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    The Beach

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 35 votes)

    You and I meet at a coffee shop near the coast. It is about 6:00 pm. The sun is starting to set and we get into my car and start to drive down the coast. We can see the waves crashing against the coast line. I am driving you down to this secluded place that I know about. As we drive you reach over and start to kiss my neck. My hand reaches down and I start to lightly rub your leg. You continue to kiss and lick my neck and then start to outline my ear with your tongue. This turns me on even more; I can feel my dick getting harder in my jeans. I have to reach down and adjust myself. You say to me, “Let me adjust it for you” so I let you, I am not going to argue. I put my hand back on you leg and start to rub up toward your thigh. You are wearing a skirt and an almost see through blouse. I pull the skirt up slowly running my fingers softly on your thigh. Your legs open wider as I get closer to your sweet pussy. I slide my hand up and your panties are a little wet, I brush my hand up against the moisture and you bite my ear lobe a little harder. I move your panties to the side a little and I take my finger and slightly pull your pussy apart. I run one finger up and down between your lips as I drive. Your hand is rubbing my dick on the outside of my jeans. You loosen my belt and unbutton my jeans. Your hand slides under my underwear and you feel how hard I am. You stroke me slowly as you kiss my neck my finger is now sliding into your pussy in and out slowly and deep. I pull out to run it up and touch your clit and then back in again. We are almost to my secluded spot, and it is about time, you are driving me crazy. I park and then turn towards you and thrust my tongue into your mouth. You respond with your tongue wrestling with mine. I ask you if you want to go to my spot and you agree. We get out of the car and I grab the blanket out of the backseat. We start to walk down toward a cove that the waves crash up against. We have to wait till a wave passes and then we pass the cove, we continue to walk for a second and then there is a small cave with an opening overlooking the ocean and the perfect spot to see the sun set. We walk up to the cave and I lay the blanket down on the sand. You look so beautiful, sexy and the way the sun is hitting you I can see your nipples through your blouse. The breeze is nice the ocean is crashing against the rocks and I am with you. I move in closer to you and push you up against the wall of the cave; I kiss you hard and long. You throw your arms around me and kiss me back. You lift one leg up around my waist so you can feel my hard dick press up against you. I kiss you more and then move towards your neck I kiss and slightly bite your neck. I then turn you around and press my body up against your back, I can kiss your neck a lot better this way, I move your hair to the side and proceed to lick your neck and biting in certain areas that I know you like. The whole time my dick is press
    ing up against your ass; you are pushing your ass against me. I lift your skirt up over your ass and rip your panties off. I reach from behind and start to touch your pussy. Sliding my fingers between your hot and wet lips, I slide two fingers inside your pussy as you arch your back and push my fingers deeper into you. You reach behind and unbutton my pants again, my pants fall to the sand. You then rip my underwear off, you push your ass back and I move my hand. I put my hard dick against your ass and you can tell how much I want you, I am dripping already. I am sliding my dick up and down in the crack of your ass. I reach around you and rip open your blouse I take both breasts in my hands and start to massage them. I am still rubbing my dick up and down against you as you press harder against me. You reach behind and take my dick into your hand. You push my dick down a little and you put me inside of you. I can feel your warm wet pussy suck me in, you press up against me
    harder and faster, I move one hand down and start to rub your clit in a circular motion, this gets you going more. You are really starting to pound me; your hands are up against the cave wall and you are pushing back harder and harder. I can feel your pussy tightening up around my dick, your thighs are tensing up, and you are moving fast. You start to tell me you are going to cum, so I start to thrust a little deeper into you, you are telling me again that you are Cumming and just then your pussy squeezes me almost to the point of pushing me out. You moan and sigh as I pull out of you and lie you down on the blanket. You have a smile on your face and you look tired, but sorry my turn. I want to taste your cum. You are lying on the blanket and I climb between your legs. I start to lick your sweet pussy; it is still hot and very wet. Your knees are up as I lick up and down between your lips. You are getting excited again; I start to lick a little faster and move up and start to lick your clit. I start to suck on your clit as my tongue circles it at the same time. I slide two fingers inside of you as I suck your clit. I curl my fingers up towards the roof of your pussy. I slowly slide them in and out of you. You are really excited now and you want to show me. You push me away and start to take control. You lay me on my back and then you proceed to kiss my inner thigh running your tongue up towards my balls and then you start to suck on my balls, you then move up and slide my rock hard dick into your mouth. You lick around the head first and then take it all slowly into your mouth. Up and down firmly but smooth. You suck on me holding my balls and massaging them at the same time. Your hand seems to move slightly down toward my ass and I feel a little pressure as you push on my ass hole with your finger. You know I like that and you continue to suck me. I am moving my hips up and down as I go deeper into your mouth and throat, you gag a little but you don’t slow down. You add a little more pressure to my ass hole which makes my hips go up even more. You then start to slow down and move your fingers. You are sucking at a slow pace and you move up to the tip and you let it out of your mouth. Your hand moves up to touch it and then I ask what are you doing and you tell me that you are doing what you want. You climb up a little more and you sit on my face, I like that. You tell me to lick you. I start to lick and I can see you rubbing your tits with both hands and this turns me on even more, I love it when you touch yourself. I take my hands and grab both ass cheeks and pull your pussy in closer to my face. I suck your clit and lick your pussy as you grind on my face. You continue to grind a few more minutes and then turn around. You lean down and take my dick and put it back into your mouth. I bring my hands back and spread your lips, I run my tongue up and down between your lips and then I slightly lick your ass. You pause for a second not stopping though. I take both hands and stick two fingers from each hand inside your pussy, I spread you open and massage the inside of you. You like this and it feels great. I can feel you sucking harder as I do this. I slide them in and out of you and then I pull them out and I start to suck on your clit some more. I can feel your fingers sliding down toward my ass again but this time I feel a finger go in, this makes me thrust way up and deep into your mouth. I can feel you gently moving the finger in and out of me and my finger starts to move toward your ass hole. I run my finger up and down the crack of your ass and I apply a little pressure to area between your ass hole and your pussy. I know that feels good and then I move my finger up and stick it slowly into your ass. I suck your clit and slide my finger in and out of your ass. You are sucking me hard and you are fucking my ass with your finger. I am going to cum so hard. I moan louder as I suck, and you can feel my ass hole tighten up as I am about to cum in your mouth. This is really getting you off and you are about to cum as well I am finger fucking your ass as you do the same to me, I can’t hold it anymore and I explode in your mouth and you explode on my face. That was great. More to Cum.

    Author: try5150

    2009-05-01 01:38:15 Posted by
    Love it! The ending is just too abrupt! asdf

    2009-05-02 06:21:37 Posted by
    Liked it but make it a bit violent nicy

    2009-05-04 04:15:08 Posted by
    omg im so fuking wet now, great story k

    2009-05-09 21:17:36 Posted by
    that was amazing, so wet Anonymous

    2009-05-12 10:37:11 Posted by
    I loved the setting t

    2009-05-14 08:05:50 Posted by
    more details please Anonymous

    2009-05-15 21:33:06 Posted by
    not bad it got me wet bi sex kittie

    2009-05-28 00:09:29 Posted by
    i liked it alot but you should add just a lil more actuall fucking. not that finger stuff. rose

    2009-07-01 23:07:41 Posted by
    i cummed when u guys cummed, this story really got me off Horny

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