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    The Hidden Camera

    (Current Rating 61/100, based on 40 votes)

    We had a few cars being broken into around our neighbourhood and a few of
    my neighbours had house alarms fitted but the trouble I found with them
    is that they go off for all sorts of reasons and no-one takes any notice.
    I decided to buy a wireless video camera. I bought it on ebay very
    cheaply and when it arrived through the post the next day I quickly set
    it up.

    My neighbour Frank called round and asked me what I was doing and I gave
    him a demo. He said he would like one but was useless at doing things
    like that and could not set it up.
    I explained it was easy all you need is 2 x 9 volt batteries to power the
    camera and receiver to make it transmit video, connect the camera to the
    9 volt battery, install the detachable antenna to the receiver and
    connect a 9 volt battery to the receiver. When the red light shows the
    power is on and you can record via your VCR through your TV
    I could see he was confused and said I would install it for him and I
    could do the monitoring for him if he liked.
    He agreed and paid me upfront for the equipment and gave me a few quid on

    I ordered myself another camera off of ebay and took mine down to set it
    up for him straight away.
    I set it up on a wall outside his bedroom and it was the best vantage
    point to see anyone coming towards his house.
    I monitored it over a few days and mine arrived and I set that up and
    thought job done.

    When I was watching the monitor the next day the wind had swung the
    camera round and the view of Frank's house was now of his bedroom.
    There was motion in the room so I continued to watch the screen. To my
    surprise Frank's wife was in the bedroom with another man.
    I switched on the VCR and started recording what I saw.
    It was quite x rated and when the bloke had finished screwing Frank's
    wife he left the house.

    I pondered over what to do and thought I would approach Silvia, Frank's
    wife, straight away. Strike while the fire's hot is my motto.
    I knocked Silvia's door and when Silvia came to the door I said I had
    something I wanted to show her and invited her back into my house next

    When she saw what I had recorded she broke down in tears. She explained
    that Frank was having difficulties getting erections and they had not had
    sex for months and she was a women who needed regular physical contact
    with a man.

    She asked me what I was going to do and I asked her about her
    relationship with the man. She said it was a one off and she did not plan
    to see him again.

    I said I would not show Frank on one condition and that was she had to go
    back into her bedroom and strip for me. I would be watching on the
    monitor. She said the thought of me watching her turned her on and left.
    Silvia went back into her bedroom and slowly striped off teasing me by
    bending and using suggestive moves and use of her fingers.
    As I watched I felt hard and went straight round to Silvia's. She had
    left the door open so must have intended to invite me in.
    I went straight into her bedroom and through her on the bed. Lifted her
    legs up and open and licked her dripping fanny. She made a sound of
    pleasure and I thrust my cock into her.
    I left the camera in that position and when Frank enquired how the
    monitoring was going I said it was just fine.
    I made frequent visits to Silvia's and this went on for two years.
    I also set up cameras for other neighbours but did not have the same
    relationship as I did with Silvia. I used to observe their bedroom antics
    but none was as erotic as Silvia and I.
    One day my wife found my video tapes. I foolishly kept the best ones
    where Silvia was on prime display. Fortunately although you could see her
    fucking me and being fucked by me you could not actually tell it was me.
    My wife did not recognize Silvia straight away and thought it was just
    some porn movies but when she saw it was Silvia it turned her on. She
    told me she had found them and I explained that the camera had swung
    round by mistake and I could not resist watching Silvia getting fucked.
    As my wife watched she started to touch herself and then I took over and
    we ended up in the living room just in front of the TV monitor screwing
    on the floor.

    My wife told me the next time I was recording Silvia she should be told.
    I explained this to Silvia and asked her to put on a special show for
    Helena my wife.

    As I filmed I told Helena and I suggested she go round to Silvia's.
    She watched Silvia play with a dildo for a while and then went round. The
    door waa open and Helena crept up the stairs.
    When Helena entered the bedroom I could see she stood and watched Silvia
    for a while and then Silvia must have invited her to join in as Helena
    took off her top and they both caressed each other's breasts.
    I was getting real horny now and by the time I entered the bedroom the
    wives were licking each other in a 69 position.
    I could not resist and pushed my cock into Silvia's ass and kissed my

    Then we all changed positions and I ended up fucking both of them.
    When we finished I said it is a shame Frank cant join in and we all
    thought about ways we could perhaps help him overcome his problem.
    We decided that I would show him some film of my wife striping off and
    using a dildo. I would explain that I had a problem satisfying her and
    see what happened.
    I had arranged for Frank to come round and said I was going out for a
    while and asked if he could check the monitor while I was gone. He

    At first the screen was just showing the drive way but then it flicked
    over to view my wife's bedroom. He did not know but it was a
    pre-recording and not live but my wife was upstairs naked.
    As he watched he could not turn his head away although he did not feel it
    right to be watching my wife naked. As any man would he kept watching. To
    his delight he had a hard on and had not had one for quite some time. He
    started to wank and the screen went blank.
    Helena came into the room where Frank was and saw him holding is dick.
    She took his hand away and straddled him by putting one leg each side of
    him and gently lowered her hot pussy onto his hot throbbing dick.
    After that we all used to have diner parties where after diner we would
    swap partners and fuck. Sometimes we swapped houses and staid the night
    with each other's wife but this was rare. Mostly we enjoyed the change
    and went home with our own little hot bitches.
    Oh and by coincidence we never had any problems with break-ins. Perhaps
    the robbers were too busy watching the monitors.

    Author: Slut Wife Stories

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