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    Surprise Holiday

    (Current Rating 58/100, based on 56 votes)

    It was the last but one day of our holiday. Katie and I had gone on holiday with our son and his friend.
    We all got on well with Glen and Nick a couple of fellow middle aged guys.
    We had arranged to meet at 8.30pm near Glen's apartment but when the arrangements were made shouting as we got off a coach from that day's sightseeing things got a bit confused.
    When Katie and I arrived at 8,30pm we were the first ones there. We waited and waited and not even our son turned up. Katie was getting irritated. If there is one thing that makes her mad it is people being late for an appointment.
    After half an hour Katie went off muttering something and left me standing there so I went off in the opposite direction.
    By chance I walked past an apartment and saw Glen and Nick and tapped on the window. They were surprised to see me and they did not recall any arrangements being made.
    The apartment we were in was Nick's and we popped next door into Glen's as we could see where Katie and I were originally stood.
    Katie just came back into view and did not look too pleased.
    I went back down to meet Katie and she was very mad and told me off saying 'how were we going to meet everyone when I had left the meeting spot'.
    I explained I had found Glen and Nick and they did not know anything about us meeting them tonight. Katie asked where they were and I told her Glen's apartment was number 10 and she stormed off telling me to wait for our son.
    I waited like a prune.
    Katie mean while found Glen and Nick and they said she better have a drink as they could see how wound up she was.
    It was the first time Glen had looked at Katie with desire and Nick must have had the same thought as they both went into the kitchen to get her a drink and decided to make up a special cocktail.
    The cocktail was loaded with a hell of a lot of hard stuff and as she was rabbit'ed on they kept topping up her drink.
    Eventually Katie was more relaxed and jolly and sat back in the chair. Her skirt slid up and she could see Glen and Nick looking at her. As soon as she spotted them looking at her knickers they looked away and she felt like teasing them a bit more. Katie said she was hot and undid a couple of buttons of her tee-shirt. This revealed a very handsome cleavage. Glen and Nick did not know where to look.
    Glen topped up Katie's drink and Nick offered her some crisps so he could have a closer look at her breasts when he stood in front of her.
    Katie kicked off her shoes and said her feet ached. Nick offered to rub them so Katie led on the settee and Nick massaged Katie's feet. She led back and said it was very good.
    Meanwhile I decided to walk back to my son's apartment and he had no intention of meeting us either. I could not bother to walk all the way back to Glen's apartment block and decided to send Katie a text message to say I was going back to our apartment.
    Nick offered Katie a leg and back massage and Katie thought it would be a laugh and knew it would tease the guys so she turned over on the settee and told Nick to go ahead.
    Glen sat in the chair opposite getting an erection just watching her.
    Nick rubbed Katie's legs starting on the calves and working up to the thighs. Katie made appreciative noises and slightly parted her legs.
    Nick dared to unbutton her skirt so he could get at her back and Katie made no resistance.
    Nick pulled the skirt down over her legs and through it at Glen.
    Nick rubbed Katie's lower back and slowly manipulated his fingers up her spine making her shudder. Katie said she felt like sleeping and Nick whispered that she could.
    Nick undid Katie's bra and slowly pulled it from under her tee-shirt and through it at Glen.
    Nick massaged one of Katie's arms and then the other and Katie's eyes were still closed.
    Nick whispered to her to roll over so he could massage her arms on the other side. Without hesitation Katie rolled over and as she did Nick slowly pulled off her tee-shirt so that the only clothes she had on now were her knickers.
    As Nick pulled her arms Glen went into the kitchen and came back with a pair of scissors. Nick looked puzzled and Glen simple cut each side of Katie's knickers and pulled them off.
    Glen sat back in his chair sniffing the delightful aroma.
    Nick now concentrated on Katie's breasts. He only had to touch them and her nipples were erect.
    Glen could wait no more. He unzipped his trousers and walked over to the settee.
    Glen slid his hand down between Katie's thighs and Katie parted her legs and let him feel her moist cunt. He rubbed a little longer and could feel her juicing up. Glen eased himself into her and pushed slowly watching her face. Her eyes were still closed.
    Glen came and eased his throbbing cock out and Nick eased his in.
    After Nick had come he pulled his cock out and they both stood staring at this voluptuous woman in front of them who was so easy for the taking.
    Glen decided he wanted more and the sight of Katie's body continued to arouse him.
    Katie turned over on her side and pulled her legs up as if she was in bed.
    Glen knelt down and thrust his cock towards her fanny. Katie wriggled and rather the cock being lined up with her cunt her arse was staring him in the face so he decided to push his cock into her arse.
    Nick could not wait for the fanny to be available so he decided to push his cock in Katie's mouth grabbing her fat tits as he slowly penetrated her throat.
    Katie opened her eyes when her mobile went, pretending she did not know what had just happened. She sat up and put her top and skirt on and read the text message from me. Katie asked if one of the guys would safely escort her back to her apartment and both offered.
    As Katie walked to her apartment with Glen and Nick on each side they went through a dark alley and she said she was scared so Glen put his hand round her waist. He then turned her to him and kissed her. As they kissed Glen lifted her off the ground and knew she was'nt wearing any knickers so slid her onto his cock that he had already released from his pants.
    As Glen fucked her from the front Nick fucked her arse from behind.
    They escorted her to her apartment and Katie went straight to bed thinking this was going to be one holiday she would not forget.
    The next day was the last day of their holiday and the guys wanted more.
    Glen told Katie they had some watches in a store he had spotted but could not describe where it was but offered to show Katie. I stayed with the boys and Nick.
    Glen took Katie by the hand and led her out of sight from the others and slipped into a building that he had spotted that looked isolated.
    It was dark and he rammed Katie up against the wall and fingered her. She put her head back and felt juicy he knew he was onto a winner.
    Glen fucked Katie and just as they were about to leave a light went on and a guy  locked the door and asked them what they were doing. Another guy grabbed Glen and took him off into another room.
    The big guy left in the room with Katie picked up his mobile and spoke to someone.
    The big guy told Katie to spin round. She did. He complimented her on her figure for her age and said his friend was a photographer and was on his way round.
    There was aknock at the door and the big guy opened the door. The photographer came in with his camera and told the big guy that Katie was just right.
    They took a few snaps and asked her to change into a nightdress and explained they sold nightdresses and she was an excellent model.
    Katie changed and they filmed her, unknown to her with another camera.
    They took a few snaps and then the big guy held her tight and asked her what her pussy was like. She could not resist as he pushed his cock into her and she asked him what he thought. He said it was good. So good he recommended it to his friend. Another two guys entered the room and each fucked Katie while the photographer videod them.
    Katie was rather enjoying her 10 minutes of fame and when Glen walked back in he was told to fuck her. Without hesitation they fucked and the camera rolled.
    When they got back out into the street Katie and Glen made their way back to me, Nick and the boys. Strangly enough they did not have any watches with them.
    When the holiday was over Glen went on the internet and looked up the website the big guy and told him about and he text Katie.
    They planned to meet up on the next holiday for another adventure.
    Jez's tales

    Author: Fiction

    2009-03-27 06:28:47 Posted by
    wow.... it was so fucking gud... abhi

    2009-07-04 13:42:53 Posted by
    i want to do something like this
    it sounds so good :P

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