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    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    The Park...

    (Current Rating 85/100, based on 90 votes)

    Austin in the summertime hot, humid, and the promise of a beautiful sunset filled his head as he pulled up to the park for a late afternoon walk/jog, and then he saw me walking away from him on the track. Shapely legs and an ass that begged for his finger prints. He began walking the opposite direction on the mile dirt walking track knowing he would pass me coming the other way soon. As I approached , I didn't notice him , long brunette hair an angelic face,.a smile that says to everyone I want to be your friend, and he wanted to be part of the world that makes me smile that smile, all of that wrapped in very short jogging shorts, a short tee that accented my breast, showed a smooth flat tummy,and a bit of cheek as I walked .. When we passed the usually supremely confident guy, became a bumbling idiot and only managed to say hi, I said hi back..He did turn and watch as my ass disappeared in the distance. He couldn't believe his stupidly of not stopping and trying to talk to
    me, beating himself over the head figuratively and literally with his hand, could of had a V8 style. If I went around again he would not know for about twenty minutes, at times one minute can be an eternity and this was one of those times.

    Venus had smiled on him I was coming closer and closer, and he knew he would either talk to me or die trying, His confidence regained, at the perfect time as I approached he said "how are you today" and slowed down to entice me to stop and chat. I stopped, we started a conversation. Talking about general items we began to walk the same direction. As we walked and became familiar with each other our conversation turned to personal items, boy friends, girl friends, likes, and dislikes.
    He said "the playground equipment was calling him" he grabbed me by the hand, led me to the swings, the ice was now shattered I love to be silly and just play in the park like a child. After swinging and pushing each other on the merry go round all the time laughing and smiling we started to walk deeper into the park , just as a light warm rain started to fall we came upon a beautiful old creaky wooden gazebo. Stepping up upon the gazebo I slipped and fell right into his arms, awkward at the first second, but amazingly fate filled as our eyes met in a gaze that said go for it. We watched the rain fall from the protection of the gazebo, he kissed me, a short quick first kiss but defiantly had promise of more to come, he did again this time longer , and then again a kiss filled with anticipation as my tongue tasted the sweet taste of a passion.

    The sun was now starting to set deep in the western sky, very beautiful and romantic. He led me to a very secluded area of the park, he put his arms around my waist, to the small of my back pulling me close. We looked into each other eyes, I saw indescribable colors, colors I had never seen, colors of passion. Another kiss, long passion filled wet sexy kiss, both of us soaked by the rain with water droplets falling from our hair another kiss , this time a kiss that made me shutter with anticipation as he slipped his hands to my ass. I moaned as his hands were exploring the curves of my ass, his cock began to grow hard., I could feel his growing cock it was then I realized he was bigger than any I had seen or experienced .

    I had never let or even dreamed of letting a guy kiss me like he was after just meeting , but his kisses, and the way he touched me had stirred me in a way no one ever had. He made my knees go weak and panties wet with the wetness of passion. My head was fill with thoughts of passion, also guilt for knowing I was about to fuck this guy, but his kisses, the romantic aura of the rain, the sunset, and the warmth of his body against me made me realize that I wanted his cock ! He started kissing my neck and had slid his hands to the back of my thighs, before I realized it we were laying on the wet grass with his hands roaming over my body. He raised me just enough to slip the Tee off , exposing my breast and tummy to his eyes, hands and lips. I was excited like I had never been, the wet grass blades tingling my back and legs like millions of little lasers. He kissed my neck and whispered how beautiful and amazing my body was into my ear. Nibbling on my breast with his lips while his hand was exploring my thighs and caressing the wetness between my legs. As he began licking the beads of water off my tummy, he slid his hand inside the waist band of my shorts and panties slipping both down my thighs, over my knees and off of me. he smiled as he gazed upon my smooth beautifully pink wet pussy, sliding his tongue to it licking my wetness, sucking my clit between between his lips, massaging it with his tongue. I started moaning and wiggling, making him even more intense in his eating of my pussy. He slid one hand to my belly button, and the other to my pussy, massaging my belly button and sliding his finger into my pussy as he sucked my clit. He knew I was close to orgasmic bliss , just as my tummy tightened and my back arched he slid his finger out of my pussy and into my ass, and his tongue into my pussy, I had never had that done, I exploded. My orgasm swept over my body starting from deep inside and traveled like a freight train rumbling down my legs t
    o my toes and all through my tummy, and breast, I even felt it in the tips of her hair.....OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! He had made me scream, like no one else ever had.

    I wanted to fuck him now, right now....I pulled him to me and rolled on top of him, undressing him quickly I kissed down his chest and stomach to his cock. I slid my mouth onto his cock, glancing up to see his reaction as i began to suck his cock. I wanted him inside me now, I slid up his chest and kissed him, as the kiss lingered I slid my wet hot pussy slowly onto his cock. The kiss broke as he moaned FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE,,,,,. I put my hands on his chest as I sat up on his cock, I moved in circular movements, making his cock swirl around slowly deeper inside me than anyone had ever been . I wanted to cum, I needed to cum on his cock, I screamed FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME as the orgasm attacked me deep inside. I collapsed on his chest, now chest to chest I began to fuck him faster and faster raising my pussy to the ultimate limit of his cock and sliding it back in over and over. I was trying to make him come close to orgasm, then instinctively backing off, until we both were so close I couldn't back off Fuck Me I screamed as we both came!!!! We lay chest to chest kissing as his cock softened and slipped out of me, he was the first to cum inside me without protection, I had never felt the feel of juices that had mingled inside me, now beginning to trickle down my thighs mixing with the rain droplets. I rolled off him thinking God it felt good.
    He rolled to me and began rubbing the droplets of water on my tummy and breast as he kissed me passionately . His hand found my soaked pussy and his finger slipped inside me, I was very turned on to fucking him again, I wanted him on top and to fuck me hard with that monster. He was kissing my breast and finger fucking me as he turned me over, his finger sliding out of me tracing over my belly button onto my side and back. His hand tracing down my spine as his lips followed, until his finger slipped inside my pussy from behind, I had never been finger fucked that way, the two guys I had been with could learn from him, he was making me crazy with his finger. He got behind me pulled me up on my knees, then guided his cock inside me from behind. He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked, I came like i had never before the best most earth shattering orgasm of my 18 years, he touched me deeper than anyone had. He was fucking me hard when I felt white pain as he slapped my wet ass, my god I wanted more of it. He spanked my wet ass until I almost exploded then he slid his finger into my ass, I did explode he was fucking me and fingering my ass. As i was screaming and cumming he stopped deep inside me, letting me savor my orgasm, then he slipped his cock out of me. He then slipped the head of his cock into my ass, I had never let anyone do that, he went very slowly all the time talking me through it, he knew he was taking a virgin ass. I felt pain, but not the hurt pain the pain of please don't stop but don't hurt me, he was gentle as he fucked my ass, picking up speed as i was moaning with pleasurable pain. I erupted, an orgasm that was different from all I had ever had, not better not worse just different. I slid forward his cock slid out of my ass. I had both hands rubbing the head of his cock as I would kiss it, and slip the head into my mouth, I sucked his cock dry, making him moan with pleasure as he emptied into my mouth and I swallowed his cum.

    We both slid our wet cloths on, while standing there he pulled me close kissed me, sliding his hands to my ass. Pressed against him with his hands squeezing my ass, i didn't want the night to end. The kiss broke he asked are you hungry, I answered yes I am. Wet. in shorts. and kind of not the cleanest people who would let us in, I Hop he said, follow me. I did follow him to the I Hop/ Motel 8 parking lot parked and went inside. Yes buckwheat pancakes, they were great, his hand began to stroke the inside of my thigh, it felt so good when he brushed his fingers against my clit, made me shutter just a bit. I wanted him again! His hand was pressed against my clit as he whispered in my ear, " I want all of your ass wrapped around all of my dick." I almost came, he was the nastiest guy I had ever met, I loved it wanted to fuck him right there. He paid the bill, we walked out, and straight across the parking lot to the motel 8 office.

    The shower felt so good hot and clean, he had run to liquor store for a lil Jose' Cuervo upon my requesting, for some reason he was very willing to go, I was wondering will he come back. He got back just as i was wrapping the towel around my body, he wanted to kiss me as I pushed him toward the shower, I took a quick shot of the Cuervo and joined him in the shower. Kissing him chest to his chest , his cock hard against my tummy, the hot water hitting my ass, I wanted to fuck him, more than I had ever wanted any guy. He pinned me against the wall of the shower, holding my hands together with one hand above my head, he began to rub, spank and squeeze my ass, seemed to be all in one motion. It felt so good, popping my wet ass sent white pain through my body, and the squeezing made me beg for more. I had a fantastic pain induced orgasm as I was screaming "PLEASE FUCK ME" over and over. He carried me drenching wet to the bed, threw me on the bed and began to lick the water droplets from my breast as he slid two fingers into my pussy. "PLEASE FUCK ME NOW" I was begging him to fuck me, he turned me onto my tummy, pulled me up to him and slammed his cock into my pussy, I came all over him! I was screaming "PLEASE DON'T STOP" and cumming. He slid out of me, pushed my head to the bed, with my ass way up in the air, then grabbed a bottle of something out of sack he had brought back with him. I felt a warming slick sensation on my ass as he rubbed the lotion all over my ass. He slid the head of his cock in my ass, telling me he wanted all of my ass, very slowly he slid more and more inside me, more than he had earlier, until it was all in, I could feel his balls against my pussy. The pain was like earlier the not stop pain, but the don't hurt me pain. He began to stroke my ass, ooooooooo God I felt a great good fucking my ass pain. He began to fuck me faster and harder, I screamed" FUCK ME" as I had the most brilliant lightening filled orgasm of my life. He pulled out just as he was about to cum, his cum ended up all over my back and ass. I lay there amazed at how good this had felt, he popped my ass told me to jump in shower and clean my ass off, when I came out he was gone.

    I was in my bed 3 days crying, I didn't even know his name, we had never asked each other. I had let a stranger fuck me, cum inside me, fuck my ass, and I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. I was terrified felt so lonely and ready to move back home after a week in college. The longest days of my life, went to doctor the next day got tested, held breath for 6 weeks, after six weeks could breath again I was ok. I thought I was, until I saw him weeks later in the mall, our eyes met but this time I saw fear, soon I realized why. His two little girls and his wife walked out of the store with things to show daddy. Tears were in my eyes as i walk toward them seeing true fear in his, as I walked past I swear I heard him say thank you. I was crying not because of anything I had done, but because he would do it again and finally get caught, causing those lil girls great pain.

    Author: Vanessa

    2008-06-25 14:12:09 Posted by
    ammmnmaaaaazzzziiionnnnggg me

    2008-06-25 16:05:25 Posted by
    great story vanessa keep posting fuck

    2008-06-26 01:59:07 Posted by
    very well writen. Such amazing details, I loved it, but it was so sad and so realistic. Great great story. EM

    2008-06-27 03:00:42 Posted by
    am masturbating after reading this............ ummmmmmmmmm i wish ma boyfriend was with me when i read this... lovely...... Anonymous

    2008-06-30 16:40:07 Posted by
    Look, this story is total shit, you need to have a better imagination, and you need to fucking use punctuation! bitch yousuck

    2008-07-02 03:38:29 Posted by
    I love this one. So hot. So real. Wonderul EM

    2008-07-03 02:15:02 Posted by
    hot story
    but the endings sadd
    horny babeee

    2008-07-04 01:40:40 Posted by
    I was reading with my boyfriend and we tried out everything that happen, had the best fuck ever Mis nasty

    2008-07-09 02:02:24 Posted by
    very sexy, great ending. that shit happens too often. you did a great job. Anonymous

    2008-07-12 04:24:58 Posted by
    When can I fuck u fugga

    2008-08-13 06:21:53 Posted by
    Wow, good story. And thank you SO MUCH for writing that last paragraph. It whiskey dicked the fuck out of me.

    Major buzzkill following a major turn-on is just a major pain in the ass.
    Why Vanessa?

    2008-10-17 18:24:14 Posted by
    fuckin great story i need to be fucked now mrs nasty

    2008-10-18 10:46:21 Posted by
    top story, but the ending was so shit anon

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