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    The Closet

    (Current Rating 62/100, based on 21 votes)

    I manage a handyman business. I got a call to fix an outside door and deck.

    I called, and went to the address.

    The caller was a nice woman, that brought up no sexual desire whatsoever. I began the work and discovered that I needed some hinges to finish the job. I showed her the old ones and she agreed. I asked her if she wouldn't mind going to the local store to pick some up while I continued; that way I could finish faster with lower cost to her. She agreed.

    As she left, I got a dizzying urge to look in her closet and see what shoes she wore. I am a certified, 100% stiletto pump fetishist. Only pumps. nothing else. I literally ran to her closet, opened it up and found all her shoes on the floor, lined up. there were all kinds of stuff I was not interested in. What I wanted to see were any pumps.

    On the right side of the closet, under some clogs were two sets of pumps. One, dark red with pointed/rounded toes and mid-high heels. Under those were what I was looking for: big stiletto pumps, closed toe, low cut sides and vamp, with a very thin, very high heel.

    I picked them up and smelled the insides of them, getting an odor of muskiness and leather. They were kid black, all black, including the soles, in and out, and were very new looking. On automatic, I dropped my pants and shorts. I put one of the pumps on my hard cock, with my cock in the toe box and the heel cup around my balls. I kept the other at my lips, licking and smelling it. I moved the shoe up and down my cock, imagining her wearing these shoes. I shot a big load into the toe. It was so excellent!

    I rubbed my cum all over both shoes, inside and out, especially over the toe, smearing it all over making the leather look both shiny and dull. I put the shoes back, kind of haphazardly, because I couldn't remember the exact location of them. I just wanted to get out of there.

    She came home with the hinges and I completed the doors. I told her that the doors needed some refinishing and I could come back to do them for her. She agreed, and I would return the following week..

    That week, I couldn't think of anything but those sexy pumps, and my jacking off into them. I hoped that she might notice the dissarranging of the shoes and even see the cum tracks on them. I could hardly wait until I had to go to her house. I did not jack off all week, to build up a big, heavy load of jizz.

    I arrived, rang the bell again and she let me in. She was not wearing pumps, just runners. Shit. I took my stuff to the outside door and began work. I thought so hard of some way that I could get her out of the house again...She came over and asked if I would like something to drink, as she was going to the store to get something for herself. OMYGOD! YES! please get me a drink!

    As she was pulling out of the driveway, I was running to the closet. I got there, opened the door. They were all there, ready for my. I dug down and found both the red and black pairs again. I wanted to smell the red ones, and I did some very long drags on them, smelling her feet. I licked the insides of them and got a taste of leather and saltiness. Then I sucked the toes and licked the heels, the arches, inside the shoe allover the soles. I took one of the black ones and hung it around my cock, while sucking the toe on the other one. I deep throated the heel, feeling its shaft in my throat, sharp and slick. I didn't want to cum too soon, but couldn't hold off for too long, she would be back.

    As I was sucking and rubbing the shoe on my cock, I felt myself cumming and I shot that saved up load all over the pump, ropy and lumpy, and I came so hard and long! I did not rub the cum into the shoe. I just moved it around inside the shoe and over the toe, making sure that there were big lumps of cum right on top of the toe where it would leave an obvious trail.

    I heaped them back into the closet, not caring about the order and hoping that she would notice and see the cum tracks.

    She returned, I had the drink, and was finishing up. She came over and asked if I would be much longer as she had to go out, and I told her I was done and was just cleaning up. As I finished, she came back, WEARING THE RED PUMPS. I had not shot into them, but shit, the black ones were right next to them, and the smell of the fresh cum was all over that closet, and the jizz didn't have time to dry...for sure! She would have noticed, for sure!

    I made up my bill and gave it to her. She was watching me with more than interest. As I gave it to her, she said that she thought that the place needed some other odd jobs and she would be calling me up for sure. I told her that I would be very happy to help her out. She told me that my work was excellent, and that "You do put in the extra effort!" I was hot and stunned and was certainly blushing. She smiled very nicely, gave me a check and said, "See you next time".

    I left weak in the knees, knowing that she knew what I had done, she must have found something exciing about it, but did not go to the next step where things could get very messy...something I absolutely did not want to do.

    2 weeks later, I got a call from HER. It was a small job, a running toilet. She said she would not be at the house, but would leave the key by a plant at the front door. I broke all speed limits to get there!

    I arrived, and went to the toilet. The chain was tangled and just needed freeing up.

    I went to the closet and opened up the door. On the floor was a shoe box. I opened it up and inside was a pair of white stilettos. The heels were so high that the heel was parallel to the sole. The must have been at least 5 inches. I was beside myself. She bought them for me to jack off into!

    I did it. I shot all over the brand new shoes, after the 'foreplay" of sucking the toes, heels and licking them allover. I left a big load right in the bottom of the toe box, ready for her toes.

    I put it all back, and rushed out of the bedroom, back to the toilet. As I picked up my kit of tools, I heard the door open and she came in, asking if everything went OK. I told her that it was a very easy job and there would be no charge. She smiled a big, warm smile and said, "So, everything went OK?" I said, yes it did, and if I could be of further service in the future, please call. She said she would, for sure.

    She said, "hold on, and I'll walk out with you, I've got somewhere to go".

    I waited, and she came out, wearing the WHITE PUMPS. In BARE LEGS! I imagined my cum all over her toes and under her sole. I said, "Love your shoes". She said, "Me too, just breaking them in today." She minced her way out with me and we left.

    I have had "jobs" from her from time to time, and it is always the same, exciting job. Always, there is a pair of pumps there, right on top of the pile, waiting for me to shoot into. She always finds a reason to leave or not be there, so I can enjoy my fetish and leave my cum for her to enjoy hers. She alway seems to wear pumps when I go on the job, sometimes leaving the warm ones for me to shoot into as she changes to go out.

    We both have our fetishes and both have found a way to fulfill them to the MAX!

    Author: Stilettofreak

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