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    (Current Rating 78/100, based on 20 votes)

    As she stood in the shower with the hot water cascading over her nakedness, she could not help but to think of the last time they were together. Reliving the memory in her head, she slowly moved her hand down her stomach and stop as she reached her sensitive bud. Longing to once again to feel the sensations he caused, she began worked her finger in a feathery light circular motion against her clit. She thought of his tongue as it flicked over her receptive stiff nipples as they beg to be sucked. She began to increase the speed of her fingers and inserted one as she replayed not one but two of his fingers gliding in and out of her womanly mound.. He was driving her mad. She braced herself against the shower wall for the orgasm fixing to erupt as she vigorously rubbed, and probed, thinking of
    nothing but his fingers and his tongue working their magic.

    It did not take her long to make herself come. Oh yes, she needed to be with him again. She needed him badly just as she was sure he needed her. Tonight was surely to be explosive. She finishes washing, gets out of the shower, and dries off. She needed to lie down or a brief while. She did not bother with dressing. She climbed into her bed, pull the covers over her damp, naked body, closes her eyes and replays the images of her kneeling before him, dick in hand, stroking him as she takes him in her mouth.

    The alarm goes off at 5:30. She awoke immediately as it started beeping. She felt relaxed and refreshed now, but laid there quietly for a few more minutes thinking about what was going to happen tonight. People would start arriving soon. She pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed. She dressed in a black, slinky, calf length dress that had spaghetti straps that criss-crossed in the back. The front had a built in bra-self that had a plunge effect to enhance her small but firm breast. She was sure he would approve. Should she wear panties for she was guessing they would be removed soon anyhow? However, it might make the quest for what is inside a little more exciting.

    As guest were greeting guest, he stepped through the door. Damn he was handsome. He was dress in a dark suit, white shirt and a stylish tie that he keeps tugging. Soon, she thought, he would not have to worry about it any longer. Their eyes locked on one other. She gave him a little devious smile and he returned one the same. Only the two of them understood the meaning of them.

    The night seemed to drag on. She could hardly listen to the conversations that was being said and would occasionally reply with a nod of her head or a yes or no answer to give an impression she was paying attention.

    Finally there was an opportunity for them to slip away unnoticed. She looked and sought him out. Gave him a small nod to indicate it was a go. She turned and went up stairs and waited for him to follow. He picked up his glass and excused himself for a moment to refill his glass. He rounded the corner and headed up stairs to where she waits. Reaching for her, he pulls her into his arms as he opens a door to one of the bedrooms. He nuzzles against her neck. Her heart is hammering nervously as the door closes behind them. The tip of her tongue touches her lips briefly and she put her palms flat against his chest. Then his mouth sought hers and took it with fierce kiss that left her weak-kneed.

    She wanted him, needed him to sink deep with her, making her come repeatedly until she could not anymore. Yeah she was defiantly in the mood. He turns her around to where her back is facing him. He places a finger on each strap of her dress, lowering it to her waist. His big hands cup her breast. She could hardly draw a breath as his thumbs reached up to seductively rub her nipple as she feels herself getting wet. She leaned back against him and moaned deeply. Oh, this was going to be good.

    He bent down to kiss the side of her neck and his hands released her breast so he might slip the dress passed her hips and onto the floor. He wrapped one arm around her waist as the other moved down her stomach to her mound where he was excited to find no other barrier that needed to be removed and slid his finger along her slit. Her silky sweetness was as nothing ever experienced before. It poured from her like rain from a thundery sky and damn near could puddle in the palm of his hand. She moaned even louder has he rubbed her swollen bud. She placed her hand on top of his started to grind against his motion. She replaced his fingers with one of hers and he moved down even further and slid it deep within her. She began to rub her bud and match the speed as he moved his finger in and out. Her breathing became uneven and he could feel her tensing up. He cupped her left breast and started working her nipple again as he increased his speed on his probing finger. She matches his
    speed, grinds, and works her hips against his hand even harder. Just as she thinks she can stand no more, he inserts another finger bringing her over the edge and to a volatile but sweet release.

    She steps out of her dress and kicks it aside. She manages to turn herself about in his embrace. As She loosening up his tie, she guides him backwards toward the king size bed. As they reach the bed she has removed his tie and jacket and working on the button to his shirt. She runs her hand up his chest, over his shoulders and pushes his shirts off. She places light kisses along his chest as she tries to unfasten his belt. Seeing she is struggling a bit he undoes it with a flick of his wrist. She unbuttons his trousers and lowers them and his underwear together. As he steps out of them, she takes his cock in her hand, stroking him ever so gently. He sucks in a ragged breath as she kneels before him. A small bead of moisture forms on the tip of his head. She lightly places the tip of her tongue at the base and slowly works her way up his shaft reaching the top to lick the bead off. A groan came from deep within his throat. This was about his undoing. She lowers her warm mouth
    onto him, working all the way down. He places his hands on her head to help steady him. She sucks gently as she works her mouth up and down him. She strokes him lightly adding only slight pressure to her hand as she sucks at the same time. She can feel him growing even harder inside her mouth indicating he is getting close.

    He pulls her away stopping her from what she was doing. He stands her up and then lowers her onto the bed. He spreads her legs apart with his and lowers himself down onto her. She can feel the tip of his cock beginning to penetrate her causing her to whimper with anticipation. With one thrust, he enters her burring himself all the way inside her. He begins to move slowly at first, making majestic strokes that press deeper and deeper. Gradually his quickens the pace. He can feeling her start to throb knowing her release is close. Soon he is moving in and out at a harder, faster rate. Her climax began to roll over her with such force and intensity that she practically faints. He had her arching toward him in such a way that the blood flowing to her head made her dizzy but oh, God it was wonderful.

    AS she has her climax, he feels his surfacing. He pulls out, kneels above her, start jerking vigorously on this manhood, moans out loudly in ecstasy, and shoots his wad all over her breast. She starts to rub it in. As she is doing so, he lowers himself and places his tongue on her bud. He starts to lick and suck her swollen membrane. He works his tongue in and out as if he was making love to it. He inserts a finger and works it with his tongue bringer her closer to another sweet release. She moves against his face, grinds her hips matching his fingers thrust for thrust. She arches back as she feels the heat move throughout her body. He can taste her climax as it squirts out and runs down his chin.

    He wipes his mouth off and raises back up to meet her. He lowers his head and gently kisses her lips. She can smell her scent upon him. He looks her in the eyes smiles a devilish grin. Already looking forward to the next time.

    Author: theia

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