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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    The Factory (Second Shift)

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 86 votes)

    The longer I worked at the soap factory the more I realised I was beginning to enjoy life again. I could put up with the lewdness of the Ladies' locker room conversation and had long since stopped being amazed at the underwear some of my colleagues wore.
    The only thing that still mystified me were the comments that blonde Sue had made after I had my first (and only) illicit session with the foreman ' comments that had been echoed by other girls. It seemed that they had never experienced proper foreplay, even less a fully-fledged orgasm, and I was determined to try and educate them.
    One day I asked Sue if she had ever had sex that had really blown her mind ' sent her into orbit ' almost losing consciousness.
    'Don't know what you mean,' she said with a puzzled look, 'I've had lots of men and they're all the same. If I fancy them I drop my knickers (if I'm wearing any) and they drop their pants; they put it in and after a bit they fill me ' it's as simple as that. What more d'you expect?'
    I tried hard to find a way to explain things to her and one day I quietly offered to show her how to get far more from her sex life.
    'How're you going to do that?'
    'You'll have to trust me and find somewhere private we can go together'
    'You must be joking ' I'm not a bloody Lezzy'
    'Nor am I, but somebody's got to show you'
    It was about a week later that she cornered me again and asked if I was doing much in the lunch hour.
    'Only eating a sandwich'
    'Then you can come with me and show me what you promised,' she said, adding, 'But no funny business'
    At the appointed hour we went quietly to the room where I had been with the Foreman, and locked the door. I sat beside Sue on the cardboard boxes and told her to undo her overall, then I reached out and cupped the nearest of her full breasts, pulling aside the bra and squeezing the nipple. At the same time I let my other hand slide along her thigh until it reached the thick mat of her bush. She was quite tense, obviously worried, but remarkably tolerant of something she had never experienced before.
    I stroked her pubic hair and then pushed gently until I could feel the lips of her cunt and the soft nub of flesh at the top. After I'd been stroking it for a few moments she relaxed, gave a short gasp and stammered, 'That's nice ' gives me ever such funny feelings inside'
    'I've hardly started yet,' I smiled, continuing my caresses and moulding her ample breast in my hand. I let this go on for another minute or so and then slipped two fingers into the now slippery cleft, leaving my thumb to stroke her hardening clitoris.
    I heard her breathing get louder, her legs parted widely and she kept wriggling her bottom.
    'I feel I'm going to pee, but I know I don't really want to' she gasped.
    I chuckled, 'Now we're getting somewhere. Just think how nice it would be if a man was doing this before he put it in'
    'I don't know what you're doing to me, but it's bloody great' she moaned, 'Don't stop'
    I continued to arouse her, finding the more sensitive spot high up on the front wall of her cunt and driving her wild as I touched it.
    'Something's going to happen' she wailed, 'I can't stop it '.aaah'..aaah aaah'OOOOH' and her orgasm exploded, flooding my hand with slippery liquid as she arched upwards against it.
    Slowly she relaxed and I withdrew my hands.
    'Fucking hell, that was something else!' she exclaimed, panting heavily.
    'It's something that can happen pretty well every time a man has you ' if he knows what he's doing' I assured her, wiping my hand on my overall.
    'Even without a man's prick in me it was great,' she said, still breathing hard.
    I stood up and realised that her arousal had made me leak, but I didn't think she would be able to achieve anything for me and decided I could wait until I was at home.
    We unlocked the door and returned to the shop floor, not realising that the siren had long gone and we were late. The Foreman, Jack, saw us and called us over.
    'I'm not happy with you two' he said, 'I'm reporting you to Management'
    I looked penitent and Sue just told him to 'Fuck himself'
    Within about an hour Sue was called away by Jack and returned with a smirk, telling me she had just been bollocked by the Manager. Then it was my turn and for the only time since I'd been interviewed for the job, I went to his Office.
    'I hear from the Foreman that you are taking too long over lunch,' he said severely.
    'I'm sorry, Sir, I wasn't feeling too well today, 'um, 'well, you know Sir'
    He blushed, 'D'you want to report sick?'
    'Oh no Sir, I'm sure I'll be OK now'
    He looked at me with a kinder expression but it wasn't my eyes he was scanning, but my breasts. Our overalls were not exactly tailor-made and the upper buttons revealed a fair bit of my bra.
    'Would you like me to find you something to do that's away from the Boiling Room for the rest of the day?'
    I saw a look in his eyes that made me say, 'Yes please Sir, that would be very kind'
    He rang the Foreman and told him I would be working in the office until five-thirty, then he escorted me to an adjacent room where a stack of invoices were piled.
    'Could you sort those into date order for me? At least some of them'
    I assured him I could and sat down to start this mundane task.
    Time passed quickly and he suddenly put his head around the door, 'It's five-thirty, Vera'
    'Oh ' and I've nearly done them all. Could I stay for a bit and finish?' I asked, only to show gratitude for his kindness.
    'Well, if you really want to ' it'll be a great help. I shall be here until six anyway'
    At ten to six I did the last invoice and tidied the piles neatly before knocking on his door. He was sitting back in his executive chair with a glass of what looked like whisky. He smiled and thanked me profusely for all the hard work.
    'I suppose it's a bit selfish to be drinking alone in the company of a lady. Will you join me?'
    I must have looked worried for he waved a hand vaguely towards the factory floor area, 'It's OK, there's no one else here now. Have a seat' and he opened a drawer in his desk and poured a measure of the same liquid, handing it to me.
    'Cheers' he said, raising his glass with a friendly smile. I responded and felt the sharp burn in my throat as it went down.
    He asked me where I lived and what I was doing working here, because he felt I wasn't like the other girls. Before I could stop myself, I was unburdening my life story on him and as I kept talking he rose and refilled our glasses.
    'You're different from the other girls working down there' he said suddenly, his eyes on my bare knees and legs. Once again I felt the tiny leak between my thighs and realised I was getting a little drunk as I relaxed in the chair. He must have sensed it as well, for he beckoned me to him with a crooked finger.
    'Come here, Vera, I want to see more of you'
    That's when I suppose I should have made an excuse to go, but I didn't, and got up from the chair to walk round his desk. He patted the leather top for me to sit on and rolled his own chair backwards to make room for me. I eased one thigh & a cheek of my bum onto the desk and no sooner had I done so than his hand came over and rested on my knee. I jumped but he told me not to worry and moved his chair so that he was right in front of me. Suddenly both hands were on my knees and they were very gently stroking the soft flesh on the inner side of each knee ' very sensitive places. I shivered as little shocks ran up my thighs and awakened the one place that Sue had caused to be wet earlier.
    He slowly pushed my overall along my thighs until his hands were touching my panties and I knew I didn't want to stop him. Fingers prised aside the soft cotton and were stroking my pubic lips before I could do more than gasp with pleasure.
    He suddenly removed his hands and stood up, unable to hide the hard bulge that appeared in his suit trousers. He stood between my legs and reached over to pull me towards him. It seemed totally natural to kiss this man who had been kind to me, and our mouths met hungrily.
    He drew back and looked at me with a slightly sad expression, 'You know what this could lead to if you weren't ' well, sick at the moment?'
    It was my turn to blush, 'I'm afraid that was a little white lie. I'm more than OK ' really'
    'Then I think I'd better just check, don't you?' he grinned.
    I nodded without speaking and leant back on my elbows, lifting my bottom as he reached to pull down my panties. When he'd removed them he lifted me backwards gently so that I was lying on the desk, then started to undo my overall buttons. When I was naked except for my bra he gazed at my fairly trim body & bent forward to kiss my thighs, his lips progressing until I felt their warmth on my pubis. He lapped at the folds of flesh and his hands slid along my stomach until they were caressing my breasts at the same time. The experience was heavenly and I could feel all my nerve endings screaming for more of whatever he cared to do to me.
    He pulled away again and gave me a concerned look, 'Is it safe to go any further?' he asked kindly.
    I lifted my head and nodded, since I had never stopped taking the pill. I realised that I was totally exposed to him, my legs draped over the end of the desk and my bottom just resting on the edge. He picked up each foot in turn and placed it on the desk beside my bum. It was a bit uncomfortable but I knew he now had a view of my bum and my wide-open cunt. He stood back and loosened his slacks, easing them down to his ankles together with his jockey shorts.
    He was rigidly erect with a reasonably large prick that was uncircumcised.
    He moved towards me again and let it lay in between the open lips, sliding back & forth to increase my arousal. Each time it touched my clit I shivered with pleasure and felt my juices leak on to him. He seemed in no hurry and in the end it was me who moaned for him to stop teasing.
    'I didn't want to come inside until you were really ready,' he said.
    'I'm almost more than ready,' I muttered, 'I can feel I'm saturated'
    With no more delay he moved slightly and slowly pushed the tip into the slippery recesses of my cunt. The sensation almost made me cum, but I concentrated on holding back until he was ready.
    I didn't have to wait long, for he began to thrust urgently, burying the monster deep inside me until I felt his thighs pressing against my bum. My body was screaming for release and it came just as he gave a loud groan & nearly pushed me back across the desk.
    I felt the rapid contractions of his prick as he pumped his seed into me and my own vaginal volcano erupted in an earth-shattering orgasm. He continued moving slowly which made me cum again almost immediately.
    He stopped thrusting but stayed inside me, looking down with a happy sparkle in his eyes, 'That was wonderful ' and I think you enjoyed it too'
    'Uum,' I managed, still feeling his prick against the walls of my ultra-sensitive cunt.
    He gave one or two more tiny thrusts and I cried out for him to take me again. Despite the fact that he had cum, he was still stiff and he resumed thrusting in the overflowing river of my cunt. He reached out to fondle my breasts and within seconds I was on the way up again, writhing with pleasure and arching to suck him into me. My third climax in about ten minutes was almost as strong as the first and I screamed with ecstasy as my contractions squeezed his softening prick.
    He slowly withdrew and quickly bent to retrieve a hanky from his slacks. Like the gentleman he was, he wiped me where I was leaking profusely before helping me off the desk.
    'I think that was a rather satisfying ending to a busy day' he grinned.
    'And I'm glad I was late back from lunch' I said, smiling at him.
    'D'you think you'd like to help me in here on another evening?'
    'Provided I'm not ' er'sick,' I giggled as I replaced my pants and did up my overall buttons, 'Now I'd better get down to the locker room and change'
    'I'll wait until you're ready and then I can see you out and lock up'
    By the time I took off my overall and started dressing I was already leaking more of his semen and my panties were soaked. I met him at the Office door and found myself brazenly telling him I was still full of him.
    'Stop that' he complained, 'Or neither of us will get home tonight'
    I walked down the road to my bus stop and waved as he passed me in his car.
    As I sat on the bus I decided I had better take a leaf out of the other girls' books and find some really sexy underwear for our next meeting
    This job was definitely improving by leaps and bounds, although I decided to keep our liaison a secret from the other girls; after all, I didn't want to share him with anybody else.

    2009-01-18 04:10:18 Posted by
    much better than the first one Anonymous

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