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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    The Great Outdoors

    (Current Rating 64/100, based on 97 votes)

    My boyfriend And I were out in the countryside driving on the way home
    from a pub lunch and I was feeling horny so we pulled into a quiet layby
    and started to have some fun...I started of by sucking on his cock then I
    was ready for sex so I asked him to get out of the car and I lay across
    the front two seats and he stood outside and started to fuck me.
    After a while he stopped and told me we were being watched. I knelt up
    and I could see a old black man about 40 feet away just stood watching I
    told Shane to carry on to see what would happen.

    The old black man just stood watching as we started fucking again and
    rolled the window down so my top half was out the window. I slowly undid
    my pink blouse making sure I made eye contact with the old black man with
    each button I undid from the top down and gently let my firm boobs spill
    out from my lacy bra.while Shane fucked me from behind the black guy
    started to move closer but then stopped.

    I waved to him so he knew we had seen him and he slowly walked towards
    us. Shane pounded me from behind hard my titties were jiggling about and
    he came and just stood watching he looked to be in his late 50's we are
    in our late 30's I reached my hand out and brushed the front of his
    pants and felt the bulge I looked back at Shane and he just said do
    whatever you feel comfortable with.

    So I unzipped his pants and gently took his old wrinkly black cock out. I
    felt his black penis grow under my fingers as I caressed it and then
    slowly began to pull his foreskin up and down.I pulled him gently by his
    stiffened black cock until he was close enough to get him in my mouth. As
    I felt his black cockhead touch my lips ,the old black man pushed and the
    cockhead parted my lips and slipped in. I had let a strangers cock into
    my mouth I felt the end throbbing as I ran my tongue over his cockhead ,I
    was so dizzy with lust and feeling like a proper dirty slut. As he began
    moving back and forth with his black knob in my mouth, my milky white
    breasts were rocking back and forth with the motion of Shane and the
    black dude.

    Shane smiled at the old black man and told him to go ahead and have a
    good feel.

    The old black man reached down and then both his wrinkly black hands
    began groping and fondling my firm white boobs ,squeezing the firm young
    white flesh.

    After a short while the old black guy grunted and I felt 3 or 4 thick
    wadges of thick gooey semen pumping into the back of my sucking mouth. I
    felt his warm sperm congeal in the back of my throat as his black
    cockhead throbbed deep in my mouth.

    With one big gulp I swallowed down his thick sperm ,feeling his gooey
    seed slowly slide down my throat and into my belly.His slimy dark cock
    slipped out from between my sucking lips and he spurted more semen onto
    my face and then smeared his the head of his sperm coated cock across my
    cheeks, rubbing the sticky semen across my cheeks and into my skin.
    Shortly after Shane shot his cum inside me I looked up at the old black
    guy and smiled and winked at him and Shane pulled his pants up and
    started the car.I blew the old black man a kiss as we drove off leaving
    the old black guy stood at the side of the road with his cock hanging out
    his trousers.we drove all the way home with my tits out and cum all over
    my face .

    I was so impressed by the amount the sperm that old black guy pumped into
    me, I am thinking of returning to the same place on my own for some more
    of that thick gooey stuff. I hope he feels the same way and that our
    paths will cross again.

    Author: Michelle Bashful

    2007-07-04 19:02:12 Posted by
    why get pound by oldies... clear

    2007-08-21 14:37:24 Posted by
    u are a dirty slut take that cock up ure arse Anonymous

    2007-11-03 12:54:08 Posted by
    That was retarded! Fucking BASTARD! Anonymous

    2008-08-13 14:05:18 Posted by
    Thanks Michelle, i would have done the same thing. Something about swallowing a thick load of spunk that just makes a woman smile! Very sporting of Your boyfriend too! kat

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