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    (Current Rating 57/100, based on 3 votes)

    Hannah and I both loved fancy dress parties but we had not been invited to one for over a year.
    A few mates at work were going to arrange a leaving party for Bob but it only seemed that blokes were invited.
    When I got the invite I forgot to mention to Hannah that it was likely to only be blokes. I thought she would like all the attention anyway.
    The fancy dress theme was superheroes so as a surprise I ordered over the internet a cat woman outfit for Hannah. I knew she would love it because when we talked about fancy dress in bed she always said she would like to wear a cat woman costume and she relished wearing the tail and ears and especially the long black tight fitting g costume.

    A week before the party I found out Hannah had cheated on me. I was devastated. I just did not know what to do or say.
    I did not reveal to Hannah that I knew and I just wanted to get back at her but did not know how.
    Hannah said she was looking forward to the party and was well pleased when the cat woman costume had arrived. I must admit she looked really sexy. When she tried it on the evening before the party I had decided what my revenge was going to be.

    I told a couple of blokes at work that she had cheated on me and they could not believe it after 15 years of marriage.
    We devised a cunning plan.
    On the night of the party most of the blokes had turned up at the old hall. The hall was decorated well and the lighting was subdued. There was a lot of loud music.
    When Hannah and I turned up Hank was on the door taking the tickets and Bart was handing out a drink on entry. Bart handed a blue beaker to me and a pick beaker to Hannah.

    A couple of blokes brushed by us and complemented Hannah on her costume. It was real sexy. Hannah loved the tail and ears. I guess the guys were not complementing on those. The front of the costume had a zip and plenty of cleavage was showing and her ass looked in great shape. The back of the costume was in a ‘V’ shape revealing a naked back. She did look great but I still hated her for two timing me.
    A guy was carrying around a tray of drinks and Hannah was prompted to finish her’s and pick up another pink beaker.
    Hannah said she loved the taste and wondered what it was. She said she felt great. I thought she would feel even better once she had had a couple more drinks.

    Another guy was handing out tickets. Hannah asked what they were for and he explained there was going to be a superhero fight and it was a pull them out of the hat to decide who was selected to fight.
    Hannah downed her drink and took a refill from a passing tray.
    There was plenty of mist being squirted into the room to make it look like fog or smoke and there were a lot of people dancing to the music.
    Hannah told me she thought it was going to be a great party. I agreed.
    Hannah, now on her forth drink started to sway a little. Not too much but I knew the special cocktail for the girl was kicking in. I emphasised girl because I do not think Hannah had realised yet that she was the only woman in the place.
    Hannah danced with a couple of guys dressed as the Joker. It was a bit weird seeing them each side of Hannah with their heads swaying from side to side with their very wide grins.

    It was the time of the draw and the winning numbers were called out. The first one was Wonder Woman 1245 and Wonder Woman went into the home made ring to wait for her opponent. I say her but in fact it was Harry Tailor dressed up as Wonder Woman. He was actually a part-time wrestler as well as a welder.
    Cat Woman 4592 was called out and I looked at Hannah. She had not realised it was her number. I prompted her to check and she looked at the ticket and screamed. I pushed her and she ran towards the ring.
    The referee said there would be three rounds and no rules. The winner was the first one to lay the other.

    Hannah was not sure what he meant by lay out the other and assumed it meant get the other one on the deck.
    Everyone encircled the ring cheering the opponents.
    Hannah could only see Wonder Woman’s behind from the other corner as Harry had not turned round to face Hannah yet.
    The lights dimmed. Hannah was given a shot of alcohol that she downed in one.
    The bell went. Smoke was squirted into the ring and immediately Harry ran across and picked Hannah up, put her on his shoulders and span around. He then slid her across the floor.

    Hannah got straight up thinking that Wonder Woman was a hell of a strong bitch.
    Hannah ran at her opponent and grabbed Wonder Woman’s tights. They were only held on by Velcro and soon came off revealing Harry’s naked legs and cock. The spectators roared with laughter.
    Hannah realised at that moment that Wonder Woman was indeed a bloke.
    Harry soon got Hannah in a hold that she struggled to get out of. Harry was strong and agile enough that he held Hannah with one hand and waved to the crowd.

    A horn sounded and Hannah went back to her corner. She was given a double shot of alcohol that she gladly accepted. She unzipped her costume a little as she was extremely hot and was then pushed back into the ring.
    Harry put one arm round her neck and moved Hannah towards the crowd. On e guy stretched over and pulled Hannah’s zip down a little further. Harry slid Hannah along a little further along the side of the ring and another guy reached out and pulled Hannah’s zip down a bit more.
    Harry throw Hannah across the floor and as he landed one of her breasts popped out. She was unconcerned as she could see Harry sliding across the floor towards her.

    Before Hannah had time to pick herself up Harry had lifted her above his head and slammed her on the floor. Her costume tore a little on the shoulder and after a couple more slams the left shoulder of the costume was no more. Hannah stood up with some blood dripping from somewhere, both breasts hanging out and her shoulder and back naked.
    The horn went and she hobbled back to the corner. She was give a triple shot of alcohol and a wet towel was rubbed over her face and breasts. A couple of guys took the opportunity to have a grope of her tits. Hannah seemed unbothered by this and just wanted the fight to end. She got pushed back out for the final round.

    Harry rushed across and got Hannah on the floor and sat on her. He held both her arms with one of his and had free reign to do what he wanted with the other.
    Harry ripped off the other shoulder of her costume. She was now completely naked from the waste up. Harry took the opportunity to massage her breasts and the crowd roared.
    Harry turned Hannah over and sat on her back. He pulled off her boots and through them to the crowd. They cheered. Harry then bit into one of the legs of her costume and ripped it apart. He then repeated this with the other leg. He turned her over again and was going to stuff his cock in her mouth but she decided to bite. Not sure where but Harry howled and rolled over.
    Hannah stood to her feet. There she was breasts out, back naked and her leggings torn to bits. She only had her thighs and crotch left covered.
    Hannah called across to the corned and said she had won because he was lay’d out. The referee shouted that the winner was the first one to lay the other. Hannah shouted she had lay’d him out.

    The referee emphasised the word ‘lay’ when Harry jumped to his feet and charged at Hannah. He picked Hannah up span her round before throwing her to the floor. He ripped at her remaining costume and throw the remnants that were covering her thighs to the crowd. They could all see she just had black panties on now.
    The crowd chanted the word lay, lay, lay and Harry punched Hannah in the face and she fell down like a rag doll.
    Hannah was dazed and the referee asked her if she was lay’d. She said yes. He handed her the microphone and whispered in her ear that she had to say ‘yes lay me stop please’ He repeated it to her and she noded.
    He turned up the volume and she shouted ‘yes lay me stop please’ but as she said the word stop the referee switch a the microphone off and on so the crowd only heard Hannah say ‘yes lay me please’.

    The referee recorded her answer and played it back a couple of times.
    Harry tore at Hannah’s panties with his teeth and smacked her one more time across the face for biting him.
    Hannah was completely naked and layed out on the floor with her legs open.
    Harry fucked her and got off her leaving her spread-eagled on the floor.
    The referee played the recording again ‘lay me please’ ‘lay me please’
    A couple of guys jumped into the ring. One led on the floor while the other picked Hannah up gently lowered her onto his cock while the other went rear entry.

    As they fucked, all the other guys were being sorted in raffle ticket number order, One by one the entered the ring and fucked Hannah. She had guys going in every orifice.
    I kindly gave her a sip of alcohol and whispered in her ear that she better not cheat me again, bitch.
    Somehow this revitalised her and she said she it would take more than a few fagots to sort her out.
    She did not realise that only eight guys had fucked her. She was having a breather and thought the ordeal had ended when in fact it had only just begun.
    As I fucked her I whispered in her ear and gave her some cream. I said she would need it for the other 42 guys that were lined up. She looked at me with contempt and spat. I slapped her and said to the guys she was all theirs.
    Hannah, jumped to her feet and teased the guys by wiggling her hips and shouted ‘so you want a bit of pussy do you?’
    The crowd went mad.

    Hannah was touching herself and a guy jumped into the ring naked. By this time the guys lined up were all stripped off and wanking.
    Hannah went over to the guy and knelt down before him and sucked his cock until he exploded in her mouth. Just be he came she released her soft lips and the spunk dripped to the floor.
    She did this to another six or seven guys and then bent over the ropes dangling her breasts over letting the men lick and massage her breasts. The crowd went wild.
    Hannah took every guy in the room and said to me that the cream was helpful, thanks.

    Hannah jumped over the weeping cocks and said to me that she was going to her lover who was a real man and could satisfy her.
    She moved out that night and I never saw her again. Shame really because her cunt was the sweetest dripping cunt I have ever had. So the morale of this story is if you find out your wife has been cheating on you fuck her more and give her one for me.

    Author: Fiction

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