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    Stephanies Dilemma

    (Current Rating 85/100, based on 131 votes)

    I was bored and lonely. All my friends were at work and nothing was on T.V. but a bunch of re-runs. Worst of all I was horny. Man I needed it, NOW! Justin wouldn't get off work until 9 and by that time my parents would be home. I couldn't take it though I figured I'd just have to please myself.

    I marched up stairs to look for my handy vibrator. I lied on the bed and stock my legs in the air and pulled off my shorts. I slipped my panties off and slipped my vibrator in to my tight little pussy. I turned it on and closed my thighs against the rumble of the vibrator. As time passed I slowly increased the power of the vibrations. It felt soo good! I closed my eyes and started to move it in and out of my juicy wonderland. I imaged that it wasn't a vibrator but Justin…That's when the vibrator started to lose power. Soon it was dead. Now I was horny as hell my thighs were on fire and my pussy was begging for more. I was too frustrated to continue. I wanted a real dick. A huge hard thick one!

    I sent Justin a text telling him how bad I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. He sent one back asking me if I wanted to be pleased right now. I texted him back telling him I had to have it now. He told me to come over to his place. I was confused because he was supposed to be at work. I figured what the hell, I was finally going to have a solid pipe to please myself with.

    As I knocked on his door I started to look around and noticed I didn't see his car. I didn't see his parent's car either. The door opened and there stood Justin's younger brother Alex.

    "Is Justin here?" I asked. I was kind of hoping me and Justin could be alone, but it didn't matter I was still horny as hell and I had to satisfy this urge.

    "He's at work still" Alex replied with this goofy little smile on his face.

    "Oh, well he told me to come over. Is he on his way home or something?" I asked

    "No." He replied. I was confused and told Alex that I didn't understand. "He left his cell phone here. It was me who told you to come over." I almost had a heart attack. All of a sudden things were really awkward. I turned around and started walking to my car filled with rage, and embarrassment. Most of all I still was horny. I stopped and took another look at Alex. He was my boyfriends brother. I shouldn't. He was just a year younger and he was actually kind of cute.

    "Are you a virgin?" I asked because I don't think I could bring myself to robbing him of his virginity.

    "Only one way to find out" he said as he signaled for me to come into the house. I followed him. Something told me this wasn't a good idea. He was standing in front of the couch and gestured for me to sit in font of him. I did just that. He started to take his shirt off and I almost came right away. His body was delicious. His stomach looked like somebody had carved him. It was unreal.

    "mmmm, boy, you are fine!" I blurted involuntarily. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. His lips were so tender. His tongue was smooth and moved around like an eel in my mouth. It was like heaven. He was better than Justin I was stunned. I began to quiver with anticipation. I ran my hands over all his stone hard muscles. He looked so different with his shirt off.

    "Take off your shorts" he whispered in my ear. I felt like I had no control of my body and did what he told me. I started to take off my heels but he told me to leave them on. I smiled and did as he said. He grabbed the sides of my panties and literally ripped them off. I don't know why but it turned me on. I felt myself heating up. I parted my legs and bit my bottom lips as I looked him in his sexy green eyes. He was gorgeous. I was shocked that I never notice him before. He lowered his head and started to lick the insides of my thighs. I couldn't stay still he was driving me crazy. He started to lick the rims of my pussy lips. "mmm, yes" I moaned it felt so good. The texture of his tongue on me was hard to withstand. I shook as my climax burst through my body.

    "Fuck oh God, don't stop" I screamed He was good at this. He inserted his fingers into my pussy moving them in a come hither motion as he started to twirl his tongue around my clit. "Oh, yeah oooh" I groaned. I couldn't take it I came again. This time I could feel my steaming liquids descending down the crease of my ass. He wasn't done. He started sucking on my clit. At first he was a little too intense and I wrapped my thighs around his neck and allowed my legs to dangle down his back. "Holy shit, Oh fuck," It was maddening. He was too good at this. I glanced at the clock on the wall and notice that almost 20 whole minutes had passed. It all felt like 20 seconds to me.

    We whiched positions. "I want to see all of you" he said to me as I he began pulling up my shirt. I took off my bra and he start to pinch my nipples. It was like he had studied my body and knew exactly how to touch me to make me go crazy. "Suck me" he said. He pulled off his pants then lied on his back on the floor. Even his dick was beautiful. It was about 6 inches. Not as big as his brother but it would do. I leaned over with my ass sticking in the air and ate his cock. I began to bob my head up down from the dome to the shaft of his dick. "Oh yeah you fucking slut suck me faster" His words encouraged me. I started sliding my tongue and lips up and down his cock faster and faster. He was brick hard now. I could feel the blood shooting through the veins of his dick. "Oh shit" he said He placed his hands on my chest and my forehead as if he was trying to stop me but I loved his dick in my mouth and wasn't going to stop.

    "Justin!" Alex said. I froze with Alex's dick still in my mouth.

    "What the fuck." Justin screamed. I looked up at the clock and noticed it was only 6 he was 3 hours early. I was scared I felt sharp pain in my chest. I didn't know what to do. I heard something hit the floor and I took Alex's dick out of my mouth and turned around just in time to see Justin shove himself deep inside me. Justin's dick was so much bigger than Alex's. I was small and it filled me up. It wasn't even all the way in. He start forcing it deeper stretching me even more. It hurt but it felt so good… I cried out but before I knew what was going on. Alex grabbed my head and shoved my mouth back on his cock. Justin grabbed my waist and started pumping me from behind. At the same time Alex was pushing my head up and down his dick. All I knew was it felt good.

    "I'm bout to rip you in half you fucking tramp" Justin yelled at me. I could feel how angry he was. He began to increase the speed of his trust. His force kept rocking me forward so I began to time it with the motion of my head to suck Alex. Alex started using his thighs to ram his dick in my mouth like a jackhammer. I felt like a real slut, but I loved it. Justin started to tighten his grip around my waist and he started to destroy my insides. His hands slid back to the crease between my thighs and waist and I could feel myself coming violently. My breasts were bouncing like basketballs. I couldn't stop because they weren't stopping. I began to have multiple orgasms. I was shooing rapidly like fireworks. My pussy was soaked now. Justin's thrust began to drill in deeper. He was now getting all 9 inches of himself inside of me.

    "Fuck, owww" I screamed. As tears started to fill my eyes.

    "Shut up bitch and take it!" Justin screamed back. "Yeah you fucking cunt, you like my dick raping your fucking pussy" Alex once again had my face buried on his dick. I moaned to the clapping of Justin's nuts crashing against my thighs. My pussy was like a river. The flow of juices unleashed from my orgasms had by body in a seizure. Justin yanked my hair and started pulling as he started to deliver the hardest pounding I've ever felt in my life. I thought my breasts were going to sling shot from my chest. Alex started screaming and gushed his cum all down my throat as I tried my best to hang on as I was getting rocked from behind. Then Justin started to blow. I felt his scorching sperm moving like fire through my pussy and down the sides of my thighs.

    Justin turned me around and told his brother to disappear. Justin put his dick in my mouth and I sucked him clean. He lowered himself to my level I kissed me vigorously. I sucked on his bottom lip then continued kissing him like I'd never be able to kiss him again, because at the moment I thought I wouldn't. I stopped and with a serious look on my face I asked him if he still loved me. He glanced down at my breast and began to suck on my nipple. I took that as a yes.

    It was my turn. I pushed Justin on his back and climbed on top of his mountain and started to bounce my ass up and down as hard as I could. The claps of my ass against his skin sounded as if there was a crowd applaunding behind me.

    "Fuck!" He screamed. "Holy shit how can you move that fast?" I just kept moving my pussy up down on his dick slamming into his nuts. He placed his hands on my ass and tried to keep up. He started thrusting upward.

    "Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me." I screamed. Like clockwork I was coming again as my love honey surrounded his dick. This triggered another super soaking blast from his cock. He grabbed me and held me as close as possible as he splashed away inside me. I was tired I just lied there with my breast stuck to his hard brawny chest. It seemed perfect but of course that's when his dad walked in.

    Author: Crazy88

    2008-06-12 10:13:09 Posted by
    good story,what happened with the dad?? jj

    2008-06-12 14:06:10 Posted by
    It's a fiction but interesting. Anonymous

    2008-06-12 19:24:57 Posted by
    Best shit i read on dis website yet Anonymous

    2008-06-13 10:40:27 Posted by
    Oh shit! Tat waz hot! What happens wen his dad c's thm? ...:SWeeTS:...

    2008-06-13 23:11:09 Posted by

    2008-06-15 16:29:39 Posted by
    it made me cum to Anonymous

    2008-06-15 19:43:00 Posted by
    fuck this was good! what happens next? fuck me now

    2008-06-19 05:14:03 Posted by
    cheese Anonymous

    2008-06-20 00:01:20 Posted by
    My God! That was well done! It had me almost thinking I was there watching Stephanie getting fucked. I love the ending too. Would like to see a sequal. JJstud

    2008-06-22 14:45:21 Posted by
    I love it. Almost kind of sick but it was hott. Cheating whore lol
    but justin is hott.
    So well written
    awesome work

    2008-06-24 14:05:21 Posted by
    holy shit that was great i had my whole fist in my pussy! if only i knew those two! drenched down here!!!

    2008-06-25 01:42:24 Posted by

    2008-06-29 23:26:38 Posted by
    aww i loved it
    i cummed too

    2008-06-30 09:18:47 Posted by
    FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! Anonymous

    2008-06-30 09:19:48 Posted by
    FUCK YEAH!!! sexybitch

    2008-06-30 13:56:20 Posted by
    FUCK YES!!!!!! hardcorehoti

    2008-07-01 18:32:35 Posted by
    jesus chist ! i liked it before her bf walked in but it was so funny in the end. im totally soaked! super soaker

    2008-07-01 21:16:21 Posted by
    Good story with a trist. The father coming in maybe a bit over the top but...lets see where you take it! Rusty

    2008-07-07 17:18:43 Posted by
    My pearl tung is throbbing! Great story! Ms.wetwet

    2008-07-10 16:27:56 Posted by
    I'm fucking drentched. God I'm so Horney that really turned me on . Horney fucker

    2008-07-13 02:24:32 Posted by
    holy shit that was so good im so horny now wat happens nxt?

    2008-07-16 01:09:59 Posted by
    excellent! A sequel? Hotstuff

    2008-07-16 02:33:57 Posted by
    very cheese number 1 NAZI

    2008-07-16 02:55:20 Posted by
    crazy!!!!! grrrr

    2008-07-20 18:09:27 Posted by
    Fuck my pussy is drenched! Horny reader

    2008-09-19 23:36:47 Posted by
    that got me so wet, i started fingering myself! great story! bbyEROTIK

    2008-09-28 19:15:39 Posted by
    i need 2 buried my hard ever cock in someone hole rt now!! need a pussy

    2008-10-22 16:24:31 Posted by
    hot to scorching! need a cock

    2009-01-18 00:44:01 Posted by


    2009-01-24 09:34:54 Posted by
    damn that was fucking hot! got my pussy drenched I needa be pounded hard by a rock hard dick!! mmmm soakinwetPUSSY

    2009-01-29 18:41:23 Posted by
    that was hot, love the twist when he justin walked in and slammed her too. The dad should not be and son action is not hot:P Vanessa

    2009-01-29 18:43:23 Posted by
    that was hot, love the twist when justin walked in bu the dad think is not hot;P Picky

    2009-03-16 23:39:04 Posted by
    o my i need someone over here to relieve the pressure Anonymous

    2009-07-18 13:35:32 Posted by
    that was stupid and not hot at all. SupremeQueen

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