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    The Subway Ride 2

    (Current Rating 37/100, based on 194 votes)

    Clare arrived in New York to visit friends before she started to seriously look for work in the fashion industry. She was an intelligent young woman from the West Coast that knew if she were to be a success New York was the place she wanted to be. Clare was not only intelligent, she was vibrant, and enthusiastic. She came to the East Coast as a result of contacts she had made in college, and while she was in New York she was going to stay with friends she had become close to in college.

    Clare spent the first weekend going out with friends and reminiscing about all the fun they'd had in college. Once the weekend was over it was back to the grindstone for Clare who would take the subway into the city to sight see and look for possible employment opportunities. Clare was a little anxious about riding the subway, and Clare would definitely be on her guard. On Monday morning Clare was up bright and early to take her first trip in the Big Apple alone. She was a little nervous, but her excitement about being in New York quelled any jitters she may have had about riding the subway alone.

    Clare had no idea how crowded it would be as she was caught up in a sea of bodies all clamoring for the open door of the subway car. Once inside she now knew how a sardine felt stuffed inside the can. The trip was uneventful as she finally arrived at her destination. After a day of sight seeing, shopping and job hunting Clare was ready to go home. Once again she was back on the crowded subway, holding on to a strap that hung from the ceiling. She was thinking about her day and going over her thoughts when she felt something on her ass. At first she wasn't sure what it was...then her heart skipped a beat when she realized it was someones hand.

    The hand was caressing and squeezing her ass as they rode along in the car. Fear gripped Clare as she looked at the people all packed together, reading newspapers totally oblivious to what was going on. Should she scream? No that might cause a panic. Should she turn around and see who it was?" No, what if he had a weapon or something? Maybe the best thing to do was nothing. The stranger was moving his hand over her ass, caressing and gently kneading her ass as she stood silently, her heart pounding in her bosom. His touch seemed gentle, non threatening.....Clare found herself starting to relax and of all things she was actually getting a little turned on.

    But that was sick wasn't it? Should she be getting turned on by some strange pervert caressing her ass?" Maybe he wasn't a pervert. Maybe he was afraid of women, and this was his only way to express himself. "Ohhh shit, that's ridiculous. Either way, it was starting to arouse her....she couldn't help it...... he had a good touch. Besides the trip would be over soon. Clare closed her eyes as the strangers hand continued it's sensuous caresses of her ass. She became alarmed again though when she felt the hand lift her skirt and move toward her inner thigh. Ohhh God it was scary, yet it was really starting to turn her on...even more so now that his hand was moving up her inner thigh toward her pussy.

    Clare could feel a dampness building in her God she was getting wet between her legs. There was a tingling sensation, it was an erotic tingling, the kind she got when she was really turned on. Ohhh geeezzz his hand was only an inch or two from her crotch. She found herself actually parting her legs a little as his hand moved up her pantyhose. She felt two maybe three of his fingers now between her legs. The only thing separating his fingers from her pussy was her panties and pantyhose. The tingling sensation was now the beginnings of an orgasm. It was like he could sense her impending orgasm as he increased the pressure as his fingers pushed against her clit through her pantyhose and panties.

    Clare closed her eyes and gasped as she squeezed her legs together, trapping his fingers. She felt a sudden burst of sexual energy shoot through her pussy, to her clit and soon Clare was shuddering with a tremendous orgasm as she stood there helpless and loving every second of it. Finally her orgasm subsided and she loosened the grip on his fingers. He didn't remove them right away though. He rubbed her pussy a few more times before finally removing his fingers. It seemed like an almost loving he was saying thanks for letting me pleasure you. Clare jumped as she felt the train start to slow to a stop. She rushed off out of the car and tried to see who may have been her assailant, or was he her lover? Nothing...everyone looked the same.

    It was around six thirty when she burst into the apartment. She couldn't get out of her clothes soon enough, especially her pantyhose and her panties. She tossed them in a trash can in the bathroom and showered. Then Clare laid naked on the bed thinking about what had happened...over and over again she relived every moment of it. For whatever reason she couldn't be fact for whatever reason she was getting turned on again. She propped herself up against the headboard of her bed and looked at her hard nipples. Again she felt herself getting aroused. She got up and put on a robe and went in and turned on the TV to forget about it. Ohhh Christ not Oprah and some crap about women and abusive boyfriends.....not now.

    Clare turned off the TV and picked up a book and started reading. She tried to concentrate, but she couldn't. She couldn't get the incident out of her mind. The more she tried to forget about it the more aroused she felt. Her pussy was burning with desire as she pulled her robe open and looked at her nipples. They were as hard as a rock. She touched them with her fingers, and a jolt of sexual energy made them tingle. Clare closed her eyes and leaned her head back caressing and squeezing her breasts, her arousal building. She rolled her nipples between her fingers and tugged at them as the sexual energies shot down to her clit.

    Clare lifted her feet up onto the sofa, her legs spread wide as she moved her hand slowly down her tummy. Her fingers moved through her soft bush to her wet lips, her middle finger parting them as she began to massage her labia. She took a deep breath as her first orgasm made her body shiver. Clare slid one, and then another finger deep into her pussy and began searching, and probing her sex. With the other hand she began massaging her clit, and started fantasizing how it would have been had she not been wearing any panties. What would it have felt like if his hand was on her bare ass, caressing and probing her bare ass. And his fingers.....what if his fingers had found her naked pussy instead of being blocked by panties and pantyhose.

    Clare brought herself to a powerful orgasm, cumming in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, her body quaking and shuddering. As Clare put her robe back on she knew she had to try it one more time; only this time she wouldn't wear any pantyhose or panties. Was she taking a chance...yes but she had to try it one more time. The following morning Clare got up and followed the same routine as the day before. She got up at the same time, left the apartment at the same time, and made sure she got on the same subway car as the day before. Like the day before nothing happened on the way into the city. She followed the same routine as the day before...nothing was different.

    Just as Clare was about to enter the subway she ran into John. Kimberly the friend from college whose apartment she was staying at had introduced them. Clare thought he was sweet, but there didn't seem to be any connection, he seemed so sense of adventure. He was almost too nice. John wanted to talk and get some coffee, but all Clare could think about was getting on that subway and she only had a couple of minutes before it left. Clare tried to end the conversation nicely, but John was being stubborn. Finally Clare said, "I'm sorry, but I have a train to catch", and that having been said Clare turned and disappeared into the subway.

    Clare hurried along almost running to get on that car. Finally, with only a few seconds to spare she made it. Like the day before it was jammed packed. Clare was frustrated, because talking to John had made her late. She couldn't get the same spot she had been yesterday, although it was probably foolish to expect she could get the exact same place. She had to settle for a spot near the back of the car. The train started to pull away when Clare thought to herself that the same man being behind her as yesterday was one in a million. She felt like a damn fool. Plus she had really be rude to John. He was nice and maybe had she given him half a change, and gotten to know him better there would have been a connection between the two. While she stood there feeling like a fool Clare felt something. was someone's hand on her ass again. Just like yesterday.

    She stood there studying his touch....was it the same man as yesterday. He seemed to have the same touch, the same erotic feel. It had to be him. Clare was becoming aroused much quicker than yesterday, but this time she knew what to expect, and was looking forward to it. She closed her eyes as the strangers hand caressed and squeezed her ass just as he had yesterday. Her heart was pounding in her chest as the fire between her legs began to grown in its intensity. She could feel her love juices beginning to seep from her pussy and ease down her inner thigh. What was he waiting for....why wasn't he sliding his hand under her skirt? Oh crap...what if he thought she would be wearing pantyhose again and decided to just get off feeling her ass?

    Clare's fears were soon put to rest when she felt his hand moving lower and her skirt being lifted ever so slightly. Her heart felt like it would leap out of her chest when she felt his finger tips touch her leg. He seemed to pause for a moment, and then his fingers started caressing her leg. Clare felt the palm of his hand now on her inner thigh as he worked his way up her leg toward her pussy. She was scared, excited, anxious....all those thing, but most of all she was completely aroused. She spread her legs again almost as an invitation for him to touch her sex. His hand moved slowly up her leg, his fingers glancing against her pussy lips and ass. She gasped from the jolt of sexual energy his touch sent through her body.

    His fingers were now touching the outside of her pussy lips, her juices flowing down over them. She felt his fingers spreading open her folds, and begin to explore her dampness. It was all Clare could do to keep from moaning loudly; ohhh how she wanted to tell him how damn good it felt, but then she was sure he knew the effect he was having on her. Clare felt her mystery man slide a finger into her pussy followed by another. As he worked his fingers around driving her crazy with lust when she felt his thumb move between her cheeks and begin teasing her anus. That sent Clare over the edge again. Her body quaked and shivered like before only more so this time.

    Unlike the day before she felt his other hand on her ass now. His fingers slipping between her cheeks as he continued fingering her pussy. This was even more erotic and exciting. He managed to work a finger into her ass. Now she was filled at both ends. As he probed her ass and fingered her pussy Clare started cumming yet again. Now as suddenly as his hands had appeared his hands moved away. Was he done? Then she heard some kind of rustling sound. Then her skirt was being lifted again. Clare felt something hard, and warm pushing against her ass. Oh no it was his cock. She hadn't planned on this. Panic raced through her mind. She started to struggle to try and get away. Then something happened that she hadn't expected. He spoke to her....and the was was John!

    "Shhhh, it's me John....I..I'm sorry...I'll stop he whispered in her ear. Thoughts raced through Clare's mind. Without thinking she reached back and grabbed his cock. She began to slowly stoke him as he stood behind her. Clare looked at the people surrounding her to see if anyone had noticed the commotion, but yesterday everyone was oblivious to everything. Clare pulled John's cock toward her backside as if to say go ahead. John leaned over and kissed Clare's ear, and then her neck. She melted into his arms as John slid his cock between her legs. Clare suddenly felt brave and while watching her fellow passengers eyes she slowly reached down and slipped her hand under her skirt till she found John's cock.

    It seemed least the head did as she rubbed it against her pussy. Clare slid back even more while she pulled his cock up more between her legs. His shaft felt thick, and Clare smiled thinking John had a nice cock. As the train sped along Clare pinched her legs together trapping John's cock tighter against her pussy. The movement of John's cock rubbing against her pussy, and the movement of her train sent Clare over the edge again. The train began to slow, and people made their way off the train. Clare turned and looked John in the eyes for the fist time. John started to speak, but Clare stopped him with a passionate kiss. For whatever reason people got off, but very few got back on again. Clare decided this was perfect timing.

    There were empty seats in the back, and no people close by, so Clare and John moved to the back taking a seat. John was no dummy he knew what Clare had in mind. As the train started moving again John took his cock out, as Clare looked around and then knelt down and took John's cock into her mouth and began sucking him. She could taste her juices on his cock as she ran her tongue up and down his seven inches of throbbing cock. He moaned softly as she brought him to the edge, but Clare wasn't ready for John to cum yet. Slowly she got up and moved in front of John. Then she lowered her pussy till she felt the head of John's cock penetrate her pussy.

    Once John was inside Clare leaned back into him and the two started fucking. John did his best to thrust his hips upward into Clare's tight pussy. Clare raised herself up a little. That was all John needed as he was able to really penetrate Clare's pussy with his full length. Clare was having more orgasms as the train rolled along. She could sense John was nearing one himself when they entered a tunnel. She felt John's hands on her hips pulling her down onto his cock. He slid his hands up her blouse grabbing her bare breasts, and started squeezing them and tugging at her nipples. John groaned and lifted Clare up as he raised himself up off the seat a few inches as he started cumming, pumping his hot load into her pussy. Clare was cumming again as well.

    As the train reappeared from the darkness of the tunnel John and Clare were in a passionate embrace enjoying in the afterglow of their hot sex. Before they got off Clare pulled out a pair of panties from her purse and discreetly stuffed some tissue in them, as she slipped them on. Finally they reached John's apartment where they stripped off their clothes and hit the shower, but not before Clare had called the girl friend she was staying with so she wouldn't be worried. She was happy that Clare and John had connected after all, but not nearly as happy as Clare and John were. Clare and John made to the shower and then the bedroom where the two had fantastic sex all night and into the weekend. Clare was now very happy with her decision to explore her fantasy and take that second ride on the subway, but then so was John.

    Author: FantasyWeaver

    2006-04-24 09:02:29 Posted by
    great read FantasyWeaver Dray

    2006-06-02 19:36:03 Posted by
    From a womans perspective, the idea of being touched intimately and mysteriously... very hot! HummerGirl

    2007-07-09 02:02:39 Posted by
    neat and exotic!

    2008-11-21 12:27:45 Posted by
    great storie really good. but one thing most all the subways in nyc have up right pole down the center and long bars running over seats lenth of seats not the strap hangers there on the buses. love the fantasy it was great storie. george dean

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