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    Teachers pet

    (Current Rating 85/100, based on 1018 votes)

    I'm not a stud or homecoming king, but despite this, I was the student that my English teacher approached for sex. When Hannah Wyatt approached me, I naturally assumed that she wanted to discuss my last assignment. Thus, the first thing out of my mouth was to apologize to Hannah Wyatt for not trying harder. Hannah Wyatt surprised me, as she locked the door to the classroom before coming back to my seat and said there was part of me that was sufficiently hard. What Hannah Wyatt did next nearly gave me a heart attack as she reached between my legs and gave my groin a gentle squeeze.

    Hannah Wyatt said she noticed my approval of her for weeks and thought it was time to let me know how much she appreciated it. Hannah Wyatt's disclosure was sort of funny, as in actuality; the thing that got my cock throbbing in the classroom was Dawn-Marie Rogers who sat in front of me in the classroom. But being a horny toad, I wasn't about to let the chance of having sex with a beautiful grown woman like Hannah Wyatt slip away. Hannah Wyatt took me into the book closet where she had done some preparation as there were a couple of sleeping bags on the floor. Hannah Wyatt dropped to her knees before me as she began undoing my belt and jeans. When my jeans slipped down my legs, Hannah Wyatt took a moment to nuzzle the crotch of my briefs and rub against my erect penis.

    And while I wasn't hung like a horse, Hannah Wyatt stroked my penis before commenting of how my 7-incher was more than enough; but added that since I was still a growing boy, I would probably still continue to grow a bit more as she rolled back my foreskin and began licking the bulbous head of my penis. The sensations that I was feeling were incredible as I placed my hands on Hannah Wyatt's head to keep from falling. I could sense Hannah Wyatt's confidence as she heard my moan, as this was just the beginning as she placed her hands on my hips before taking my penis into her mouth. I was still a virgin and never experienced anything like what was happening to me, as within minutes; I climaxed and spewed out jets of cum into Hannah Wyatt's waiting mouth which greedily swallowed everything I had.

    Hannah Wyatt continued to suck on my penis until she was assured of taking all I had to give. I was in a daze, as Hannah Wyatt gave me a chance to collect myself as she undressed before stretching out on the floor. Hannah Wyatt referred to me as, “lover,” and said while giving my cock a chance to rest; it was time for me to return the favor. I didn't know of what to do, but didn't need to as Hannah Wyatt was more than willing to teach me everything I needed to know as she gave me instructions of where and how to lick her hairy blonde pussy. It didn't take me very long to get used to what was expected of me and I brought Hannah Wyatt to orgasm just as easily as she had done to me. One thing that I discovered was how a woman could have multiple orgasms without being reduced to mush, as Hannah Wyatt moaned that she was having an orgasm every couple of minutes.

    When I finally stopped, Hannah Wyatt kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth; thus, Hannah Wyatt was able to kiss the traces of her own love honey that she had ejaculated while experiencing an orgasm. Hannah Wyatt even joked that I was a much better pupil at eating pussy than her class, or of how she thought I was even better than her husband. Hannah Wyatt then gave my cock a couple of strokes before slipping a condom over my erection as she got on all fours and invited me to fuck her doggie style. I brought the head of my penis to the swollen pink opening to Hannah Wyatt's pussy and push forward; it was then that I discovered that the chatter about condoms were accurate as it did deaden some of the sensations and allowed me to fuck Hannah Wyatt for a lot longer than her blowjob lasted. Hannah Wyatt gave me another lesson as she instructed me to rub at her clitoris while I fucked her; I didn't really understand the significance to Hannah Wyatt's request until she !
    experienced an orgasm.

    The old adage of time flying when you're having a good time applied as before I knew it, the lunch period was nearly over as Hannah Wyatt and I needed to get clean up. Hannah Wyatt gave me a kiss before commenting on what good student I had been and hope it continues for the rest of the semester. I kissed Hannah Wyatt and wondered if my other teachers were as observant and willing.

    2006-04-01 17:46:48 Posted by
    Good but use paragraphs

    2006-04-20 13:18:46 Posted by
    gooey fun jabazz

    2006-06-22 19:19:10 Posted by
    pronouns Anonymous

    2006-06-26 23:51:26 Posted by
    have u ever heard of anything called pronouns?? qwerty

    2006-07-18 22:07:04 Posted by
    why say her last name all the time? Zoth

    2006-08-06 18:28:45 Posted by
    u smell Anonymous

    2006-09-14 13:30:42 Posted by
    give whoever wrote this a break. they're trying to right a story using what they think is good literary form, but the truth is they didnt even go to high school which is why they're stuck here writing erotic stories for free. I graduated high school

    2006-10-08 06:43:13 Posted by
    fucking hell if you don't want to read it don't ..he;s trying so back the fuck up.. scorpion308

    2006-10-30 10:23:34 Posted by
    I agree, use paragraphs, and less of the people's name. I'm here to read about hot sex. That's it. But the story was pretty hot. Anonymous

    2006-12-06 07:45:31 Posted by
    cool story, the last name thing is a bit repetitive but u live with it.. nice job Eragon

    2006-12-12 14:04:44 Posted by
    it was a so-so story and you used her last name a bit too much Anonymous

    2006-12-12 14:05:35 Posted by
    cool story harry

    2006-12-20 21:34:57 Posted by
    The proper way when writing a story is to use the first name of the person or just the last name. Besides that I think it was ok. You could have gone a little more in detail. Florida girl

    2007-01-17 11:50:18 Posted by
    hot 13 and ready

    2007-02-24 06:22:32 Posted by
    it made me touch my clitoris/.. too hot for you

    2007-04-18 18:08:30 Posted by
    i dont like it when the tip of the cock is described as bulbous. wtf?! it sounds like some kinda zit. isnt here any other word that makes it sound more fuckable? i dont bend over for any 'bulbous.' asianchick

    2007-05-16 03:16:45 Posted by
    hai sexy i wanna fuck with u Anonymous

    2007-05-16 03:17:59 Posted by
    too ...........................................................................hotsexy sex

    2007-05-16 08:08:46 Posted by
    GET HELP MAN. i mean bulbous? notfuckablehun se xy kay cee

    2007-06-11 00:35:41 Posted by
    im so rubbing my clit here...can somebody like, fuck me? asianslut

    2007-06-12 15:41:36 Posted by Anonymous

    2007-06-19 15:11:55 Posted by
    good story, but you dont have to use her last name everytime shes mentioned! momma 9704

    2007-07-01 22:39:45 Posted by
    hannah wyatt could do some under my desk duty. Anonymous

    2007-07-07 05:54:23 Posted by
    Too much last name usage.... But got me hard so fair play! JB

    2007-07-08 00:15:18 Posted by
    Stop using her full name dude and use her and she more, or even just her first name! JB

    2007-07-09 17:31:50 Posted by
    I could help you our asianslut. I have a long hard cowboy cock that would fill that asian pussy really well. Slip your hot twat down on this thick cowboy cockand ride like there is no tomorrow. Or I could ride your asian pussy bareback with bucking strap. Anonymous

    2007-07-13 01:54:28 Posted by
    How titillating....very hottttt luvasianpussy

    2007-08-21 06:14:18 Posted by
    Yes, Hannah's last name should have been left out but for the introduction. The story did not escape reality possibilities except that confinement in a closet could have been elaborated upon more rather than just have the incident a quicky cum-fest...! Titanium

    2007-08-30 06:53:17 Posted by
    sexy but try a girl ur age next time slut gal

    2007-09-26 13:12:56 Posted by
    hey don't go too hard on de guy for using the full name of his teacher it's like who is your mummy dan

    2007-10-07 19:11:46 Posted by
    hi asianslut, i would really like to taste you, that wet hot pussy realy turns me on james

    2007-10-19 18:09:15 Posted by
    Hi asianslut and slut gal, I would love to taste both or either of you in real life. i mean down there-yes there where It matters. james

    2007-10-28 17:58:23 Posted by
    same comment... Try using pronouns lol... Ur story sounds like it wuz written by a 5 yr old... (^,^") n james... Get a life... They culd b guyz 4 all u know... (=,=") xxx-rater

    2007-11-06 17:51:42 Posted by
    god thats hot i just had to touch my self nice work xx first timer

    2007-12-03 15:09:04 Posted by
    mmm i got so wet reading that xxx amber

    2007-12-03 15:10:22 Posted by
    mmm i got so wet xxx amber w

    2007-12-04 16:54:21 Posted by
    i really dont know why this story is rated so high!!!!! it didnt do anything for me...... Juic-eeeee

    2007-12-05 14:27:48 Posted by
    good...but not so intresting. mk

    2007-12-05 20:28:05 Posted by
    that was nothing at all Jenson

    2007-12-17 09:49:08 Posted by
    Following that basic plotline, I could write a better short story in an hour. Also, the writing style is similar, if not the same to every other story posted in the ``Top Stories" section. If this story was marked by a public judicator, there is no doubt that many points would have been deducted for sentence structure and sentence fluency. Josephine Davis

    2007-12-23 06:54:29 Posted by
    Some of you people talk about his spelling and pronunciations, wow...You have some room to talk with the misspelled words and shit. He did a story and you couldn't even phatom the thought behind it..So maybe he used her name through the whole story, maybe he wanted you to know it was possibly real and it brings back memories to him. Anonymous

    2007-12-30 03:27:12 Posted by

    2008-01-01 01:21:43 Posted by
    less name usage but that was still hot it makes we want to fuck ;) yung-puss

    2008-01-03 19:51:34 Posted by
    Wow...someone missed out on 9th grade English. Hannah Wyatt Hannah Wyatt Hannah Wyatt? No. Jason

    2008-01-04 01:38:19 Posted by
    i want fuck u

    2008-01-19 04:35:48 Posted by
    If you read sevrule stories they sound very simaler. I think they are written by the same person. the author uses some uncommon words in all the stories, like bulbuos, and how they say the persons last name everytime the character is mentioned. Anonymous

    2008-01-20 18:11:40 Posted by
    lil bit borin tezza

    2008-01-30 07:39:29 Posted by
    ok all i have to say is its a great story and give the guy a break he tried ok this not about who can spell or sentence structure so get off his back. lil_miss_naughty

    2008-02-17 13:02:05 Posted by
    i am all stiffed... Hardend

    2008-02-18 20:11:55 Posted by
    why do you always use ".?" gay... just use one or the other or "!?" Anonymous

    2008-03-13 19:40:49 Posted by
    First, use more Pronouns. Second, my Cock's Tip Ain't Bulbous. Damn! And did it take you 10 mins to write that. It has the grammar and content of a 13 year old's mind. Sheesh. Then Again, this is a literature porn site. Soo.... Who cares. You Suck At Writing So Fuck You! Born To Fuck

    2008-03-19 19:35:21 Posted by
    Good work bit repetive with the surname but almost everyone said that , could of had more detail and better ending but over all a sex story is a sex story it was hot so i didnt care nice work bich !

    2008-03-25 18:12:54 Posted by
    used hana watte or what ever to much throbing pussy

    2008-04-13 16:54:02 Posted by
    found this quite boring to bo honest Anonymous

    2008-04-18 21:01:48 Posted by
    ok Anonymous

    2008-04-19 00:04:36 Posted by
    This smells like a puppy! GIR

    2008-04-24 13:04:55 Posted by
    Good story but listen to the aadvice about pronouns and paragraphs... and drop the last name it was... unnecasary Kurt Wagner

    2008-05-06 16:03:27 Posted by
    wow...every guy who reads this and complains about the grammar is a douche...u should be focusing on the fact that theres hot sex...not that he used the last name a lot...jeeeesssuuusss christ Buster Cherry

    2008-08-13 22:46:07 Posted by
    I understand the name thing well. Its showing his interest in her. However to do this u must add abit more story before the sex. maestro

    2008-08-20 02:54:09 Posted by
    because i ALWAYS refer to people using their full names.

    2008-10-15 22:45:28 Posted by
    that fucking made me hot dorkyhornygirl

    2008-10-22 17:26:59 Posted by
    wow my mom said i wasnt supposed to spunk all over her face but i just did! omg ima N3RD

    2008-11-01 10:32:04 Posted by
    thanks, i enjoyed it. pronouns could help josh

    2009-01-04 09:44:48 Posted by
    i tugged myself dry Anonymous

    2009-01-05 17:27:51 Posted by
    i know this is beside the point, but whoever reads the incest stories r just fucked up! RIGGED2BLOW

    2009-01-27 18:38:18 Posted by
    You're all pathetic, was a good story.
    Who honestly cares about the spelling and grammar?
    Seriously, read it and get your kicks... or don't bother. No one forced it on you!

    2009-02-16 00:13:46 Posted by
    yo anonymous im not sure if uz a man or woman but im fuckin turned da hell on n i just wana b wet if u aint intrested i bet deres otha men 2 fuck wet mama x x x

    2009-02-16 07:24:29 Posted by
    it was alright could of been better. Less name more gain :) umme

    2009-04-03 14:57:14 Posted by
    Hell ppl,u care abt grammar???then go read shakespear,y are u here at an sex story site???as if u ppl aren al horny bitches and bastards...caring 4 grammar eh?tht guy did write hot sex.and writing the full name is his style,so let it b. Anonymous

    2009-04-20 21:43:44 Posted by
    who is dawn marie rogers. is this at piper high? Anonymous

    2009-05-02 18:29:13 Posted by
    Hannah Wyatt Hannah wyatt Hannah wyatt use her name less its turning me off Anonymous

    2009-05-06 03:47:54 Posted by
    As much as the grammar bothers me, I realize the story is more about the hot action rather then spelling. That said, bulbous made me laugh, most definitely the wrong word for that. The story was weak, but never the less got me wet good try! So for all of you Grammar Nazis, go jerk off, it's what you're supposed to do anyway... slut_one

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