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    The Babysitter

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 151 votes)

    Claire peered out the window checking to see if Becky was on her way from across the street. Not that it really mattered, it's just that she was all ready to go and was getting a little fidgety waiting for the 18 year old baby sitter to arrive. It was so handy to have Becky so close and not to have to worry about using someone you didn't know, especially after hearing all those baby sitter horror stories! Just then there was a knock on the door and Becky entered the front vestibule. Claire was just beginning to give Becky a run down on where she would be for the evening and how to get in touch with her when all at once Becky burst into tears. A surprised Claire stopped in mid sentence and went over to hold the now sobbing teenager.
    With her arm around her shoulder, Claire led Becky over to the large sofa and asked her what was wrong. "Everything," she cried, "My boy friend wants to dump cuz' I won't let him---you know, let him....." "You mean go all the way," asked Claire?" Becky only nodded and cried even harder. "Boys can be such pigs," she said!!! As Claire held Becky close, she could feel her cheek up against her chest. As unreal as she could even believe, she was getting turned on having the young girl's body near her own! Over the last two years Becky had blossomed into a very pretty young girl, and although not entirely filled out, she had a lean and lanky frame with just enough curves to let you know she was definitely female! Her breasts could best be described as pert, and while they weren't big, they looked just perfect on her youthful body. Earlier that summer Becky was over using their pool and Claire now remembered that she looked wholesome yet very sexy in her tiny bikini. The funny thing was that she had no idea of the affect she had on not only boys, but anyone who saw her dressed so skimpily. Now it was up to Claire to calm the girl down and maybe help her through her problem!!!

    After a few minutes Becky had relaxed and then told Claire how her boyfriend, Mick, had given her an ultimatum--"Sex or good by!" She then went on to tell Claire that not only had she never had sex before, but she had never really done anything at all sexually. Claire reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her and that Mick was way off base trying to push her into something she didn't want to do! "But I want too, I just don't know how, could you help me Mrs. Andrews," Becky asked, "I really need help!" Claire looked into Becky's eyes and nodded in the affirmative. "What is it you would like to know dear, " asked Claire? Becky then shocked Claire by reaching up to rub her own tits and asked Claire about letting a boy suck on them. She then shrugged off her sweater revealing a beautiful lace white bra that gently cupped her bosom! "I get so scared when Mick touches them, and I feel so squishy inside, I can feel my nipples get hard and I get so flustered I just stop him!" "Look, see them now, they're getting hard right just from my own touch!" Beneath the lacy under thing Claire could see the outline of rigid nipples showing through the sheer fabric! Involuntarily she reached out to caress the hard nubs, making Becky let out an audible sigh as Claire began to massage her chest through her bra. Claire then slipped her hand behind Becky's back and unclasped it, letting it fall away from the young chest. Now it was Claire's turn to gasp! Becky had the most beautiful nipples she had ever seen! They were what you would call "puffies"! They were nipples that were really too big for the size of her breasts and they bulged out in a constant state of fullness. Puffy. That was a perfect description for these light pink models of perfection! After cupping both tits in her hands, Claire bent her head down and flicked her tongue over the end of one nipple. Becky sucked in air and begged her to suck on them harder, and Claire, needing no more encouragement, opened her mouth and took a nipple into her waiting mouth! God it tasted good!! Becky moaned as the tit sucking made her squirm around on the couch, making it quite obvious that her pussy was now going into overdrive!

    Claire now started to tug at Becky's jeans trying to pull them down so she could get to that hot little cunt, and after several futile minutes, Becky hunched over and slipped them over her still girlish hips. Now the only things she had left on were here bright red knee socks and white cotton panties with little pink roses on them. As Claire stared down at the young sexpot, she felt her own cunt begin to cream uncontrollably! With her hands sahiking, she started to undress in front of the rapt youngster, and as her clothes hit the floor Becky never let her eyes move from Claire's now naked form. Claire felt like a slut but didn't care, all she wanted now was to have this little cunt for herself! She slipped back down to the sofa and pulled Becky to her so that their chests were mashed together. Then they kissed each other deeply as the ground their nipples into each other while both women were now ready to explode with lust! Claire reached down and pulled off Becky's wet panties and was hit with another surprise--Becky for her age had a very very hairy pussy!!! A thick mat of dark brown fur ringed a now gaping pair of very puffy cunt lips! Claire asked Becky if she had ever had an orgasm. Becky whispered, "Only with my own fingers!" Claire smiled, kissed her and then slid down the sofa until her mouth was breathing hot air right on Becky's hot slit! "W-what are you gonna do," moaned Becky?

    "This," answered Claire, and with that one word she buried her tongue deep into Becky's quim! Within seconds she was exploding her juice into Claire's waiting mouth as a brutally powerful orgasm swept through the young girl's body as if it was a revelation! Afterwards, with her chest still heaving, she gave Claire a long kiss and a hug and thanked her profusely! Claire gave her a loving smile and then guided her own nipple into the satiated girl's mouth. "Shut up and eat," Claire ordered! Lesson one was just beginning!

    2007-11-04 17:13:01 Posted by
    what a hot story .... Anonymous

    2008-03-18 15:37:55 Posted by
    thats like, wet pussy heaven for a girl..
    damn im so wet!

    2008-04-01 17:32:33 Posted by
    damn im so fucking wet!!! fuckinglesbo

    2008-04-04 20:17:44 Posted by

    2008-04-26 03:37:14 Posted by
    my pussy is so wet i want someone to take a lick Anonymous

    2008-05-02 00:17:17 Posted by
    mmm very hot ;) sexykitten86

    2008-06-06 15:39:33 Posted by
    Very nice. Anonymous

    2008-06-06 23:52:15 Posted by
    masturbating the whole time... omg sexy story Anonymous

    2008-06-22 16:16:32 Posted by
    omg what a hot story:)
    im very wet

    2008-06-28 17:22:31 Posted by
    anyone available to lick me? im soaked and home alone sliperylips

    2008-09-09 21:22:21 Posted by
    That turn me on so much pussy is so fucking wet I need somebody to lick it all up so I can explored on your face lesbianna

    2008-09-21 02:27:10 Posted by
    any type of story wit a younger unexperienced girl and an older woman is so damn hot, wat a wet and fun bed time story
    now i jus need someones tongue to replace my fingers......

    2008-10-25 04:57:21 Posted by
    nice story iam so hard hard

    2008-12-23 11:52:42 Posted by
    im fuckin rock solid after that was jackin off the whole time bighardcock

    2009-01-23 00:01:23 Posted by
    I want too lick any one or suck any one who wants me too bi girl

    2009-01-23 04:06:51 Posted by
    i'll lick any of you! funinbed

    2009-01-29 19:11:45 Posted by
    My god that wuz a hot story... Lol gave me 2 hard-ons cunt lapper

    2009-02-02 15:45:22 Posted by
    I am so horny right now. Good fucking story. Anonymous

    2009-02-19 13:21:37 Posted by
    Was finger poping the whole time , ahh my pussys so wet all I need now is a nice tounge & lips or a big hard cock ;)
    - great story it hit me aha , =) =9
    ms.wet wet

    2009-02-25 00:59:58 Posted by
    great story. Hey ms. wet wet u can suck my 8 inch hard cock jesus

    2009-03-02 00:23:13 Posted by
    the part where clair sucks becky nipple turned me on so much. i red this story with my boyfriend and didnt make it thru that part without getting him to suck my little puffy nipples.i loved this story likesitrough

    2009-03-24 11:18:37 Posted by
    uhhhhh!!! uhhhhh!!! and louder i went i love to suck tits

    2009-03-29 00:47:23 Posted by
    very hott! Anonymous

    2009-04-05 19:13:10 Posted by
    I cam because of this! Nice. Anonymous

    2009-05-16 02:01:55 Posted by
    woah!!!!!!!!!! major turn on! :)
    i need a tounge and i need it now!

    2009-06-23 14:35:59 Posted by
    I'm so horny my nipples are hard n I'm so wet mmmmmmmmmmm I need to do me a girl I'm dying !!!!! Hott Latina

    2009-08-15 23:53:07 Posted by
    i want to lick a pussy omg

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