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    The escort

    (Current Rating 66/100, based on 254 votes)

    My wife and I enjoy a real healthy sex life I wanted to share an experience that I will never forget. We both love sex and have started to selectivly engage in threesomes.We had been envolved in two and found them great...sort of.The first one was with her sexy younger friend / co-worker (she was 22 we are 35 ) and it was awsome for both of us. The second time was with a guy we both knew from high school. We ran into him at a party friends of ours were having. We exchanged numbers and hung out a few times. When my wife later told me she found him attractive and wanted her turn with me and another guy even if she could only give him head while i fuck. I decided to set it up. When we got together she was so exited, I told her she could do whatever she wanted with him. As it turned out first , he had an undersized cock (maybe 4") and second he turned out to be a very poor fuck. Needless to say she felt a little cheated because I had a great experience and she did not. I!
    t was at this time I thought to call an escort agency and order a male escort to join us hoping she could have a good>

    When i called I told them our situation and they said they had a male that was into threesomes. I instructed it MUST be discreet because my wife and I have high profile jobs. They said no problem. i asked for a description of him and they said he was attractive with a 6' penis and came highly reccommended by other women clients. I told my wife and she liked what she heard (her penis preference is 6-8 "). I told the service how my wife was gorgeous , every guy at the gym- her work -my friends all wanted a turn on her and a hard on would not be a problem. She also said if the escort wanted her dressed in a certain outfit she would love to wear it . They called back and told us he is interested and always had a thing for tight black pants . WE decided to do it and set it up for Sat 7:00br>

    All week my wife appearred fired up . She told me how the idea of a stanger with a decent cock coming to our place was keeping her up at night and making her wet at>

    Saturday night rolled around and we were awaiting the arrival of Marc, our escort. My wife was dressed how Marc asked and looked amazing. She has a very similar look to Shania Twain except her ass is more jacked out. She wore the tight black pants that hugged her curves perfect with a sexy red blouse. Underneath that I had no idea. She said it was a surprise and we'd luv it. You could feel how exited she was when the door rang. My wife Anne was putting her hair up so I got the>

    At the door was A good looking guy about 30 years old and well dressed . I led him in and offered him a drink just as Anne came in . She looked satisfied with his appearenceto say the least . Marc was a well built , 6'2"tall guy in good hygiene. We introduced our selves and headed for the livingroom. Anne kept me behind and said
    "He is so hot. I can't wait to get him naked , thank you"br>

    We entered the living room and joined our guest and the drinks started flowing. Marc could not take his eyes of my wife took no more time waiting to make his move. As Anne passed by him to turn the music station Marc reached out and put his hand on her ass. This surprised her cause we thought we would have to be the aggressors and she became into it>

    Anne straddled herself over Marcs hardening cock an they began kissing and gropping, her hand went immediatly for his junk and his to her ass cheeks(her most amazing part). When he sqweezed them she just moned and really started to grind back and forth. Her hands left his cock briefly to pull of his shirt and the returned to unfassend his zipper. Anne then puled his cock loose and began rubbing it. By now my hand was doing the same to my own. Watching him remove her blouse and bra , sucking her tits while she was telling him how much she wanted his cock was driving me>

    I let out a moan as i stroked my cock when she turned to me and told me to get naked, come here and unzip her pants. I did and then Anne turned to me and began kissing me with her ass towards him . She said to Marc "pull these fucking pants down" as she bent forward arching her ass out. Marc did just that and had an incredible view of Annes ass in a white frilly looking thong." Wow" was all he could say.She the sat back on his lap and grinded some more whlie she leaned forward and took my rock hard cock into her mouth. She stroked and sucked me while grinding him. Anne gives the best head and after a few minutes on me I knew she wanted on him. Anne led me over to the couch across from his , sat me down and continued while Marc removed his pants and stroked watching us with her ass up in the air towards him. I looked over as he pulled on it and it looked larger than 6" , bigger than mine and I pack 7". Anne then stopped on me , stood up peeled off her thong and !
    turned towrd him when she noticed and made reference to his penis . "Nice " she said and looked over her shoulder towards me as she went to service Marc. She lied sideways on the couch putting his cock into he mouth so i had a good view. She winked at me and then really went to work on Marcs ready to burst rod. Anne swallowed his piece up slobbering all over his what i guessed to be 8" cock .Her head went up and down so rythmic it was hot . I came just watching her. She would periodically remove his cok and smack it on her cheek.Anne soon became greedy and needed some dick ."Do you want in this she said ". His answer "please yes ". "How do you want me baby " she said . Marc told her it's her fantasy he is just the equiptment. Anne looked at me as she turned and slid her soaking wet box down onto his cock and began gliding up and down. She began moaning and riding him harder when is hands went to her ass cheeks and stopped her mid stroke .Marc then turned it on and!
    startd firing his cock up her at an intense pace. I could see why he came highly reccomended. Anne was going crazy screaming "fuck me , god yes ,i luv your cock ". I don't think I have ever seen her getting off so good and when Marc would slow it down she yelled " DONT STOP". It was like she forgot about me but i didn't even care. Anne got off Marcs impressive unit only long enogh to put it in her mouth. Marc then let her hair down and put his hands on her head guiding it how he wanted ."you are so fucking sexy " he said while his eyes rolled up into his head. Anne then told me to come sit beside Marc so i did and she took turns sucking on us. "how do you want me" she said to me . Seeing her in this slutty way was a real turn on so i said "how bout you give Marc a view of your ass as you ride< She smiled and leand over and kissed my cheek"I owe you" , she said. Anne straddled his cock and went to town. She took every inch and Marc was lovin the view . After wha!br>
    t was probably 2 hard cummz , Anne was getting tired. Marc sensed this and took control. He lifted her off his cock and threw some cushions on the floor. "My turn"he said.He put Anne on the cushions and she put her sexy round ass up in the air and waited . Marc entered her from behind and began slamming away.Again Anne got very voal and dirty as he worked her hard. Real hard . Smacking her ass as she begged him "pound me with that cock. It was quite a site watching and listening to Anne as she took Marcs cock as hard as he could give it right in front of me. This guy could fuck, no dissapointment. He'd pull it out , tap it off her cheeks and slide it in again Marc pounding away was such a site that i came again.His pounding became faster and faster until he withdrew his penis and shot a massive load all over Annes ass. I noticed his cock appeared even bigger , no wonder why Anne was so fired>

    Anne laid there for a few minutes to collect herself and then excused herself to take a shower. I don't know what then came over me but I asked Marc to go in there and give it to her again. He did just that. I never went and watched but did walk by once with the door left open and saw him fucking her while standing in the shower. I heard and it sounded like they enjoyed themselves. After the shower they came out and Marc stated to leave. When I tried to pay him he refused to take it saying "it was the best time he'd had and Anne wass an amazing fuck".br>

    After wards Anne thanked me and told me she would plan something great for me. She also told me the shower fuck was even better . When i asked aout his cock she said that he told he it measured nearly 9" and she did love every inch of>
    Author: Sam

    2006-08-21 21:20:59 Posted by
    Made me cum! Anonymous

    2006-10-16 13:17:28 Posted by
    wish she was me... Kirinda

    2006-12-02 06:48:05 Posted by
    i do not have sex for a long time

    2006-12-07 21:26:58 Posted by

    2007-02-02 04:27:03 Posted by
    Wish she was my wife loving hubby

    2007-02-02 04:27:53 Posted by
    love to see my wife fucked by him


    2007-04-07 20:03:26 Posted by
    I wanna fuck a biatch like that Anonymous

    2007-08-12 18:59:45 Posted by
    i wanna be Marc Anonymous

    2007-10-01 00:21:16 Posted by
    would love to be in your shoes watching my own wife be pleasured and enjoying it!!! rob_de

    2007-10-14 06:13:11 Posted by
    good wife mark

    2007-10-26 11:25:59 Posted by
    is there any sexy mom that want to have sex with a great guy Anonymous

    2007-11-28 13:42:04 Posted by

    2007-11-29 14:44:25 Posted by
    Nice , Wish that would have been my wife . She needs a good fuck from someone other than me . Anonymous

    2007-12-27 07:54:29 Posted by
    cool wife!!!! i like here halo

    2008-03-13 21:35:29 Posted by
    god i need to go find my vibro Anonymous

    2008-05-02 17:34:46 Posted by
    I am Marc... Just that I am better M

    2008-08-09 00:43:25 Posted by
    Nice , Wish that would have been my wife . She needs a good fuck from someone other than me. What else can be said still working on it Ra Rob

    2008-10-14 02:23:19 Posted by
    Interesting as a wife watches i enjoy all the grafic details. Tpddtmp

    2008-10-24 13:05:55 Posted by
    Man, what an incredible wife! You lucky bastard Sam!! Steveo

    2008-11-08 02:31:05 Posted by
    Alison is a hot wife, I would love to meet her and would love to lick her hot pussy while you fuck me, I just get so fucking horny reading this story cause I have had some great threesomes with my sister and her husband. Let me know if you would like a hot tall well build bi chick to join in on your next fuck.

    Love carol
    carol L

    2008-12-06 10:00:41 Posted by
    Great Story, such depth within beautiful hardcore story as if i can see them Satyajit Dasgupta (Madhu), A-58 New Raipur, Kolkata, India

    2009-01-05 22:42:14 Posted by
    Mmm made me cum can't wait to find my hubbie so I can please him in everyway Aulways

    2009-02-04 17:36:10 Posted by
    i love to read sexy stories, this stories did my pussy wet,i never sex , today i fell i need big cock in my tit pussy , i wanna open my pusy ,i am gonna find some one near my, evey girl need to read sexy stories ,and open ther pussy taniya

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