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    The Public pool

    (Current Rating 72/100, based on 64 votes)

    My friend was a lifeguard at a pool in the city a grow up. On night close to closing I went into the hot tube and across from where I sat there was this nice looking women sitting there. We didn't say anything to each other for the first little bit. At first all was good the jets in the hot tube where hitting my lower back and it felt good, I looked over to see what the lady was doing and I noticed that her arm was moving and her hand was under the water. At that point my buddy let us know it was a half hour till the pool closed, I nodded back to him. After he left I thought that I would try to talk with her, at first she ignored me and by the look on her face she was hopping that I would leave so she could masturbate some more. I laid my head back on the edge and closed my eyes, of course the only thing I could think of was her sliding her figures up and down her pussy. My cock got hard and I definitely wasn't going to leave the hot tube now, I lifted my head up
    and looked over at her again and she was under water up to her neck and the water was splashing around quite a bit. So I closed my eyes again and just tried not to think about it, but the only thing that was going throw my mind was that she was hot and how I would like to help her get off. I opened up my eyes again and looked over at her and she had her eyes closed, so I asked her if she needed any help. She opened her eyes and looked at me and asked what do I think she needs help with. I had to say it, well it looks like your getting yourself off over there and I thought maybe you would like it if I slid my had in between your thighs and pulled your bathing suit over to one side and slide my figures deep into her pussy and slide them in and out until she quaked with multiple orgasms. She looked at me and said that I was a creepy little pervert. So I just left her alone and didn't say anything else to her. Then two more girls came into the hot tub wearing skimpy li
    ttle bikinis that left nothing to the imagination, I would say they both had at least 36 double d's and they had waists that you could wrap your two hands around easily. They came in sat down beside me and they made my dick stand at full attention. I don't think I have every had such a hard cock. The one looked at me and smiled and then her friend moved on to the other side of me, they both smiled at me and I smiled back.

    My buddy came by and told us that the pool was closing in like five minutes so it was time to get out, so the first chick that was in there left and my buddy looked at my and the other two. I moved over to the other side where he was and I asked if he could let the three of us stay a little longer and plus I wasn't going to leave that hot tube with my cock sticking out like that, so my buddy looked at the girls and said because this guy is my friend I'll let you stay for a little longer then he winked at me and went on his way. The two girl started to giggle, I asked them what was so funny, the first girl said well we like to play with ourselves in here and that I should leave. The other one looked at her friend and told her to fuck off that she didn't play with herself. I could only think to myself at that point but instead of it staying in my mind, said it out loud, I could help you if you need. The girl went beat red and her friend gave me a look and a half. T
    he two of them came over and sat beside me again and the one take my hand and slid it in between her thighs and started biting her lip and moaning softly. While that was going on the other one slid her hand down under my shorts and started stroking my cock. She started to stroke fast and I could only tell her to keep going as I slid a couple fingers into her friends silk smooth pussy. The one stroking my cock started whispering stuff in my ear, like how she would like to take my cock in her mouth and she wanted to lick my cock as it went in and out of friends hot wet pussy. Her friend started to moan loader as she had started to slide her fingers over her clit as I fingered her faster and faster, while trying not to blow my load as her friend stroked it and talked dirty in my ear.

    I looked over my shoulder to see if my buddy or any of the other lifeguards on duty were coming around. No one was in sight so I figured that it would be the best time to try to get the girls to go into the sauna so I asked them and they thought it was the best idea ever. So we posed ourselves and casually walked over to the sauna door and went in. As soon as we got in the two of them took off their bikini tops and my dick grow even more as they licked each others huge pancake nipples, while they played with each other I took off my shorts and started to stroke my dick and the two of them took each others bottoms off and started to sixty-nine on the bench. I couldn't believe my eyes two hot chicks just going at each other like nothing, they stop eating each other out and told me to come over and play to. So I go over to them and the one starts sucking my dick off as the other licks my balls and her friends tits. I'm trying think of anything possible to not blow my
    load in her mouth, but nothing was seeming to work so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she put a pout on her face as she looks up at me, and tells me its all right if I blow my load in her mouth because she likes the taste of cum. I couldn't help but to tell her that I wanted to slam my cock in her dripping wet pussy before she got to have my cum down her throat.

    Her friend got up and bent over in front of me, she took my cock in her hand and started sliding it across her pussy lips making the tip hit her clit and cumin all over it as she rubbed. I couldn't help myself I slid my cock right in her pussy the next time it came back. I just started to thrust my hard cock deep in side of her, her friend had to start kissing her to make her a little bit quieter because she was just moaning so load I thought for sure one of the lifeguards was going to walk in. As I slammed up against her she would scream and as I pulled out her cum just dripped out on to her friend and the floor. I pulled out and her friend grabbed my cock and started to jerk it off and then she took my whole cock in her mouth and I started to mouth fuck her, as her friend laid next her, still trying to stop cumin all over the place. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her to eat her friends pussy while I mouth fucked her. So she got up on the bench and sta
    rted to eat her friends dripping pussy while I slammed my cock in her mouth and started to ram it in and out of her mouth. The other one started fingering herself and eating out her friend like it was meal time in a shark tank. Just as I pulled my cock out of her mouth her friend came up and they both started to double team me cock as one sucked the other would jerk it and lick my balls. Once they finished playing with my cock they started to kiss each other and play with each others tits so I decided to go and slide my dick in the one I handed fucked yet as I slide it in she arched her back and rammed back against me and I started to slam against her and fuck her hard as they both moaned I could feel my load just about ready to blow so just as I trusted in and pulled out the two of them got down on their knees and started to take turns sucking me off. Then just as the one pulled my cock out of her mouth I started to blow my load across her face the other one got right i
    n there and started to suck me off. Then the two of them started to kiss and swap my cum back and forth to each other and lick the cum off each other. If that was the end of it would have been the best time ever.

    As soon as we got our clothes back on my buddy knocked on the door and ask what was going on in there. He opened the door and saw us sitting on the bench all sweaty and just closed the door and walked back to his office. We walked out jumped in the pool to get cooled off and they went into the girls locker room and went into the guys. I started to shower off and then all I could hear was the two girls giggling at the door way. So I went over to see what was going on, just as I got to the door the two of them run in and grab me and we got into the shower area and start everything all over again. But that's where this story ends .

    Author: Cherrypopping Daddy

    2008-03-25 19:21:27 Posted by
    Proof read your submission!!!! Anonymous

    2008-03-26 02:10:53 Posted by
    Good story nicecock6969

    2008-03-27 12:18:51 Posted by
    this is fucking sexy! is this real! ive done this with my freind and a male stranger! sexy_alice

    2008-03-27 18:48:16 Posted by
    pretty cool, never knew swimming pools could be so fun,

    i definelty go to the wrong gym, :L
    Diamond Dancer

    2008-03-27 19:22:13 Posted by
    good story shame about the spelling jane

    2008-04-01 10:28:19 Posted by
    liked it very so wet and i fingered my self a lot..=) Anonymous

    2008-04-06 19:15:43 Posted by
    this is true it happened tome j

    2008-04-12 23:51:55 Posted by
    Loved it, u made me cum all over the place hott&bothered

    2008-05-25 23:50:26 Posted by
    i wish the pool i work at were like this

    2008-06-06 13:24:42 Posted by
    Loved it, if I were only that lucky... Anonymous

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