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    The holiday I fucked my sister-in-law

    (Current Rating 68/100, based on 48 votes)

    We were on holiday at the see. My sister-in-law also game with us to take a break from her work, her husband couldn’t get off from work so she game alone. The apartment we stayed in was a 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean. The main bed where in the room where the TV was standing. U can see the ocean from lying on the bed. The bed room was not looking out on the see. I and my wife took the bed overlooking the see and my sister-in-law the bedroom. I always had the hots for my sister-in-law sins I met my wife a couple of years ago. She and her sister shared a townhouse while studding at university. The gym was next to the townhouse and my wife went for aerobics the one afternoon after work and I was reading a magazine lying on her bed. Monique my sister-in-law‘s name where washing her hair in the bathroom. When she came out she only had her bra and panties on. She came into my wife room to blow-dry her hair. She greeted me like nothing was wrong and sits in front of me drying her hair. This got me very hory but I was shit scared what my wife would say if I try something with her sister, so I got up and left. This was always in the back of my head what would have happen if I did not left. So I was actually very much exited when she ask to join us for the holiday without her husband. I and my wife where married for 10 years and the sex was great but I fantasize about my Monique every now and again.

    There were windows between the bedroom and the TV room where we were sleeping at the holiday apartment, but U could not see through it because it was too high up. The windows also had to be kept open for air circulation, so the walls were not sound proof. The first night we had a nice barbeque with a couple of beers and the women drank some wine. After we ate every one was sitting in the TV room that was also our bedroom. I then went for a shower. I came out with only a towel rapped around me. My cloths where in the cubits in the TV room so when I walked in Monique said to me she is to lacy to go out, she will shut her eyes while I was getting dresses. This was actually a turn on for me so I really took my time drying myself thoroughly. I was looking at her the whole time to see if she was not peeking at me. My wife was sitting around the corner so she could not see what I was up to. With this al I started getting hard. Just as I was to pull my boxers up Monique opened her eyes thinking I was finished. She saw this erect dick of mine as it was covered by my boxers. Her eyes went bigger and she looked at my wife to see if my wife saw her looking, but my wife eyes where on the TV. That night I was very horny lying in bed with the thought of Monique seeing my dick. I started touching my wife to get some response. When she started kissing me I got hard immediately. I started to kiss my wife’s breast, my hand moved down her panties and I could not believe how wet she where. I went down on her eating her out as it was the first time we where doing it. She moved around on top of me to take my rock hard cock in her mouth while I was eating her pussy out. She tasted like sweets. As she was sucking me of I thought of Monique in the room next door, knowing she can hear what we where doing. That maid me what to burst. My wife’s pussy was so wet she where sliding up and down my face. She got of me saying her wand’s to be fucked as hard as I can. She totally forgot about the open windows on top of us. As I went on top of her she took my ars and slams my 11 inched cocks into her. I started to fuck her as hard as I can. The thought of Monique hearing everything we do make me explode in my wife. She also came as I filled her up. As I lied on top of her with my dick still in her she said to me that this was one the best fuck’s we had. As she went to sleep I was thinking what Monique was doing in the room next door. I fell asleep with a hard-on with Monique in my mind. The next morning when I wolkup Monique was already up making coffee for herself. I had the biggest hard-on ever. As I walked passed her she greeted me very friendly ask if I also want coffee, her eyes where going down my body stopping at my erect dick she can saw through my boxers. She asked if I had a good night rest. I quickly walk to the bathroom to shake off my morning glory of.

    The hole day Monique where very touching and caring towards me asking me if she can get me a drink or making me a sandwich and so on. My wife was also very laid back the whole day and we started to have some drinks early the afternoon. At dinner time the 3 of us was already very happy go lucky. I cooked us a nice dinner and as we finished, the 3 of us started to take shooters one after the other.

    I excused my self to take a shower. My wife and Monique where again sitting in the TV room as I got out of the shower. Monique said that I must not mind her and take my time getting dressed. As I dropped the towel she asks my wife how was the sex last night. My wife looked at her not knowing what to say. She pointed at the windows that were open. My wife stutters a bid and said that if was the best we had in years. Monique then said to my wife that she was also very horney last night and the thought of us fucking the daylight out of each other made her play with her self. I had an immediate hard-on with al this talk. As I was about to pull my boxers on my wife ask Monique why she did not join us if she was so Horney. I could not believe my ears. Monique ask if my wife where joking. My wife said that she saw her last night peeking at my dick and asks her if she wants to see it properly. Monique hesitate a bid before saying yes. My wife asks me to get undress and show my love pole to Monique. Monique asks if she can touch my dick, I eagerly said yes. She started stroking it slowly up and down. My wife said to her that it even get harder and bigger if she take it in her mouth. I looked at my wife with question marks on my face. Monique asks her if she was sure and looked at me for permission. I nod yes to her. I was the biggest that I was in my life as Monique moved her mouth towards my dick. She stretched it as wide as she can and took me slowly in her mouth. She started sucking softly on it custing for air. As she started moving faster and sucking harder on my love tool, I took her head from behind forcing my monster cock down her trough. My wife was so turned-on seeing us she started playing with herself. I undressed Monique and the feeling of het nice firm tits was just like a imagine it over the years. I took her to the bed and ly her on her back going down onto her dripping wet pussy. She tasted like honey. As I found her rock hard clit with my tong she cried of pleasure. At that stage my wife got up and joined us by taking my monster cock in her mouth. I could not believe that I was actually having sex with the two women I really fancy in life. Monique becked me to fuck her now. She got on her knees begging me to fuck her hard as did my wife last night. I took her hips in both hand and forced my monster in her, she wanted to cry of pleasure. My wife went and lie in front of her taking her head towards her pussy. She started eating my wife’s pussy as she was doing it for years. I could not hold it longer and said to them that I was going to come. Monique begged me to shoot my loud in her, I must please full her up with my cum. I looked at my wife for the ok, as she nodded I shot the biggest loud of cum ever in to Monique. She cried of pleasure as I filled her. She turned around and started to suck my cock clean taking every last drop of cum in her mouth and swallow it. My wife said to me that it is her turn now. She got in front of me on her knees. As I slammed my still erect cock in her she said to Monique she wants to taste her pussy. Monique spread her legs wide opened in front of my wife. She went down on her as it was the last thing she is going to do in life. Monique could not hold it any longer and explode in my wife’s face. I fucked my wife as hard as I can till she cum screaming of pleasure. As the three of us collapsed on the bed out of breath all naked I took one in the one arm and the other in the other arm not believing my luck. The three of us went asleep in the same bed that night stared naked.

    When I woke up the next morning Monique was up already making coffee with no clothes on. I had the biggest morning glory ever when I saw her. As I want to go to the bathroom she asked me if I would please fuck her in the arse there and then. I want to explode when she bend in front of me in the kitchen. I run my hand over her pussy and could not believe how wet she where. I lubricated her arsehole with her pussy juice. I put both hands on her hips and entered her slowly from behind. As I was entering her I could not believe how tight her arsehole where. When I had my whole cock in her she cried for me to go faster. I fucked her in the arse like a rabbit. She exploded with me in her. As she collapsed in front of me I started playing with my self till I shot the biggest load of cum in her face. We went for a shower together and afterwards took my wife some coffee in bed.

    The rest of the weeks holiday we never were any clothes when we where in the flat and we fucked each other as many times as we could.

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