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    Teasing Toward Ecstasy

    (Current Rating 88/100, based on 234 votes)

    Derek and Janet had just come back from a party with their friends. Janet had spent the night being shy, sticking close to Derek—ever the reserved lady. She made polite, demure conversation in her little black, not-too-revealing dress, trying not to let her obvious youth of only twenty years, show too much. Derek’s friends were impressed. Overall, he was pleased with her performance, and as they left the party, he was thinking that he wanted to let her know that.

    They walked into the entrance of Derek’s townhouse, and he took Janet’s shoulders and turned her around, pressing her back up against the door. Derek leaned in close to her, letting his lips touch hers, but not satisfying her with a kiss, while he moved to turn the lock on the door.

    Janet rubbed up against Derek slightly, her lips ready for his, begging to be kissed deeply. Derek instead teased her, holding her back against the smooth wooden door. Janet could feel herself getting wet in her red silk panties almost instantly, as his lips lightly brushed against her red glossy lips.

    An errant hand ran down Janet’s body, lingering ever-so-briefly on her smooth thigh, just under the hem of her skirt, before pulling away. Janet pouted a little, wanting to feel Derek’s lips, his skin against hers. He smiled as his hand returned and wandered up her thigh. Her legs parted almost instinctively, letting him slip a few fingers in between her silk panties and her skin.

    The moment Derek’s fingers touched Janet’s shaved smooth pussy, her lips curled and let out an "ooooh", as she was becoming very aroused. Janet moved forward, pressing Derek’s fingers closer to her. "Ooooh..." Derek mimicked, "Baby's wet that for me?" with a playful edge in his voice. Janet nodded, unable to speak.

    Derek started to rub a single fingertip very slowly and softly along Janet’s pussy lips, as his other hand had moved down to her hip, holding her still against the door, stopping her from pressing forward into him. Seemingly without warning, Derek pulled his finger away saying softly, "I asked you a question that for me?," as he rested his finger, moist with her juices, on her parted lips. Janet nodded and Derek pressed his finger to her mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. It was almost too much for Janet to stand. The hint of his touch; the denied kisses; the scent of her own juices on her mouth. Janet’s legs felt weak against the door. She wanted Derek already….and badly.

    Derek let Janet go and she reached out for him. She could see and feel his cock against her leg through his pants, already hot, hard and throbbing with deep desire. Derek shook his head, "No, no, no....patience baby...patience." He gently took hold of her wrists and brought her into his place, and led her to his bed.

    "Strip for me baby..." Derek said with confidence as he sat down on the bed with Janet displayed in front of him. Slowly, she complied. The straps of her dress fell off her shoulders and the little black dress poured onto the floor in one fluid, seemingly liquid puddle. She stood before him in her red silk panties and nothing else. Derek took a moment to sit back and appraise Janet. She was nearly naked for his viewing pleasure and very aroused, waiting for his command.

    Derek could see the wet spot peeking through the crotch of Janet’s panties. He gave an approving murmur. "Mmmm... Baby" softly escaped his lips, as he looked her up and down, gesturing for her to step closer to him. Janet had goose bumps, being exposed to the cool air in the townhouse. Her nipples were erect and Derek brushed them lightly with the palms of his hands, running from heel to fingertip and back. Again, he teased her lips by pulling her in for a kiss, then giving her just a gentle nibble.

    Janet’s eyes closed and she moaned with frustrated desire. Derek smiled coyly as Janet leaned into him, trying to get him to kiss her; touch her harder; longer; to rub her near naked body.

    Derek then pulled Janet forward by the hips and put his mouth on the front of her panties, inhaling her scent and rubbing the smooth silk against her quivering pussy lips. Through the moist silk she could feel his hot breath. Janet squirmed, unable to stay still. Derek pulled back, again aborting Janet’s growing moans.

    "Take those off," Derek commanded, pointing to Janet’s panties. She complied without question, bending over completely and touching the ground in front of him as she removed the little piece of red silk. "Mmmm," Derek uttered as he looked over Janet’s bare and now swollen pussy lips, again approving, but now desiring more.

    Janet knelt down without prompting and started to unbutton Derek’s dress shirt. He shook his head saying "no," and she stopped. Janet’s hand then wandered to the crotch of Derek’s slacks. She I could feel his hardness and the beat of his blood pulsing through his erection. Derek wanted Janet as much as she wanted him.

    "No, we're not doing that tonight baby..." Derek said politely as he stopped Janet from unbuckling his belt as she was preparing to pull out his cock and take it in her mouth. Janet gave a little pout and a whimper. Derek laughed softly but compassionately as he ran a hand from Janet’s breast to her hip. Derek was pleased that Janet was so eager to have him in her mouth, but he had other plans for her.

    Derek commanded Janet to show him her pussy. Feeling only slightly foolish, but quickly losing all self-consciousness in the heightened state of arousal, Janet stood up straight, moved over to the bed and lay on her back, exposing herself to him. Derek made a "turn around" motion with his fingers, and like a good girl, Janet obeyed, flipping from her back to all fours. Derek took a moment to appraise her, pussy high up in the air, totally vulnerable, already glistening slightly with the product of her arousal. Janet was waiting for him, wanting; craving; needing his touch. The transformation had become complete. Janet had given herself to Derek in body, mind and spirit.

    Janet could feel cool air on her moist pussy, while waiting for his touch. The anticipation of not knowing what was to come, a tongue; lips; fingers or cock stirred Janet into a deep, mindless arousal. She felt his tongue make one long stroke over her pussy and then quickly flick her clit, and she was gone. Janet started bouncing around in time and memory, trying to grind into Derek whenever he touched her. She had become such a “bad girl.”

    Janet thought to herself, “You have turned me into a silly, simpering slut with but one thought on my mind: ‘Please, please, please fuck me!’ You work me into such a lathered frenzy of excitement that I'll do anything—say anything—for you. I'm your little panting slut, begging for release. Normally I'm such a shy, reserved girl, but I just can't help but be a wanton whore in your arms. I would feel ridiculous doing and saying what you're making me do and say, but I'm too turned on to care. I have no shame.”

    While Janet was still bent over on all fours, spreading for Derek while he licked her with flickering, quick strokes, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, pressing into his mouth. Derek’s tongue moved from her clit, up to her labia, and lingered on her pussy. Janet gasped, not expecting the quick flicker of his tongue as he spread her with his fingers.

    Janet squirmed up to her knees, and Derek grabbed her hips, holding her from behind. Still kneeing, Janet’s legs spread wide apart. One of Derek’s hands presses Janet’s belly, drawing her into him tightly, making her unable to squirm away—even in the height of pleasure. Derek then runs his fingers lightly along Janet’s pussy lips, now so very slick and wet with her arousal.

    Janet can't move, as Derek is holding her in position. Whispering in her ear, Derek says, "Tell me you like that," as his fingers sliding up and down over her clit, teasing her pussy mercilessly.

    "I love it," Janet pants breathlessly, willing him to do more.

    "Tell me you loved it when I licked you." Derek says softly. Janet complies quickly, wholly, saying everything he tells her to say. When he tells her to say that, “I loved it when you spread me open” she does so, without question. Derek strokes her into a frenzy of wet, hot anticipation. Janet moans to have him inside her, any part of him; a finger or his cock, so obviously erect at her excitement.

    "Do you want me?" Derek asks.

    Janet cannot help but want Derek more than anything now. She tells him as much, gasping and wiggling for release. Derek’s hand slides back down her pussy. Her love juices leave a slick trail on his fingers, and she can feel the very tip of his thumb pressing against the entrance to her vagina. She’s so ready for him. Janet wants him so badly she throbs and aches deep within her love tunnel.

    Without asking or waiting, Janet presses back onto Derek’s thumb, thrusting his thumb deep inside of her in one stroke. She could not take it anymore. Derek tolerates her impatience by sliding his thumb in deep thrusts into Janet’s hot wet pussy, in steady and slow motions. Derek’s fingers spread and fiddle with Janet’s pussy lips as his thumb works her over. She quivers with anticipated release. It only takes a few of his strokes and she’s at the edge of an orgasm, and Janet feels about to let go within seconds. She whimpers, begging for release, and utters soft moans of a helpless girl in Derek’s arms.

    Derek pulls her deeper into him and he thrust his thumb with more ferocity. Pounding away at her pussy, giving her exactly what she wants. Janet bounces along with him, urging his penetration deeper and harder.

    Her back arches, and Janet can feel her climax coming on.

    "That's right baby, that's right...come on baby... cum for me baby," Derek urges in a tender but commanding tone, as he coaxes the orgasm from Janet’s body. Just then, it ripples through her stomach and her pussy contracts on his thumb, still sliding back and forth—in and out. She holds her breath and gasps, shuddering into him. Derek holds Janet upright and steady with his arm just below her full breasts. His other hand is soaked with her juices.

    Abruptly, Derek slips his thumb out of Janet as she moans with pleasure, desire and frustration. “I want more,” Janet whimpers. She pouts, putting on her best, innocent but sultry, look. Derek knows this look, as he’s seen it before. Janet wants more.

    Derek is indulgent and aroused. Ready to give Janet much more. He moves his hand to Janet’s cheek and turns her to kiss him deeply, passionately. She returns the kind of wet; penetrating kiss one can only have after being thoroughly satisfied. As Derek gently pushes Janet down on her stomach, she lay in anticipation, quivering, not knowing where he’ll touch her next. He finishes undressing, thus displaying his now-very-hard cock.

    Janet is still giddy from her orgasmic pleasure, as Derek flips her over on her back. He raises her legs, pinning them almost to her chest. The motion is effortless and persistent. There is no need for delicacy as her joints and muscles are limber, sweaty, hot, relaxed and pliant from pleasure. Janet’s wet and still throbbing pussy is completely exposed to Derek. He gives an experimental rub with length of his cock, stimulating her and making her already-moist pussy even wetter. Janet lets out an involuntary whine and firmly states, “I want you inside of me.”

    "My poor want this?" Derek taunts Janet.

    Janet nods vigorously, pouting. With very little hesitation, Derek slips the head of his manhood into her pussy, teasing her once more. "God, you're tight," Derek remarks, a bit breathless himself.

    Then Janet lets out another whimper and a moan. "Tell me what you'd like," Derek commands.

    "I want your cock," Janet quickly replies. She’s at the mercy of his passion, wanting him with complete abandon.

    "You want my cock?" Derek teases as he inches into Janet’s pussy just a little deeper.

    "Yes! Please!" she gasps and pleads, getting frustrated at the pause.

    "Okay baby, you can have it." Derek responds as he inches his stiff pole inside her just a little more, then a little more. Janet is throbbing and swollen from her previous climax so Derek’s cock is a very tight fit. Slowly, ever slowly, he pushes his cock into her, filling her completely as he goes. Janet can't help but start to tremble with each little push forward. She already knows she’s going to come again, so very soon.

    Derek narrates as he slowly pushes forward, "That's right baby, take it. Take it all.....take it baby...that's right...take it." Every time he tells her to "take it", he pushes a little deeper. He smiles down at Janet as her red glossed lips open in arousal, and her breathing becomes short again. Every time Derek talks to her. Every time he says anything, commanding, encouraging, wonderful, Janet is taken to another level of arousal.

    Derek’s repeated command, "Take it" sends Janet over the edge at the very end of his deep thrust. He hasn’t pulled back once yet, and Janet’s pussy is contracting on his cock, climaxing, bathing it in her own fluids. Lubricating it and marinating it, preparing it for harder, faster thrusts. But Derek’s in no hurry. As Janet shudders and trembles in an ecstatic release, he brings her in close, deeply thrusting and moving only slightly to the rhythms of her panting. Derek leans forward and smiles at Janet in a mischievous grin. He strokes her hair very softly saying, "That's my baby...feel good? You want more?"

    "Oh, please..." escapes from Janet’s lips.

    "Oh please what?" Derek asked her, taunting her yet again. He wants her to say exactly what she wants.

    Janet thinks to herself, “I'm a slut in your arms, I can't help it.” Then the words flow from her, before she even has a chance to think of how dirty, how completely reckless they are. "I want you to fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me. Hard. Please...." The last "please" is a whine and a whimper with all kinds of begging tones. Janet wants him so badly.

    Derek then pulls back, his cock head at the very lips of Janet’s pussy, still wet and tight. " wants to be fucked," he parodies and mimics her pleading look with a gleam in his eye and a slight smirk.

    "Yes!" she says emphatically. There's no doubt about Janet’s desire. There's no subtlety now, no averted eyes and shy glances. "Yes, please fuck me." She pleads again.

    "And how would you like me to fuck you?" Derek coaxes her, as he plays with her, his cock moving ever so slightly in and out of the very entrance of her pussy.

    "Hard, please." Janet closes her eyes and whispers, enjoying the sensations rippling through her body, caused by those shallow, small thrusts.

    "What was that baby?" Derek tease more, wanting Janet to let go completely again.

    "I want you to fuck me hard…now…please....please!" Janet says in a commanding tone as she rocks her hips forward into Derek. He pulls back a bit, not letting her get her way, tormenting her with anticipation.

    "Are you ready baby?" Derek mockingly questions as he shifts forward just a bit.

    "Yes! Please!" Janet begs. She’s breathless and barely gets her last plead out of her lips when Derek buries his love pole all the way into her throbbing pussy in one deep thrust. Janet lets out a yelp and a gasp of pleasure and surprise. Her eyes roll back as she thinks, “It feels so damn good.”

    Again Derek pulls out and thrusts hard into Janet’s hot pussy, as he bends down this time to kiss her. His lips engulf her and he pins her legs to her chest, thrusting with deep, increasingly quick strokes. Derek continues to kiss her passionately as he pounds his stiff pole harder and harder into her pussy.

    Janet can't speak, she can't think. Her satisfied moans are muffled in Derek’s mouth. She can feel the heightened sensation of his breath on her lips, his tongue in her mouth, and his cock deep inside her pussy. With Janet’s arms around Derek, pulling him into her, wanting him closer and deeper than humanly possible, it's impossible to tell where one part of Derek ends and a part of Janet begins. His strokes are so smooth, so insistent. Slowly, Janet is being lathered into another level of arousal, climbing to the peak of her climax. She’s dizzy and flustered, moving her hips in time with Derek’s thrust, her moans getting louder in his mouth. She bites his lip and he breaks the kiss to blurt out, “Come on baby...give it to me....come on....cum for me!"

    Derek senses Janet’s impending release and he starts whispering, right next to her ear, coaxing her toward climax. Janet knows that Derek is close to the edge also. His thrusts have intensified. She feels his cock become even harder, indicating that momentary increase in stiffness before his own orgasm. Derek goes deep...deep into Janet…as deep as he can, and it's enough to send Janet over the edge.

    "Yes baby, that's it...that's a good girl...come for me..." Derek encourages Janet, even as his own orgasm begins.

    "Oh fuck...fuck!" Janet calls out, not acting like such the perfect little lady right now. She can feel the increase in her wetness, as she shakes and quivers in complete and perfect ecstasy. She watches Derek’s face in pleasure as he cums inside of her.

    "Oh feel so feel like heaven." Derek decrees as his thrusts become smooth and long, relaxed and unhurried. He has not lost any hardness with his climax and he thrusts through the pulses of Janet’s contractions of orgasm, and his own.

    Derek rolls Janet to the side. She’s weak and spent—completely satisfied. He takes her face in one hand, and strokes her hair with the other. He’s all gentleness and sleepy smiles as Derek says, "There you go baby...that's a good girl."

    Janet is left breathless and content. Derek’s cock is still hard as he continues rocking back and forth, very slowly, inside of her. He pulls out momentarily for the short break. They’ve soaked the sheets with their love juices, mingled together, sopping wet…and Janet knows in a few minutes, after touching, stroking, relaxing and making each other laugh just a little, Derek will be inside her again, and she can hardly wait.

    Author: LakotaWarrior

    2009-04-11 23:30:09 Posted by
    wow! i totally jacked off while reading this horney

    2009-04-12 12:55:01 Posted by
    I liked it; but it could have used a rewrite to smooth out the rough spots. Keep up the good work. ONWARD BOB

    2009-04-13 17:42:22 Posted by
    That story was wonderful!!! :-) nikki

    2009-04-14 00:39:43 Posted by
    made me wet. fuck yeah! slut

    2009-04-15 04:14:47 Posted by
    oohh! lucky man!! Nicholas

    2009-04-20 21:21:01 Posted by
    lucky girl! olga

    2009-04-21 11:03:01 Posted by
    I soaked my underwear Veryhorny

    2009-04-22 03:09:52 Posted by
    HELL YEA Anonymous

    2009-04-25 00:41:01 Posted by
    Wow, I wish I was that girl, derek seems like my dream guy. Best one yet! Heather

    2009-04-26 00:12:06 Posted by
    So wet ..! Damn. Anonymous

    2009-04-26 10:55:36 Posted by
    It made me so wet when i took my fingers and slid them in within 3 strokes i had a orgasim loved it Mrz.prettypussy

    2009-04-27 18:09:07 Posted by
    I'm so fucking hard now!! Fuck yeah! Fuckme

    2009-04-28 03:45:26 Posted by
    thats fucking hot im so wet Caz

    2009-04-28 05:10:19 Posted by
    ABSOLUTLY AMAZING, 'love pole' was a little amusing but its healthy to laugh, did it for me, THANKS Anonymous

    2009-04-30 02:04:04 Posted by
    One thumb up (the other hand's busy) Beatin' off

    2009-05-09 16:02:29 Posted by
    Aah aah!!..suck my lickin pussy..oh yeah..rite dere..
    Great wet story
    Da ultimate fuckstar

    2009-05-10 07:54:32 Posted by
    So great i wish i was derek doing exactly that am hard already Esa

    2009-05-10 23:30:06 Posted by
    had my man do me after this but i came after he ate me out. fuckme

    2009-05-20 22:54:47 Posted by
    My vagina is so wet and I was playin with my clit and then I had one of the beat orgasms ever.
    Afterwards I shoved my new 15 inch dildo in myself so hard

    2009-05-21 18:10:16 Posted by
    Beatin' Off has issues lol
    That shit was awesome!
    Usin' the Vibrator

    2009-05-22 12:25:45 Posted by
    Wow left me wet! Jan

    2009-06-01 12:56:57 Posted by
    Really well written! The author has got to be female to know this well how women want it *blush* Afro

    2009-06-04 18:38:30 Posted by
    this story is actually really well written, totally perfect and very arousing. exactly as an erotic story should be. Well done! :)

    2009-06-05 14:09:13 Posted by
    really horny

    2009-06-18 00:49:07 Posted by
    Damn i was so wet i slid vibrator in , i came within a minute Cumming Pussy princess

    2009-08-01 18:32:35 Posted by
    mmmm - I know this story very well... ; ) I'msmarterthanyouthink

    2009-08-08 18:47:31 Posted by
    this made me so wet, was like reading about me and my guy! 69

    2009-08-14 22:22:29 Posted by
    i came before i finished reading it. Anonymous

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