussy and to stop teasing her. "You know you love it." Nicole smiled not saying a word. Finally he eased the head of his cock into her entrance and paused. He watched Nicole bite her lower lip as he jiggled the head around teasing her some more.

    Finally Jerry holding onto Nicole's thighs thrust his cock deep into her pussy. Nicole gasped and wrapped her athletic legs around his waist so he couldn't escape. Jerry began fucking Nicole, thrusting his hips, driving his cock as deep into her pussy as was possible. Nicole wadded the sheet up in her fists as she started cumming, her clit being slammed by Jerry cock. Nicole was experiencing wave after wave of powerful orgasm, as she nearly blacked out form her orgasms. Jerry could feel his balls tightening as he kept the torrid pace up, thrusting his hips and slamming his cock into Nicole's pussy. He began to feel that familiar burn as his pace quickened and he could feel the cum rushing up his shaft. With a loud groan Jerry started cumming for the second time that night filling Nicole with his hot cum.

    Afterward Jerry and Nicole spent everyday together fucking and sucking one another as his father traveled the world on business. Nicole wasn't ignored anymore, and she certainly didn't need her vibrator unless it was used in their sexual foreplay. Jerry after a few months had started his own successful business career and Nicole left his father and moved in with Jerry where she couldn't be more happy. Who knows, maybe she and Jerry will get married some day, but for now life is great and they're having more fun than they can imagine.

    Author: FantasyWeaver

    2008-02-01 13:57:02 Posted by
    hiiiiiiiiiiii sex usama

    2008-02-03 17:39:47 Posted by
    Best written stoy I've read on this site. A real turn on! jarvish

    2008-02-08 15:54:58 Posted by
    i was so hot reading this... u r a great fuckin writer write more so i can fuck myself fucker

    2008-02-08 23:46:01 Posted by
    crazy hot Anonymous

    2008-02-09 01:03:13 Posted by
    it was hot samaster

    2008-02-13 22:59:34 Posted by
    Really good! sexy

    2008-02-16 20:51:21 Posted by
    trash Anonymous

    2008-02-17 02:13:25 Posted by
    Oh it was hot trashman

    2008-02-18 04:23:05 Posted by
    the story's kinda long vodka boy

    2008-02-19 00:26:46 Posted by
    i hate titty jobs Anonymous

    2008-02-22 03:07:19 Posted by
    My name in your story made me cum even harder Nicole

    2008-02-22 18:42:03 Posted by
    nice mjt

    2008-02-24 18:50:12 Posted by
    It made me cum.Great story. Norseman

    2008-03-01 11:46:15 Posted by
    That was a great story...

    i came all over

    2008-03-02 00:38:27 Posted by
    I don't think i've ever rubbed myself that hard great job.! Hott

    2008-03-05 09:15:41 Posted by
    My cock is throbbing at the thought of having her. I'm in serious need of attention Anon.

    2008-03-09 01:28:06 Posted by
    It made me fucken horney Relo

    2008-03-11 00:41:06 Posted by
    I know a nicole with the same description know nicole

    2008-03-20 19:35:08 Posted by
    Good fuck Semen

    2008-05-01 10:12:55 Posted by
    very nice 69ers

    2008-06-20 12:50:53 Posted by
    That was fuckin awsome Nil

    2008-10-13 23:20:41 Posted by
    fuckn brilliant! Anonymous

    2009-02-19 19:49:49 Posted by
    FantasyWeaver make more story's it was realy good rex

    2009-04-29 16:00:47 Posted by
    fuck you bitch i have a 10inch dick

    2009-06-18 05:20:31 Posted by
    mmmmmmmmmmmm sex! jerry

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