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    07/31/2013 - I hated him but I wanted him! (91/100) - George must have been in his 70s and had never touched a woman in his life! Although he was a slimy, little...Straight
    04/30/2013 - Going Dangerous (91/100) - Okay, so I was pissed off and that probably wasn't the best time to suddenly accept an invitation to meet a...Straight
    08/21/2012 - Sleep-over (89/100) - so this is my first story! I hope you'll like it... (by the way english is not my native language and I hope...Straight
    04/18/2012 - Good Cock, Bad Cop (89/100) - It was a typical Friday; the office was abuzz with talk of weekend plans. As usual, I had to work late. I called...Straight
    05/16/2007 - Honeymoon Beach (88/100) - Here I am, on a magnificent sandy beach, on a sunny Caribbean island, on the third day of my honeymoon, with...Gay
    04/06/2009 - Waiting is part of what made it so good (88/100) - Em….Waiting is part of what made it so good
    Today was one of those days. No time to breath at work....
    10/24/2012 - My wife Emily goes black (88/100) - Emily's hands were shaking as she fumbled for her keys to the front door in the porch light. "I can't believe I'm...Interracial Sex
    04/28/2011 - Afternoon fun (88/100) - The analogy of women being like a fine bottle of wine and getting better with age truly applies to my old...Slut Wife Sex
    08/06/2013 - Awesome Australia (88/100) - Jay-Z's classic street hit, "Can't Knock The Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix)" blared so loud from my silver 2012...Interracial Sex
    03/27/2006 - Bank deposits (88/100) - I've know Donna Robertson for a number of years as she's the woman from the bank in charge of my family's...Group Sex
    07/06/2010 - Morning Wood by Frank (88/100) - I don't really have a raunchy story to tell but I do, however, feel that I am one of the luckiest men...Straight
    12/28/2012 - Mr Mitchell (88/100) - Okay, so I knew exactly what I was doing, what I wanted! And that it was totally wrong! I was well aware that Ash,...Teen Sex
    07/11/2008 - Scorpio (88/100) - Kelly had never thought of herself as a slut. After all, she had only been with a few guys her whole life and at...Straight
    04/14/2009 - A Night To Remember (88/100) - The headlights of Kristina’s car cast strange shadows on the walls of the library as she shut the engine off....Lesbian
    07/27/2012 - Thunder and Lightning (88/100) - "Hun, is everything alright in here?" Alex asked as he poked his head into the kitchen where his girlfriend,...Straight
    04/10/2009 - Teasing Toward Ecstasy (88/100) - Derek and Janet had just come back from a party with their friends. Janet had spent the night being shy, sticking...Straight
    01/17/2012 - Story of Jane (Cuckold) (88/100) - Every event in this long story is true and happened exactly as I have told it with only minor embellishments. The...Slut Wife Sex
    02/27/2009 - The Hotel & Us... (88/100) - The Hotel and Us… A weekend away! Woo Hoo!
    The idea of spending a whole weekend together excited me. So...
    09/17/2012 - His new girlfriend (88/100) - Danny was my best friend. For six years I harboured feelings of desire for him. To me, he was perfection. To him,...Group Sex
    04/02/2007 - Mandys Seduction (88/100) - Teri screamed as she came for the fourth time that evening, as she felt Steve shooting his second load deep into...Group Sex
    02/23/2012 - Night Maneuvers That End With A Bang! (88/100) - FoAr the third straight night I had to listen to my friend fucking. As I lay on the couch of my best friend`s...Straight
    03/25/2010 - Shane s girl (88/100) - All through highschool, no one had ever asked me out. No boys checked me out, or even looked at me. I was a smart...Teen Sex
    04/23/2012 - Strangers on a Bus (88/100) - Hey was all he said when he sat down next to me on that night bus. I had been sitting there, pissed off and...Straight
    11/19/2007 - Joys poker gang bang (88/100) - I'm married to one of the most sexually exciting women in the world. We promised each other when we married that...Slut Wife Sex
    11/12/2007 - Jen Meets the Team (88/100) - Jennifer, waking slightly to the sensation of fingers probing her swollen pussy lips was surprised to find...Group Sex
    05/23/2012 - Lay Over Flight (88/100) - What the hell do you mean its canceled! shouted Andrea Scott to the ticket agent as she was preparing to check...Lesbian
    03/16/2009 - I Wanted More . . (88/100) - I'm standing alone, naked in a darkened room. The scent of exotic flowers fills my head and envelopes my body like...Lesbian
    05/13/2013 - Saturday night gang bang (88/100) - My wife and I are very open-minded about sex and have no problem involving other people in our sexual...Group Sex
    06/18/2012 - Jennys First Black Cock (87/100) - My name is Justin and I am a black male that lives in a college town in South Carolina. I have dated several...Interracial Sex
    01/17/2012 - Unexpected work creampie (87/100) - I work for a retail store in Brighton; I work in the delivery department normally Monday to Friday evenings. The...Straight
    02/20/2013 - Lanas fantasy (87/100) - As I lay in my bed, fantasising about Aarons tall muscular body, a knock at the door brings me out of my reverie....Straight
    03/13/2009 - Morning Wood (87/100) - I am still half asleep, cuddled under the comforter in our warm bed, the worn-cotton sheets soft against my face....Straight
    01/24/2005 - New Boy (87/100) - "Well I think he's cute," Nancy said defensively, "just because he's not the captain of the football team doesn't...Teen Sex
    05/15/2013 - Wife and her friends make it the best birthday for husband (87/100) - Adam and Violet were madly in love. They both met in their final year at University and had dated for 2 years...Group Sex
    05/24/2012 - Devirginizing Cassie (87/100) - Growing up in a small farm town, there were not many men that Cassie could see giving herself to. But now that she...Group Sex
    07/03/2008 - He is the Devil... (87/100) - He had to be Lucifer, how else could he have convinced me to let him fuck me all night , only 20 minutes after we...Group Sex
    09/28/2012 - Straight (87/100) - Bree lay moaning on her couch watching the people fuck on her laptop. She watched a huge foot long cock slip in...Group Sex
    05/10/2005 - The Manager Part Two (87/100) - PROLOGUE from part one: Brian is the manager of his high school girl's basketball team, with the duties of...Teen Sex
    09/25/2009 - Capital Conference (87/100) - I've been married for over fifteen years now. Let's just say that although my husband is a great guy and...Slut Wife Sex
    08/20/2012 - High Jacking (87/100) - It's been more than three years and to this day I'll never know what came over me on that red-eye flight back to...Straight
    05/10/2005 - The Manager Part One (87/100) - "How does that feel, Allison," Brian asked while icing down her ankle!?! "It really hurts," she said through...Straight
    09/04/2012 - Coachs Surprise Part 2 (87/100) - After Matt and I had that amazing adventure our first week of college things started to slow down in our...Straight
    09/17/2012 - Anonymous Invitation to a Party (87/100) - Brian gets an anonymous invitation to a party, and finds someone there who he shouldn't be having sex with. But he...Straight
    09/21/2012 - My First Lesbian Experience (87/100) - Its a Saturday night and I have no plans. I sit in front of the television, turning it on and go through the...Lesbian
    09/21/2012 - The Entertainment (87/100) - You have just finished packing your over night bag, you leave the house and your husband and get into the taxi to...Group Sex
    07/06/2006 - Caught red handed (87/100) - Caught red handed, these are the only words that can describe what happened to me. My boss decided to be a bit...Straight
    05/07/2010 - Chance Encounter (87/100) - It had been a few years since I've been home in Pittsburgh, PA; as I was there to finish a job for work. I decided...Straight
    05/14/2010 - Searching For Ambrosia (87/100) - The White Horse bar in Wardour Street does not advertise itself to the casual passer-by. Hidden away down a steep...Interracial Sex
    03/21/2006 - Games People Play (87/100) - Although Jennifer had a killer body, she was my friend's mother and the thought of having sex with her never...Slut Wife Sex
    05/25/2009 - Hot Summer Nights (87/100) - The ‘Jungle Bar’ in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7.00 pm. The ‘Jungle...Straight Sex
    05/19/2009 - Post-Game Chat (87/100) - Amanda had been watching Dominic for the whole game as she cheered with the other girls on the sidelines. She had...Teen Sex
    06/28/2012 - Squirter (87/100) - It was 10:00 pm, and my boyfriend still wasn't ready. I wanted to go out and he was taking his time. He was doing...Group Sex
    02/23/2009 - Carla And The Poker Game (87/100) - A group of us, mostly old college buddies, get together about once a month for a friendly poker game. This...Group Sex
    07/02/2008 - The Dentist is in...WAY IN! (87/100) - "Merry Christmas Beth!" Dan said as he helped her take off her coat.
    "Thank you Dan," said Beth as she...
    04/28/2006 - Party Favor 2 (87/100) - I never understood what wealth and power really meant until a very special evening with Shari. I was at a party...Straight
    04/10/2006 - Tuesdays and Thursdays (87/100) - Despite spending a number of hours in Professor Roger's office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; I still need to...Group Sex
    04/10/2006 - Office sex 2 (87/100) - When Katherine Harman came to the university campus, she used the latest computer technology to sort through the...Straight
    04/03/2006 - A mothers love (87/100) - I had spent the evening watching the start of the new season of the Sopranos with a classmate, but when the show...Straight
    04/30/2009 - Office Teasing (87/100) - Carol had started in my department last April. She had been doing the inventory and product placement for...Straight
    03/08/2006 - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (87/100) - I was a few minutes early for my appointment with Professor Rogers, as the door to her office was ajar and I could...Slut Wife Sex
    04/20/2012 - Virgin Slave (87/100) - My heart was pounding as I logged on to the website, I was finally going to make my fantasy become reality. I...Fetish
    09/24/2008 - Lori, Her Husband, and a Stranger (87/100) - In a northern Ontario December evening a husband and wife notched another chapter on a romantic getaway. The...Voyeur
    11/21/2007 - My husband and I fuck his co-worker (87/100) - It was a hot June evening, the sun had just set and a cool breeze was now starting to blow as is usual at that...Group Sex
    04/28/2012 - The Hunter and the Druid (87/100) - The night elf was moving silently through the moonlit woods, his mind wandering, when a sudden odd and quiet yelp...Fiction
    07/19/2013 - Roof Repair (87/100) - My roof was damaged in a hail storm. There is a crew here tearing the old roof off to make it ready for new...Straight
    08/23/2013 - Hidden Desires (87/100) - Karen had just received a text from her friend saying that her train had broken down and she wasnt going to be...Group Sex
    02/10/2009 - The Perfect Storm (87/100) - Kathy is a great looking slender lady mid 40’s red head with very large well shaped youthful breasts and...Lesbian
    04/20/2012 - Paradise fever (87/100) - Morning he said as she opened her eyes. She looked across to see an empty space beside her, wondering where his...Straight
    11/22/2007 - Jennifer and the Electricians (87/100) - Jennifer had decided to stay late and finish some last minute correspondence in her boss's office and even though...Group Sex
    02/20/2009 - Young Lust (87/100) - Gosh, I’m not sure where to start. This sure isn’t going to be one of those, What I Did on My Summer Vacation,...Teen Sex
    02/24/2009 - The Second Greatest Night (86/100) - ***Continuation of Untitled ***
    After our night together at the Christmas party, things between me and...
    08/07/2012 - Public Bad Girl (86/100) - Jessie was so tired of always behaving the way everyone thought she should. She grew up in a small town as an...Group Sex
    06/18/2012 - Jennys First Black Cock Part 2 (86/100) - Jackie, Jennys sister, had been gone for about two weeks when I saw Jenny at the apartment laundry room. Jenny...Straight Sex
    05/01/2012 - A Cape For Two (86/100) - We're sat in the Long Street Hotel in Cape Town, sat chatting by the window of the restaurant that looks out onto...Straight Sex
    10/26/2007 - Relieving Stress (86/100) - It had been a particularly hard week at work. I had been traveling non-stop from coast to coast for the last...Group Sex
    12/21/2009 - Sexy Wife Anal Lovers Part1 (86/100) - My wife is 30 years old but i kid you not looks about 21. Im a very lucky guy she is a stunner, Gorgeous face, ...Slut Wife Sex
    07/29/2010 - Stacys mom (86/100) - When I saw the music video for the song, "Stacy's Mom," on TV with Rachel Hunter playing the role of a teenage...Teen Sex
    01/14/2010 - Work Romance... (86/100) - The thought of dating someone at work never crossed my mind until you started to work with me. You are a very...Straight
    03/30/2010 - The Last Chocolate (86/100) - It was over. Mara actually had known it for some time and it wasn't a surprise to her. But it still sucked. She...Straight
    02/29/2008 - A Whisky & Lemonade (86/100) - Ethan ran upstairs to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxer shorts. His dick was not as hard as...Straight
    04/24/2008 - Untitled (86/100) - I had never been with another woman before, but every time I looked at DeiDei, my feelings grew. Just a few weeks...Lesbian
    08/03/2006 - Black goddess (86/100) - It was a week before Christmas and I had taken my last mid-term of the Winter semester, while I was confident of...Straight
    04/20/2009 - The Shop Girl (86/100) - I had to run into the city today to run some errands and get some things I can’t in my small town. Knowing it...Lesbian
    04/24/2012 - Story by LittleLesbianLaney (86/100) - Sitting here looking at Emily, I could not help but get turned on; I could possibly consider her to be the most...Lesbian
    10/09/2012 - Gag-a-rific barry (86/100) - When I first met Barry, I immediately noticed that his smile was gorgeous. The second thing I noticed about him...Fetish
    07/16/2009 - Mutual Lust (86/100) - You were there in the kitchen, I had walked down a path at the side of the house which lead only to the back yard....Straight
    02/02/2009 - The Challenge (86/100) - As she walked through the entrance, she was relieved to see the pool was almost empty, except for the old lady...Straight
    04/24/2012 - One night in Paradise (86/100) - The Club was filled with men, lean greek gods but I was having none of it. I don't like clubbing, you may call me...Straight Sex
    12/03/2012 - The seductive family doctor (86/100) - The seductive family doctor Hello Sam. It has been a long now time since I saw you here. How have you been?...Teen Sex
    09/24/2012 - A night buried in Roxy (86/100) - I met this girl a while ago. We'll call her Roxy. Your average girl of 5'5. Nice tits and ass. Perfect...Straight
    11/12/2012 - Strawberry Patch (86/100) - I was lying on my back, praying that she would come a little closer. The smell of her strawberry blonde hair was...Lesbian
    05/24/2012 - Afternoon Delight by Rob (86/100) - Emily walked briskly into the smart hotel restaurant and scanned the tables for Petes familiar figure. As usual,...Group Sex
    05/30/2007 - Joy sucks the team (86/100) - One night, when my wife Joy and I were making out and she had my cock in her hand and I played with her clit,...Slut Wife Sex
    02/07/2008 - Father In Law Confidential - The Trip Begins (86/100) - When my wife and I moved back to Denver from Las Vegas, her mom and dad flew down to help us with the move. After...Gay
    05/29/2009 - Mila & Kara 3 (86/100) - Mila and Kara were walking down the street to check out the newest building in town. It had been over 2 years...Lesbian
    05/02/2008 - Hot night (86/100) - Jason found himself staring at the most beautiful convertible on the car lot. It was a red Corvette that made him...Straight
    04/18/2012 - Jennifer's First Time (86/100) - It all started a couple of years ago. Jennifer had been with many guys before we were married, she had always...Slut Wife
    04/25/2012 - Finally I Get My Hot Wife - Our First Fuck Party (86/100) - For reasons I can not explain, I had the strong desire to watch my wife have sex with another man & to join them...Slut Wife
    11/05/2004 - After the party (86/100) - Gil sat down on the edge of the large king size bed and while pulling on his socks yelled out to his wife who was...Straight
    06/30/2010 - Jackie Goes Air Tight (86/100) - OK, so it was my husband Alex’s birthday, and we had flown out to Las Vegas to celebrate. Lucky me, as it turned...Slut Wife
    07/05/2008 - Happy New Year! (85/100) - I just spent New Years Eve in the ditch stuck in the snow, and it was one of the best New Years of my life! Let...Straight
    07/23/2010 - Afternoon delights (85/100) - I had just got out of the shower and into my adjoining bedroom dripping wet. I walked over to open my bedroom...Straight
    01/28/2013 - Do As Youre Told (85/100) - My wife and I were getting bored with our daily routines and decided one day to try to spice things up a bit. Our...Slut Wife Sex
    06/06/2005 - After School Job (85/100) - "Are you almost finished with that, Craig," Paula Horton asked!?! "Uh, yes ma'am," he replied while placing the...Straight
    06/25/2008 - The Park... (85/100) - Austin in the summertime hot, humid, and the promise of a beautiful sunset filled his head as he pulled up to the...Straight
    03/28/2006 - Teachers pet (85/100) - I'm not a stud or homecoming king, but despite this, I was the student that my English teacher approached for...Teen Sex
    06/21/2010 - Love...Or Something LIke it... (85/100) - Dear Michael, I am writing you this letter to try and explain to you (and myself), why I have decided to leave...Straight Sex
    10/31/2012 - Lonely Night (85/100) - "Just another night, nothing special is going to happen," I told myself. Every night for the past few months I had...Lesbian
    06/02/2009 - After Bar (85/100) - It had been a hell of night. At 5 in the moring after laughing and drinking the night away this after bar party...Lesbian
    07/04/2008 - Horny Cop, Monster Cock (85/100) - Amy couldn't believe the mess she had just walked into. Her apartment had been trashed...ransacked. She called the...Straight
    06/28/2012 - A Night at The Movies (85/100) - Ive been divorced from my ex wife for 4 years, my children have grown up and left home, but I had been too busy...Straight
    12/17/2004 - The Patient (85/100) - Dana fidgeted nervously on the couch while Dr. Wallace studied the patient history form that she had filled out an...Slut Wife Sex
    09/10/2008 - St. Patricks Day Fun (85/100) - Sean had forgotten all about it being St. Patrick's Day...he was too involved in work, trying to land an account....Straight
    06/12/2008 - Stephanies Dilemma (85/100) - I was bored and lonely. All my friends were at work and nothing was on T.V. but a bunch of re-runs. Worst of all I...Group Sex
    06/13/2005 - Mama Does Daddy (85/100) - "What was that noise," Brenda whispered to Morgan after poking her best friend in the ribs to wake her up!?! ...Straight
    06/27/2012 - The Hotel (85/100) - The hotel was not the best. Set back from the main road just outside Brecon, it was fine for a hillwalking week...Slut Wife
    07/11/2013 - Miami Pt 4 Turned Out (85/100) - Miami is the man I love! Or I should say, Miami is the man I both love and hate. Id known him now for over a...Gay
    04/07/2009 - My Wife Becky (85/100) - Because of my job I have been away from home for four months and I was really looking forward to returning. I...Straight
    09/04/2012 - Warm Summer Evening (85/100) - It had been a long day out on the water; filled with swimming, tubing and the tanning of the skin. Me and the...Straight Sex
    05/23/2012 - Vouyer (85/100) - My woman has always kept our love life interesting and exciting. I am convinced that there are no boundaries she...Lesbian
    05/14/2012 - Threesome by ANGELICIOUS (85/100) - Were in the living roomme, you, and her. We are drinking mixed drinks, as we listen loudly to music at your...Group Sex
    04/06/2005 - Lessons Learned (85/100) - "Come on in, Krista," Mrs. Cox said easily, "Tommy isn't home yet, but he should be here any minute now, can I get...Teen Sex
    04/09/2010 - Friends and Lovers (85/100) - They had been friends for a long time and their friendship extended to them being lovers on occasions, and tonight...Lesbian
    10/21/2004 - In arrears (85/100) - "Please sit down," Nancy said to Miss Danon, "would you care for some coffee?" "This isn't a social call, Mrs....Teen Sex
    04/23/2012 - One last time (85/100) - My ex and I had been divorced for close on 5 years. He had just celebrated his 3rd wedding anniversary with his...Straight Sex
    10/24/2007 - My wife Joy is gang banging (85/100) - I was watching a movie on TV when Joy came in and said she was going to take the dog for a walk. As she walked by...Slut Wife Sex
    09/26/2012 - Drinking and not driving (85/100) - My niece Allie and I are very close. She is a very beautiful young lady that just turned 21 a few months ago. I...Straight
    01/24/2012 - My 1st Lesbian Experience (85/100) - She kissed me so playfully underneath my chin while stroking my taint with her fingers. I could feel my pussy...Lesbian
    06/10/2013 - She was up for the challenge (85/100) - One evening, along with our friends Brian and Phil, my wife Leslie and I were partying at another couples house,...Group Sex
    01/17/2012 - Full disclosure (85/100) - I guess I just got tired of it. No sex on weekdays, hardly ever Friday nights, morning quickies became a thing of...Straight
    01/27/2009 - Anticipation (85/100) - It started as any other Friday started. Savannah got up in the morning and worked out before getting ready for...Straight
    02/20/2013 - Forbidden but not just a fantasy (85/100) - May walk into the kitchen from the hallway of her friend Natalies house. Natalie poured her a glass of wine and...Straight
    06/22/2004 - Oral Devotion (85/100) - Sherri and Gloria were a little early as they returned to school from lunch and a lot of kids were still milling...Teen Sex
    01/10/2005 - The Favor (85/100) - "Hi,mom," Chad said to his mother as while opening the refrigerator door to get a glass of milk to go with his...Teen Sex
    03/03/2008 - Lisas fantasy (85/100) - Lisa bounded down the porch steps and hopped in her car. She was leaving for a week to visit her friend Tasha....Straight
    08/22/2012 - A Special Friend (85/100) - I waited in a midtown Manhattan restaurant for one of my great friends. It had been six years since I had last...Straight Sex
    06/16/2004 - Preggers and Hot (84/100) - Wanda waddled into the kitchen with a tray full of dirty dishes while thinking about how tired she was all the...Fetish
    03/11/2005 - After School 3 (84/100) - "Come on in, Peter," Laura Rogers said with a big smile, "how was school today, dear!?!" "Pretty good, Mrs....Teen Sex
    09/04/2012 - Coachs Surprise Part 1 (84/100) - I was 18 years old with an amazing boyfriend of over two years and was one of the top athletes coming out of high...Straight
    10/25/2012 - Creciente Tension (84/100) - It was my freshman year of college and I was in a lower level Spanish class than I was supposed to be in. Little...Straight
    06/22/2004 - 18 With A D-Cup (84/100) - Ever since Amber could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and even in 8th grade...Straight
    10/26/2012 - A Friend Who Became My Lover (84/100) - I had known Cami (pronounced cam-EE) for years, but I had never known her like this. I lay there in my bed,...Teen Sex
    07/27/2012 - Her Pleasure, or Mine (84/100) - No stranger to trouble, I had been to Ms. Robertson's office several times in the past. In fact, at the time of...Fetish
    04/23/2012 - Playing a round ! (84/100) - It was a warm afternoon when the challenge was issued, probably spurred by the tequila drank with lunch. Golf, I...Straight
    04/20/2012 - Strangers on a Train (84/100) - Harry sat quietly reading his newspaper by the window as the train sped along towards Milwaukee. It was early,...Group Sex
    10/08/2012 - Between Friends (84/100) - Shonda, I have a huge favor to ask you. My ears perked up with interest. Simone was my girl. You know, the...Group Sex
    10/29/2012 - Confessions of a Closet Nympho Many multiples (84/100) - I never thought I was the type of person to be labeled a nymphomaniac. I wasn't promiscuous in high school and...Straight
    10/03/2012 - Unexpected (84/100) - She woke up and on automatic, she got dressed for work. She was wearing her usuala white blouse, a dark skirt...Straight
    10/04/2012 - I should never have visited another couples house alone (84/100) - As a reader of my boyfriends sex magazines for some time I could not help being interested in the telephone dating...Group Sex
    03/29/2010 - Impulse (84/100) - We were at a nightclub in Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced. We had a nice buzz. There...Slut Wife Sex
    01/31/2005 - The Picture (84/100) - "I don't think we should be doing this," Alana said to her mother, "I know we need the money, and since daddy died...Group Sex
    10/02/2009 - Out on the water (84/100) - The yacht weighed anchor a fair distance from the beach, the couple looked at it each thinking it would make a...Group Sex
    03/06/2005 - Screen Test (84/100) - "Come on in darlin' and have a seat," Leo Coffman said smoothly, "now, what can I do for ya!?!" "Well, Mr....Group Sex
    09/28/2012 - A Scary Ride (84/100) - The red pick-up truck flew through the intersection. Tires squealed as it barely managed to hold the curve. Megan...Lesbian
    04/29/2012 - Team Effort (84/100) - The first time I saw Jazmine, I just knew I had to have her. Who is she? Well, Jazmine is a fellow manager for a...Lesbian
    07/29/2013 - Breaking the rules (84/100) - It was a warm summer night. She wanted him. She knew it. But she knew she shouldnt. It was against the rules....Straight
    01/24/2005 - The Teacher Part Three (84/100) - Epilogue from "The Teacher", part one and two: Our heroine Ellyn, and eighteen year old high school student, has...Lesbian
    09/09/2004 - The boarder (84/100) - Mitchell Crawford looked over the room and decided immediately that this would do just fine! For eighty dollars a...Voyeur
    09/09/2004 - Just like old times (84/100) - Teri just had to get away from it all, she had just buried her husband a little over three months ago, and...Lesbian
    11/25/2004 - Country Harvest (84/100) - It was a gloriously sunny & warm day as I drove through the Devon countryside, the roof of the MG down and the...Straight
    03/09/2012 - The party by Marley (84/100) - Her eyes scanned the party, unsure of what she was really searching for. She was dressed up in a tight mini skirt...Straight
    06/04/2012 - Poppin (84/100) - There I was, sitting naked and blindfolded on a hard chair in a room with my feet flat on the smooth floor. My...Fiction Sex
    10/19/2007 - Joy And Sonya fuck the poker guys (84/100) - Hi. My name is Frank and my wife is Joy. We have been married for 20 years and Joy is in her early 40's. Joy and...Group Sex
    09/08/2004 - Twins (84/100) - Alicia wrapped the robe around her lithe nude body and padded down the thick carpeted hall to her eighteen year...Teen Sex
    07/29/2013 - Night of passion (84/100) - Hey are you almost here? I ask. Ill be there in 15mins, leave the door unlocked and wait for me on your bed,...Straight
    10/09/2007 - Pam and the Gym Teacher (84/100) - Pam was thrilled. She finally managed to get out of math class. Now she could sneak out with her friends a whole...Teen Sex
    05/27/2013 - The Learning Curve (84/100) - This is a largely true story. The two people are known to us and have asked us to write it for them. They want to...Voyeur
    05/23/2013 - Nightclub Vixen (84/100) - Its Friday night and the clock is about to hit 23:00. Tom was in the queue with his friends at Liquid; the...Straight
    11/28/2012 - Summer fun (84/100) - I was walking along a beach looking out at the waves rolling when I bumped into the naked leg of a woman...Straight
    06/27/2007 - Trial By Sperm (84/100) - Dan had a trial in the morning. He had to figure out how to defend some stupid kid who broke into an old woman's...Teen Sex
    05/31/2013 - Secret Sex With A Naughty Girl (84/100) - The doorbell rang and my girlfriend, Sarah, rose from the couch to answer it. As she walked away from me, I...Straight
    05/23/2013 - He Let Me Watch (84/100) - My wife is beautiful she can best be described as the perfect version of the girl next door. Sarah is five foot...Slut Wife Sex
    01/20/2006 - Mail Room Boy (83/100) - "Here's your mail, Mz. Owens," Stevie said while dropping a thick bundle of envelopes on the corner of the senior...Straight
    09/28/2004 - The sleeper (83/100) - "I'm sorry, Miss Ross," the conductor explained, "I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to...Lesbian
    06/13/2013 - Wife with first lover (83/100) - My wife(Karen)and I had been married about 8 or 9 months and having a great sex life when she got this hangup...Slut Wife Sex
    05/29/2005 - Ball Breaker (83/100) - "These bitches are fuckin' slobs," Hank Edmonds mumbled while dumping another trash can containing a half full cup...Straight
    06/08/2012 - Stay Hard (83/100) - Candy and me, we were made for each other.
    Candy loves cum, and I can cum multiple times.
    I'm not...
    Group Sex
    09/10/2012 - Little Spoon (83/100) - They had been talking for months, usually before they both went to bed. She'd text him and convince him to call...Group Sex
    03/10/2009 - Beginner's Lick (83/100) - I had never had sexual desires for another woman before, but when Gemma started working as my secretary that all...Lesbian
    02/16/2009 - Chance meeting (83/100) - Let me tell you the story of… well,… you’ll see when we get there… for now… sit back... grab a cup of...Straight
    03/19/2009 - Love Thy Neighbor (83/100) - The first thing I felt when I walked out into my back yard was the cool night air on my skin. It was well past...Lesbian
    12/02/2004 - Video Tape (83/100) - "You're kidding, right," Becky said incredulously to her best friend Dana!?! "I'm telling you the truth," Dana...Teen Sex
    11/06/2008 - Patricia (83/100) - Patricia leans back against the bar, arching her back to thrust out her breasts, and smoothes her short tight...Group Sex
    05/31/2012 - Their First Time (83/100) - She hadn't seen him since graduation. They had started dating in December, but it had been long distance the...Straight
    10/01/2004 - Sex ed (83/100) - Miss Emma Warden looked out at her thirty pupil twelfth grade class and announced, "All right children, it's time...Straight
    12/30/2004 - Vacation 2 (83/100) - Ingrid felt anything like going on a vacation, but she had bought her ticket over six months ago which was non...Lesbian
    05/28/2013 - The Learning Curve - Fulfilment (83/100) - It all followed from a late-night call that Mel took while I was in the shower. When I came out, I could see...Voyeur
    07/07/2005 - Semester Break (83/100) - "Hi, Mrs. Cameron," Jason said while entering the foyer of the Cameron house, "is Zoey home from college yet!?!" ...Group Sex
    09/05/2012 - Strap-on Wife (83/100) - It was friday afternoon, i had finished work and phoned home to say i was on the way, my wife said she had got rid...Interracial Sex
    03/28/2008 - What Best Friends Really Means (83/100) - They met through a mutual friend. At that particular time Ariana and Lily didn't really care much for one another....Lesbian
    03/02/2009 - The Gardener (83/100) - A lady is sitting in her living room wearing a tight bask and thong set and black and red stockings extenuating...Straight
    08/09/2012 - Walk by the water (83/100) - After lunch, and a couple of cocktails, we are sat in the pub garden watching the boats on the river with the...Group Sex
    02/14/2005 - Card Game (83/100) - "Who wants to start," Paige asked excitedly as she shuffled the cards!?! "This was your idea, Page," Anna replied...Lesbian
    11/29/2004 - The Salesman (83/100) - "Have a seat Mr. Raye, I'll be with you in a minute," ordered Hannah Stern, as she finished up a telephone...Straight
    06/23/2004 - The Train (83/100) - The sudden lurch of the train pulling out of the station roused Gwen from her momentary cat nap. As they slowly...Slut Wife Sex
    06/15/2005 - Harassment (83/100) - XXY, just three little insignificant letters in the English alphabet, that is unless that was your chromosome...Fetish
    02/23/2012 - Relationships that start online aren't all bad! (83/100) - So, about two years ago, my friend introduced me to a friend of his named Stephanie. She is 19 and I'm 18, but we...Straight
    11/02/2007 - A Very Personal Assistant (83/100) - Vicky Jones sat lazily daydreaming in her private office twirling her fingers through her long dark shiny hair....Lesbian
    04/06/2005 - A Friend In Need 3 (83/100) - Molly crossed the two snow covered back yards and knocked on April's back door while pulling her coat tighter...Lesbian
    11/29/2004 - The Stock Boy (83/100) - "Almost finished, Zack," Judith asked, while the eighteen year old stock boy hefted a roll of roofing paper onto...Teen Sex
    02/12/2009 - Pool Party II (83/100) - On a warm evening in late summer, three of us were lolling lazily in our swimming pool. Absorbed in conversation...Group Sex
    05/14/2007 - The Pool Man Cometh (83/100) - As we often do, Cindy and I were lounging topless by the pool at my house. We've been close friends for a number...Slut Wife Sex
    05/07/2007 - Hot on Sons friend (83/100) - My name is Tahmina, and I am a 39-year-old housewife. Despite being a mother of three teenagers, I could still...Slut Wife Sex
    12/07/2004 - Sexline (83/100) - "We have time for one more caller, you're speaking with the doctor, what's you question!?!" "Doctor Cossett, my...Straight
    11/29/2007 - Pam and the Electrician (83/100) - Pam dropped her books on the kitchen counter, beside a note and a check from Mom. The note said she would be home...Teen Sex
    08/31/2004 - The bridge party (83/100) - "I still can't believe that Joe still gets it up three times a week," exclaimed Kimberly Farlow to her bridge...Interracial Sex
    05/10/2007 - The Teacher Learns Something New (83/100) - Hurrying home after class, I wasn't thinking too much about the fact I broke one of my hard and fast rules of...Slut Wife Sex
    05/09/2007 - Heat Wave (83/100) - This was turning into the hottest summer in recent memory; I can't remember so many hot, hazy, and humid days...Group Sex
    08/10/2012 - Late Night at Work (83/100) - I always work late at the office always alone, then the boss decides that no one is aloud to work late anymore. ...Straight Sex
    04/27/2012 - Anniversary Gift Gone Wrong Part 1 (83/100) - *Ill finish part 2 if people actually enjoy this one*
    Candice was your typical college girl, attended...
    06/09/2008 - A job with benefits (83/100) - "Oh I hate it when this stupid thing shows!" Val said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
    She really...
    03/10/2010 - Deserted Beach (82/100) - The Cancun beach is deserted as we walk up onto it. It is a gorgeous day and we are both dressed for the sun. You...Straight
    05/22/2012 - The passion between two lovers- sample (82/100) - With one hand on my hip and the other tangled in my hair he pushed me against the cold brick wall. I knotted both...Straight
    02/01/2008 - Step Mom (82/100) - As Jerry was getting ready to start his senior year of high school, he had to deal with the divorce of his Father...Straight
    11/05/2004 - The room mate (82/100) - It was two weeks into her freshman year and Marcie was finally getting the hang of college life. The difference...Lesbian
    04/20/2010 - Dan Cums To Our House (82/100) - I had a bad motorcycle wreck a week ago and ended up with broken ribs, bruised lung, and a deep bruise on my left...Slut Wife Sex
    07/26/2010 - A Sunday Drive (82/100) - I had been sitting at the light, waiting for it to change for a while. It seemed like the lights were still timed...Straight
    05/02/2012 - No Way Out (82/100) - I pace like a caged animal in the giant suite we have in Vegas overlooking the strip. Another pill popped to calm...Straight Sex
    10/18/2004 - Lactation room (82/100) - CRASH!!! "What the hell was that," Andy Ozinski said to himself, as he walked passed the closed office door on his...Straight
    01/03/2005 - Full Service (82/100) - "May I help you, sir," the attractive young saleswoman asked while Ryan Majors scanned the display of night gowns...Straight
    06/22/2004 - Born To Suck (82/100) - Kate couldn't help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn't let her! Kate was from all appearances...Teen Sex
    12/26/2007 - Saddle sore (82/100) - I have been around horses all my life. My dad has a ranch in Texas where I live. Recently my dad passed away...Straight
    07/25/2004 - Shower Girls (82/100) - The girls shuffled into the locker room after what had been a brutal hour of gym class. For some unknown reason...Lesbian
    11/03/2011 - Merry Go Round (Part Two) (82/100) - The following day Seth was in a happy mood. He had enjoyed what he called a 'proper screw' with someone who had...Straight
    01/05/2012 - Friends wife loves cock (82/100) - We'll call her Linda, my friend Bob's wife. We had been friends for about 5 years, and all the time I thought she...Slut Wife Sex
    11/08/2007 - Hard to achieve, even harder to surpass (82/100) - She didn't remember at what point she had first become curious, but thinking back, she was always glad that she...Lesbian
    12/23/2004 - The New Employee (82/100) - "Are you ready," Britt asked Stevie, "Ms. Lincoln is waiting to meet you!?!" "I'm ready," Stevie replied, "I...Lesbian
    08/30/2012 - My only giant black cock (82/100) - It's 1973 I am 21, 5-1 102 lbs 32C Tits.Shaved cunt. and had only had sex with my husband. One of his employees...Interracial Sex
    02/22/2005 - The Hermaphrodite (82/100) - Nicole stood under the hot shower and let the needle like spray soothe her tired muscles! "What a day," she...Fetish
    04/12/2010 - Friends with Benefits (82/100) - She was lying in the dark, having just woken. It was silent and she didn't know what had woken her, but her heart...Group Sex
    04/09/2008 - The Night Before Christmas (82/100) - It was Christmas Eve as Vince dragged his tired body up to his condo holding the bottle of wine one of his...Straight
    02/02/2005 - Seat of Discipline (82/100) - Uniforms, daily prayer, chapel, and strict discipline, those where the building blocks that molded the character...Lesbian
    09/14/2006 - Matts Eyes (82/100) - Life as I knew it was over when I looked into his eyes that day. Those beautiful blue eyes, seeming to glimpse...Slut Wife Sex
    09/24/2012 - The day the dirty slut inside me came out to play (82/100) - It was summer and really hot and i was horny.I would have been a prize to any man who walked by at that moment- A...Group Sex
    03/02/2005 - Propositioned (82/100) - Marion stood by the park swings as her two young daughters both squealed with delight while flying through the air...Lesbian
    07/24/2008 - Oh yeah, the baby sitter (82/100) - Nikki’s been our twin girl’s regular baby sitter since she was a freshman. Now, she’s a recently turned...Straight
    10/30/2012 - A Stroll to the beach (82/100) - My wifes name is Sue - she is also my slave and I wrote this story for her - I hope you enjoy it too ... It was...Group Sex
    04/22/2009 - Helping Out (82/100) - Dan and Kelly have been married for about three years. By now Dan had met all the family, but his favorite was...Straight
    03/06/2005 - A Friend In Need 2 (82/100) - "Holy smokes, Bev, "you gotta stop that, you're driving me crazy!!!" Bev Andrews lowered her head and while...Lesbian
    02/19/2013 - Working Overtime by LicksAlot (82/100) - 11 oclock at night and shes still not home. Now Im sitting here by myself with nothing to do and suddenly Im...Lesbian
    11/02/2012 - Young black buck (82/100) - My name is Susanna Jensen..I'm a English teacher at a predominately black high school. I am also the gymnastics...Interracial Sex
    09/13/2004 - Vacation (82/100) - Glenn Jefferies was in a funk that had lasted over two years. It had been just about that long ago that her...Slut Wife Sex
    06/22/2004 - The Seduction (82/100) - Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the...Lesbian
    07/07/2005 - Exposure (82/100) - "Mr. and Mrs. Parks, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable, I'm Aurora Gaines and this must be Chloe!!!"...Teen Sex
    07/06/2005 - Out Of Control (82/100) - It was driving her out of her mind this condtion of constantly being sexually aroused, but the only thing Alaina...Lesbian
    06/21/2004 - The Afternoon Tea Party (82/100) - They had been meeting like this for about three years, fifteen women in all, over fifty years old, widowed or...Group Sex
    05/07/2013 - Make Me Hot and Bothered (82/100) - We were sitting on my bed watching a movie. An older movie, but still a good one. I had seen it before, but Katie...Lesbian
    11/23/2004 - Sensations (82/100) - Marie lay tensely, if not quietly on the examining table while Dr. Sadler gently probed her vagina with his glove...Lesbian
    06/30/2005 - After School 4 (82/100) - "How do you think he'll like this one," Jenna asked while leaning over and giving her big tits a little shake...Lesbian
    09/23/2009 - When I said (82/100) - How about I come home and the house appears empty - I want to have a hot bath and slip into something more...Straight
    12/02/2004 - First Exam (81/100) - Melinda page nervously through a two tear old Newsweek, while waiting for the receptionist to call her name! She...Fetish
    02/26/2008 - Casual Sex Friday (81/100) - I walked into the front door, and into the lobby making sure to re-lock the door. It was casual Friday, but at...Fiction
    01/31/2005 - Plumper (81/100) - Samantha plopped down in front of her dressing room table while struggling to pull on her panty hose! "I just...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Subway Ride (81/100) - Terri crammed her way onto into the third car of the Englewood-Howard subway line on her way to the Loop for work,...Lesbian
    05/28/2012 - Youre Mine (81/100) - Standing in the shower, soapy hands in my hair, absentmindedly working the lather as I think of all that we've...Fetish
    05/26/2005 - Physical Exam (81/100) - Nicki Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadler's office wishing for the life of her that she was any place...Fiction
    10/04/2007 - Audience Participation (Part 1) (81/100) - Setting: A small stage surrounded by 15 to 20 voyeurs and exhibitionists. The Plot: The audience is invited to...Group Sex
    05/21/2012 - Blackmailed by an old blackman (81/100) - Im 20 years old and have only been married about 2 months.Im originally from west virginia where there are very...Interracial Sex
    11/01/2004 - Trim job (81/100) - "Oh, man it's hot," commented April, while she and her best friend Wendy walked home from Jefferson High School....Lesbian
    05/04/2007 - Natures Big Surprise (81/100) - I love to hike through the woods. The peace and the solitude out here, where Mother Nature is my only companion,...Group Sex
    01/21/2005 - On Edge (81/100) - "What," Valerie said to her husband, Jack, as she put on the final touches of her makeup!?! "Whataya mean, what,"...Slut Wife Sex
    05/31/2012 - Wet and Wild in the 5th Dimension (81/100) - When I was nineteen I had a crush on a girl named Ruth. We were both introverted, but Ruth had a tendency to...Straight
    03/09/2009 - Workers Unite (81/100) - He was sick and tired, frustrated, pissed off, and so damn horny his minimum requirements had been reduced to two...Straight
    06/22/2004 - Lingerie Party (81/100) - She was running late as usual! Claire just couldn't seem to get anywhere on time. Why in the world did she ever...Lesbian
    01/17/2012 - My confession by Jenny Davidson (81/100) - Dear Daniel, I have to tell you the truth about how I feel, and what I think about. I want you, in a...Straight
    12/19/2012 - My First Pilot.... (81/100) - Mark and his crew joined our group as soon as we entered the restaurant. It was a fun evening, but I got no one...Straight
    11/07/2012 - In The Rain (81/100) - Goodbye, we called in return to the many farewells ushering from the front porch of our friends home as we...Straight
    07/04/2012 - Granny wanted young cock (81/100) - Im a 25 year old guy and i have always liked older woman since the first day a granny hit on me when i was 20. but...Straight Sex
    10/08/2007 - First Time Bi (81/100) - This is the story of the first time I got with a guy. I've been thinking of writing it down for some time, and I...Gay
    08/17/2004 - The appointment (81/100) - Chet nervously looked at his watch for the third time in the last five minutes. What in the hell had gotten into...Straight
    05/12/2005 - Home For A Visit (81/100) - "Gwen," her mother nearly shouted after answering the door only to find her twenty two year old daughter standing...Group Sex
    02/09/2005 - Preparation (81/100) - "All right class," Miss Eddy admonished her all girl's senior high home economics class, "the bell rang over a...Lesbian
    06/29/2012 - Loved watching my wife get fucked (81/100) - Didn't know I had a kinky/warped side until finding my wife with another man (accidently). I came back from an...Voyeur
    10/21/2004 - Broken strap (81/100) - Stella Bordon sat a her desk and reviewed the testimony in a divorce proceeding that her client was involved in....Lesbian
    10/26/2004 - Take my picture (81/100) - "Jake, your two thirty is here," Kiki informed her boss, photographer, Jake Klein. Without looking up from the...Voyeur
    08/24/2012 - Bliss (81/100) - When you see me coming towards you with the ties from my robes, i see your eyes light up and i know i have a...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Juice (81/100) - As Claire finished up her last aerobics exercise, she noticed a very muscular dark haired woman working out on the...Lesbian
    05/15/2013 - Guess Whos (81/100) - I had never heard of a game called Guess Whos until one night; in fact it was the night of my wifes office...Slut Wife Sex
    11/25/2004 - Her Mother (81/100) - "Hi, Mrs. Sherman," Steve said nervously, "Pam said you wanted to talk to me!" "That is correct young man," she...Slut Wife Sex
    11/25/2004 - Alpha Male (81/100) - I never believed anything like this could ever happen to me, but I'm here to tell you that everything here in...Slut Wife Sex
    08/24/2004 - 18 and puffy (81/100) - Afton groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the insistent buzzing of her snooze alarm. She glanced at the clock...Fiction
    06/21/2004 - Black and White (81/100) - "Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight," pleaded Cindy! Mark looked at the two women and said, "You...Interracial Sex
    12/05/2004 - Girl Friday (81/100) - "Well, I'm happy to see that your shorthand and typing skills are up to snuff, Miss Egan, now how are you on a...Lesbian
    07/22/2009 - Traffic Stop (81/100) - His name was Joe. I just couldn't stop thinking about him in that damn, enticing uniform. From the time he pulled...Straight
    08/22/2012 - Holiday 3some (81/100) - I often fantasized about having a threesome with Candice and Claudia. They were a pair of sex-starved hotties that...Group Sex
    12/29/2007 - Big Girl (81/100) - Lois Helmers was lonely. It had been such a long time since she had been with a man, she could hardly remember...Fetish
    03/29/2007 - Jackie and the threesome (81/100) - Jackie was a 44 year old single mother of 2. She was 5'5, had straight shoulder length blondish mousey hair, and...Group Sex
    04/20/2012 - The Shower (81/100) - It had been an unusually trying day and I had a lot right up front on my mind when I decided to relax a bit and...Gay
    09/11/2008 - Mystery Shower (81/100) - My mystery man visited me again. He always knows when I need him and just what my body is craving. I know nothing...Straight
    07/29/2013 - Sweet Sweet Scotty (81/100) - Recently, after my mothers death, my father had remarried, and signed over his large country place over to my...Gay
    08/28/2004 - Aunt meg (81/100) - It was the first time the twins had made to their aunt's house in over four years, and not since they were ten...Straight
    10/01/2004 - The guard (81/100) - It was the wee hours of the morning in cell block D, and Jud Olson was in the middle of his second tour around...Straight
    01/04/2010 - Nicholas (81/100) - I sighed, whiping a tear from my eye. The reality of what just happened hadn't hit me yet. "She's really gone?"...Straight Sex
    02/22/2005 - The Academy (81/100) - "So you really think that our daughter will fit in here at Coldridge Academy," Mary Nash asked!?! Smiling gently...Lesbian
    04/11/2008 - Slutty Beautician (81/100) - I always enjoyed getting my hair cut by Bri. She has been cutting my hair for awhile now and I have always kinda...Straight
    09/21/2012 - Yard Workers (81/100) - Julia was working in the den when she heard the familiar sound of heavy machinery. She knew that her new...Interracial Sex
    09/18/2008 - Judi Draws Three (81/100) - Bob, my husband, and I had flown out to Las Vegas for a mid week jaunt. We had a truly awesome suite at the...Slut Wife Sex
    04/24/2012 - Wife gets fucked while on holiday in Tunisia (81/100) - My wife and I were sitting in the bar of the resort nightclub. We were drinking heavily, intent on having a good...Interracial Sex
    05/01/2005 - Honeymoon (81/100) - David Jay was beside himself with anticipation!!! He had been dating Betty Lou for over two years now, and now...Straight
    01/17/2008 - Horny and ready to fuck! (81/100) - I was visiting my friend in another state and on my way home, I stopped at a hotel for the night. I really wasn't...Straight
    08/23/2013 - Valentines Day (81/100) - One of those days he just couldnt understand. But since she was in his life, it had a new meaning. And this...Straight
    04/25/2012 - Friend's horny father (81/100) - I spent many nights over at my friend's house and knew her parents well. I had gone on vacation with them every...Teen Sex
    09/29/2004 - The entertainer (81/100) - Jack was desperate! He was down to his last c-note, and with no real job prospects, he was starting to get the...Slut Wife Sex
    01/07/2008 - Truck stop (81/100) - I love truckers, always have. I like to flirt with them when my friend and I go on road trips in the summer. We...Straight
    01/10/2005 - Home Coming (81/100) - Zak skillfully maneuvered the big Lincoln through a maze of traffic and on to the off ramp of the expressway! As...Straight
    09/28/2004 - The first lady (81/100) - "I'll kill that fucking bastard," screamed Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the President of the United States, "every...Fiction
    04/18/2005 - The Academy Part Three (81/100) - PROLOGUE FROM PARTS ONE & TWO: Kenny Thomas is an eighteen year old senior who has spent the first three years of...Teen Sex
    09/05/2012 - Viral Lust (81/100) - Spike slammed his locker shut, somehow more furious than exhausted. Fucking asshole! He thrust his arms through...Fiction
    07/14/2004 - Married Bliss (81/100) - The wedding had gone perfectly. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and after all the excitement the 18 year old...Straight
    04/04/2008 - Mindys Tongue Club - Membership has its privileges (81/100) - Mindy's Tongue Club - Membership has its privileges
    For those of you not familiar with my work,...
    08/10/2004 - In need of it (81/100) - "Oh god I'm cumming," Jill screamed, "don't stop now, faster, faster!!!" Josh increased the pace of his fucking,...Slut Wife Sex
    09/26/2012 - Marathon Man - Breaking the family (81/100) - Sweat went into Mabadi's mouth while he ran the track trying to grasp as many meters as he could for every...Interracial Sex
    01/17/2005 - The Masseuse (81/100) - "So tell me, Mrs. Winthrop, how did you get my name," asked Sergio while he was in the process of setting up his...Slut Wife Sex
    06/11/2013 - She was a hottie (81/100) - You know that old saying, Shit happens? Well what would you call it when that shit turns out to be of the lucky...Straight
    07/30/2008 - Adri and the vibrator (81/100) - I had just eased myself onto the deck chair after my evening swim, and lit up a cigarette. I looked up at the...Straight
    08/10/2004 - Black & white #2 (81/100) - Jonelle sat in the dark, staring at the images flashing on her computer screen. Her finger was busy attacking her...Interracial Sex
    11/22/2007 - Jenifer Massages Me (81/100) - I love all the women I make love with. That's pretty self-evident because I couldn't make love with someone I...Straight
    01/17/2005 - Close Shave 2 (81/100) - "Michael Rinker rose to his feet and with a tapping of the rim of his wine glass got the attention of all ten...Group Sex
    06/19/2005 - Movie Stars (81/100) - It had been almost six months since Maggie's last fuck and she was about to start climbing the walls if she didn't...Group Sex
    01/17/2005 - The Warden (81/100) - "Come along with me, Baker" prison guard Burt Ives ordered, "the new warden wants to see you in her office,...Interracial Sex
    07/28/2008 - Jodi and the snowstorm (81/100) - "I guess I have to stay here." said Jodi as she slammed her purse on the counter. "I got half way down the road...Straight
    07/06/2004 - Over Developed (81/100) - Mary Pekin sat in the back row of the high school class room almost unable to look any of the other women in the...Lesbian
    07/22/2010 - Let me show you something (80/100) - “Kate was lying outside in the back yard soaking up some sun. Her yard was private so she slipped off her top...Slut Wife Sex
    05/14/2012 - Marlee's descent (80/100) - I love to possess woman. I have possessed many married females, single females, and divorced females. I must...Interracial Sex
    05/19/2005 - Womens Private Gym (80/100) - "Hello, Women's Private Gym, this is Karen, how may I help you!?!" "Uh, my name is Winnie Andleman and I saw your...Lesbian
    08/12/2004 - Foreskin (80/100) - Jimmy walked through the locker room on his way to showers thinking about the upcoming report he would have to...Gay
    12/19/2012 - Out of Bounds (80/100) - He was fucking DAZED. I mean dazed to the point where reality was distorted; like for instance, you look at a...Straight
    04/23/2012 - My Husband, His Fuck Slut and I (80/100) - It was a late Saturday afternoon the weather promised rain and to be honest I was tired even though I had just...
    01/09/2008 - Joy stories (80/100) - Joy and I often go out to the night clubs and I get Joy to dress as sexy and revealing as she can legally get away...Slut Wife Sex
    01/21/2005 - Old Friends 2 (80/100) - "Mmmmmm, this looks nice," April said as she held up a pink baby's christening dress, "that is if I have a little...Lesbian
    09/11/2008 - Daydream (part 1) (80/100) - Lynn can’t stop thinking about her professor. She has had him for the last four months and the end of the...Fiction
    05/07/2013 - Average girl, above average delight (80/100) - "Hello? Ali?! ..." I heard the voices but my mind went else where in the brightly lit freshmen biology room. the...Teen Sex
    05/18/2012 - I watched my wife shag a frenchman (80/100) - Last year Jill a friend of my wife had left her husband and was staying with us for a few months to get her life...Straight Sex
    08/10/2004 - Red cowboy boots (80/100) - Christy peered into her closet trying to decide on which outfit to wear for her usual Saturday night outing, and...Slut Wife Sex
    05/04/2012 - I Wanted to Leave Her Yearning for More (80/100) - Ive been watching you, flirting with you, but you have been resistant. I could tell you had thoughts about me,...
    12/02/2004 - Trans Secretary (80/100) - "Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his...Fetish
    06/13/2005 - A Postion Available (80/100) - "A very intersting resume', Mr. Dancer, "very interesting indeed, but I'm afraid that the job you're applying...Straight
    11/09/2011 - The Factory (Second Shift) (80/100) - The longer I worked at the soap factory the more I realised I was beginning to enjoy life again. I could put up...Straight
    02/17/2009 - A Night to remember...Part 1 (80/100) - PART 1 Its 12:30 in the morning and neither one of them can sleep. They lie awake in their separate beds staring...Straight Sex
    06/21/2004 - First Time (80/100) - Kevin always knew that he was different, even as a young child he knew. Girls just never interested him for...Gay
    08/02/2004 - Amy And Joanne I (80/100) - Joanne looked helplessly in the mirror at her thick bushed crotch. Never in her wildest dreams had she figured...Lesbian
    06/21/2004 - Glory Hole (80/100) - Josh was in a hurry as he walked up Seventh Ave. on his way home after his workout. It was cold and the December...Gay
    10/18/2007 - I lose a bet (80/100) - I had made a bet with my hubby, Frank, and I lost. I had to do whatever he set me up for. It turned out he wanted...Group Sex
    06/21/2004 - Shower Time (80/100) - Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend...Fiction
    06/13/2012 - Helen 1 - The Breakthrough (80/100) - Helen wasnt happy.
    Her husband Cole hadnt touched her in well over a year. Last night was the last...
    Slut Wife Sex
    12/16/2009 - A breath Taking Adventure (80/100) - You sit in a dim room, blind folded, sitting on a futon mattress. You are wearing my one of my t shirts over your...Group Sex
    09/25/2012 - Separations at the hip (80/100) - It was the seventh time they had separated in ten years, and it suited him just fine. It would only be a short...
    06/22/2004 - The Affair (80/100) - The darn phone hadn't stopped ringing all morning! Linda was in the middle of typing a pile of letters, when it...Slut Wife Sex
    08/09/2012 - After The Party By Tia and Tony (80/100) - The party had started to wind down early. It was only 10:30 and it just seemed to be too early to call it a night....Slut Wife
    11/10/2004 - Art class (80/100) - Mona Herron entered the studio and was glad to see that all six of her students were present and ready to begin...Group Sex
    08/27/2012 - Caught her (80/100) - This is a true story it happened about 15 yrs ago when Kim was around 35 yrs old .We had just moved to another...Slut Wife Sex
    08/29/2012 - Riverbank - I Spy (part 2) (80/100) - Eager to repeat the experience, you return to the river bank at midday for the next few days, keeping an eye out...
    11/18/2004 - Reduction (80/100) - Carolyn Engel sat in the outer office of Dr. Matthews office paging through the latest weekly news magazine...Straight
    06/17/2010 - Laundry Room Love (80/100) - It was Sunday again, and the weather was just that...a melancholy blue and shadowed afternoon, cool to the touch. ...Straight
    10/03/2012 - My Dream in History (80/100) - My Dream always starts out the same I am in a spring swimming naked without a care in the world out in the woods...
    02/02/2005 - The Voyeur (80/100) - Marie Jenkins closed her eyes while rotating her head as she tried to work the kinks out of her tired neck and...Voyeur
    04/21/2005 - Grandmothers House (80/100) - "How long has it been since we visited nana," Ashlyn asked her mother while thumbing though a magazine!?! "Oh, at...Lesbian
    12/28/2009 - Tame me (80/100) - Her hills making a hollow sound as her foot hits the pavement. The rain muffles the sound of cars passing by..she...Fiction Sex
    07/03/2008 - I got him (80/100) - A young guy moved in about half a mile from me three months ago, and the first time I saw him I knew I wanted to...Gay
    12/09/2004 - Mama Knows Best (80/100) - "Oh, mom," Hillary moaned, "I think Tommy only likes me because of my boobs, I wish that just once a guy would pay...Teen Sex
    04/06/2005 - Black Male (80/100) - Marie carefully checked her dark hair and smoothed her night gown before reaching reaching for the front door knob...Interracial Sex
    08/19/2004 - The librarian (80/100) - Ryan pushed the heavy cart containing at least on hundred books down the narrow library aisles, stopping...Straight
    05/21/2007 - The Bookstore (80/100) - She walked into the bookstore anxiously. She was supposed to meet an old love interest there about five minutes...Straight
    09/20/2012 - My Hot Wife!!! (80/100) - My wifes name is Lori. She is very outgoing and attractive. I enjoy watching her flirt with other men and see them...Voyeur
    09/30/2004 - Special delivery (80/100) - Danielle set down her reading and got up to answer the front door. When she opened it, there was a special...Straight
    04/23/2012 - Lunch Break (80/100) - Typical Monday running late again, the boss was away, which was a blessing in disguise because the day I had, well...Straight Sex
    10/08/2012 - Honeymoon by Sexuality (80/100) - "oh yeah!! OH YEAH!! GIVE IT TO ME" anyone could hear my screams through out the neighborhood I was sure. This was...
    10/23/2012 - Internet Meeting with Stranger (80/100) - I remember every min of one of my most wild sexual experiences of life. At the time I was 19. I was working a full...Straight Sex
    02/07/2005 - He She (80/100) - "I think he looks just darling," Margo said enthusiastically, "I actually believe he could pass, what do you...Fetish
    02/19/2009 - Sneak Preview (79/100) - “Baby how does this look on me,” I asked my husband, about the mini dress that I had on. “It looks good on...Straight Sex
    01/24/2008 - Hot young pussy (79/100) - My buddies had a block party last summer, kind of a pre-poker run party to kick off the four day holiday weekend....Straight
    10/04/2004 - Fired (79/100) - Glenda stumbled from Mr. Avery's office with her eyes full of tears. This couldn't be happening to her, she had...Lesbian
    12/27/2004 - Blind Date (79/100) - Tyler couldn't believe this girl!!! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he...Group Sex
    09/30/2004 - Bouncy (79/100) - Karen tapped Steffi on the shoulder and told her that Miss Peters wanted to see her in her office right away....Slut Wife Sex
    09/30/2009 - Big Cock Loving Wife (79/100) - Okay, I know there are probably sluttier wives out there than me, but I can’t speak for them. All I can tell...Slut Wife Sex
    02/02/2012 - Jacuzzi Fun (79/100) - For as long as I could remember I was very protective of my girlfriends. The thought of another guy seeing my...Straight
    03/11/2005 - The Dentist Is In (79/100) - "What's next on the agenda, Carol," Dr. Cameron Fixx asked his nurse, "nothing tough I hope!?!" "No such luck,"...Straight
    09/04/2012 - My pantyhose neighbor is HOT (79/100) - Im going to start a few months ago they had been remodeling the house next door. Nice little house three bedroom...Fetish
    08/31/2004 - The cruise (79/100) - Maureen O'Connell strolled leisurely down the pier, taking in all the sights and sounds that surrounded the...Lesbian
    04/27/2005 - The Teacher 2 (79/100) - "We have a lot of work to do if you're going to finish this project by Friday," Miss Haller said while reviewing...Lesbian
    11/07/2004 - The candidate (79/100) - "........and it my opponent wants to run on a platform of higher taxes, then the voters will have will have a...Straight
    04/25/2012 - Shy Wife Satisfied by Stranger (79/100) - My wife grew up in a very conservative Christian home where there was no such thing as sex before marriage, all...Interracial Sex
    05/29/2005 - Posing (79/100) - "I wonder what we'll being painting tonight," Sharon said to her classmate, Hazel, as both they and five or six...Group Sex
    01/11/2010 - Random Meeting in The Library (79/100) - There you were in the library looking through the books, rushing home from work your work clothes still on. I...Straight
    08/23/2013 - A night at the gym (79/100) - I am heading to the gym late as usual. Damn I thought that I would get here earlier. The place is alive with...Group Sex
    09/14/2012 - Broken Fantasy Part 1 (79/100) - When I was 25 I was fortunate enough to find the woman of my dreams. Teri was beautiful and kind. She has long...Interracial Sex
    08/06/2013 - Cabin Paradise (79/100) - "I cannot believe I let you talk me into coming out here." I told Keeley. "You know you wanted to come out...Voyeur
    03/17/2010 - Internet Pussy Teaser (79/100) - I stood looking out of the hotel window.The butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t settle.Any moment he would be...Straight Sex
    06/20/2005 - Awakenings (79/100) - Valerie carefully slid her fingers across the bumps that protruded from the pages on her book, ocassionally...Straight
    07/21/2004 - Home Economics (79/100) - The girls in the senior Home Economics class were milling around and talking as the bell to start the fifth period...Lesbian
    06/20/2005 - Jock Strap (79/100) - "Sarah, can you please lock up for me today," Mr. James asked while putting on his trench cost, "I'm meeting my...Teen Sex
    12/29/2009 - Watching a Fantasy (79/100) - This is my fantasy. You are sitting on the couch, dressed in a short skirt and a slightly loose white T shirt. You...Straight Sex
    08/25/2008 - Across the Hall (79/100) - Out of habit I tightened the tie on my shorty silk robe, before swinging open my front door intending to grab the...Straight
    03/18/2010 - Some black dude named Berry (79/100) - I had always liked to masturbate to interracial porn. Especially black guys banging white girls. My wife is a...Interracial Sex
    06/17/2005 - Caught in the act 2 (79/100) - Mickey glanced up and down the hall checking to make sure that the coast was clear, and when he was satisfied that...Teen Sex
    05/09/2012 - Pantyhose Dream Cum True (79/100) - I have to tell you pantyhose fans, a man's pantyhose fantasy came true this past weekend. I'm still sitting here...Fetish
    09/11/2004 - St. tropez (79/100) - Amber strolled down the beach, marveling at the sheer beauty of the strip of sand know around the world as St....Slut Wife Sex
    11/25/2004 - Panty Boy Part Two (79/100) - "Timmy, dear" Cassandra said while reading morning paper at the breakfast table, "I have a convention in New...Fetish
    12/20/2004 - Sorority Sisters Diary Part Two (79/100) - October 3 Dear Diary, Kim here and glad to be back at Tech, it was a really nice visit back home in St. Louis,...Lesbian
    12/17/2004 - The Professor (79/100) - Alan stared at the paper for at least a minute, almost unable to believe what he was seeing, as the big red "C" in...Straight
    08/23/2004 - The fitting (79/100) - "Awwww mom, do I hafta," cried Judy Kilmer!?! "Now be quiet and sit still," her mother admonished her, "we'll be...Lesbian
    08/23/2004 - The guidance councelor (79/100) - While Emma Jelkon sat in her office waiting for her next appointment to show up, she looked at her appointment...Straight
    01/18/2012 - Abigail Valentine. [Part 1] (79/100) - Abigail Valentine, the few friends she has call her Abby. She's a very shy girl, smart too. You could say she's...Teen Sex
    01/17/2012 - The Sunset (79/100) - My buddy picked me up from the airport. We have spoken over the web hundreds of times and have talked over the...Gay
    07/24/2009 - Allie How it Started (79/100) - My story starts six years ago when I began dating the woman who became my wife. It had been about a year or so...Straight
    06/23/2010 - Sallys Breakfast (79/100) - A warm Sunday morning saw Sally at home alone in her small suburban flat. She was feeling a little seedy from a...Straight
    09/08/2004 - Water torture (79/100) - Vienna, Austria, 1944. Ilsa Hoffmeyer knew instinctively that she was in deep trouble. The two men in leather...Fiction
    10/10/2012 - Inseminating Kelly (79/100) - It was your typical hot June night and I was as horny as any man that hadn't gotten laid in a while. At work we...Straight Sex
    11/12/2012 - Just A Little Ride (79/100) - It had been one of those hot and steamy days, you know how hot Texas gets in the summer, especially in July....Straight
    03/10/2008 - Infidelity (79/100) - Kate was newly married to John Newport, a young businessperson, who had his own auto-parts manufacturing factory...Slut Wife Sex
    12/05/2004 - Delivery Man (79/100) - Jeremy rang the front bell and waited several seconds until the door swung open and a middle aged man invited him...Group Sex
    11/09/2004 - Tease me!!! (78/100) - "Vance, stop that," Jeanne admonished her husband, "the children will hear us!!!" "Stop what," he teased, while...Straight
    01/03/2005 - A Friend In Need (78/100) - "What's the matter, Jan," Alana asked while maneuvering her new SUV through suburban traffic, "you haven't said...Lesbian
    10/14/2004 - Gender disfunction (78/100) - Ginger and Steffi each took a chair in front of Dr. Winslow's desk and waited for her to speak. Looking up from a...Lesbian
    07/30/2012 - The Hen Weekend (78/100) - When she first got invited on the Hen Weekend, Sophie had some serious doubts about whether she should go or not. ...Group Sex
    09/28/2012 - Friday Night Special (78/100) - Some people have their own little traditions. For Luke and Kate, it was Friday night movies. Every Friday Luke...Straight
    08/20/2008 - Jackie, Amber, And The Pool Boy (78/100) - Hi, I’m Jackie and I’d love to tell you a story. My husband Bob and I were doing a long weekend at a rented...Group Sex
    06/24/2010 - New friends & experiences! (78/100) - My name is Jenny & I’m not far from the dreaded 50. People tell me that I am well kept & I’ve worked hard to...Group Sex
    07/30/2012 - A walk to remember (78/100) - Yet again her husband was dragging her on one of his cross country rambles. They were supposed to be away for a...Slut Wife
    10/16/2007 - Airplane Tease (78/100) - As i boarded the flight and turned to the right to walk down the isle and find my seat, I thought about the girl I...Straight
    04/18/2012 - The Internship (78/100) - It was a month ago that Ashlynn Kaye received the letter from Gabriel Ressen that notified her of her acceptance...Straight Sex
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    09/14/2012 - First Time Lesbian (78/100) - It was all bit unexpected. There was me. And her. We hadn't been close friends but I had invited her over for a...Lesbian
    11/23/2004 - Womens Club (78/100) - The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves...Fetish
    04/28/2009 - Erics mom (78/100) - I had gone out to the lake with Eric and his parents for the weekend. Erics mom is hot. She had been teasing me...Straight
    08/05/2004 - Amy And Joanne III (78/100) - Prologue: Joanne has just confessed to her best friend Amy that she has taken steroids and the her clit has grown...Lesbian
    08/22/2013 - True story (78/100) - This is a true story that happened to me in the early 70's. I worked for a company that supplied machinery to...Slut Wife Sex
    09/19/2012 - I just cant get enough (78/100) - I am a woman with a good job in a male dominated environment. I earn good money have a successful husband and 3...Slut Wife
    01/27/2005 - The Fitting 2 (78/100) - This was the one day of the year Molly hated to go shopping!!! No, she hadn't lost her feminine drive to load up...Lesbian
    06/22/2004 - Hard Nipples (78/100) - Steffi Lange swep into her office with a grim look on her face while her executive assistant, Shelly Engel, rolled...Lesbian
    09/27/2004 - Barber shop (78/100) - Bailey hopped out of the cab and strode into the "Intimate Hair Salon" stopping at the front desk to confirm her...Fiction
    12/29/2007 - Dominated (78/100) - "What the hell am I doing here at this hour," Carl said out loud to no one in particular, "man was not made to...Fetish
    08/05/2013 - When Mare Met Ariel (78/100) - I read an e-mail from my online friend Ariel Paola, saying that she would be flying into New York this weekend for...Interracial Sex
    11/22/2004 - The Intruder (78/100) - Judy lay in her bed reading a book while the ten p.m. news played in the back ground. She was so engrossed by the...Fetish
    05/26/2005 - Sex Ed The Girls Class (78/100) - Helen Boyer surveyed glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with...Teen Sex
    03/22/2005 - Shaved and Relaxed (78/100) - Veronica rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to ease some pain of the wide bra straps that were cutting into...Lesbian
    11/07/2004 - The widower (78/100) - Myron Baker was in a funk, his wife of thirty nine years had just passed away a month ago, and he was still...Straight
    05/29/2009 - Mila & Kara 2 (78/100) - Kara sits on her bed one rainy day in Durango while reading the poetry book her girlfriend have her on their one...Lesbian
    01/18/2008 - Same old things (78/100) - I` am Stacy, pretty girl without being beautiful but with all the nice and good things that makes men salivate...Group Sex
    06/22/2004 - Mission A Mercy (78/100) - Becky really enjoyed her afternoons working as a volunteer at the local hospital. Sometimes she would read to a...Straight
    03/14/2008 - The Reunion by FantasyWeaver (78/100) - Things were going along fine in Trace's life after graduating from college with his Masters degree. At 26 he had a...Straight
    06/09/2010 - Our First Threesome (78/100) - We had been married for a few years, and had an active, indeed at times, rampant, sex life. But like all couples,...Group Sex
    12/17/2004 - Student Teacher (78/100) - " if you inverse these two coefficients and multiply by the square root of base, you will be able to...Lesbian
    06/03/2013 - My Confession by Cowgirl 88 (78/100) - Before I married my husband,I was an exotic dancer,very good on the pole. Kept in good physical shape,125 lbs. ...Interracial Sex
    12/23/2004 - Potty (78/100) - "Please hurry," Winnie begged, "I can't hold it much longer!!!" Janet gunned the big Ford as she peeled around...Fetish
    05/23/2013 - Summer Invitation (78/100) - When Candice accepted Corys invitation to stay for the week, she didnt think too much of it. She needed a place...Teen Sex
    08/27/2012 - Riverbank - I Spy (78/100) - You feel a bump and a splash on your face as the little boat hits the bank of the river. You tip the kind old man...Group Sex
    06/07/2013 - Taboo (78/100) - As she stood in the shower with the hot water cascading over her nakedness, she could not help but to think of the...Straight
    05/18/2012 - The Office Party (78/100) - A ring tone sounded from his phone he takes it from his pocket and discovers a text message from Gina. Ill be...Straight
    11/01/2004 - The gift (78/100) - Rachel Gimbel pulled into the church parking lot while glancing at her watch, it was early in the morning, about...Fiction
    12/27/2004 - The Gym Teacher Part One (78/100) - "Samantha, would you please step into my office, I have something I would like to discuss with you!?!" "Uh, yes,...Lesbian
    07/06/2004 - A Spike And a Pussy (78/100) - "What a day," Pamela Watkins sighed while filling her brief case with paper work. It had been a long day, court...Lesbian
    10/23/2007 - My Neighbor (78/100) - I was still in high school at the time and I was suffering from 'senioritis' I was a senior and it was a Monday in...Teen Sex
    09/11/2004 - Door to door (78/100) - Helen Argyll walked smartly up the front walk, up the three stairs, and firmly pressed the doorbell button and...Lesbian
    06/16/2004 - Under The Table (78/100) - Cori stuck her head into Jake's office and asked if he was ready to go to lunch. "Sure am," he said, while jumping...Fiction
    02/02/2012 - He was Long, Thick n Full of Cum (78/100) - My husband has a small penis and I know from previous experience that size matters to some extent.
    Slut Wife Sex
    05/20/2007 - Little tommys boner (78/100) - Rat-a-tat-tat! The banging on the back door could only mean one thing, Tommy was here to play with Jimmy. Without...Slut Wife Sex
    05/16/2012 - On the terrace with another couple for a cocktail (78/100) - We invite the guy we know from the previous novel over to my house for a drink. He asks if he can bring a girl to...Group Sex
    08/26/2004 - After school (78/100) - Tommy stared out the class room window, his mind a thousand miles away from the from "Silas Marner", the seventh...Group Sex
    01/03/2005 - Phenom (78/100) - She had all of the shots and a lot more, and even though she was only eighteen, the other pros on the...Lesbian
    11/02/2004 - The coed (78/100) - Madelyn opened the front door and invited in her young visitor while yelling over her shoulder, "Vic, hurry up and...Group Sex
    11/11/2004 - Treatment (78/100) - The intercom buzzed on Miss Watkins' desk, and a the soft voice of Dr. Winters nurse, Andrea Hartman, requested...Group Sex
    10/05/2004 - Frisco (78/100) - Lisa Rivers couldn't believe she was finally here-CASTRO STREET!!! Being gay and from a small town in Kentucky,...Lesbian
    04/11/2013 - Earning It (78/100) - I walked in the guys locker room at 4:30 knowing this was my only chance to win. My name is Cheryl and at 511...Teen Sex
    12/14/2004 - Hostage (78/100) - "I would like to propose a toast," Dean Litton announced, "here's to everyone who made last year one of the best...Interracial Sex
    05/25/2012 - Girls Night Out (78/100) - It was a girl's night one summer day. My best friend Cammy and another acquaintance named Amy and I had decided to...Lesbian
    08/13/2012 - Wife on Christmas Eve (78/100) - After a year of marriage Gina and I had a very healthy sexual appetite. We enjoyed having sex daily and could be...Slut Wife Sex
    05/07/2013 - The Fountain Woman Part 1 (78/100) - "Oh my love, I have waited for this for so long." he said "Come closer and show me what you --" "CUT!" yelled...
    06/15/2010 - Frustrated (78/100) - Estelle returned home from another date that went no where. Frustrated, Estelle showered and went to bed, but she...Straight
    08/08/2012 - Backpackers confusion (78/100) - It was a complete darkness when I opened my eyes. I barely could distinguish the curved shape of an arm and hip...Straight
    06/11/2013 - My wifes friend visits (78/100) - An old friend of my wifes was back in the country on a business trip, he had contacted us to see if we wanted to...Slut Wife
    01/28/2008 - Big Black Cock (78/100) - I love to dress like a tease when I go places. I love the way men look at me and smile a dirty smile. I love the...Interracial Sex
    11/12/2007 - I Like To Watch!!! (78/100) - I had always wanted to watch my wife with another man and finally with enough coaxing I got my wish. It all...Slut Wife Sex
    06/28/2005 - Shower Boys (78/100) - Jimmy stood over in the corner of the shower room all alone while shyly soaping up his overly thin one hundred...Gay
    07/01/2010 - Managing Mandy (77/100) - Let me start this by telling you about who Mandy is. Mandy is 41 years old. Mandy is a petite little thing....Straight
    07/20/2010 - Working Overtime (77/100) - It was month end and Steve, Niki and Cindy were burning the midnight oil to get the month end reports filed and...Group Sex
    09/01/2004 - Merry Go Round (Part One) (77/100) - Seth was happy in his work at the Fairground. He had been born into the life and there were few people in the...Fiction
    10/06/2008 - Road Crew Hottie (77/100) - I am a construction worker and the company I work for specializes in highway and interstate repairs, as well as...Straight
    01/15/2010 - The Zipper Watcher (77/100) - My name is Shela. I'm married to to a successful business man. My husband has to travel a lot and is sometimes...Straight
    10/10/2004 - The potion (77/100) - While Mr. Duncan's senior world history lecture droned on and on, it was all Tommy Farrell could do to keep his...Teen Sex
    03/26/2010 - Met at Michaels (77/100) - We used to love hanging out at Michael's Cafe in Bensalem, PA. This is what happened one night:
    Inez said...
    Group Sex
    01/27/2012 - From virgin to playboy in one night (77/100) - This story happened when i was in my last year in highschool. I was still a virgin back then and I didn't have a...Teen Sex
    07/21/2008 - Security Alert (77/100) - I love my husband with all of my heart but he leaves me alone in our huge house while he travels with his company....Straight
    04/18/2012 - But I'm Married. . . (77/100) - Please dont get the wrong impression. I love my husband. It was only circumstance and a whirlwind of emotions...Slut Wife Sex
    11/28/2004 - Blackmail (77/100) - Alex slowly pushed his rolling trash receptacle from desk to desk, stopping at each one to empty the small trash...Straight
    10/10/2004 - Security (77/100) - "Ace Security, Dan speaking, how may I help you, please!" "Hi," the feminine voice on the other end of the line...Voyeur
    05/29/2005 - House Call (77/100) - Elena sat nervously paging through her magazine for the tenth time while her husband, Tom, said, "Try to relax,...Interracial Sex
    02/22/2005 - The Wish (77/100) - "How much is this," Ben called to the proprietor of the junk/antique shop!?! "What have ya got there, sonny," the...Fiction
    10/21/2004 - The workout (77/100) - "You don't mind working out at my place tonight, do you," asked Fran? "No, that's no problem," Dani replied, "as...Interracial Sex
    08/10/2012 - The Greatest One-Night Stand (77/100) - His name was Manfried Wholmer; named after some Aryan Nobility to which he may or may not have been related. No...Straight
    10/30/2007 - Slut wife (77/100) - My wife Joy and I have always enjoyed reading letters and stories about a lifestyle we have found to be exciting...Slut Wife Sex
    06/22/2004 - Puffies (77/100) - Tara looked in the mirror and admired her slim tan body. 5'7" tall, 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and not a...Teen Sex
    10/24/2007 - New Years F****ing Eve (77/100) - The party was for the most part ok, but it seemed to lack a little intensity. Carrie, was looking hot though. This...Straight
    12/05/2004 - Bare Bottom (77/100) - Mrs. Larson glanced at her assignment book and announced to the class, "Everyone open up your texts to page 135...Group Sex
    05/14/2013 - Seducing the Pastors wife (77/100) - This is my first time of writing a story like this but if users find it interesting then I will write many more of...Slut Wife
    12/02/2004 - Incontinence (77/100) - Molly was sitting in the fourth row and trying to act interested while Professor Dixon droned on about the rules...Fetish
    12/14/2004 - Bath House (77/100) - "God, I needed this," Ellie said to her husband Brad, "there's just something about a whirlpool bath that just...Slut Wife Sex
    11/24/2004 - The Amulet Part One (77/100) - The auctioneer droned on, " who'll give me twenty dollar, twenty dollar, twenty dollar, who'll give me twenty...Fetish
    09/19/2012 - Touch me & lick me (77/100) - "Ring ring" screams my phone & I rush to answer it. "Hello" I answer "Hey, its me Amber, I was calling to see...Lesbian
    07/13/2005 - The Candle Treatment (77/100) - Dr. Sierra Clark sat quietly while Ethan and Sydney Harmon related their failed attempts at sexual intercousre for...Fiction
    11/11/2004 - The prisoner (77/100) - "Sit down, Beth," the warden exclaimed while nodding towards an empty chair, "I like to speak to each new inmate...Lesbian
    09/24/2012 - Shopping Made Interesting (77/100) - David was shopping one day, he glanced up and noticed that a girl was looking at him eyes that showed she wanted...Straight Sex
    06/22/2004 - Two Girls (77/100) - While Maggie sat at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cold cereal she didn't even hear her mother speaking...Lesbian
    11/10/2004 - Young and old (77/100) - "Please be seated Mrs. Gordon," Samantha Oliver said, "I've been just been looking over your application and...Slut Wife Sex
    11/28/2004 - Ravished (77/100) - "Are you sure you want to go," Jeff asked Gail, "I hear it gets pretty wild, and you're never really sure how far...Group Sex
    09/13/2012 - Lovingly Forced (77/100) - We got in the room, brushed our teeth, and she climbed into bed. I caught a glimpse that she didn't have panties...Straight Sex
    06/05/2012 - By Hook or By Cock (77/100) - "Just find someone and ask him!"
    In the stall behind me sat three girls. I could see them because...
    Group Sex
    10/05/2007 - Audience Participation Part 3 (last one) (77/100) - This story takes place a month after "Audience Participation Act Two." The same four main characters meet again...Group Sex
    12/05/2012 - Selling of my butt (77/100) - It was about nine in the evening and coming to the end of the summer and the evenings were pulling in but it was...Straight
    06/01/2012 - In The Office (77/100) - He came up behind me while I was organizing my desk. With his arms wrapped around my waist he whispered in my ear,...Straight
    02/08/2013 - Facefucked (77/100) - "Do I really have to go through with this?" I asked, feigning disinterest. In reality, my cock was growing...Gay
    11/09/2004 - The girl friend (77/100) - "What a nice evening," Dina Corbin thought to herself as she slipped into the shower and let the hot stinging jets...Lesbian
    11/20/2004 - Garbage Man (77/100) - Nancy watched through her kitchen window as the big trash compactor moved down the street towards her house. She...Slut Wife Sex
    08/07/2013 - Back Room Pleasure (77/100) - It was a fine Saturday afternoon. I roamed around Mercer Street in lower Manhattan and eventually lingered at a...Interracial Sex
    08/21/2013 - Guilty fun with a stripper (77/100) - I am angry at myself, and my husband, I'm mad at myself because I did something uncharacteristic and shameful. I...Slut Wife Sex
    07/21/2004 - Blonde in the orient #2 (77/100) - As Marla wiggled her ass in the face of the half drunken Japanese businessman he reached out and slipped his hand...Interracial Sex
    07/18/2004 - The Strong Arm Of The Law (and more intimate parts) (77/100) - Why is that some people seem to have the idea that Policewomen are Lesbians? I have worked for five years as an...Straight
    08/21/2013 - Learning curve with Francesca (77/100) - Being with Francesca is always like a tonic and I feel completely at ease with her idiosyncrasies Like the way...Straight
    10/30/2012 - Fool around games (77/100) - This is a story about a very conservative wife that started slow sexually but came around to a wide variey of sex...
    06/22/2004 - The Switch (77/100) - Frank couldn't wait to get home to show Claire the new toy he had picked up while a trip to Amsterdam,...Slut Wife Sex
    05/19/2005 - The Fringes (77/100) - Frank Cotter pressed the button on his intercom and said, "Send in the next applicant, Miss Brooks," and as an...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Reunion (77/100) - Scott Ruden drummed his fingers on the leather covered steering wheel, keeping time with the beat coming from car...Straight
    05/01/2012 - Bachelor Party Surprise (77/100) - My fiance Judy and I have known each other since high school. My name is Ken and we are both in our early 30s now...Voyeur
    01/15/2008 - Wifes Best Friend (77/100) - After moving to the midwest, I had the oppportunity to return to Southern California on business. One morning, I...Straight
    04/24/2012 - First Swap (77/100) - Roger and Annett were very close friends with Shawn and Cindy. The two couples seemed to do everything together...Slut Wife
    05/15/2012 - A Fun Night Out (77/100) - You were getting off of work and you checked your phone. There was a txt from me telling you that you should...Group Sex
    04/18/2005 - Tha Academy Part Two (77/100) - PROLOGUE FROM PART ONE: Kenny Thomas is an eighteen year old senior who has spent the first three years of his...Teen Sex
    12/07/2004 - Home Economics Part Two (77/100) - Libby lay quietly on Miss Ulbright's desk top, her mind floating away after experiencing her first orally induced...Lesbian
    09/17/2012 - King for the Day (77/100) - He opens the card I slipped into his bag this morning. Today you are the king. Whatever you wish will come...Straight
    09/05/2012 - Birthday Treat part 1 (77/100) - You are a young professional lingerie model, a brunette with a face of an angel and a Victoria Secret body. Your...
    11/24/2004 - Part Time Job (77/100) - It had been over three weeks now since Lindy and her boyfriend had broken up and the sexual tension that had...Teen Sex
    10/05/2007 - Audience Participation (Part 2) (76/100) - This story takes place three weeks after "Audience Participation - Part One." The same four main characters meet...Group Sex
    10/26/2004 - Subliminal cuts (76/100) - Jack Deavers was setting up the video tape machine when the students to his advanced honors course in ancient...Teen Sex
    09/07/2012 - First lesbian fuck (76/100) - I am a straight girl, who loves sex with men. But I had a lesbian experience that still makes my pussy wet...Lesbian
    02/19/2013 - This is Just For You and I (76/100) - Megan was alone all alone in her room, lying on her bed sheets. Waiting to be undressed because shes feeling so...Straight
    06/10/2013 - Wife Goodbye to Coffee Boy (76/100) - My wife is 36, really fit, long blond hair very pert 34c breasts, we have been married for 12 years and have both...Slut Wife Sex
    04/10/2009 - The Lonely Office (76/100) - Cheryl worked in an office as a purchasing agent, and there was a large group of office workers that liked to get...Straight
    10/10/2004 - Desperation !!! (76/100) - Donna Gilbert was desperate! Her husband of thirty eight years had suddenly passed away, leaving her not only...Straight
    12/22/2009 - The Foot Slave (76/100) - Nervously my finger pressed the buzzer, within ten seconds the release mechanism clicked and opened the door, I...Fetish
    11/25/2004 - Panty Boy Part One (76/100) - As Cassandra got off the elevator at her penthouse apartment that over looked Lake Michigan she groaned a little...Fetish
    06/29/2012 - Relationship with Pooja (76/100) - Hello to all you who visit this site. I just drool over all the exciting & mind-boggling stories of this...Straight
    06/16/2004 - The Salesgirl (76/100) - Kathy stood by the front door of Cox Shoe Store waiting for the last few customers of the day leave. It was almost...Fiction
    03/23/2010 - Sexy Texty (76/100) - My wife sent me a few text messages telling me how horny she was. They were very steamy and very descriptive. I...Straight
    10/17/2007 - Fuck Marathon (76/100) - My story begins in a downtown parking lot. After having several drinks in the club "Rose" suggested that we go to...Straight
    11/28/2004 - Sugah (76/100) - Jack peeked out from underneath the covers at the digital clock on the night stand and moaned, "Six thirty...Lesbian
    08/17/2012 - The Witches Of Bliss (76/100) - The Legend Legend has it that long ago a coven of evil witches practicing dark magic made a deal with...Fiction
    01/31/2005 - Control 2 (76/100) - "Well excuse me young man," the old biddy snapped at Jason as he wedged his way onto the 151 line bus on his way...Fiction
    02/11/2013 - Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey (76/100) - Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! Im not exactly sure how or when it started but Eric has been waking me up every...Teen Sex
    08/24/2012 - Alone At Home (76/100) - My boyfriend and I had just finished class and decided to head back to his house since I had a few hours to kill...Teen Sex
    09/30/2004 - The athletic club (76/100) - Mitchell stood under the needle like water jets in communal shower at the at the athletic club he had been...Gay
    05/13/2010 - Dirty Penny (76/100) - "What are you doing Aaron?" Penny giggled as she tried to keep her balance.
    "Sorry, but your hair smells...
    07/11/2008 - Awesome dildo (76/100) - A few years ago my wife, Amy volunteered to help out with a project at work. My assistant, Debbie, and I were...Group Sex
    05/23/2007 - Football celebration (76/100) - New England 3, Dallas 0. That's how it started. Joy and I had to go out that night to celebrate. So we went down...Slut Wife Sex
    10/01/2004 - Baby smooth (76/100) - Samantha sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide apart while she very carefully maneuvered the safety...Lesbian
    04/07/2010 - My Music Teacher (76/100) - It was a dark and humid day at school when I first glimpsed her pussy. It was during class, and she was my music...Straight
    09/06/2004 - Caught in the act (76/100) - We all do it, masturbate that is, every day for some, once a month for others, but a recent poll said that 90% of...Teen Sex
    06/21/2004 - The Fraternity (76/100) - The campus at State U. was so big, and Pete couldn't get over that fact as he walked across the Quad on this first...Gay
    08/08/2012 - The Terminator (76/100) - One night I decided to head to this party. I heard that "The Terminator" was coming. The terminator was this guy...Straight Sex
    06/14/2007 - A Tahnksgiving To Remember (76/100) - This was going to be a Thanksgiving to remember....a lonely one. I'd broken up with the woman I thought was...Straight
    06/30/2004 - Lingerie Sales (76/100) - "God, what a day," Brenda commented to fellow sales girl, Rene, "it's just been one customer after another!"...Fiction
    12/30/2004 - The Party (76/100) - "Oh come on Phyllis, it'll be fun," Brenda pleaded, "you're always saying how you never get a chance to meet...Straight
    10/09/2012 - Night Deposit (76/100) - Her name was Becky and she worked at the bank downtown. The first time I saw her I fell in lust with her beautiful...Straight Sex
    10/26/2012 - The pool party (76/100) - Andrew and I had been neighbours for a while, I would often dream about his silky brown hair and puppy dog brown...Teen Sex
    11/20/2004 - Honeymooners (76/100) - "Well," Beth asked after taking another sip of coffee, "how do you think Jamie likes married life???" "Mmmmmm,"...Interracial Sex
    12/27/2004 - The Gym Teacher Part Two (76/100) - It had been three weeks since Miss Denton had confronted Samantha about her propensity to omit taking her post gym...Lesbian
    04/23/2012 - Reaching ecstasy (76/100) - I could taste the sticky sweet champagne on his tongue as it gently slides across mine. My hands trace across his...Straight Sex
    11/01/2007 - A Rough night (76/100) - Gerald woke with a start. His mind full of dark dreams. A throbbing erection reminding him of the potent source...Gay
    06/16/2004 - The Principal`s Office (76/100) - Miranda looked again through her back pack, "It's just not here," she thought, as she shuffled the notes she had...Fetish
    05/30/2012 - Closet Watch (76/100) - Im an executive secretary for a local engineering firm, a single mom supporting a 21-year-old college aged...Voyeur
    07/14/2004 - All Secure - a genuinely true story of last summer in Southern England (76/100) - The days sailing had been so relaxing a warm sunny day, a gentle breeze, calm sea and just the two of us...Straight
    06/17/2005 - Unexpected Encounter (76/100) - "Boy this is the life," Annette mumbled out loud while slathering her naked body with a generous helping of sun...Straight
    01/17/2012 - Four From The Woods (76/100) - Hazel lay on the back lawn. It was a rare hot, sunny day in North Wales and she had decided to make the most of...Group Sex
    10/10/2004 - The best of both worlds (76/100) - Cassandra Sprocket climbed out of the large multi person whirl pool tub and began drying herself off. Eyeing...Interracial Sex
    10/21/2004 - Water supply (76/100) - Harry looked around to see if anyone was looking, and said out loud to himself, "Good, the coast is clear," and...Group Sex
    06/12/2013 - Slow Rider (76/100) - Her breasts jiggled, quivering with excitement as she slipped tacitly from her revealing robe. The pink of her...Straight
    07/05/2004 - Addicted (76/100) - June Walker fidgeted nervously in her seat while waiting for Dr. Sherman. "How did she get herself into these...Lesbian
    06/14/2005 - A Bad Habit (76/100) - "What are we going to do with that girl," a very frustrated Marie Downs asked her husband, "she's eighteen years...Lesbian
    02/07/2005 - The Mile High Club (76/100) - ".....we'll be cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet with and air speed of 480 knots, the weather is clear and...Straight
    06/04/2012 - Game, Set and Snatch (76/100) - I live near public tennis courts. I go there not to play, but to check out the talent. One sunny morning I was...Straight
    11/29/2004 - Enema Girl (76/100) - "Follow me, please," Chrissy said to Melanie while leading her to a room in the rear of the house, "have you been...Fetish
    04/23/2010 - The Barracks (75/100) - I had been with my boyfriend Bruce, for just under a year, when I was invited to attend the Christmas Ball at his...Straight
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    10/14/2004 - Teacher's pet (75/100) - The music was a little loud for Kaye's taste, but the students seemed to be having a good time, and Kaye didn't...Straight
    05/29/2009 - Sweet Surprise (75/100) - December stared out her window somberly. She was bored, and turned on. She needed a distraction. She picked up...Straight
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    12/07/2004 - Home Economics Part One (75/100) - "All right everyone," Miss Ulbright said to her senior girls home economics class, "two things before the end of...Lesbian
    12/05/2007 - Suprise Meeting (75/100) - I see you are sitting at your desk on the phone with a customer and you glance over at your computer to see you...Straight
    12/09/2004 - The Photographer (75/100) - "You do understand the nature of the photographs we'll be shooting," Carl asked, "I just want to get everything...Straight
    04/14/2010 - Xmas (75/100) - She was waiting for him in the room, she had given him the number as she had gotten there early to prepare for his...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Visitor (75/100) - Gwen anxiously climbed the stairs to the apartment she shared with her room mate, Anna, who had promised her a big...Lesbian
    05/01/2005 - Passion (75/100) - This vacation was turning out to be a disaster, no, that wasn't quite right, more like a big disappointment, but...Straight
    07/21/2008 - The Locker Room... (75/100) - It’s around 7:00. The hockey team crowds into the overheated, steamy locker room overrun with the stench of...Gay
    11/11/2004 - House guests (75/100) - "I think that you're perverted," Dina said to her husband, Alan, "spying on our guests, you must be out of your...Straight
    01/17/2012 - Forced Training (Phase 1) (75/100) - I was lying in our bed with my heart and mind going a hundred miles an hour. I began to feel scared for my wife,...Fetish
    06/29/2012 - A day at the bookstore (75/100) - I had just turned eighteen an was old enough to go in the bookstore about 15 miles from our house. It was the...Gay
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    10/04/2004 - The substitute (75/100) - Barbara Walker hurried up the steps of Central High, flung open the front door, and proceeded directly to the...Fiction
    06/22/2004 - The Wedding Dress (75/100) - Frannie was in a state of euphoria! Last night Kenny "popped the old question"! They were getting married! She...Lesbian
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    01/17/2012 - Peeping Tom's Little Princess (75/100) - It was a Friday night like any other. I had finished the little homework that I had and planned on spending a...Teen Sex
    06/21/2004 - Blonde in The Orient (75/100) - Hillary Bond looked out the window as the 747 went into a slow bank lining itself up with the runway. It was...Interracial Sex
    06/30/2005 - Reward (75/100) - "Congratulations, Mz. Perkins," Eilene Branson said as she was taking another call from her receptionist's desk,...Lesbian
    10/04/2012 - How cheating became a fantasy (75/100) - She does not know, but I knew she has been fooling around on me so I decided to follow her to the bar, I saw them...Voyeur
    04/27/2012 - Watching my friend fuck my wife's ass (75/100) - We had been married almost 20 years before our first 3 was not planned even though we had talked about it...Slut Wife
    08/30/2004 - The break in (75/100) - "This was just too easy," thought Vic Tabor, as he carefully opened the unlocked window on the first floor of the...Straight
    10/08/2008 - Boxing Match (75/100) - I've worn leather boxing gloves before, but never to fight. Some years back, I bought a pair for masturbating....Fetish
    06/09/2010 - My Black Cock..A White Girls Story (75/100) - I thought about you all day again, going over in my mind the way we move together, our breathing syncronized with...Interracial Sex
    03/12/2009 - Gangbang - Women In Heat (75/100) - Gangbang - Women In Heat - A Cameraman's Perspective
    I remember the first time I saw Tara. I was the...
    Group Sex
    08/07/2012 - An incredible and erotic end to a night out (75/100) - My story begins one Friday evening in mid November last year. An impecunious student of 20 I dont go out drinking...Group Sex
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    12/23/2004 - The Bridge Party Redux (75/100) - "It's your bid, Kimberly," Marion said, "we don't have all day, you know!!!" "Keep your shirt on," Kimberly...Fiction
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    04/21/2009 - The Massage II (74/100) - I entered the room. I had been so stressed out with the kids that i was glad to have a massage. it was my husbands...Straight
    10/09/2012 - My wife is too much of a slut (74/100) - I am old, or rather relatively older than my wife, Anjali. She is 35 and I am 50. We have two sons, both in...Slut Wife
    04/29/2009 - The Beach (74/100) - You and I meet at a coffee shop near the coast. It is about 6:00 pm. The sun is starting to set and we get into my...Straight
    04/25/2008 - Hairy Buffalo (74/100) - Janet was drunk as hell and having a blast at the camp grounds. Her friend Gina had a camper and had invited a...Straight
    12/06/2004 - Harem Girl Part One (74/100) - She paddled slowly across the large pool and slid silently next to a beautiful Japanese girl and introduced...Lesbian
    06/21/2004 - The Surrogate (74/100) - It was driving Julie Morgan crazy! She couldn't seem to have an orgasm without first imagining herself being...Interracial Sex
    11/19/2004 - Femdom Part One (74/100) - "Of course you'll train Thomas just as I have your father," commented Priscilla to her daughter, Amanda, "once you...Fetish
    11/02/2012 - Delphic (74/100) - Part 1 I was 18 when I acknowledged that I had a fixation with touching myself. Now Im nineteen...Lesbian
    08/01/2012 - Stacys adventure (74/100) - My car had to break down in the middle of nowhere. As I looked around all I could see was a vast expanse of the...Group Sex
    05/30/2012 - Best friend sees my wife nude starts it all (74/100) - We had been married for about 7 years and had a great relationship. The sex life had been kind of dropping off...Slut Wife
    10/20/2004 - The painter (74/100) - "All finished, Mr. Hancock, how do you think it looks," asked Steve. Bob Hancock surveyed the freshly painted...Fetish
    06/16/2004 - Mommy and Boyfriend (74/100) - Linda held her mouth tight over Rink's hardon as it filled her mouth with white hot cum, and as the last jets...Fiction
    07/02/2004 - No Reservations (74/100) - Brenda Olsen stood a little impatiently in line while waiting to register and get a key to her room. "Finally,"...Lesbian
    06/04/2012 - My wife invited her girl friend over and told me to fuck her (74/100) - My wife had a night out with the girls. Judy is a stunning natural blond in her 29th year and my self am 30 this...Slut Wife Sex
    10/21/2004 - Not alone (74/100) - Sharon stood alone at the far end of the locker room, not taking part in the horse play that was taking place not...Slut Wife Sex
    06/12/2013 - White girls love the hood (74/100) - Alex stands about 5 foot 9, 120 pounds and is 20 years old with an amazing body, blonde hair, perky C tits and...Slut Wife
    09/11/2012 - I got her fucked the 1st time by black cock (74/100) - Have no doubt. This story is real. I was working at night in Tampa. My wife had called and I talked her into...Slut Wife
    02/27/2012 - Wild Thing (74/100) - I sat at the end of the bar, asking the bartender for a bottle of beer and nothing else. I was in an off mood and...Group Sex
    09/12/2008 - Home Alone (74/100) - It was another routine night for her, home alone watching TV. As she surfed through channel after channel finding...Group Sex
    06/16/2004 - Shackled (74/100) - God it was hot out! Danny was sweltering as he made his final delivery for Elmo's Finer Foods, the bags of...Fetish
    10/30/2008 - Becoming Anal (74/100) - Melissa was pretty happy, really. At 30 years old, she had her Master\'s degree, had a good job, two little girls,...Straight
    01/10/2005 - Naughty Talk (74/100) - ".......okay, let me see if I've got it all down," Linda said as she finished filling entering the order data into...Straight
    01/23/2008 - Our Trip To Dallas! (74/100) - First of all you should know that I like watching my wife have sex. I had submitted a story about our first...Slut Wife Sex
    11/20/2007 - Magic Touch (74/100) - I had returned from a weekend hiking trip, and my feet were killing me. Fortunately I didn't have any...Straight
    01/31/2008 - Swimming lessons 2 (74/100) - I finally decided at the age of 41 to learn how to swim, all my friends would go off on holiday to Europe, lazing...Lesbian
    02/29/2012 - He made me (74/100) - My first husband and I got married at young age. He joined the army and we moved away from home in Ohio to Ft....Slut Wife Sex
    06/16/2004 - The Plumber (74/100) - Jake was just about finished installing the new hot water heater for Mrs. Drake, as the old one had been leaking...Fetish
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    01/17/2012 - My Private Tutor (74/100) - My teacher and I had a strict relationship in school; at times I thought that he disliked me because of how hard...Teen Sex
    06/22/2004 - Fat Farm Stud (74/100) - Ben sat nervously waiting in Miss Wilkins' office for her to come in and conduct the job interview! He really...Straight
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    10/21/2004 - Equestrian (74/100) - "Oh, I don't know," Angie replied into the phone, "I've got all this house work to do, and I have to pick the kids...Fetish
    04/11/2013 - Her stepfather, his fingers, and his Tongue (74/100) - It was their senior year and everyone in the class was excited as ever. The last year of high school. After that...Teen Sex
    11/02/2004 - Crack in the wall (74/100) - The phone in Brian's dorm room rang three times before he picked it up the receiver and said, "Hello, who is it...Voyeur
    06/21/2004 - Wake Up (74/100) - It was earlier than usual when Tom opened his eyes from a good nights sleep, and while looking over at Gary who...Gay
    04/11/2013 - Friends brother took my virginity (74/100) - Hi, my name is Meredith, and this is the story of how I lost my virginity. It was calm July night, and I was...Teen Sex
    04/11/2013 - Friends forever (74/100) - I lay here staring at your amazing long hair, we're on your bed at your house playing with each others fingers. No...Lesbian
    06/22/2004 - Dad`s Tapes (74/100) - Her dad didn't even know that she knew about his cache of X-rated videos he had hidden on the top shelf of bed...Straight
    05/20/2007 - Allisons story2 (74/100) - "Come 'ere, baby," Vic ordered, as she lolled on the bed with here legs splayed lewdly, and her vagina gaping and...Lesbian
    03/07/2008 - Long time, no see (74/100) - Work had brought me back to my home town for the first time in nearly 8 years.  The old place barely looked to...Straight
    12/20/2004 - Sorority Sisters Diary Part One (74/100) - September 3 Dear Diary, I can't believe I was accepted into the TAU UPSILON OMEGA sorority, it is the absolute...Lesbian
    07/28/2008 - The Meeting (73/100) - I knew instantly that it was you, when I turned around and you were getting out of your truck. I stood for a...Straight
    06/02/2005 - The School For Girls Part Three (73/100) - PROLGUE from part one and two: Quincy Davis has been in a ton of trouble ever since her father passed away, and...Lesbian
    09/27/2004 - The senator (73/100) - Sen. Ingersoll Coolidge stood in the well and in a booming voice that commanded respect even if remarks didn't, as...Gay
    04/09/2009 - Like a Good Neighbor (73/100) - Last year I moved to a small Wisconsin lake. My neighbors Jim and Carolyn introduced themselves and while I found...Straight Sex
    02/18/2009 - Her first gangbang (73/100) - Tiffany was a junior in college and always dreamed of fucking a lot of men at once but never had done it. Tiffany...Group Sex
    03/20/2006 - The study session (73/100) - Last year, I decided I was unhappy with my job as a legal secretary for the past 10 years. So at 30, I made a...Lesbian
    10/16/2008 - Strangers in The Night (73/100) - After the tiring office routine, which was now a daily affair, and the meeting with my staff for the next day’s...Straight
    07/03/2008 - When Rebecca came (73/100) - I was at home one night a bit bored when my parents said they were having some friends over later that night....Straight
    06/18/2013 - Not what I wanted (73/100) - "it's been 2 months since we fucked Tina, he just isn't interested in me anymore" Jenny was saying over...Group Sex
    11/07/2012 - Barbaras Night (73/100) - Barbara had finally turned 40 and she really did not like it. However, she was tall, willow slender and contrary...Straight
    06/16/2005 - Heart To Heart (73/100) - "So, how was the honeymoon," Fay Vickers asked her just married daughter, Katie!?! "Really good, mom," she...Straight
    06/26/2005 - Weekend Guest Part One (73/100) - "Please come in," Audra Cornell said to the cute young blonde woman, "I'm Audra and you must be Kristin!!!" "Yes,...Lesbian
    05/24/2013 - A fuck to remember (73/100) - I had been a partner with a married lady, Suchi for a month. We got our first client for home decoration and it...Straight Sex
    03/03/2009 - Lisa (73/100) - It was the classic case of dark haired foreign guy meets blonde haired girl next door looking for something...Straight
    05/15/2013 - She Will Be Loved (73/100) - My name is Evermore and this is a true story. The reason I decided to tell this story is because I think people...Teen Sex
    06/19/2005 - Lesbian Needs (73/100) - Erin let her hand roam over Vanna's tight ass as the two lesbian lovers kissed passionately underneath the...Lesbian
    03/11/2010 - Right Place....Right Time (73/100) - Jake Wilson was tidying up the massage room as Annette Winthrop entered. He turned to face her and before he...Straight
    08/24/2012 - Long awaited surprise (73/100) - Working the same shifts as Theresa had become unbearable. Knowing she has only ever been with guys and not...Lesbian
    02/28/2008 - Granny next door (73/100) - I'll get right to the details, I went next door to help the next door lady change a light bulb. This is not a...Fetish
    07/02/2004 - Fantasy Fullfilment (73/100) - I took a seat at the corner of the dimly lit bar where I would have a view of the door and an early glimpse of the...Fiction
    06/05/2012 - Soaked (73/100) - Mandy always tells me I should be in porn. Not because I'm particularly well-endowed, but because of the amount...Group Sex
    02/02/2005 - Parent Teacher Meeting (73/100) - Waiting impatiently for his scheduled meeting with his son's ninth grade history teacher, Hobson Evert paced back...Straight
    01/24/2012 - The Day (73/100) - "Today's the day Kelsey, i just know it" said 18 year old Nicky as they parted ways. Headed over to her...Teen Sex
    08/16/2004 - Young & smooth (73/100) - Bobby walked across the room to where Hal and Gil were sitting. Both of the older men hungrily eyed the slightly...Gay
    06/01/2007 - The Fairy Tale Path (73/100) - Melinda was a single mum whose life had been average - at least, as she defined average - until she met her...Straight
    11/02/2004 - Wonder drug (73/100) - "Hey," Willa asked her room mate, "what was that I just saw you taking, we both agreed, no illegal drugs in the...Lesbian
    04/02/2008 - On Special Offer (73/100) - Natalie was somewhere between 35 and 45, an interesting age for a woman, when youth has flown to be replaced with...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Ad (73/100) - After having read it for the third time, Danny shoved it into the envelope and dropped it through the mail slot....Straight
    06/29/2004 - The Secretary (73/100) - Julia Foxx slammed down the receiver and muttered under her breath, "Idiots, the world is full of idiots!!!" She...Lesbian
    06/13/2012 - A Night Out (73/100) - My wife Diane is a typical 24 year old young woman in every way, except for the fact that she has grown more and...Slut Wife Sex
    05/31/2007 - Joy loves cum (73/100) - Frank came up with a scheme to try and satisfy my insatiable addiction for more and more cum. He was planning...Group Sex
    07/04/2012 - Teacher pleasures (73/100) - i'm a pretty normal 18 year old girl. i have had a decent number of boyfriends but non of them seemed to satisfy...Teen Sex
    05/20/2007 - Allisons story1 (73/100) - Nobody knew, not even her best friend back home in Indiana knew. Every day it gnawed at her, relentlessly,...Lesbian
    03/18/2008 - Congressman gets some action (73/100) - Jake was a very busy congressman who spent most of his time at conventions during the day. His nights were just as...Straight
    08/17/2012 - Lights Out (73/100) - Sharron and Shawn had be together for a couple of years now and the sex between them was off the hook I knew this...Lesbian
    07/01/2004 - The Factory (Final Shift) (73/100) - When I went onto work on the following Monday, the foreman was waiting for me. I dont know what youve done...Straight
    08/24/2004 - A shave and a suck (73/100) - Connie Eubanks was feeling a little low that morning, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get into her...Lesbian
    02/02/2008 - I dont usually do this (73/100) - Ok, ummm seven in the side I guess. I was talking to my sister who insisted I learn to shoot pool. They needed a...Straight
    05/24/2012 - For the Night (73/100) - As my limp form gasped for air against the pillow, I felt myself pushed onto my back once more. I turned my head...Straight Sex
    09/04/2004 - Bring cheryl (73/100) - Tommy knew he was taking an awful chance, but if he was ever going to fuck Cheryl, he just had to let her watch...Group Sex
    04/05/2012 - Rekindled (73/100) - It was a fairly normal day, nearing the end of summer I had some things to do before school began again. I was at...Straight
    11/09/2004 - Pierced (73/100) - Krista paged through the photo album until she found exactly what she was looking for. Right there on page 128,...Lesbian
    01/22/2008 - Her first time (73/100) - I stopped by my friend Tom's place to see if he wanted to go hang out at Jimmy's Bar for a few beers. It wasn't...Teen Sex
    11/15/2004 - Penance (73/100) - Sister Mary Francis hurried down the dark corridor while silently cursing herself, "Damn, I'm late again, I hope...Slut Wife Sex
    06/21/2004 - Car Trouble (73/100) - Marie was on her way to L.A.! She just couldn't wait to get out of the small Oklahoma town she was born and raised...Interracial Sex
    08/02/2004 - The Stranger (73/100) - Dallas Cotter snuggled into her sleeping bag as the wind howled and the snow swirled menacingly outside of her...Slut Wife Sex
    06/22/2004 - The Strap On (73/100) - Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of...Lesbian
    06/22/2004 - A Dom & A Fem (73/100) - Rachel was bone tired as she lay in the hot bath she had just drawn, her whole body aching from the pounding it...Lesbian
    12/17/2007 - Older man to play with (73/100) - I recently found myself attracted to an older man.
    My name is Jamie and I am 26 years old. I have a very...
    01/25/2008 - Swimming lessons (73/100) - I finally decided at the age of 41 to learn how to swim, all my friends would go off on holiday to Europe, lazing...Straight
    11/05/2007 - Beautiful Jana (73/100) - "Beg, I'm so sorry to have to leave but this is a terrific opportunity and you know I've always wanted to work for...Straight
    10/14/2004 - Control (72/100) - "Finally," sighed Hanna Cord out loud, "the last appointment of the day!" And it had been a long day, up at six,...Lesbian
    10/31/2007 - A Night Out With the Girls (72/100) - It is a Friday night after work and the girls are going out for drinks. At the restaurant Nikki is sitting around...Lesbian
    06/25/2012 - Vivians belt (72/100) - My heart was beating, lungs gasping, legs pumping as I pounded the treadmill.thestart to my routine in the gym....Teen Sex
    05/18/2012 - Spying on my wife (72/100) - We have been married for over fifteen years. My wife is a bomb. She is half Punjabi and half from Hayrana. Chicks...Slut Wife Sex
    03/15/2005 - Asian Submissive (72/100) - "Mrs. Tate wishes to seed you in the bathroom, immediately," Gordon Tate said to the beautiful oriental...Fetish
    11/30/2004 - Nancys Summer Diary August (72/100) - Dear Diary, Wow is college gonna be fun, my new room mate, Sally is such a dear, and let's be honest about this,...Teen Sex
    06/03/2013 - First Husband (72/100) - To begin,I want you to know I am not a professional writer and author and all that. Just a wife,2nd...Group Sex
    01/23/2012 - Milfy Neighbor (72/100) - It was a typical lazy Saturday for Brad. Now spring time, graduation was nearing for the high school senior. A...Slut Wife
    02/25/2008 - My best friends brother (72/100) - My friend Nikki and I were partying at the bar one night and I was way to drunk to drive home. She called her...Straight
    09/29/2004 - The bus depot (72/100) - Lindsey McCord watched intently as each bus slipped into it's parking place and unloaded the passengers. It was...Lesbian
    05/11/2012 - The Dark Room (72/100) - Jan had been flirting with Mike all day, ever since they had met that morning outside the conference room. She was...Straight
    11/29/2004 - The Nubile Nymph (72/100) - Virna Reynolds was lonely and depressed! Her best friend Alicia was vacationing in Europe, and coupled with the...Lesbian
    06/26/2005 - Weekend Guest Part Two (72/100) - PROLOGUE from part one: Audra Cornell, a fiftyish matron, has invited Kristin, an eighteen year old, to spend the...Lesbian
    12/21/2007 - Random Encounters (72/100) - My name is Dawn and I am always looking for adventure. I am a 24 year old college girl who loves to...Group Sex
    08/20/2013 - I Warmed Up The Paper Boy (72/100) - I opened the door. The paper boy was walking down the path. He come up to the door and handed me the paper. Bless...Gay
    08/18/2008 - The Surprise (72/100) - Chelsay came walking out of the bathroom with merely a tower wrapped around her. Taking a long shower helped relax...Straight
    03/13/2008 - Tuesday morning surprise (72/100) - Tuesday dawned bright and cold, the November sun made the morning full of optimism. I made my way back across the...Straight
    05/01/2005 - Transvestite Female Style (72/100) - Jojo Baker sat at her dressing table and using a dark eyebrow pencil, carefully outlined a mustache and goatee...Lesbian
    03/20/2006 - Room Service 2 (72/100) - I am a very feminine boy and I love naughty girly sex. I am very slender with long dark hair and I look like a...Gay
    02/08/2013 - Lesbian Janet has fun on a girls night with Lynn and Julie (72/100) - It was a girl's night one summer day. My best friend Lynn and another acquaintance named julie and I had decided...Lesbian
    09/19/2012 - Hot in Jamacia (72/100) - It had been a long year, sales were down due to a so called world recession, i was still single, well divorced,...Group Sex
    09/14/2012 - Once a stripper (72/100) - When I moved to the north side it was due to my job having been moved to a new location and, though scarcely forty...Straight Sex
    09/30/2004 - Debt consolidation (72/100) - "Please don't cry, Mrs. Moore," consoled loan officer Jackson Tydman, "this is strictly business, but unless you...Slut Wife Sex
    12/15/2009 - The Wet Panty Girdlle (72/100) - Many years ago my first wife left me for a married man. A flying officer, from a nearby air base. I was to say the...Fetish
    05/27/2009 - Best Friends Wife (72/100) - I was at home on my pc checking my emails when i spotted one from my best friend Kev, i opened it up believing it...Group Sex
    06/04/2009 - Shower Scene (72/100) - The night air was almost non- existent as I fanned myself with a rolled up New York Times, looking out the open...Straight
    05/21/2009 - Beverly Pantyhose Story (72/100) - It was the first day of class the summer of 1972. I was new to Florida and enrolled in high school. I had some...Fetish
    06/22/2004 - The Maid (72/100) - Mary was depressed. Out of high school for three months now and not one decent job offer. She was getting...Fiction
    04/15/2008 - I Like To watch #2 (72/100) - One Friday evening my wife calls me and ask how much longer will I be at work. I asked her why it mattered and she...Slut Wife Sex
    11/03/2004 - Nurse maid (72/100) - "Where are we headed," Angie asked, as Petra slipped her car into and pulled smoothly into traffic? "It's a...Group Sex
    08/22/2012 - Fun in the car (72/100) - After a long, sexual tension filled car ride around the county, Jen got to Mirandas small, quiet street and...Lesbian
    12/12/2004 - Submissive (72/100) - Vera was measuring a quarter cup of laundry detergent to add to her Monday morning load of wash when the phone...Fetish
    05/28/2009 - Mila & Kara 1 (72/100) - It was a warm but windy day in the small town of Durango. In a little neighborhood sat a mid-sized house with a...Lesbian
    07/23/2008 - Stoned and horny (72/100) - "Here, try this." Jeff said as he handed me a joint.
    I took a drag off of it and felt instantly relaxed. I...
    03/25/2008 - The Public pool (72/100) - My friend was a lifeguard at a pool in the city a grow up. On night close to closing I went into the hot tube and...Group Sex
    03/02/2005 - Punishment (72/100) - "You will be very sorry for you insubordination, young lady," Sir Jason said softly while tying the frightened...Fetish
    12/09/2004 - Addiction (72/100) - "Jan," Blair Vogelson said into the intercom, "please bring me a cup of coffee and the those letters you typed up...Lesbian
    07/04/2005 - Executive Secretary (72/100) - "Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?!" "Right away Mrs. Burke," Jenny Olson answered...Lesbian
    05/29/2013 - Fucking partners (72/100) - This is a real life story and too good to be shared. This was a time when I went to Manali, a hill station in...Slut Wife
    09/08/2004 - Old friends (72/100) - About a week passed, and Erin pretty much forgotten about those older woman Lindsey had mentioned on their first...Lesbian
    05/28/2013 - Gym Slut Fuck (72/100) - As I pulled her booty shorts off her beautiful ass you could see the work out sweat fling off of it. Without...Straight Sex
    05/19/2008 - A Passionate Encounter (71/100) - Prologue
    My dear friends, I would like to relate to you a story of Passion and beauty. Its so surreal....
    05/26/2005 - Sex Ed The Boys Class (71/100) - "Come on boys let's take our seats and settle down," Helen Boyer said to her class of twenty two boys, "we've got...Teen Sex
    11/24/2004 - The Amulet Part Two (71/100) - As Drew became more familiar with the power of his new "toy", he came to receive a perverse pleasure in...Fiction
    05/02/2008 - Getting my wife tipsy for me & my pal (71/100) - About 10 yrs ago when me & my old pal Frank were out for a drink at the local Pub he always steered our...Slut Wife Sex
    06/09/2005 - The Shower Room (71/100) - Bart Engle stood under the burning needles of hot water as the day's tensions seemed to rinse away as easily as...Straight
    11/03/2004 - The stickup (71/100) - "Why can't I just once find a convenient spot," Merion said to her self while circling the parking lot looking for...Interracial Sex
    10/10/2004 - For the money (71/100) - Gwen Turner sat nervously while she waited for Miss Alden to read her resume'. "Hmmm," she hummed while flipping...Fiction
    07/04/2005 - Making Love (71/100) - Angie lay quietly on the deserted beach listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore while the sun beat down...Straight
    10/20/2004 - Stranger on a train (71/100) - Missy Edwards stared out the window and marveled at the Nevada scenery! "Unbelievable," she mumbled to herself, as...Straight
    06/02/2005 - The School For Girls Part One (71/100) - "You can't make me stay here," Quincy Davis spat at her mother while kicking and screaming all the way up the...Fiction
    06/02/2005 - The School For Girls Part Two (71/100) - PROLGUE from part one: Quincy Davis has been in a ton of trouble ever since her father passed away, and to make a...Lesbian
    04/09/2008 - Ericas Rough Night (71/100) - The big party was finally here. Erica was going for one reason, George. George was the star of the basketball team...Straight
    05/19/2005 - Stud Man (71/100) - "Come to mama, baby," Edith Richmond said softly to the incredbily hung nineteen year old college sophmore, "let...Straight
    07/27/2010 - Double Trouble With a Grin and a Chuckle (71/100) - Recently I was watching a ball game, and enjoying a few beers with a couple of buddies at our favorite local bar....Straight
    07/09/2013 - True Storie of Mrs Kundan G Parakh (71/100) - (It is 100% true storie here name are not changed it is olso true) ...Straight Sex
    06/28/2004 - The Teacher (71/100) - Ann Carroll strode forcefully towards her car that was situated at the far end of the fenced in teacher's parking...Lesbian
    06/04/2012 - Flight Or Fuck (71/100) - There was supposed to be no one there. I mean, it's the fourth floor of the library. No one comes...Straight
    07/04/2004 - Plumpers (71/100) - "Hi," Dani said to the knew girl while extending her hand, "my name's Dani, Dani Noonan!" "Nice to meet you, Dani,...Teen Sex
    05/23/2012 - The Meet (71/100) - Months had gone by since they had first met, and all this time the pressure had been building. She had thought of...Straight
    02/09/2005 - Research (71/100) - "How many applications do you think we have now," Dr. Horton asked his research assistant, Doris Brewer!?! "About...Fiction
    01/05/2010 - Set Up by Twin Sisters (71/100) - My girlfriend Eve has an identical twin sister Sara, the sisters are identical in every way as far as i know, they...Straight Sex
    06/22/2004 - The Carny (71/100) - It was always the same in every little town and hamlet that the carnival stopped in. Walt would try and hook up...Group Sex
    06/29/2012 - Honeymoon by Craig Hair (71/100) - We had just arrived in can cun for our honeymoon , my new wife and I left directly from the party to the airport...Group Sex
    03/04/2009 - Movie Time (71/100) - The evening all started out normal enough. It had been a long time since Sarah and Jack had been out to dinner at...Straight
    06/23/2004 - The Counselor (71/100) - "Okay, that's enough about your grades," Virna Finch, said while placing Betsy King's file down on her desk, "so,...Teen Sex
    02/11/2013 - My Wife Gang Banged 1 (71/100) - At the neighbors big summer party, I over heard my neighbors 22 year old son and 2 of his friends planning on...Group Sex
    05/11/2012 - Happy Birthday Dave (71/100) - The hotel lobby bar was almost deserted, just a few couples scattered around the room and a small house band...Straight
    02/29/2012 - Revenge Date (71/100) - Taani was pissed. Three weeks her boyfriend would be training for the national ski team in the mountains and she...Straight
    08/23/2004 - The deacon (71/100) - In 1815 Virgina, the rules were hard and fast, to be obeyed without question, however, as we are about to see, not...Straight
    05/05/2010 - The Beach by Midnitebite4u (71/100) - You finally got to Cancun, vacation for a week, relax, sun, beach, beers. What more could a man want. Your hotel...Straight
    08/26/2004 - Caught on camera (71/100) - TJ carefully adjusted the video camera so as it would not be seen by anyone using the storage room. By placing it...Group Sex
    02/29/2012 - English guys (71/100) - Noel sat back in his chair, the loud music and drunk teenagers surrounding him. It was his best mate John's 19th...Teen Sex
    03/14/2012 - Too much to take (71/100) - I was in my jeans and polo shirt just coming in from running errands.I was bringing in bags when I heard soft...Straight
    07/17/2004 - Summer Job (71/100) - Zoey slowed her car to crawl as she checked the house numbers as she slowly rolled down the quiet shaded street....Voyeur
    06/16/2004 - Kidnapped (71/100) - Amanda hurried through the heavily falling snow on the way to her dorm room from the library. She wondered to...Fiction
    08/09/2004 - The Survey (71/100) - Debbie Warren sat quietly in her large easy chair when she was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. She...Slut Wife Sex
    08/11/2004 - Kate and Robert #1 (71/100) - The couple moved their way towards the only two remaining seats at the end of the bar. Robert helped Kate into one...Slut Wife Sex
    06/16/2004 - The Ex (71/100) - Ben had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon, and ready to begin is...Fiction
    03/20/2009 - Interlude (71/100) - She sits, across the dark smoky bar. Her eyes catch mine as we both gaze around the room. Legs tan and lean, they...Lesbian
    10/09/2012 - Tranny Truth or Dare (71/100) - Once when I was in my early twenties, I attended a cosmetic party at a friends apartment. This may not sound like...Gay
    12/06/2004 - Harem Girl Part Two (71/100) - "What time is it," Dee asked with yawn as she was being roused awake by a hand shaking her shoulder, "leave me...Lesbian
    09/10/2012 - I watched her boss fuck her silly (71/100) - If there was one thing my wife, Jill, liked it was a good fucking. She was a wonderful shag as well. However our...Group Sex
    06/21/2004 - Big and Hard for Money (71/100) - As long as Carl could remember his dick was bigger than anyone elses, and even as a very young boy he could tell...Gay
    06/21/2004 - The Doctor`s Exam (71/100) - Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt...Group Sex
    10/21/2008 - After Hours Lecturer (71/100) - I approached my lecturer at the break and asked him if I could discuss my project, he instantly replied that he...Straight
    10/01/2012 - Joke on wife goes farther then expected (70/100) - The other day we called the Energy and Gas Company to check the heater in the house that wasnt working. A guy...
    04/24/2012 - Friday Afternoon Special (70/100) - My name is Sam, and I have a little auto repair and smog business name Sams Automotive. My friends would come...Straight Sex
    07/19/2013 - Naked Friends (70/100) - Two years ago I met a guy in the park. We lived close to each other and had seen each other wround. We were both...Gay
    04/30/2012 - Study time (70/100) - Jake was waiting on the corner as as i walked home from school, he had two coffees in his hands and as i...Teen Sex
    09/28/2012 - Her thighs (70/100) - I work out so my upper body is pretty muscular and strong. I was at my friend’s party. I had on a tight shirt...Slut Wife
    05/04/2012 - First time for everything (70/100) - My grandmother was a maid as well as my mother. So, it wasn't a surprise when I became a maid after graduating...
    01/06/2010 - Best Mate Swingers! (70/100) - Ok this story happened about 1 year ago, my names Tom, obviously its not my real name so ill get on with it, im a...Group Sex
    10/08/2012 - Mason & Dorling - New Partners (70/100) - Aww, Lieutenant, ya know that I aint ready for a new partner, aint I done ok on my own? Ya know the rules...Straight
    05/07/2013 - Teen Blowjob (70/100) - Getting into the school play as the lead, no less had been the best thing to ever happen to me. That was, at...Teen Sex
    10/24/2012 - Too late to turn back now (70/100) - The husband What were they doing in there.....? What a stupid question. I knew what they were doing. This was...Slut Wife
    05/11/2012 - Perfect Strangers (70/100) - The hotel bar was crowded, typical for five oclock on a Friday night. Groups of people stood around tables,...Straight Sex
    10/23/2012 - How to Trick Your Wife (70/100) - My wife is a lovely looking woman. Not bad for 50. She still has a sexy ass and curves to die for. I messed up...Group Sex
    06/15/2010 - My first Big Cock! (70/100) - I wanted to share with you my story about getting my first big cock. I was 18 at the time and he was 27. He was...Straight Sex
    10/05/2004 - The classifieds (70/100) - Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she...Interracial Sex
    10/20/2004 - Aunt nellie (70/100) - "Clean your plate, Walt," Aunt Nellie admonished her eighteen year old nephew, "we don't want to waste food, there...Slut Wife Sex
    08/20/2012 - A Slave Maid To Order (70/100) - I worked at a company with a group of people, male and female, who eventually went their own way. The group...Fetish
    09/07/2012 - Anomalistic Encounter (70/100) - New York City was abandoned twenty-five years before it had become an Outlaw Zone; a quarantined city controlled...Fiction Sex
    11/30/2004 - Nancys Summer Diary July (70/100) - Dear Diary, Had a great 4th of July!!! A bunch of us had a big picnic down by the lake and Isaac took me into...Teen Sex
    08/17/2012 - Just Plain Bill (70/100) - Bill Rytersen had been born and raised in the same town, on the same street even, that Aleta Swendson had been...Straight
    10/24/2004 - Helping mama (70/100) - v"Hurry up, Scottie," implored Janet, "we gotta get right to my place right away and help out my mom!!!" "Awwwww,...Slut Wife Sex
    08/10/2012 - Another Mans Wife (70/100) - Dan Wollmer considered himself a good, moral, Christian soldier who neither drank to excess or smoked tobacco. He...Straight Sex
    06/29/2012 - Had to win the bet (70/100) - Hello guys, this is nick again with another story. First of all thanks to all those people who liked my 1st story....Straight Sex
    05/29/2013 - Sex on the Beach by Aubrey123 (70/100) - As I lay in my bed, fantasising about Aarons tall muscular body, a knock at the door brings me out of my reverie....Straight Sex
    05/29/2013 - She Isn t Shy (70/100) - Back when my wife and I were dating we would often go to the local park for some alone time. If I traveled to her...Voyeur
    06/01/2012 - Rog (70/100) - Roger Settson had been a spy for nearly 10 years. He had been good at it - the result of several years training...Straight Sex
    05/17/2012 - Red's Paper Trail (70/100) - Red was a very attractive young woman, she was about 5'3 and rather slim in size but had curves in all the right...
    05/15/2012 - Sharons' seduction (70/100) - He had to have her, he really just had to. His desire had been building over the year she had worked in his office...Slut Wife
    11/01/2004 - The announcer (70/100) - Blair Underwood scanned her notes as she made her way to the news desk for the afternoon telecast on WKLT. She...Straight
    09/25/2012 - Emo Love (70/100) - His straight, black hair. His green, hypnotizing eyes. His sun-kissed, smooth skin. I didn't know his name but it...
    05/21/2012 - Enemas For Two (70/100) - It started out an ordinary day in my ordinary life. Up with the sun, morning coffee and some quiet time to begin...Fetish
    01/02/2007 - Club Initiation for new members (70/100) - I have been married for 10 years and we have a very good sex life trying most things including mild bondage. We...Fetish
    09/20/2012 - One I will never forget! (70/100) - I truly know that being a man and having a wife that turns me on just by the sight of her, I crave sex more then...Straight Sex
    09/28/2012 - Mrs Johnson (70/100) - Chris Johnson's mom was a cutie. At the age of 40 and having two kids, she managed to keep the charm and beauty of...Fiction Sex
    03/22/2005 - Undercover Stories Part One (70/100) - My name's Allison Wagner, well, it's not really, in fact I've used many names in my career as and agent and...Fetish
    03/02/2005 - The Trip (70/100) - "Please take me with you," Ruthanne begged her husband, "I won't be in the way, I promise!!!" Jake Gannon kissed...Straight
    05/20/2008 - Untitled II. (70/100) - my parents were always gone on buisness trips which left me alone months at a time but this time was different....Teen Sex
    09/09/2004 - Mile high club (70/100) - Trent Boyd hefted his small attache' case into the over head compartment and sat down in the aisle seat and waited...Straight
    02/09/2005 - Mid Afternoon Break (70/100) - "Oh, do I need a break," Constance Walker sighed while pushing away from her desk and stretching her aching...Fiction
    12/30/2009 - My Old Girl Girlfriend (70/100) - I returned to the small town where I grew up and attended High School for the first time in 10 years the other...Straight
    06/05/2012 - Sensitive (69/100) - "This bra isn't working" said Josie as we drove to the restaurant.
    "What do you mean?" I asked.
    09/03/2008 - Lexi gets tattoo-ed and screwed (69/100) - Lexi wanted to get a tattoo for her 25th birthday. She wasn't sure what to get or even where to get it at on her...Straight
    09/11/2012 - Got her fucked (69/100) - my wife and I was working out at our local gym. We had become friends with a guy named Scoot. He was very big. ...Slut Wife Sex
    10/25/2007 - Pen Pal Hannah (69/100) - When I answered the knock at my door, a stranger was standing there, though my immediate reaction was 'I know this...Slut Wife Sex
    07/09/2004 - The Treble (69/100) - Fancy a lift home, girls? They looked up to see the grinning face of the boy who had been standing at the Bar...Straight
    02/12/2009 - In a Park by the Lake (69/100) - Her day was long, the phone just kept ringing Customers ranting and bosses were raging The car needs new tires,...Straight Sex
    09/17/2012 - Black cock Grocery Store (69/100) - This all started after I started having sex with Leon, my first black cock. A few weeks after we started hooking...Group Sex
    08/03/2004 - Amy And Joanne II (69/100) - Prologue: Joanne has just confessed to her best friend Amy that she has taken steroids and the her clit has grown...Lesbian
    06/22/2004 - Close Shave (69/100) - Claire carried the chips and dip on a tray into the family room where her two good friends Jill and Vera were...Lesbian
    06/22/2004 - Along The Path (69/100) - The morning was cool and crisp as I began my hike up the trail to the top of Terry Peak, and although it was late...Slut Wife Sex
    03/13/2012 - Butt Fucking (69/100) - My boyfriend and I both LOVE anal sex. And when I say we love it, I know that I cant get enough of it and hes...Fetish
    04/18/2012 - Jennys Lover (69/100) - The following Monday I told Jenny my wife that my duties would require me to be out of town until Friday night. As...Voyeur
    06/27/2004 - Toy For Two (69/100) - Laura skipped a step or two after hopping off the bus only a block from her apartment after a long day at work. If...Fiction
    06/27/2012 - Photo session suprise (69/100) - My wife has always been an exhibitionist and was delighted when I arranged a photoshoot for her for some "private"...Group Sex
    02/29/2012 - Customer Service (69/100) - As the day drew to a close, the rain still fell heavily outside. Alice tidied up as the last few customers...Straight
    08/10/2004 - The incubus (69/100) - Tossing and turning, Paige Barlow tried unsuccessfully to find a comfortable sleeping position. She rolled over on...Fiction
    06/11/2012 - Maia VS Lucia catfight (69/100) - Intro Lucia 54 125lbs 34C-26-36 24yrs old was with Roberto
    I am Maia 52 110lbs 34D-26-33 18yrs old...
    10/18/2007 - I am so embarrassed!! (69/100) - My ex-girlfriend was totally into S&M and loved to play the role of a Dominatrix with me. Over the course of our...Fetish
    11/12/2004 - Embarrassed (69/100) - The hurt always seemed to be just below the surface, ready to be torn open with even the most innocent of...Fetish
    08/30/2004 - Coming out party (69/100) - Valerie Rydell stood nervously in front of the Underground Bar while trying to decide if she should go inside. It...Lesbian
    11/23/2004 - The Divining Rod (69/100) - Walter Jonas pulled his van into the lane leading to the Circle Double Bar Ranch and drove the quarter mile or so...Straight
    03/24/2010 - Foreclosure Slut (69/100) - My husband and I often talk and fantisize about me fucking other men while he watches and or joins in. He is...Slut Wife
    04/30/2012 - Taxi Ride (69/100) - Confessions of a Taxi Driver I have always been a tit man as my ex wife liked to put it. She herself was pretty...Straight
    11/21/2007 - My Week With Her Sister (69/100) - It all started when my girlfriend went away for a week. Shumaila, my girlfriend, went away to visit her parents....Straight
    12/19/2012 - Sweet Slutty Wife (69/100) - My wife (Vicki) is 40 and still has a rezl nice round ass on her that turns me on. However, our sexual encuunters...Slut Wife Sex
    01/28/2013 - A trip home (69/100) - It had been almost a year since I'd visited my hometown, or my best friend Amy and when I'd received the phone...Group Sex
    07/24/2004 - The Class (69/100) - Bay carefully backed her car into a vacant parking space and then checked to make sure that she had all of her...Lesbian
    06/21/2004 - Stop Sign (69/100) - Mike knew the instant he did it he was in trouble! "Dammit," he cursed out loud, "stupid stop sign!" The spinning...Straight
    11/15/2004 - The lesson (69/100) - "Geesh," Marge said to herself as she hopped out of bed and padded off to the bathroom, "this is three nights in a...Fiction
    11/22/2004 - Wrong Turn (69/100) - "Frank, you nitwit," his exasperated wife Millie exclaimed, "you took the wrong turn, now we're hopelessly...Interracial Sex
    11/20/2004 - Penpals Part One (69/100) - Dear Maggie, Got your e-mail last night and just now found some time to answer you! It's pretty warm in Chicago...Fetish
    05/02/2006 - The Baby Sitter (69/100) - Alissa had been baby sitting for the Bentley's for about a year. She was a senior in college, and baby sat to earn...Group Sex
    06/15/2005 - Psycho Therapy (69/100) - "Just lie down on the couch and relax, Marcia," Dr. Fagen said easily, "this is just our first session to gether...Straight
    04/03/2008 - Wet t-shirt contest (69/100) - "What if someone finds out Shell?" Jenny asked as she took off her bra. "No one knows us here Jen and you said...Group Sex
    05/30/2009 - Knockout Punch (69/100) - Billie was a eighteen year old girl living with her family in a small city. She enjoyed school and had a few close...Teen Sex
    11/29/2004 - Nancys Summer Diary June (68/100) - June 1 Dear Diary, Finally, the last day of school, twelve long years, I feel like I've been released from...Teen Sex
    05/17/2012 - A Fun Weekend With No Parents Home (68/100) - So me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost a year and even though we have done pretty much everything...Teen Sex
    06/16/2005 - Trust (68/100) - "Good afternoon, Terri, and how are you today," the man with the deep voice asked in a subdued tone?!? "I'm just...Fetish
    05/10/2012 - The neighbor in Apt 8C (68/100) - Let me begin by saying that I live in a tight knit condo building in Chicagos hottest neighborhood. The...Straight
    05/22/2009 - Love Sex by VSD (68/100) - “AARGH!!! Fuuuuuuuuck! Jimmy!” “Aww fuck, not again…” Jimmy grabs his head in frustration and pulls...Straight
    12/23/2004 - The Bath (68/100) - Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the...Straight
    06/11/2012 - Linda and Dans weekend (68/100) - It was clear that under her dressing gown, she was nude. You could see most of her boobs, but the nipples were...Straight Sex
    05/10/2012 - Wife has made me her cockold (68/100) - My wife has always dressed very seductive. I have always asked her to expose herself in public an at parties. She...Slut Wife
    07/05/2005 - Milking Machines (68/100) - The room was large, at least seventy by one hundred feet, with a series of televisions sets hanging from the...Fetish
    10/19/2012 - Gombhira the indian cell phone nympho (68/100) - As I shoved my 7 inch cock inside her pussy and increased the pace she started to moan in a way I have never ever...Slut Wife
    05/13/2013 - Nothing but his pleasure (68/100) - I entered the room wearing nothing but a red trenchcoat and matching red bottom heels. I was here for one thing...Straight
    05/13/2013 - My Wifes First Black Cock (68/100) - It all started a few months ago I had always wanted to see my wife fuck a black guy but never thought it would...Slut Wife
    02/04/2009 - My Wife >>our new begining (68/100) - Well, I am sure you may not believe this story, or should I say real life happening, but let me assure you it did...Fiction
    11/22/2004 - The Doctor Is In (68/100) - Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the most popular radio call in sex advice...Straight
    11/22/2004 - The Disparate Couple (68/100) - Byron wondered why he even bothered!!! After eight months of faithfully working out three times a week, he still...Straight
    01/28/2013 - My first interracial experience (68/100) - I am 33 years old and married. I am 5' 3" tall 110 and worked in a large company. One day I was talking to...Interracial Sex
    11/24/2004 - Brendas Turn (68/100) - After having just watched her mother's sister achieve a stunning climax with her new vibrator, Brenda's own pussy...Group Sex
    12/05/2012 - Cukold by wifes much older ex husband (68/100) - My name is Dave and my wife Gloria and I have been happily married for 2 years. This is our 2nd marriage for both...Slut Wife Sex
    11/05/2012 - Stay With Me Tonight (68/100) - He walked into my room about midnight on a Friday I was laying on my bed in nothing but a blue lace bra and...
    09/20/2012 - Lyn and Lisa (68/100) - Lyn and Lisa are walking home from the bar. It's a warm night, and they are both feeling pretty good, having...Lesbian
    05/14/2013 - Shoe shop (68/100) - It's my first day working in the shoe shop, I am nervous of women and have avoided the female customers, I see you...
    06/11/2013 - Other Mans Wife (68/100) - i have always loved the idea of sex outdoors with another mans wife,i got the chance last summer a couple i had...Straight Sex
    04/12/2005 - Remote Control (68/100) - "How was that, baby," Vern asked his wife, Pam as he rolled of her rolled off of her after an almost one hour...Fetish
    06/14/2007 - Dear class (68/100) - "Dear class, I am proud to say that all of you have passed your final exams. High school is over for you", the...Teen Sex
    06/24/2004 - The Sister (68/100) - "What a crummy way to spend a nice spring day," Linda thought to herself while staring out the window from her...Interracial Sex
    08/10/2012 - Camping trip part 1 (68/100) - In the summer holidays, one of my friends planned a get together that involved camping out! In total there would...Straight Sex
    12/14/2004 - Pressure (68/100) - The plane was just about reaching cruising altitude as the entire traveling company of the Pro Skaters On Ice were...Straight
    09/14/2012 - Broken Fantasy Part 2 (68/100) - My alarm woke me up at 7 AM for my golf game. I was beat. Teri lay in bed with her eyes closed. I took a shower....Voyeur
    05/27/2013 - Her Submission (68/100) - She had always been interested in the idea of giving herself openly to a man but had never had the chance until...Fetish
    12/12/2004 - Cable Girl (68/100) - "I'm from Central Cable Company," the voice in the intercom said, "you called in and saying you 're having a...Lesbian
    11/30/2007 - Sister of the Wife (68/100) - I bet there's many of you guys out there who have a sister in law who you'd like to fuck. Me too! Although my wife...Straight
    10/12/2007 - Macys first mfm threesome experience (68/100) - I'm not much of a writer, but I'll just let you know about my first mfm experience into the swinging lifestyle. My...Lesbian
    02/14/2005 - Football Widow (68/100) - "I'm just sick of it," Terri said after taking a sip of her coffee, "the stupid season just started and Chuck is...Straight
    08/07/2009 - Night on the Road (68/100) - Funny how you think things will never happen to you. Recently while on a business trip I had one of those...Group Sex
    08/05/2013 - Were Not Bad Were Just Drawn That Way (68/100) - Club Harlem World had the streets of uptown shaking. Inside, the music was blaring; the best drinks were flowing;...Lesbian
    03/10/2010 - Good Girl Fantasies (68/100) - In high school my wife was shy and bashful. She only dated 2 guys her entire high school years. Other guys...Group Sex
    06/16/2004 - Behind Bars (68/100) - Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut behind her. For the next three years...Fiction
    03/14/2012 - Don't worry, i'm gonna make you feel amazing (68/100) - As usual, I've kept off masturbating for the past week, so the next time I get horny, when I masturbate, I can...Lesbian
    04/04/2008 - The Taste of Honey (68/100) - "Peach."
    Donna waited for a response. She felt fairly certain that she was correct but under the...
    06/09/2005 - Lessons In Dominance Part Two (68/100) - PROLOGUE from part one: Naomi Dayne as been dating Peter for six or seven dates now, and her mother, Miranda has...Fetish
    01/30/2008 - My First Bondage Experience (68/100) - I am about 5ft 8ins tall. I am on the large side but do not look too bad, I hold my weight well. I am very...Fetish
    09/06/2004 - Room service (68/100) - Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep! A full day of meetings...Straight
    05/04/2012 - My Wife's First Slutty Night with another Man (68/100) - My wife Mandy is a stunning 50 year old who is in the prime of her life. Married early in life to a self serving...Slut Wife
    01/20/2012 - The holiday I fucked my sister-in-law (68/100) - We were on holiday at the see. My sister-in-law also game with us to take a break from her work, her husband...Slut Wife
    12/19/2007 - Petite and sweet (68/100) - 110 lbs, 5'4", blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. That's me in a nut shell. I have a nice body I've been told. I...Straight
    11/03/2004 - Pool party (67/100) - "Hey, everybody," Gene shouted, "watch this," just before in did a wild somersault off the diving board into his...Group Sex
    09/25/2012 - A Night out by Shyboy (67/100) - I come and collect you to go out for a romantic meal, you are dressed in a lovely dress, you look absolutely...Straight Sex
    04/27/2005 - The Trainer 2 (67/100) - "I've just about had with you, Cassie," Jason said evenly, "now get the fuck in the kitchen and make me some...Fetish
    09/19/2012 - Breathless... by Jay Greenlees (67/100) - A torrid story of erotica, romance and passion The day started off like any other day for Shannan. She was...Fiction Sex
    11/09/2011 - The Factory (First Shift) (67/100) - I don't know how many readers have ever worked in a Factory making soap ' a factory predominantly staffed by women...Straight
    07/21/2010 - Coming to Grips (67/100) - He approached her office for the hundredth time, but this time was different. His goal of testing his newfound...Fiction Sex
    01/20/2008 - Hiking Buddies (67/100) - My college buddy called me several years ago and asked if I wanted to go on a day hike with him. I like the...Gay
    08/19/2013 - University nights (67/100) - I'd known Chris since my first year of uni, he knew some of the boys I lived in the hall with plus we were doing...Straight
    11/28/2004 - Therapy (67/100) - "So tell me, Janelle," asked Dr. Scott, "in your own words, what do you think the problem is!?!" Janelle, with...Straight
    05/04/2012 - My 6 Roommates (67/100) - The steam of the hot tub rose in the night air, I sat in the tub alone, relaxing, plus it's hard to get peace in...Teen Sex
    08/14/2012 - Maya visits her master behind bars (67/100) - I walked up to his cell. Hey Stranger. I said.
    His eyes were the only thing to raise to take a look at...
    Straight Sex
    08/10/2012 - Afternoon Hard On From My Bosses Daughter (67/100) - Back before my jealous boss fired me, I used to spend eight long, hot, sweaty hours a day, bored as fuck at this...Straight
    04/10/2007 - A Choice to explore... (67/100) - Her children now off to college and her husband on the road working,Mary found herself home alone for the first...Lesbian
    09/06/2004 - The vampire (67/100) - It was hidden in a cellar of an old abandon mansion about a mile out side of the city limits. No one ever bothered...Fetish
    10/11/2007 - He May Be Your Man, But He Was Mine Lastnight (67/100) - To teach this chick a lesson,I decided to take her man for a little ride and he loved every bit of it-and still...Straight
    09/25/2012 - My dads tenant (67/100) - Going to keep it simple, my father is a property developer. When I was 19 I at times used to collect rent for him...Straight Sex
    09/07/2012 - Wet (67/100) - carly was walking down the road when she saw a sexy ladyb about 30 years old carly was not a lesbian or a bi so...
    06/16/2004 - Exposing it (67/100) - Jeffery had a problem and he knew it. For as long as he could remember he had the almost uncontrollable urge to...Fetish
    12/07/2004 - The Trainer (67/100) - Lilly lolled in the tub, letting the soothing hot waters rinse away the aches in her burning muscles!!! What a...Straight
    07/04/2008 - First time black cock (67/100) - As I pulled into the park I remembered someone joking about this park being a place where men would go to get blow...Gay
    12/06/2004 - The Visit (67/100) - The sounding buzzer on his intercom caused a frown to cross Sumner Holton's face as he was wading through a series...Straight
    06/21/2004 - War Victim (67/100) - It has been almost twenty five years since Doug Mitchell came home from Viet Nam, a war he never understood, but...Interracial Sex
    10/25/2012 - My Wife First Time in The Club (67/100) - My wife never knew it but I have always wanted to watch her become aroused in the hands of another man and on our...Voyeur
    05/10/2005 - Stud Toy (67/100) - "Girls, I think you're gonna enjoy today's entertainment," Billie Harris said to her Thursday afternoon bridge...Teen Sex
    09/07/2004 - Too tight (67/100) - "What do you think about Southern Illinois," asked Miss Weston, "it's got a great communications department, one...Straight
    03/22/2005 - The Jungle (67/100) - "How did we ever get this lost," Angela asked her husband Gene, "I'm really afraid!?!" After kissing his young...Fiction
    01/11/2013 - Parking lot Wonders (67/100) - She was beautiful, long, wavy light blond hair almost as if It was white with a light kiss of the sun added in and...Straight
    07/27/2004 - Classic Ride (67/100) - By Jove, she really is super. So glad I made the trip, said the youngish man with the posh voice as he admired...Straight
    01/20/2010 - Summer Days (67/100) - The weather was sultry.
    Nary a cool breeze to kiss balmy skin.
    God it was hot.
    It took what...
    09/26/2008 - Congressman gets some action part II (67/100) - The next morning, Jake arrived at the office an hour early like usual. He looked out the window and watched the...Straight
    06/21/2004 - The Massage (67/100) - Working as an account executive for a Wall St. investment banking company was a very lucrative but draining way to...Gay
    09/27/2004 - Mind Control (67/100) - "How many do we have right now," asked Mr. Ross? "Nine, we sent out two yesterday, but we have enough to fill our...Fetish
    07/06/2008 - My Buddies Mom (67/100) - To start I have been buds with Steve since we were in grade school. His mom was always nice and I always felt...Straight
    10/03/2012 - Lodgers Delight (67/100) - Frank had had a busy day at the office and stopped off at the local bar for a few drinks to unwind from the days...Fiction Sex
    09/29/2004 - Hysteria (66/100) - Laura Edgar sat in Dr. Hughes' waiting room with six other women who were either reading magazines, or dozing off....Fiction
    08/29/2012 - Anas Adventure No. 5 - Shelter your Cock inside my Pussy (66/100) - Dear Diary, Last night I went to a Bachalorette party, it was crazy, I had such a great night. We went to a...Straight Sex
    02/20/2013 - Wifes Video (66/100) - A couple of months ago my wife made a video for me, that I wanted to share with everyone that loves erotic...Straight Sex
    01/25/2012 - Stepping into the lions mouth (66/100) - It was a crazy thing to do and I am still not sure how I got cajoled into doing it!
    I had been chatting...
    02/19/2009 - First time.. (66/100) - I was at home ready for eric to pick me up, we were going to school game and then maybe out to eat or something....Teen Sex
    02/08/2013 - The Sexual Revision (66/100) - They were married later in life each had been married and divorced a couple times each prior to meeting each...Slut Wife
    02/19/2009 - My New Secretary ( True Story) (66/100) - ,A few months ago i had to find a new secretary as my previous one was moving abroad with her family and she will...Straight Sex
    08/11/2006 - The escort (66/100) - My wife and I enjoy a real healthy sex life I wanted to share an experience that I will never forget. We both love...Slut Wife Sex
    06/14/2005 - Maid Service (66/100) - "I specificly requested iced tea, didn't I, Nick," Cleo Carson asked her husband!?! "I think you did," Nick...Teen Sex
    09/13/2004 - Home comming (66/100) - Tim Jackson was a pretty normal 15-year old teenager. He was an only child, well built and proud of the various...Voyeur
    11/12/2012 - Virtually Orgasmic (66/100) - On one particular night, the eve of Valentines Day, I felt let down by everything and everyone, so I decided to...
    01/28/2009 - Best Friends (66/100) - I hope everyone likes my story. I still can't hardly believe it happened but I'm glad it did!!
    My husband...
    Group Sex
    07/22/2013 - A Little Extra college Money (66/100) - The door bell rang. It couldn't be the postman as he had already delivered. I hoped it was not the Jehovah's...Group Sex
    04/15/2008 - Limo driver gets to drive (66/100) - It was friday night and i was working as a limo driver. i was scheduled to pick up a group of people who were...Group Sex
    09/19/2012 - Our fireplace... (66/100) - Every Friday night the wife and I have a planed a hot night of sex in front of the fire... This once we finished...Group Sex
    04/13/2007 - Sexinema (66/100) - We had a little game going and whenever we went out in the evening I would tease Sonia by saying 'oh your not...Slut Wife Sex
    04/27/2009 - Shiny Black Limo (66/100) - Business meetings can be so tedious, especially when other thoughts kept creeping into my mind, those of sexual...Straight Sex
    10/10/2004 - Pink panties (66/100) - The nylon felt smooth and soft in his hand, but Eric still couldn't decide whether he should get the white or pink...Fetish
    05/25/2012 - Wife gets even (66/100) - The title of this story could very easily have been Husbands careful what you wish for
    My buddy Jerry was...
    Slut Wife Sex
    03/15/2005 - Stains On My Character (66/100) - When the incident occurred I had been going out with Sophie for about three weeks and during that time we had...Straight
    05/19/2009 - Beach bar dare (66/100) - My wife and I had often talked about her making love with another man. We would discuss it while we petted, and as...Slut Wife Sex
    10/30/2007 - Sorority Suprise (66/100) - "he'll really be suprised when he comes home and sees me in this" jenny thought as she layed her self out on the...Teen Sex
    07/03/2008 - Identity Theft (66/100) - Her nipples were hard, her legs were long and thin and she looked amazing in her short skirt and halter top....Straight
    05/07/2012 - He is always ready (65/100) - This morning when I got up, I had one thing on my mind. I need real sex. I only had one man in mind that I knew...Straight
    09/07/2004 - The Extra (65/100) - Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. "Christ, Joan," Claudia questioned her...Slut Wife Sex
    10/31/2007 - Surprise Visit (65/100) - I arrive at your front door, wearing my old tight jeans and a black cleavage revealing tank top. You can see the...Straight
    11/20/2004 - Penpals Part Two (65/100) - Dear Landri, Remember when I told you how it can be fun to get one's bum spanked!?! Well, I hafta tellya what...Fetish
    01/27/2012 - Stay After School (65/100) - I walked into Mr. Johnson's classroom nervously. I had a thing for him, everyone did. He was hot. He was really...Teen Sex
    01/09/2012 - My Handy Neighbour (65/100) - It is a scorching hot day and I am lying down soaking up the rays when I catch sight of Andy who lives next door...Straight Sex
    10/25/2007 - Payment for changing a tire (65/100) - I'm a 22 year old guy, I've got a better female figure than my 18 year old sister. This wasn't the first time I'd...Gay
    11/25/2004 - The Hostess (65/100) - "Julia, I must say that the table looks absolutely divine," gushed her good friend Minerva! "I second that...Teen Sex
    07/20/2010 - Late night suprise (65/100) - It was 3 O'clock in the morning when i was woken up by my boyfriend Alex kissing my neck 'whats this for?' i asked...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Masturbater (65/100) - Mark had become an expert surreptitious masturbater, he could do it at the drop of a hat and not bat an eye when...Voyeur
    07/25/2008 - Caught white handed (65/100) - So,im sitting alone one friday night watching telly,my wife had gone out with her friend Tina for a works dinner...Group Sex
    07/06/2008 - Pig Roast (65/100) - Carol and I got invited to a Pig Roast. We have lived in a rural setting for years yet we had never been to a pig...Group Sex
    10/26/2012 - Two cocks better than one (65/100) - I am 32 years old, I work as a Marketing manager for a italian company. I was away from home for 2 weeks on...
    04/18/2012 - Turned out in jail prison (65/100) - When I was 18, I went to the county jail for car theft. I didnt know what to expect, and certainly never even...Gay
    04/26/2012 - Cold wife has hot night (65/100) - My wife Bridget is hot little number (when it comes to her body) At 46 years old she is petite with small perky...Group Sex
    12/20/2004 - Pay Back (65/100) - "...and that, dear friends, is why the President and I both hope that you will support him as he tries to pass the...Fiction
    08/01/2012 - Hotel meeting (65/100) - i arrived at the hotel in Worcester at around midnight, heart almost bursting through my chest. I parked and made...Straight Sex
    04/11/2013 - My friends secret (65/100) - Mel and Charlotte were best friend; they hung out everyday, stayed over at each other's houses every weekend and...Lesbian
    04/26/2012 - Hot Tub erotica (65/100) - She loves her single males... We had agreed to meet him at a local Irish Pub type restaurant. Whenever we are...Gay
    11/13/2012 - How do you do Cathy Houston (65/100) - Cathy Houston is a complicated woman. Shes a feminist, tall elegant and hides her "qualities" well under her...
    02/01/2012 - Penny survives (65/100) - Penny Schmidt lay on her back, her knees bent back so that her shins were parallel with the bed and her knees...Straight
    11/02/2012 - Threesome (65/100) - I had always been beautiful. I had perfect, round, double d' breasts that would catch the eye of everyone. I had...Group Sex
    11/05/2012 - Diannes Secret (65/100) - She stood there, tall and slim the figure of unrelenting beauty amongst a throng of businessmen and there wives,...
    09/13/2012 - What an amazing trip along the path of eroticism (65/100) - My mind enduring, patient yet eagerly seeks eroticism. I crave heat. Sparks are within and I want to set others on...
    08/21/2013 - After school sex (64/100) - My dick was hard as a rock. As I followed my sexy wife to be Misty off the bus. Carrying her books for her....Straight
    09/21/2012 - Southern Hospitality (64/100) - It was a hot, sultry late afternoon in Georgia. Everyone on the plantation except the slaves had retired into the...Interracial Sex
    04/26/2012 - Her tits - not my cum! (64/100) - Her tits...not my cum!! The other side of the story!! We instructed him to meet us at one of our favorite Italian...Fetish
    11/12/2004 - Submit (64/100) - "How many nights will you be staying with us, Mrs. Gentry," asked the young man behind the registration desk? "My...Fetish
    06/25/2008 - Dinner Date (64/100) - To start off with my wife and I was trying to fix a friend of mine up with a girl friend of hers and we had told...Slut Wife Sex
    12/03/2012 - The professors daughter (64/100) - Ferdinand was finding it hard to reach the board to check his result. It was the end of the semester, and...Straight Sex
    04/28/2012 - Priceless (64/100) - Getting funny looks was nothing new to Nicole. Her tall slender body shape attracted some attention, while her...Straight
    05/20/2009 - Anonymous Meeting (64/100) - One of my favorite activities is walking along the lake. The serene look that afternoon was especially calming. As...Straight
    07/05/2008 - Honey Bun (64/100) - I heard someone the other day say Honeybun and that reminded me of when I worked for an engineering company, in...Group Sex
    10/10/2012 - A haunting gag (64/100) - Sara, Brittany and Barry were talking about the old abandoned insance asylum on top of the hill. It had been...Gay
    01/13/2010 - Bedtime Story (64/100) - He walked into the room where she lay sleeping in a lacy, lime green camisole with matching panties. Her red-gold...Straight
    09/27/2004 - Wednesday afternoon (64/100) - Marion anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as she checked her watch for the third time in the last ten...Group Sex
    05/22/2008 - Dont tempt me! (64/100) - I am a manager of a grocery store and recently had an encounter with a shoplifter.
    It was late at night and...
    06/17/2010 - Raw fuck (64/100) - Wendy walked out to get the morning paper like she did every Saturday. She liked to drink her coffee and read it...Straight Sex
    07/06/2006 - My Fantasies (64/100) - I am an Indian housewife aged 42 now. I wish to narrate a true incident in my life, which happened nearly four...Fiction
    08/18/2008 - Burning Hot Desire (64/100) - Closing the door softly behind her, she took her hat and jacket off and placed them on the couch. She smiled as...Straight
    06/13/2013 - First time sexual experience for both of us (64/100) - Hello!!!!!!!! to all the readers of Short Erotic Stories. My name is Rajiv Verma from Jamshedpur, India. At...Teen Sex
    08/01/2012 - Spanking my doctor (64/100) - Tired, dejected, and broken: I slumped in the chair before me and awaited the announcement that would determine my...Straight
    02/13/2009 - Down time for Soldier (64/100) - My tongue teases him and coyly encourages Matthews cock to grow in size, swelling to full hardness under my oral...Straight
    05/25/2007 - The Great Outdoors (64/100) - My boyfriend And I were out in the countryside driving on the way home from a pub lunch and I was feeling horny...Interracial Sex
    05/18/2010 - Prison Domination (63/100) - Many years ago I was sent to prison for being a very bad and rebellious youth. I had just turned adult age and was...Gay
    07/29/2013 - An Interesting Evening (63/100) - My names Nathan Lee. Im a 22 year old, 510, healthy male who is in his final year of college. My best friend...Gay
    06/29/2012 - The Demi-Virgin Gangbang (63/100) - I'm Kim and I've just turned 18. I have a boyfriend for 4 years now and from that duration, I already had sex with...Group Sex
    08/09/2013 - Finially (63/100) - We had talked about it ever since we married. My wife is almost 11 years younger than me and very hot. I don't...Slut Wife Sex
    08/25/2008 - Little Marie Cheats (63/100) - Marie was 19 years old college student,good looking girl brunette with fair skin 5'4  perfect double d's  slim...Interracial Sex
    09/14/2012 - Getting busy on the couch (63/100) - The other evening I was with a date (dinner and wine at his place). Once dinner was over, we moved the date to the...Straight Sex
    05/17/2012 - Do I get a kiss then (63/100) - "Do I get a kiss then?" said Leah, her face centimetres from mine, and a mischevious grin on her face.
    07/23/2012 - JON The Veteranarian (63/100) - Jon Wilkerson was raised on a Montana ranch some 50 miles from the nearest town. The ranch had been in his family...Fiction Sex
    06/18/2013 - Potty exhibitionist (63/100) - I suppose it started that day in the shower together when he said he needed to pee. Laughing I said "Well go...Fetish
    07/11/2013 - Miami Pt2 (63/100) - Lil Joe Cartwright In the first part of this story, Id just met Miami, and his beautiful cock, which...Gay
    10/31/2008 - My Dearest Love (63/100) - It's been so long since I've seen you, I just had to write and tell you how much I miss you. I can't wait to see...Straight
    10/24/2008 - Jayde and Jim! The day I watched a hotwife AT IT! (63/100) - When I first arrived in England and started living with Mandy, my aunt, a few years back, Mandy had a carer coming...Voyeur
    02/02/2005 - Companions (63/100) - Mmmmm, this tastes pretty good," Vanna said after taking a nibble on the pork roast she had just removed from the...Lesbian
    02/23/2012 - Girlfriend Birthday night (63/100) - it was 4th of march and was my girlfriend's birthday. i had decided that it was the day that i will experience her...Straight Sex
    08/28/2009 - She Takes It Black! (63/100) - My wife Melissa Strong Lee is a freak! Ive been married to my high school sweetheart since 2005. 3 years of...Interracial Sex
    08/17/2004 - Morning sugar (63/100) - As June Halstrom sat at her kitchen table drinking her morning cup steaming hot black coffee, she thought, "God, I...Straight
    03/12/2008 - Stranger on Train (63/100) - This incident took place few years ago. I was travelling by West coast Express in 2nd AC compartment. I boparded...Straight
    09/11/2012 - Someone to Satisfy (63/100) - Laurie thought she heard the back outside door to her bedroom open as she lay on her bed drifting into sleep. As...Group Sex
    04/11/2013 - Teacher detention (62/100) - I was going to school as usual and the day was going fine until the second last class of the day. Our maths...Teen Sex
    11/13/2012 - My first time.... (62/100) - My name is Ann and I swear I've never done this before. Lately, I havent been getting much action in the sex...Lesbian
    11/07/2007 - First Time II. (62/100) - Twenty years old six feet 2 inches and not a bad body [slim] and desided to work out some as summer was closing in...Gay
    09/10/2008 - The Midnight Snack (62/100) - Nancy always had a lust for food. Whenever she ate a meal, it was like an orgasm in her mouth. Due to her food...Fetish
    11/05/2004 - Pheromones (62/100) - From her outward appearance you'd never guess that Valerie Hawkins was a predator! Standing five feet six inches...Fiction
    03/11/2005 - The Prisoner 2 (62/100) - Hallie felt all the eyes of every prisoner in cell block C staring at her as she was being led to her cell by one...Lesbian
    09/29/2009 - One One Cocoa Full Basket (62/100) - The dream changed only slightly each time I had it. At least once a week, the shores of a vast sea would wash into...Straight Sex
    02/25/2009 - My First Time by Matt (62/100) - I woke up that morning feeling hornier than I have ever felt before in my life. I hadn’t masturbated in months...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Motel (62/100) - Craig couldn't believe his luck! Buying the Sunny Day Motel had been the best decision of his life! He had gotten...Voyeur
    04/30/2012 - The Visit by Picturepainter (62/100) - I had an occasion to see my ex wife when visiting my children. The hotel had double booked my room and was now...Voyeur
    06/10/2013 - My Boss Makes me so horny what if we get caught (62/100) - there is a boss at work i have fancied for ages we flirt and as i do the minutes for HR meetings we send each...Straight
    02/12/2010 - A romantic day with my girlfriend (62/100) - It was my girlfriend's birthday and i had decided to give her the most precious gift...Myself!!!
    Yes i...
    08/07/2012 - The Internet Cafe Guy (62/100) - Hello sex lovers! This is my first sex story. I'm going to share a blissful experience I had while I was in...Straight Sex
    04/06/2010 - The Closet (62/100) - I manage a handyman business. I got a call to fix an outside door and deck.
    I called, and went to the...
    09/06/2004 - The graduate assistant (62/100) - Jason was in deep trouble and he knew it, he was on the verge of flunking Economics 1! Jesus Christ, why did he...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Big Party (62/100) - Jenny Craft was on cloud number nine! She couldn't believe her good luck! Having met Charlie only a month ago, and...Straight
    08/22/2008 - Behind closed doors....I'm a sex addict! (62/100) - I was in my bedroom watching tv late one night and I came accross a show on cheaters. It was pretty sad the way...Straight
    01/02/2006 - Revenge Is Sweet (62/100) - "Hey, Peg, come in here and help me for a minute, will ya please," her husband John called from inside the...Group Sex
    09/12/2004 - Girl talk (62/100) - It was late, way after midnight, and Dr. Holden Knight was attempting to be quiet so as not to wake up his wife as...Lesbian
    05/17/2012 - What a Day! (62/100) - A man on a horse came on the scene. He wore a special badge with eight points. In the middle of the badge, foreign...Group Sex
    07/25/2008 - The Warning (62/100) - On my hour and a half drive home from work one night (mind you I get off work at 11:30pm) I was driving down the...Fiction
    08/09/2013 - Wife one night stand (62/100) - It was a Friday night my wife was attending a company function,at these functions she is very careful when she has...Slut Wife Sex
    04/21/2005 - Mother Teaches Daughter (61/100) - "Where's your father," Alicia Mead asked her daughter Nancy, "I'm getting awfully tired of trying to keep track of...Fetish
    04/16/2007 - Wonder Woman (61/100) - I had just reached forty two years of age and had been married for over twenty years. I met John when I was a...Slut Wife Sex
    09/28/2012 - My special techer (61/100) - It all started in the last year of high school when everyone was thinking what to study after finishing the high...Teen Sex
    05/26/2009 - Our Little Scecret (61/100) - Slowly caressing my body, looking deep into my eyes. He whispered “I want you” with that killer smile. Leaning...Teen Sex
    12/15/2009 - Sometimes Stayin Home Pays Off (61/100) - It was about 1:30am and I was sleeping in the TV room when all of a sudden I heard a pretty loud noise coming from...Straight Sex
    10/17/2007 - Homework Session (61/100) - Shelby and Todd passed each other in school like every other day. She wanted him so bad. She had to get him. It...Group Sex
    06/15/2012 - Stepmother must be first (61/100) - Hi my name is Tommy! I'm 19, This a story about me taking this girl name Kathy out on our first date, and trying...Fiction Sex
    06/08/2012 - Forbidden Passion (61/100) - Seeing him sitting next to my husband in their company work truck sent chills all over me. Wes looked like a male...Straight Sex
    06/29/2012 - My GFs sister (61/100) - It was a nice warm and sunny day in early July when I thought I would surprise my girlfriend with a visit. I...Teen Sex
    08/16/2004 - The initiation (61/100) - Jill was cold, very cold. It had been almost two days since she had run away from home, and it had been over two...Group Sex
    02/16/2009 - My former nieghbor Britta (61/100) - I ran into an former my former nieghbor Britta at a Supplier Banquet. We both work in the same field and it was...Straight
    06/02/2008 - Sex in the jungle (61/100) - I was helping cover a documentary on people who still live in tribes deep in the jungle. I couldn't imagine living...Interracial Sex
    09/29/2008 - Cream of the Crop (61/100) - She had been a little puzzled at his insistence on her ringing before she came in. She had keys and was quite...Fetish
    08/24/2009 - Crossing the Line (61/100) - It was a long day, started at 5 A.M. knowing that my marriage was about to be over. I worked with lots of guys who...Straight
    04/23/2009 - The Office (61/100) - I met Mike on a warm summer day, he was new in town and worked in the office building next door to mine. We had a...Straight
    06/06/2005 - Lessons In Dominance Part One (61/100) - "This is your fifth or sixth date with Peter, isn't it dear," Mirnada Dayne asked her daughter, Naomi!?! "The...Fetish
    05/02/2007 - The Hidden Camera (61/100) - We had a few cars being broken into around our neighbourhood and a few of my neighbours had house alarms fitted...Slut Wife Sex
    07/04/2008 - Breakdown Revenge (61/100) - Sonia (I say Sonia because I do not want to reveal my real name) worked in a small town about 10 miles away from...Straight Sex
    04/26/2007 - Model selection (61/100) - My wife and I were out shopping in town when this guy came up to us and asked my wife if she was between the age...Slut Wife Sex
    05/29/2013 - Wedding Gift (61/100) - A week before I was to be married I began fucking my soon to be husbands friend from work. My fiance new Iwas...Interracial Sex
    11/09/2007 - How I Learned To Be Humiliated By Females (61/100) - This happend to me many years ago and not it is my life. I was about 12 years old and was home alone one hot...Fetish
    07/11/2013 - Evil Intentions (60/100) - "Do you have evil intentions, Madam?" I peered playfully into the depths of his crystal eyes and would have...Fetish
    06/08/2012 - Cable hook-up (60/100) - It was the day before Christmas break started and I was wearing this festive sweater to school with tights, and...Straight Sex
    05/28/2012 - Un-expected love (60/100) - Laying in bed, so tired and ready to get a good night of sleep I felt his lips on my temple, then on my forehead....
    05/15/2012 - True Story of a lucky hotel clerk (60/100) - A little over a year ago my wife and I went on a mini vacation to a large town in southern Missouri. We became...Straight Sex
    05/30/2012 - FFM blowjob (60/100) - I was only staying for a month at his apartment, he is a guy I would not consider living with for more than a...Straight Sex
    06/11/2012 - My wife loves leather (60/100) - my wife is the best wife and mother but in bed she is an absolute slut i will tell you why she loves to wear...Fetish
    08/01/2012 - Those 3 Words (60/100) - "Baby, I'm horny" is a phrase every husband likes to hear from his wife. Daniel loved to hear those 3 words from...Straight Sex
    07/25/2012 - Black Voyeurs (60/100) - My name is Rhett H. I moved from Atlanta GA .back in 2007 to Colombia S.C. Then returned back to Atlanta GA....Voyeur
    04/29/2012 - Marion Tate (60/100) - Ian's first meeting with Mrs Tate was not unusual and he hardly suspected that she had her eye on him. Marion Tate...Slut Wife
    04/27/2012 - He chickened out (60/100) - My wife was trirty five and beautiful. She worked in a department store and had this twenty five year old guy in...Group Sex
    09/07/2004 - Casualty of War (60/100) - For the first time in two months Edwina dressed without embarrassment. She had arrived at the RAF station the...Straight
    04/15/2009 - Gosia's Propositon (60/100) - Her name is Gosia and she studies Biotechnology at a small technical university in Poland. Today she has a meeting...Interracial Sex
    12/14/2009 - Anal Beads (60/100) - I'm 26 years old and thought I had tried it all when it came down to sex. Of all the women I have had sex with,...Fetish
    04/09/2008 - Alone (60/100) - It was the middle of the night, clear and cool. I couldn't sleep. There was a restlessness inside me, easily...Voyeur
    01/05/2012 - My 1st time with Darrick (60/100) - Just the other day I was bored as hell when my friend said "Here, I got someone for you to talk too, do u remember...Straight
    04/01/2008 - Welcome Home (60/100) - I walked into the house with animal passion. Matt was sitting on the couch watching TV and I wasted no time with...Straight
    08/13/2012 - Second life (60/100) - How I came to be in this warm, comfortable bed half way around the world from my country and my home; with a...Teen Sex
    06/29/2012 - Office rush (60/100) - Hi guys, i may not be a good writer but this event refuses to leave my head, after 12yrs, so am gonna share it. I...Group Sex
    10/10/2012 - Slutty news is good news (60/100) - Sara is an inventive and creative friend of mine. She is the one who is mostly credited with turning Barry into a...Gay
    09/13/2012 - His Pickup Truck (60/100) - I was waiting at my house for Kyle, my boyfriend, to pick me up to go dancing. He called me that morning asking me...
    10/31/2012 - Long day at the Office (60/100) - Another day at the office, its a warm spring day the coworkers are hard at work. As the day goes by my u comes...Fetish
    11/22/2004 - The First Lady Part Two (60/100) - Jennifer Boyle curled up in an easy chair, while watching the eleven o'clock from the second floor private...Group Sex
    11/24/2004 - Shower Gifts (60/100) - "Mom," Brenda yelled from just inside the front door while struggling under a load of wedding shower gifts, "you...Teen Sex
    11/28/2012 - Neighbors daughter (60/100) - My neighbor across the way was out of town for a week. He asked me to watch the house and keep an eye on his 18...Teen Sex
    01/12/2007 - Strawberries & Cream (60/100) - You lay there on my bed. Looking good enough to eat. Sugar on your beautiful belly. Sexy rosy glow on your naked...Straight
    08/02/2006 - Room 101 (60/100) - It was the seventh straight day the new guest in room 101 had a Do Not Disturb sign on her door. Our hotel...Lesbian
    08/24/2012 - Metal Up My Wifes Petal (60/100) - My wife and I have always had an open relationship. She is a newspaper reporter and Im a freelance news...Slut Wife
    08/29/2012 - Anas Adventure No. 2 - Masquerade Orgy (60/100) - I was invited to go to a risque masquerade ball, and jumped at the chance to go. I wore the tightest black corset...Fiction Sex
    04/02/2010 - Watching My WIfe (59/100) - I was injured in a motorcycle wreck a couple of weeks ago. Well my wife was getting horny and I wasn't able to...Slut Wife Sex
    04/12/2005 - Prey (59/100) - Hal Decker pulled on his turtle neck sweater and padlocked is locker and yelled to the attendant, "Seeya in a...Fiction
    04/21/2010 - Erotic Encounter (59/100) - As I walk into the room, your eyes move slowly up and down my silhouette. You can’t tell what I’m wearing, but...Straight
    03/19/2010 - Eye of the beholder (59/100) - We agreed to play a game to make our sex life a bit more enjoyable. Kate was a beautiful woman and a loyal loving...Group Sex
    07/30/2012 - Day off (59/100) - Im at home, it's a gorgeous sunny day and i hav a few hours to myself. Ive just gotten out of a steamy bath all...Straight Sex
    02/05/2009 - Knows What Women Want (59/100) - This woman will do what ever she wants to you Pam, she will take control of you sexually, she will use you and...Fetish
    09/05/2008 - Fantasy Stripper Returns (59/100) - Sonia told me that she thought her ass was getting bigger. I joked that she could be a belly dancer. Sonia said...Slut Wife Sex
    11/19/2004 - Femdom Part Two (59/100) - The two men stood in the middle of the room with their heads hung low, not daring to look at their mistresses...Gay
    06/14/2010 - New life (59/100) - I ran away from my troubles when I was 18 years old. I couldn't stand being lonely and painfully rejected by men...Straight Sex
    06/19/2013 - Lezzy lick (59/100) - I had seen her once before. She was gorgeous. Big bouncy tits jiggled when she walked. A nice round ass to match....Lesbian
    01/09/2007 - Higher education (59/100) - I was the co-founder of a computer software company specializing in computer-assisted education as we developed...Straight
    04/21/2005 - The Salesman 2 (59/100) - Hampton Rogers sat in the outer office of the Pleasure Max Corporation, quietly paging through the latest issue of...Fetish
    11/27/2007 - Outdoor antics (59/100) - Hannah pulls up outside the local pub. Jack turns to her and says" you look really sexy tonight babe" He leans...Straight
    05/31/2013 - Home alone with Jon (59/100) - My parents decided to go to Vegas for a few days and left the whole house alone for me. I was excited, i could...Straight Sex
    11/18/2004 - The Urge (59/100) - "Oh, no," Belinda groaned to herself, "not now, please not now, I don't have time for this right now!!!" But no...Lesbian
    01/11/2013 - Gym Time (59/100) - I just turned 40 and though I wasn't in bad shape, I joined the local gym. I wanted to have the best body I'd ever...Gay
    04/29/2012 - My first experience with my hot English teacher... (59/100) - Hi, my name is Jay. I am a 21 year old good looking guy with, about 6'1 and moderately toned. Engineering College,...Straight Sex
    10/15/2008 - Summer Air (59/100) - The asphalt glistened in streams of heat penetrating the humid air. The silence of the night surrounded her mind....Fiction
    08/28/2004 - Bobbies First Time (58/100) - Bobbie had gotten a scholarship to play softball at her state university,and was away from home for the first time...Teen Sex
    03/20/2009 - Who's really Chief (58/100) - Ah I can’t believe it, I finally arrived before ten o’clock! Wait until everyone comes in the office and see...Straight Sex
    07/04/2012 - Smoking Fetish (58/100) - I'm setting at the bar, as you come you, the lights are low, you light a cigarette and inhale slowly and give it...Fetish
    01/27/2012 - Cathing my wife being fucked by my mate (58/100) - I started work at midnight,but decided to have a few drinks at home before istarted work ,the party was pumping...Slut Wife Sex
    07/10/2008 - Surprise Holiday (58/100) - It was the last but one day of our holiday. Katie and I had gone on holiday with our son and his friend. We all...Slut Wife Sex
    07/02/2007 - Wife Cheats In Front of Husband (58/100) - We were all hanging at a party at a friend's house. The atmosphere was low key. Everyone was dressed smartly but...Slut Wife Sex
    06/08/2012 - Luven Molly (58/100) - Molly is my wife. The best thing about Molly is thst she lives to please, especialy me. We been liven the life...Slut Wife
    04/22/2008 - Before the Banquet (58/100) - The festivities were finally getting under way. Charlie hadn't seen his wife, Dana for several weeks. They had no...Fetish
    06/03/2008 - The Cable guy! (58/100) - I don't write very well but this really happened .I remember thinking about those late night porn movies that came...Straight
    05/11/2012 - The Gift by Nitemoves (58/100) - She was up early to get ready for work while he was still fast asleep in bed. Standing naked in the bathroom with...Straight Sex
    12/06/2007 - Threesome With Two (58/100) - My wife and I - in our 40's - tried the "lifestyle thing." Well, we checked it out, and went to a house party of...Fiction
    06/18/2010 - The Urinal Woman (58/100) - Phyllis ordered the custom-made urinal costume a week ago, and today it finally arrived. It was a strange outfit,...Fetish
    08/29/2012 - Anas Adventure No. 3 - Fun in the Sun (58/100) - Dear Diary, It was such a beauitful day today I decided to take Kojico to the dog park. What I expected was to...Straight Sex
    06/16/2004 - Vice Cop (58/100) - Lou Tanner was a cop working the west side of Chicago. Now in all America there may be a more God forsaken piece...Fiction
    03/16/2006 - The study session 3 (58/100) - It was official, it seemed like over night I had become a cunt licker!! Alex had truly turned me out! What I liked...Lesbian
    05/14/2013 - Massage therapist (58/100) - Hello I'm a straight male massage therapist . It was closing time I was about to lock up .A young muscular...
    11/23/2004 - His Bidding (58/100) - Montana Scott flopped down on her queen size bed and just lay there for a few moments, too tired to even throw...Interracial Sex
    03/23/2009 - Southern Nights (58/100) - I can't explain the way I felt when my eyes first followed the curves of her body from the ground up. She was...Lesbian
    05/28/2012 - Cheating in College (57/100) - I had just enjoyed a night of fun and a bit too loud sex at my girlfriends place. She had left for class and I...Straight Sex
    05/31/2012 - Superheros (57/100) - Hannah and I both loved fancy dress parties but we had not been invited to one for over a year. A few mates at...Slut Wife
    11/05/2007 - Anastastia and her new job (57/100) - The story startrs out with my wife getting a new job, it had an office and wharehouse and she was the only women...Slut Wife Sex
    01/03/2008 - Time Out at The Party (57/100) - We decided to have a New Years Eve party this past year and invited literally everyone my wife and I knew -...Straight
    08/19/2013 - It was not to be this way (57/100) - 'What is most precious to you' said David looking at me deeply. We were playing cards and I just kept losing....Slut Wife Sex
    02/06/2012 - This evening (57/100) - My whole body is throbbing, throbbing with a pleasure and a pain. I am exhausted and cant move, I am lying here...Straight
    03/07/2006 - I tried... what can I say (57/100) - Not that I'm counting on anything, but Alex and I have been seeing each other for about a month now, and her...Lesbian
    04/26/2012 - Birthday surprise (57/100) - I glanced at the clock, about a half hour to go before they would begin to arrive. It was almost a reality and I...Group Sex
    07/11/2013 - Enforced TV Tenant (57/100) - What are we going to do with you? Stevens landlady asked, standing on his doorstep. Steven was forever...Fetish
    07/09/2013 - Miami Pt 1 The Trip Begins (57/100) - This is a story for all you white guys who have a love for that long, thick dark meat. Its true what they say you...Teen Sex
    10/23/2006 - Good end to a long weekend!!! (57/100) - It was late at night as I arrived home after a long weekend away. It had been one filled with packing and lifting,...Straight
    05/14/2013 - Hotel staff (57/100) - I was working in the hotel as the cleaner. One day I was doing a shift i then heard the key card go off for the...Straight
    07/23/2008 - Night Moves - A Taste of Elena (57/100) - ... It is very late, and I am getting quite tired now, and bored. The sign outside on the bar promised 'Sexy Live...Straight
    09/07/2012 - Peeping holes (57/100) - I went to Spain when I was 24 years old. I stayed in what they called a "hostal" witch means a cheap hotel. I was...Voyeur
    04/22/2010 - Hermaphrodite (57/100) - Lauren is my name and I have a very exciting love affair with my woman Jen. Ive been blessed to have a thick 6...Lesbian
    06/28/2007 - Shoe lover (57/100) - my husband has a huge foot and shoe fetish, iknew this early on in our relationship , never said no to him...Fetish
    04/23/2007 - My Daughters Friend is a Fathers girl (57/100) - My wife said she would pick up my daughter this evening but I said that as it was very late I would go. Mt...Teen Sex
    04/04/2007 - Just VERY good friends (57/100) - It all started as a bit of a game really. I am in my forties and have been married to Rachael for over 12 years....Straight
    06/13/2012 - My famine body (57/100) - As I was a kid I waz soo slim (as a stick) famlily wanted huge boys in the family but I was often ashamed by...Gay
    11/25/2004 - Wedding Day (56/100) - "Oh, mama, I can't believe this day has finally arrived," gushed Pamela Sherman, "can you believe it, Steve and I...Teen Sex
    06/28/2012 - Fun with the ex (56/100) - I ran into an ex at a liquor store. I was on the phone with my bestfriend and I noticed this girl in the next...Teen Sex
    05/23/2013 - A School Story (56/100) - I met this boy in my English class in August, by December we were sending dirty messages to each other vis...Teen Sex
    07/22/2013 - The Shop Keeper (56/100) - I work at a shop in a sleepy village, not much happens in the village and the higlight of my week is when Polly...Straight Sex
    02/08/2013 - Gang Banged at The Gym Part 1 (56/100) - Join the local gym last week, I figured it was time for me to get back into shape. I just turned 40, although I...Gay
    11/12/2012 - My cock sucking slutty wife (56/100) - Neha, my wife is shy, coy but a slut at heart. She is shy when it comes to me but is hot for others. This is a...Slut Wife Sex
    08/30/2012 - Surprise Surprise (56/100) - My best friend, Ryan, and I were driving 3 hours for an job interview for me. We had been driving for about a good...Straight
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    08/12/2004 - Bombs away (56/100) - It's 1941 London, England. The Nazis are using there superior air power to try and bring Winston Churchill and the...Slut Wife Sex
    06/28/2010 - Serious male domination from a big tough trucker (56/100) - Some time ago I foung lodgings with this long distance trucker and his wife. This truckers name was Kirk and I...Fiction Sex
    06/11/2008 - Emily the Not-so-virgin (56/100) - AT Eighteen, Emily had fallen in love many times. She had alot of previous boyfriends, none that compared to her...Teen Sex
    07/24/2008 - The new beginning! (56/100) - Monique was new to the neighborhood. She moved from a sleepy little town in Kansas to the outskirts of the Bay...Lesbian
    07/13/2005 - Pinned (56/100) - "What a joke," Dean yelled derisively at the screen, "if he was tryin' he'd kick her fucking ass!!!" "Oh really,...Straight
    03/16/2006 - The study session 2 (56/100) - I couldn't believe what happened at Alex's the other night. Did she know I lusted her body? Was I that obvious?...Lesbian
    05/16/2005 - Watching My Wife Get Fucked (56/100) - Me and my wife decided to go watch the dancers at a local club. we had always talked about having another person...Slut Wife Sex
    03/03/2009 - Mental Preparation (56/100) - Bobby and I have been dating for about three months and I can tell he is aching to touch my body, minus the...Straight Sex
    08/29/2012 - Anas Adventure No. 4 - To fuck or be Fucked (55/100) - Dear Diary, I was walking through the parking garage to my car after working late tonight. A security patrol...Straight Sex
    02/23/2012 - Three Men in a Caravan (55/100) - I have had many a lurid experience in the old caravan in the woods. I have previously spoken of Leatherface and...Straight Sex
    04/25/2012 - Forced fatherhood (55/100) - *This story is an elaborate fantasy extension of an experience that I had in college; 60 + percent of it is pure...Teen Sex
    02/29/2008 - The Dinner Date (55/100) - "Ding, dong. " "Hey, baby." Craig said as he opened the door. "You look absolutely gorgeous. Come here and give...Straight
    09/04/2012 - Pingpong sex (55/100) - As Ashley walked in she saw that her boyfriend Tom had set up a ping pong table. Tom was sat on a chair in the...Straight Sex
    05/01/2012 - Nightclub (55/100) - My wife Sarah and i were in a small nightclub on the Sunset Strip, about 50 people sitting by small tables...Slut Wife
    08/14/2012 - Im a Loner (55/100) - My name in Jon Ryan and I am a consulting Civil Engineer. I am a damn good at what I do and Im paid well for...Gay
    05/28/2007 - My wild ex-wife (55/100) - I was 24 when I married my 33 year old wife. I was the young, innocent, naive cock that she was waiting for. And...Slut Wife Sex
    06/29/2012 - The add (55/100) - I had really answered that add in the newspaper: I, 33 years old, am looking for a lover 100 % discretion is...Fiction Sex
    05/10/2012 - Forbidden (55/100) - It was the last day of school, I knew I'd never see my high school sweetheart again, he was moving back to...Group Sex
    08/29/2012 - Anas Adventures (55/100) - Ana Love is a 29 year old voluptious women with gorgeous blue eyes. Ana is happy in most aspects of her life, she...Straight Sex
    04/27/2012 - Hacked slut wifes email (55/100) - Found out wifeys email password and was really shocked but now its making me hot! I'll paste her email to her...
    09/14/2012 - Erotica (55/100) - Coming home from a long, exhausting day at work at hot bubble bath awaits your your arrival. Red and white rose...Fetish
    01/08/2008 - Strangers (55/100) - Sitting alone in a crowded pub Noise, laughter., people talking all around you. The smell of cigarette...Straight
    09/20/2012 - Mandy and Me (55/100) - Mandy shoved me into her private bathroom; furiously kissing as she pushed me to sit on the closed toilet seat....Lesbian
    09/14/2006 - Evening out... (55/100) - It's Friday afternoon and the workday is coming to an end. You are anxious to get home to me and give me the...Slut Wife Sex
    03/12/2010 - New Suit Problems (55/100) - My birthday was coming up and Marcy kept asking me what I wanted. I really didn't know. We had been married for...Group Sex
    05/13/2013 - Seeing and enjoying my wife get fucked (55/100) - I am a very conventional Indian and quite straight. My wife, Poonam is opposite. She loves male company and loves...
    06/01/2009 - Joss and Mary (55/100) - My wife Jane and myself Mike, decided to take a last minute holiday for one week in Spain. We arrived very late...Group Sex
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    04/30/2009 - One night stand (55/100) - Jenny is one of those friends that last for a life and don't keep secrets from each other. Our sex life is an open...Slut Wife
    01/23/2012 - Sunbathing (55/100) - My girlfriend and I live together on a private drive with a wide open lot next to the house with many houses...Straight Sex
    03/30/2010 - Beachin Bumpin (55/100) - On a hot summer day in southern california. There i was like everyother girl, on the beach in a bikini, getting...Straight
    01/17/2012 - She already knew (55/100) - Wow, 10 pm. At the bar again. Alone. I stroked my hair and thought of her. Macy, so beautiful, perfect,sexy. I...
    07/22/2010 - I arrived too early (55/100) - My wife was attending a new season sales promotion after work on friday night ,as she would be having a few...Slut Wife
    09/28/2012 - English rose Part 1 (55/100) - My name is Chiku; I am a beautiful black girl from Africa, Nigeria to be precise. When I was 19 years old, my...Fetish
    05/17/2010 - A Guys Bad Luck (55/100) - Rodger crawls through an open window into Bobbie's bedroom .There he finds her dreaming peacefully.Rodger quickly...Straight
    06/22/2006 - One Autumn Morning (54/100) - I woke up and found Ann with her head lying on my chest. She was still asleep. The sunlight was coming through the...Straight
    06/08/2012 - Watched my friend fuck my girlfriend (54/100) - I was curious if my girlfriend would cheat on me given the opportunity so I encouraged my buddy and her to hang...Slut Wife
    06/04/2007 - Summer Series Ch. 01 (54/100) - Author's Notes: All characters in sexual situations are at least eighteen years of age

    I sat back and...
    10/19/2012 - Threes never a crowd (54/100) - The moment he entered the club I knew I had to have him. He was everything I had been gagging for and more. The...Group Sex
    03/15/2005 - Oral Addiction (54/100) - While taking a sip of her white wine, Shari casually scanned the crowded tavern, all the time searching for her...Straight
    08/06/2013 - Busty Anissa (54/100) - I was waiting in a midtown Manhattan restaurant for one my friend, Anissa Kate. It had been six years since I had...Interracial Sex
    04/11/2013 - My neighbours daughter (54/100) - The only thing sexier than my neighbour was her 18-year-old daughter. She was 59 with chestnut hair perky B cups...Teen Sex
    10/16/2007 - A Memorable Night (54/100) - You are on your way home from work a day you soon wish to forget. The whole way home thinking you just want to go...Straight
    01/17/2012 - The morning after the night before (54/100) - It was the morning after the night before. We were both hungover and decided to have a lazy day doing nothing but...Interracial Sex
    02/12/2009 - New Summer Outfit (53/100) - Ginny knew that buying her new summer outfit had been a mistake. It seemed fine when she tried it out in the shop,...Lesbian
    07/19/2010 - My First Threesome (53/100) - This is my first threesome; I had lost my virginity about 70 days ago to Diane and she wanted me to come over and...Straight Sex
    01/11/2007 - Just the right pint (53/100) - Claire and I went to the annual local beer festival with our friends Rob and Sally. Rob quite fancied Claire...Group Sex
    08/14/2012 - The good lawyer (53/100) - The party was to honor the lawyer who had just won an important case. My wife was seated between him and me at...
    01/19/2008 - The Massage from Larry Cox (53/100) - My name is Larry Cox and I'm forty one years old today. My day started at noon. I would have slept longer but a...Teen Sex
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    10/03/2007 - You Know This Lover (53/100) - You drive through the night, the only sound your tires singing on wet black pavement and the rhythm of your own...Fiction
    10/14/2008 - School Teacher (52/100) - Well it was a lovely saturday afternoon and i had just taken my sunday school teacher out to lunch. This was no...Straight
    12/16/2009 - The Mile High Club II (52/100) - You make your way to the bathroom (on the plane)………a few moments later, I join you. You meet me with a kiss...Lesbian
    03/31/2005 - Undercover Stories Part Two (52/100) - My name's Allison Wagner, well, it's not really, in fact I've used many names in my career as and agent and...Slut Wife Sex
    12/15/2009 - For All Eternity (52/100) - She stood before him in a long white dress, looking longingly into his eyes. She hadnt seen him for a few years...Fiction Sex
    04/16/2010 - Long island couple (52/100) - John and Lisa have been married for over twenty five years and we both always had a great sexual appetite with...Fiction Sex
    01/25/2012 - I Had A Dream (52/100) - We were at a park, camping out; it was dark. So I asked you to walk with me. The only sounds were the soft...Straight Sex
    05/16/2012 - All caught up (52/100) - There once was a pretty young petite red boned girl wit long brown hair who fulfilled a dare to go behind...Teen Sex
    03/08/2006 - Playing Naughty (52/100) - She heard the water running from downstairs while she sat in front of the TV; she was transfixed on a meaningless...Straight
    01/10/2007 - Office romance (52/100) - "Tracy would you please come in here" Mr Bradley politely comanded his secretary on the phone. What the hell...Straight
    06/02/2008 - Hot mother in law (52/100) - this is a story about my mother in law she is a bit of a bitch at times so what happen to me one day was a real...Straight
    07/30/2013 - My story happened in the early eigties (51/100) - My story happened in the early eigties not long after Emma and myself got married. I was Emma's first and as far...Slut Wife
    08/03/2006 - My First Piercing (51/100) - As a child I was always the one taking dares from my friends. No matter how insane the dare was, everyone always...Straight
    03/20/2006 - Proofreading at its best (51/100) - This affair Alex and I are having has sent to me a whole new level and understanding of lesbians in general. I've...Lesbian
    11/10/2004 - The set up (51/100) - The message on Armondo's answering machine sounded urgent, but when he realized it was just from Velma Ford, he...Fiction
    10/15/2007 - WOW What A Date Night (51/100) - It had been a long week; I had been working twelve-hour shifts all week at work when 4:00 finally came on that...Straight
    03/03/2009 - Bathroom Romp (51/100) - The club was ear-bursting and beautiful. There were more sexy men tonight than I've seen in my entire life and I...Fiction Sex
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    09/14/2006 - Camera never lies (51/100) - Then Camera never lies It started out as a bit of sexual fun, well for me anyway. Sonia, my wife for twenty...Fetish
    08/30/2012 - Talk Dirty To Me (51/100) - I'm 21. My friends and I went out clubbing. I was wearing a very seductive , red mini skirt with a black top. My...Straight
    01/03/2007 - Invite (51/100) - Sonia and I stayed overnight in a hotel before flying out to go on holiday to the greek islands. We had arrived...Straight
    08/11/2006 - Good Morning (51/100) - It is 7am and I am lying in bed, thinking of you. I woke early this morning, maybe because I am in a strange...Straight
    07/07/2004 - Self Examination (50/100) - Back in the privacy of the bedroom after an evening with HIM. Kick off the shoes. Unzip at the side & carefully...Fetish
    02/09/2009 - A mid summers Eve... Kinky style (50/100) - Ok so it started one evening on a warm sumers night. I met up with this sexy young girl with a name to match the...Straight
    09/14/2006 - Fantasy Stripper (50/100) - It was the weekend and we led in bed a little longer than usual. As I was grunting away doing the usual weekend...Fiction
    01/29/2009 - The School Holidays (50/100) - It was the summer holidays, and I was staying at my friend Nick's. I was having a good time, the the problem was...Fetish
    02/12/2009 - Lab Lessons (50/100) - I walked into S.Lab 9 and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my top to the peek of my nipples. Mr Harvey was...Teen Sex
    10/31/2012 - The Getaway (50/100) - Its a hot summer day at our cottage, you are in a thong tanning on the dock near the lake making sure u get a nice...Fetish
    06/29/2007 - My Servant Shakeela (50/100) - Hi I am jazzy (not real name) from Karachi Pakistan, This is my true story which i want to share with you, now i...Straight
    10/23/2012 - Welcome to Baltimore (50/100) - As soon as we pulled into the McDonalds I knew my ass was in the damn hood. Ma is there a reason why your...Straight Sex
    09/04/2012 - Pure Luxury Part 1 (Work in Progress) (50/100) - Martha Grace Pepper was a beautiful girl. She was of much contrast, slim and petite but with curvy, voluptuous...
    05/24/2013 - New Years Eve Pleasure (50/100) - It was new year's eve and I met this boy at a party. It was my best friend who invited me and I was sitting at the...Straight Sex
    05/24/2013 - My Horny Mother-In-Law (50/100) - My mother-in-law,dorothy, was very sexy. She was in her early forties when I was dating my wife. She was...Straight
    03/16/2010 - Something to remember in old age (50/100) - Kate asked me what I would like for my birthday and I told her I would love some professional photographs of her...Slut Wife
    04/27/2012 - Outrageous Behaviour (50/100) - Rupert Downly was the most unruly pupil at the A level college. He had ended up there because he had already...
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    06/07/2013 - Florida Trip (50/100) - I got to the city in Florida to see my girlfriend Liz after a wild and sexually fulfilling time when my car broke...Lesbian
    03/27/2009 - Interlude during dinner (49/100) - Her hand crawled up his leg inching closer to the visible erection. Slowly she pushed the tablecloth aside...Straight Sex
    09/14/2006 - My new Fantasy (49/100) - Am very happy to share my experiences with u. I am a 27 year bachelor. It was happened two years ago. I was...Straight
    06/16/2004 - The Chatroom (49/100) - Sarah nervously reviewed the instructions that Megan had written for her on the back of a restaurant napkin. Hit...Fiction
    08/09/2013 - Unexpected Long Massage (49/100) - I have loved getting massages ever since my back went out the first time years ago. Some places did great jobs and...Straight
    10/08/2007 - Billy Beomes Beatrice (49/100) - Billy wanted to dress up like a little girl all of his life. When he was eight years old his mom caught him trying...Fetish
    10/01/2008 - Introduction To Adventure (49/100) - Rushing through the day to finish her work assignments, Suzanne sighed in frustration.Another boring day of...Straight
    02/27/2008 - My first time (49/100) - I like to try everything at least one's, so when my girlfriend Kathy told me she was into bondage I couldn't help...Fetish
    02/19/2013 - Strangers by Xoxoslut (49/100) - I was at the adult store alone picking out a new dildo. I'm single and I have been for so long that my other...Group Sex
    08/28/2004 - Baby (48/100) - Petra Olson was busy getting everything ready for Laura's arrival. "Let's see," she said out loud, "diapers,...Straight
    02/29/2008 - Roadside fuck (48/100) - I like to tease older men. I am a 23 year old woman who is in teriffic shape. I have a small build and I have a...Straight
    03/11/2009 - Stag Night (48/100) - IT was up to me to arrange the stag night for my best mate so i arranged a trip to spain for a group of us and a...Straight Sex
    03/30/2009 - Couldnt Refuse (48/100) - We returned to our suite at 11 pm after having dinner at my favourite restaurant. I went to my bedroom and changed...Straight
    01/18/2012 - Honeymoon delights part 1 (48/100) - The wedding went without a hitch and most of the guests had left so we decided it was time to go off to our...Straight Sex
    06/27/2012 - Dress Code (48/100) - Jen and me had been together since most of high school and got married in 1990. She was 20 and I was 22 and we...Voyeur
    08/19/2013 - Pussy Power (48/100) - The warm Cabo sun felt wonderful on my skin, so warm so relaxing, I could feel the stress of today melting away....Fetish
    04/25/2012 - My wifes holiday (48/100) - My wife was asked to go on holiday with two friends who are both naturists,I had no problem with this and told her...Slut Wife
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    10/07/2008 - Party Hookup (47/100) - Casey winked at the cutie from across the room. the music was too loud to make any conversation with anyone but...Group Sex
    07/04/2012 - New Bar (47/100) - After a very long and hot day at and your friends decide to stop in at a new bar down the road from...
    04/05/2012 - The greatest hot threesome of all time (47/100) - My and my gf had had the CRAZIEST night we were both 18 at the time. Shes Super hot blone and perfect apple ass...Group Sex
    01/26/2010 - My Dream Came True!!!! (47/100) - My boyfriend Julian called and said he's going to pick me up and take me to the theatres. He said we're going to...Straight
    10/26/2012 - Kims Model Behaviour (47/100) - The model, Kim, lay on the straw-strewn set, her cowboy hat balanced on the back of her blonde-tousled head. She...Straight Sex
    06/10/2010 - Sis in laws pumps (47/100) - I am a shoe fetishist. Just high heel stiletto pumps. I am mad about them and when I see them I go mad.
    02/08/2008 - First Time, Best Time (47/100) - After some time having the best sex I have ever had in my life, tonight was the first time we had anal sex (my...Straight
    06/03/2013 - My Second time with Maya aunty (47/100) - After the first time with maya aunty, she asked me to see her at 10:30 to have fun when she's alone at her home....Fiction Sex
    04/24/2007 - Neighbour of misfortune (47/100) - Jenny a neighbour who has lived in the house down the road from us for some years recently caught my eye. She is...Straight
    10/18/2004 - Home early (46/100) - As the wheels to the plane touched down, Fred O'Connor reached up to the over head bin and hauled down his one...Slut Wife Sex
    03/20/2006 - Lori and the Stranger (46/100) - Lori began fantasizing about having sex with a man she had just met a few months ago, without knowing anything...Slut Wife Sex
    09/25/2008 - Seducing Sadie (46/100) - As she approached her desk, Sadie figured today would be just like any other day. She would get her coffee and...Straight
    08/13/2012 - Sophies wish (46/100) - The nights were drawing in, and Sophie was getting bored. She wanted excitement. She was fed up of lying in bed...Straight
    02/06/2009 - Story Behind the Doors (46/100) - It all started one nice evening. This beautiful girl with the body of an angel and the tone thats what every man...Straight
    03/15/2010 - Lakeside (46/100) - It was a cool crisp night, I had just left the bar and was strolling down the beach. Sandals in my hands wet sand...Straight Sex
    04/05/2012 - First Sexual Experience (46/100) - She was a fairly close friend of mine, though I only knew her for 5 months. I guess she was precisely not too...Straight
    05/07/2012 - At the Bottom of the Stairs (46/100) - I was walking and I had come from my favorite hotspot clubs; Green Eyes. I was wearing my daisy dukes and some...Lesbian
    04/24/2009 - My confession (46/100) - McDonald’s was ceiling high with the usual Saturday-night crowd. Cheryl and I decided to take a seat and wait...Straight Sex
    06/25/2012 - Fun in Paradise (46/100) - I walked up to the door and knocked on it the door wasn't locked so it just swung open "hello" I said, I walked in...Straight Sex
    06/25/2010 - My best friend Leroy (45/100) - Hi i want to tell my torrid story to like minded people, i recently got married to a very sexy & hot girl, she's...Slut Wife Sex
    06/28/2010 - Working out (45/100) - I'm 29 years old and decide it was time for me to get my body in shape, so I joined a gym. My first day I just...Straight Sex
    10/18/2004 - Conditiond response (45/100) - Robert Richard Parker wheeled his new Caddy slowly down 42nd St., checking out the whores plying their trade to...Straight
    02/23/2012 - Threesome- Part 1 (45/100) - I was waiting for my boyfriend Mav to return home from his job. I was too exhausted after doing some shopping,...Group Sex
    05/06/2008 - Me and my aunt in all in the family (45/100) - I was sitting home one day waiting for my girlfriend to come over and I was pretty excited and horny cuz we were...Straight
    03/25/2009 - Sexy Time (45/100) - He lent in, kissed me softly, an overwhelming desire filled my body. I returned his kiss, slowly we started to...Straight
    05/20/2008 - The Kiss (45/100) - The kiss that kept me up all night, The one I just could not fight.
    I striped you down from head to...
    12/28/2012 - I Cant Help The Way I Feel (45/100) - My mate Liam crashed out on the sofa. I loved it when Liam came round to my flat. I loved him. He was my best...Gay
    02/03/2009 - Football Butts (45/100) - I was watching the stupid football players practicing again, why was I still coming here? We had only been...Teen Sex
    04/11/2013 - Sex on the rocks (45/100) - I went to this bar the other day around the corner of the school I was just looking for some fun tonight I was...Teen Sex
    06/01/2009 - Her First Strip Club (45/100) - My wife is 31 which is 15 years younger than me. She is very hot and has made several comments about being...Lesbian
    01/04/2007 - Travel by rail is best (45/100) - I was travelling back from London and as usual it was very busy and I had not managed to get a seat. I glanced...Straight
    05/04/2006 - For you I will always come (44/100) - It was one of the hottest nights of the year when you called me. I was sick of being out with the girls so I...Fiction
    04/05/2012 - Random Expressions (44/100) - Every woman loves her man to take the time to create, build, and foster a relationship. I dont think many would...Straight Sex
    03/09/2012 - G.I. Blues (44/100) - While stationed in Germany and missing my wife (who is Afro-American) I asked for some photos of her in panties....Slut Wife Sex
    05/23/2006 - Open Interview (44/100) - Jerry had been working at his current job for a little over three years, but it was time for a change. He had...Group Sex
    03/11/2010 - Fun games (44/100) - Ever since I got stripped naked by my cousin and his friend, I've had this fetish of being taken by force. I got...Fetish
    12/05/2012 - Movie datee (44/100) - A cute outfit, and an hour of preperation later, tara was ready for the movie date with her boyfriend. He drove up...Straight
    07/19/2010 - Size Matters (44/100) - I'm a mid-fourties traveling Yellow Page sales consultant. When the opporunity presents certain termanology can...Slut Wife
    10/03/2012 - Wedding - I dreamed about fuck this pumps (44/100) - I'm (since I was I kid ) 100% high pumps fetishist ... I catch every occasion to fuck and cum inside pumps of my...Fetish
    08/09/2012 - What a mouthful (44/100) - I was just lying on his bed, in all innocence - at first, anyway.
    While sitting on the bed, my mind...
    10/23/2006 - Lily and Ace (43/100) - Hi my name is Ace this is one of my sexual experiences (I have had many). I'm 5'7 very muscular with brown hair...Straight
    05/07/2012 - Community Service - Part 1 (43/100) - "Sharon, get your lazy ass out of bed," Margo yelled between forceful knocks on the dorm room door. The...Interracial Sex
    05/27/2013 - Wife Goes Black in the Warehouse (43/100) - My wife, Sherry, got a job at a furniture warehouse, were there were several black me working. Sherry is very...Slut Wife
    06/13/2012 - Locked in (43/100) - It was a crazy weekend I was still high from two nights before wen Sam knocked on the door I went downstairs in my...Straight
    06/05/2012 - Mouthful of Cock (43/100) - It was mid afternoon when I heard the wail of a police siren. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a cop car,...
    05/30/2012 - Adult Movie (43/100) - My had done just about everything I could dream of,when I came up with the best idea yet. I asked her if she would...Slut Wife
    07/23/2010 - The Helpful Stranger (43/100) - It was one of the days, you know alot to do and not enough time to do it. Well the kids had just left for school,...Straight Sex
    04/05/2012 - Tiny wife loved 2 big dicks (43/100) - My wife is polish and is real small,cute and has drk skin and before we got married we used to party and take...Slut Wife
    12/06/2007 - Who is the boss (43/100) - I came one day from work and my housekeeper was watching TV and the place was a mess. I got really pissed off and...Fetish
    07/23/2012 - Bubie part1 (The milk maid) (42/100) - Lives in her apartment in the 4th floor, having a good atheletic figure. When in home, she likes nothing to be...Fetish
    03/30/2007 - The Project (42/100) - One day i was invited over to Ari's house to help her and Jessica work on thier Greek Mythology Project. They...Group Sex
    06/04/2006 - Dominated By My Best Friends Wife (42/100) - A few months ago I made plans to go out with my best friend Mike and his wife Stephanie to this new club called...Fetish
    05/29/2013 - Park Porked (42/100) - I'm happily married and have always enjoyed a healthy sex life with my husband. We have had an open marriage and...Slut Wife
    11/28/2012 - Reverse gangbang (42/100) - Leaving the pub by myself, I was approached by a pretty early 20's asian woman.She asked me if I wanted to come...Group Sex
    05/31/2013 - Me Pete and the jar of peanutbutter (41/100) - It was a rainy day in a little town called Saint Helena California which is located in the North Bay. Huge dropps...Fiction Sex
    06/05/2008 - Blackmailed while cheating (41/100) - I have been cheating on my wife Karen with my friends wife Lisa for well over a year now.We usually meet at the...Fetish
    10/22/2007 - Lunch Visit (41/100) - Was out job hunting and it was about lunch time and I was going by the wife's office and thought that since the...Slut Wife Sex
    04/05/2012 - I'm King (41/100) - So I met this girl on the internet. Her name was Ashley, and I thought she was gorgeous. We started talking for a...Straight
    01/22/2010 - First Encounter With a Virgin (41/100) - It is the story of my girlfriend jazzy. She was a beautiful virgin of 18. She has been my class fellow for a long...Teen Sex
    01/11/2010 - Unbelievably Hot Gay Sex Poem (41/100) - Alone we sat. Bored, as always. A hot summer day with a broken air conditioner, the only thought possible...Gay
    03/20/2006 - Alex is Mine... (41/100) - I realize that Alex does in fact have a husband, there's no way around that but I can't deny the feelings I have...Lesbian
    11/05/2012 - Wife and black coworker (41/100) - I work for a large company I was in charge of maintenance. I was called in a few times a month to keep the...Interracial Sex
    12/15/2009 - Sexy Lady With a Big Dick (41/100) - Without question things are just out of control for Melina White a successful lawyer in NYC. Life for her was very...Fiction Sex
    03/20/2006 - Alex is Mine... part 2 (41/100) - Alex and I laid in her bed, boy her bed is very cozy. I could get used to this. Alex seemed to be pretty much...Lesbian
    10/09/2007 - The bus driver (41/100) - I was married at the time and i didn't hve a car or know how to drive so me and J.C.E. my hubby was taking the...Straight
    04/26/2012 - Late train (40/100) - Doreen Griffin had an indian boyfriend called Debdan who had the most enormous penis. Doreen was twenty eight an...Straight Sex
    06/30/2010 - Payback is a bitch (40/100) - Paul and I never had a good relationship. He would do the ruddest and jerkiest things a boy could do to you. So it...Straight
    09/04/2012 - Sweet pain (40/100) - She arrived at his place at 8pm sharp, just as he had demanded. She knew not to be late; he was very strict about...
    10/04/2012 - Check on my wife (40/100) - My wife and I had moved to the mountains in Colorado just out of Boulder in May of 1980. It was early June now and...
    10/29/2012 - Fate (40/100) - Ken Morgenstein was not a soldier though he had been. He had been called to a higher duty with the intelligence...
    09/10/2012 - Silent Night (40/100) - I silently climb your stairs, hugging the wall, trying to blend into the shadow. The door to your bedroom is...
    08/08/2012 - Before the Beach Bliss (40/100) - My boyfriend John and I had planned a couples retreat to the beach for the weekend with some friends of ours and I...
    05/09/2012 - An hour in a bar (40/100) - my wife tashia and i visited a nice little bar, tashia dressed as provocatively as legal, her dresses barely...Slut Wife
    04/28/2012 - Steve and Arnold's Halloween Party (40/100) - At a Halloween house party somewhere off campus, Steve and Arnold show up dressed in flannel clothing with hip...Gay
    05/01/2012 - Domissive (40/100) - ... I couldnt explain it, it was a sudden rush of power, and anger, knowing that i was controlling, the one, who...Fetish
    08/03/2006 - Samanthas Secret (40/100) - Welcome to Hampton University, a highly recognized prestige school in Hampton Virginia, where the female student...Straight
    06/08/2006 - Teens... (39/100) - Kris and Corinne have been friends for ever. They got to know one another during primary school and they hung out...Group Sex
    12/05/2007 - Speeding Ticket... (39/100) - His buddies still talk about the time that he pulled over a young hottie in a red convertible. She was young,...Straight
    08/07/2013 - Sex and Guns (39/100) - My girlfriend Jessica and I lay on the couch playing Gears of War, a first-person-shooter game, in the living room...Straight
    07/01/2010 - The Beauty Shop Girls (39/100) - We opend our pool this weekend and all the girls from the beauty shop came over.We had a open bar and plenty of...Teen Sex
    06/11/2012 - Crime does pay (38/100) - "your under arrest" she said, as i ran out of the warehouse. "what by you? While your on your own?" walking up to...Fiction Sex
    10/23/2007 - My Hero (38/100) - One day you get an email telling you that I've been kidnapped, no name signed anywhere, no address, no clue...Straight
    09/09/2009 - Finally Convincing My Wife (38/100) - We'd been together for over 3 years when I told my wife that I'd had sex with a man. We've been together now 12...Slut Wife
    02/06/2008 - A Runners Dream (38/100) - It was an incredibly hot & humid evening, the sweat rolling down his face and neck as he ran a mile, then another,...Fetish
    11/13/2008 - Sophie and The Manager (38/100) - Sophie was her name and she was a secretary at one of the biggest construction companies of New York City. Every...Straight
    01/08/2008 - Spanked for Dirty Dishes (38/100) - I Had a Redhead Girlfriend who Liked to Drink abit too Much so one saturday i came over alittle on the Early side...Fetish
    04/03/2006 - Sweet Awakening (38/100) - I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming that I'm at college, chillin with my friends, and all of a sudden I realize that I'm...Fiction
    06/08/2006 - A Tease (38/100) - Robert had been away for two weeks on furlough with the reserve, I had not had any for two weeks and I was now...Straight
    06/14/2006 - Animal Lust (38/100) - Dallas walked into his office disgusted that the zoo's board of trustees had hired someone without consulting him,...Straight
    06/12/2013 - The Sick Day (38/100) - I stood in the kitchen doorway watching Carl look out the window while he sipped his morning coffee. He and I have...Gay
    11/07/2007 - Got what she wished (38/100) - We had gathered a group of our college friends for a weeks vacation and figured that renting a house and sharing...Group Sex
    05/22/2012 - What Am I Waiting For (37/100) - Today was just one of those days! Every phone call I got was a problem and no one had time to be pleasant. I...Straight
    04/21/2006 - The Subway Ride 2 (37/100) - Clare arrived in New York to visit friends before she started to seriously look for work in the fashion industry....Straight
    04/10/2008 - Unexpected fun (37/100) - I love parties and usually go with two of my best girlfriends. We all like to have fun and sometimes get pretty...Straight
    10/08/2012 - Super Sex Machine (37/100) - I'm 21, and have a large cocm That's all you need to know about me. Oh, also my name, Josh. This is the story...Straight Sex
    07/21/2008 - Fun get togethers (37/100) - I met this guy offline his name is matt. Hes only a few years older then me. The first time we met he got a little...Teen Sex
    04/11/2007 - Better than a Helmet Skirt (37/100) - I was on ebay looking for bits for my car and motorcycle when I saw something called a helmet skirt. It was a...Straight
    01/11/2013 - Net Gains (1) (37/100) - When we discovered Horny Amateurs - Post Your Own we never dreamt itmight suddenly disappear. But it did. There...
    03/13/2009 - I married a slut and love it (37/100) - I met a girl, lets call her June at some friends party. They were good friends, we often had threesomes which were...Slut Wife
    01/05/2010 - New Old Flames Daughter (37/100) - I went to the dentist this morning and got a hell of a suprise. I was told to arrive early to do paper work. I...Straight Sex
    11/05/2012 - What will he think of me (37/100) - Thinking of him sends a serge of shear ecstasy though out my body. The sun was setting over the Tucson mountains...
    06/04/2006 - Total Control (37/100) - I think I have always moved more towards the submissive side of my nature, purely because in every other part of...Fetish
    11/08/2007 - Having regrets (36/100) - My cousin and I met this girl in a park and made friends with her. She dressed very sexy all the time, with short...Group Sex
    03/24/2009 - My most unusuall Punishment yet! (36/100) - Well It all started when I got married 11 years ago. My father made my husband a deal that if he was to marry me...Fetish
    03/05/2008 - Wedding party (36/100) - It all happened when i was invited to one my female friends wedding party at a beach resort. When i arrived I met...Slut Wife Sex
    07/25/2012 - How to get rid of a girlfriend (36/100) - I should have known from the start that it was not going to work out with Sally. We met at a club and I guess I...Group Sex
    07/06/2006 - Naughty University (36/100) - I'm 18, about the age when you need to start thinking about University. I had gone through all the applications,...Fiction
    09/13/2012 - Whos Your Mommy Now (36/100) - Two ladies who were once friends are now sworn enemies and competitive rivals. The elder lady, Ann, is a petite 60...Lesbian
    03/19/2010 - Lorena… Lazy Day in Bed (36/100) - Lorena is just about as sweet and innocent (looks wise) as they come. She has a soft, sweet look about her. She is...Straight Sex
    06/05/2008 - The night ill never forget (35/100) - "Hannah, baby fuck me tonight. If were gonna get together then you gotta fuck me!" whined Max "Honey, I'm not...Straight
    04/25/2007 - Party 7 (35/100) - Year's ago there used to be a can of beer called a party seven and it used to hold seven pints of beer and was...Group Sex
    10/19/2007 - Joy being a slut (35/100) - Joy and I always went out on Friday night to have a good time. Joy always wore very sexy and revealing clothes...Fiction
    08/20/2013 - Ass addition (35/100) - my wife, pauline, was an excitable woman, quick to anger, quick to get over it, quick to get hot, quick to get...Slut Wife Sex
    01/29/2008 - Admission play school (35/100) - I am an administrator of a pre primary school, so I have to sit at office after the school time. One fine evening...Straight
    03/19/2010 - Antea & Christina - Lovers in the Light (35/100) - Antea & Christina just became lovers. They had exchanged a few flirtatious looks in the past, and finally, after...Lesbian
    01/22/2010 - Mums Friends Daughters (35/100) - This is a true story and it took place a few weeks back
    my mother had invited her friend and her family...
    05/17/2012 - Sex with a couple (34/100) - I was at a bar in a small town where I live. I sat down at the bar and ordered a shot of wiskey. As I was...Group Sex
    10/22/2007 - Lennis Lair (34/100) - Lenni, a tall, black, slender, dark-skinned, long-legged beauty, with a short Jeri Curl, was really into a unique...Fetish
    05/29/2007 - Leather Lisa Loves To Be A Homewrecker (34/100) - I only have sex with men that are married,if they have children,that\'s even better.I love to break up as many...Fetish
    05/11/2006 - Gang Bang Halloween (34/100) - Every year now for quite some time our group throws a Halloween party, in the past it was supervised by our...Straight
    07/06/2006 - Terrie & Kate (34/100) - It was a cold night; the snow was falling softly to the ground only being melted by the glow of the Christmas...Lesbian
    06/04/2006 - Old friends 3 (34/100) - I was getting ready to go into town to meet a friend we hadn't seen each other since we left college four years...Fiction
    12/03/2007 - Are you lonely tonite (34/100) - i was the other evening...but things heated up when i called james pretense was my drain was clogged......Straight
    08/20/2013 - Watched (34/100) - I was bored drinking wine one night kids parents and bill working it was a Friday night neighbours poker night. i...Voyeur
    03/21/2006 - Whenever I want it (34/100) - Whenever I want it The semester was almost over and boy was I glad. This means I only have 2 semesters left...Lesbian
    06/07/2013 - Fucking with the best friend (33/100) - She is my best friend in my university. Once she was going home by lunc with her husband. Her hb is not sexy as...Slut Wife
    07/30/2013 - Whos Master Whos Slave (33/100) - Its about 8:30 on a rainy Tuesday morning and the sound of the front door slamming shut makes me jump from my...Fetish
    05/10/2012 - Breathless... (33/100) - felt 2 very strong hands grab her from behind and pull her quickly into a long black limousine and almost...Group Sex
    12/26/2007 - Riding Reception (33/100) - The Dental Centres receptionist sounded very dim but looked stunning. She was in a bit of a tiz and had lots of...Straight
    06/22/2004 - The Ebony Satisfier (33/100) - "What a day," thought Paula, as she sped down Marine Blvd. on her way to the bank, "it's just one thing after...Straight
    07/04/2012 - After a hard Day (33/100) - As you come through the door the lights are soft...and the music is slow and sexy......I haven't had a cigarette...Fetish
    06/03/2009 - Best Friends Birthday (33/100) - My best friend Roy was turning 32 so I decided I would bbq. Roy arrived and I was on the grill I offered him a...Slut Wife Sex
    09/16/2008 - True Games (32/100) - Round One
    This is how one night home alone with my husband started out. I had earlier been in the hot tub...
    11/27/2008 - Dating (32/100) - I use to hang out with two of my best friends Pete and Joe, back when I was 18 years old. Pete was the kind of guy...Straight
    08/03/2006 - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (31/100) - We met while I was on a business trip in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Nice looking dark skin brother that kinda...Straight
    03/22/2006 - Party Favors (31/100) - The party we're at in the ballroom downtown Is the perfect occasion to wear my new gown. My neckline is...Fiction
    06/08/2006 - The Party 2 (31/100) - have been going out with Debbie now some 2 years, and we have gotten into all kinds of fun stuff. Some of her...Group Sex
    01/20/2012 - Back-ache (31/100) - As a sufferer from back ache I am forever looking for different masseuses to alleviate the pain. One day while...Slut Wife
    04/04/2006 - Like mother, like daughter (31/100) - I suppose I can tell you this story since is has been a long time ago. I will still change the names to hide the...Straight
    03/30/2006 - Office sex (31/100) - I was working as a secretary for a large company my boss was a very handsome looking man all the girls in the...Straight
    04/22/2008 - Jealousy & Revenge (31/100) - I'd invited a dozen friends over to my lakeside cabin for a BBQ and a bit of sport. The guys usually swam naked...Teen Sex
    12/02/2004 - The Dancer 2 (30/100) - "Okay now," Bonnie asked for the last time, "you got everything under control!?!" "Uh, yeah," he replied, "I've...Group Sex
    07/19/2013 - Happy Birthday (30/100) - Hearin my cell phone ringin i wake to answer it. its you callin to wish me a happy b-day and to wake up cuz...Group Sex
    06/12/2012 - Sex with bosses wife (30/100) - It all started right after my dad died in 1945 I was waiting to be called up in the ww2 war draft as I just turned...Straight Sex
    03/22/2006 - Tara of Vietnam (30/100) - "We're gonna crash!" a woman shrieks. White knuckled passengers tense as the plane's cabin pitches upward then...Straight
    05/07/2012 - Little Montana Lodge (30/100) - I was working as a manager at this beautiful lodge. Booking, house holding and meals to guests that that...
    05/07/2012 - My cock is biger than yours (30/100) - it was an cold evening and i was walking in the town cener as i would usually did when i had nothing else to do...Gay
    05/11/2006 - Red Dress (30/100) - I'm sitting at home, bored as usual. There is a knock at the door. A delivery man gives me a box. I take the box...Straight
    05/16/2012 - You in school mini skirt and one more man (30/100) - I was sitting on my terrace and you were coming out from the living room with some drinks for you and me. You are...
    06/08/2006 - Ameeth (30/100) - I think of u, I feel your obsession U think about touching me all the time you look into my eyes I am your...Fiction
    03/21/2006 - Jan the tease (29/100) - My wife is a sexy hot 40 year old, 38ds, long blond hair, 5-7,130, great legs, hot bum, sexy face. Jan loves...Slut Wife Sex
    07/06/2005 - Mothers And Daughters (29/100) - Olivia Hartman had an extra hop to her step as she stepped into the elevator for the ride up to her daughter's...Group Sex
    05/29/2007 - Mr. Dong (29/100) - My dick is small. Too small to my liking; so I developed a joy for nice dongs. I used to wear them under my...Straight
    04/03/2008 - Get off (29/100) - The fucking bitch new she wanted it bad! she's been thinking about getting nailed in the worst way. As she...Fetish
    06/08/2012 - The Best Camping Trip Ever (29/100) - Penelope had never had sex before ang was nervous she had herd of it from her friends but it wasn't enough.She...Group Sex
    03/28/2006 - Whenever I want it cont.... (28/100) - I got home and I was so relieved, it had been quite a day! I just wanted to shake the day off, and think of a...Fiction
    01/16/2008 - Cheating...With my sister in-law (28/100) - My sister in-law has a nice ass loaded with huge tits.I've never seen anything like this. I'm married to a girl....Straight
    10/30/2012 - Biker Dreams (27/100) - In her mini-dress with the dotted swiss Anna climbed on to the back of his 1977 Harley Caf Racer. It was too...Straight Sex
    10/26/2004 - Escaped (27/100) - "Collect some fire wood, will you, Bobbi, and I'll finish setting up the tent," said her mother Tara, as she tied...Teen Sex
    03/29/2006 - Something New Part 1 (27/100) - It had been an interesting year to say the least! My affair with Gina that has thankfully ended, my wild, hot...Fiction
    04/19/2006 - Happy Easter (26/100) - The company Tom worked for was a close knit family oriented company. Tom was the only single guy working there,...Straight
    12/02/2008 - Becky, please don't stop! (26/100) - It had been another long and boring day in the office and Becky was looking at the clock on her computer wishing...Straight
    10/19/2012 - A Real Fantasy of Mine (25/100) - In a perfect world this fantasy would come true. Fa ntasies do come true sometimes and maybe mine will too. This...Teen Sex
    10/25/2012 - BamBangBoom (25/100) - My sister and I were looking through Matthew's on facebook, we saw a totally ripped, sexy, country boy, and I...Teen Sex
    10/11/2007 - Mt Birthday Present (25/100) - This beautiful young hunk rings my chimes and the thing I remember the most about that day is the card! Can you...Fetish
    04/12/2007 - Wonderlust - The continuing imagines of Kirin (25/100) - "And so you be the "Deacon" everyone has been famished about?" Said Angie; with her thoughts all ablaze and...Fiction
    06/22/2006 - Awaiting the real thing (25/100) - I laid down in my cool bed after things got hot on the I.M. The whole house was quiet ensuring that everyone was...Straight
    05/07/2010 - ..... and ready (24/100) - She walked across the floor trying not to get me to notice her, which was impossible for any man to resist her....
    05/19/2006 - The Lion sleeps tonight (24/100) - Senior year classes were to be put an entertainment evening together for the school, every one was expected to...Straight
    09/27/2004 - Making a baby (23/100) - Apolonia opened the oven door to check the roasting chicken, and the aroma of the cooking bird wafted across the...Straight
    01/23/2008 - Cocktail Party (23/100) - After three days of hard talking and leaning sales techniques, The delegates where more than ready to relax....Group Sex
    11/02/2012 - Nude Beach (23/100) - You step outside your cabana wearing nothing but sunglasses. You can feel the heat of the sun on your breasts....
    09/28/2004 - Vibration (23/100) - The big Cat groaned as it dug into the hillside with its sharp scraper blade, crisscrossing the side of the hill...Straight
    03/13/2006 - Alexs turn.... continued (23/100) - "I can't tell you, they're private baby!" Steve teased me. "Yes, but I'm in them ,so spill it!" I ordered him with...Group Sex
    04/21/2006 - Hot summer passion (22/100) - It was a hot and sticky evening I went to have a cool bath just as I laid back to relax the doorbell rang I got...Straight
    02/05/2009 - Free Verse (22/100) - Tongues began to cavort in darkness, ignorance faded into a sea of moans and wails. As the last dew of night clung...Fiction Sex
    02/24/2009 - First time II (22/100) - I have to share a recent experience with someone;the first time my wife slept with another man,in fact two,since...Slut Wife
    03/31/2005 - Family Fun (22/100) - Linc Walker parked his hog in front of the run the down mobile home, flipped away his half burned cigarette, and...Straight
    04/19/2006 - I Love Making Up!!! (21/100) - Is making up hard to do? Or is making up done better "hard"?....It had been a couple days since we had spoken more...Straight
    08/02/2006 - Too far (21/100) - My partner kate has a great body but she always covers it up and even in bed she wears nickers and a...Fetish
    03/19/2006 - Afternoon Delight (20/100) - I was laying in my backyard on my favorite lawn chair trying to soak up some sun. Everything was perfect, I...Straight
    01/22/2010 - Tiffany & Alizeya (20/100) - This year our class took a trip to the desert camp for vacation, luckily the two hottest girls in school signed up...Lesbian
    03/24/2009 - Chapter 1 The bet (20/100) - My boyfriend and I were the only ones at my house and no one else of course. My mom and dad went to there friends...Straight Sex
    08/21/2012 - Annes Mysterious Encounter (20/100) - Anne is a 23-year old girl with brunette hair, and shiny blonde highlights. She stands at 5 foot 3 inches tall,...Straight Sex
    10/09/2012 - Story by Eliza Osorne (20/100) - I play on a basketball team. My team mates sometimes come over to our (me and my wife's) house after games. My...Group Sex
    06/01/2012 - The curious case of Karrin Lou (20/100) - I sat on the very edge of the low bench in the Downtown Athletic Club's changing room , my face resting in the...
    07/27/2012 - The fork lift driver (20/100) - It Had been a long drive up from Cornwall but a last she had arrived in Manchester. She was a long distance lorry...Fiction Sex
    05/17/2012 - Fortaleza Brazil (20/100) - Walking back to my apartment after having lunch at one of the many beach bars, I met up with two young girls both...
    03/03/2006 - Deflorated my Workmate (20/100) - Betty was a work mate.Being a married man and more so commited christian i did not know what to but everytime i...Straight
    09/05/2012 - Impossible Love (20/100) - This is a fictional story of insane fantasy with one of the most famous men on Earth. (By the way, he's read it...Fiction Sex
    07/05/2005 - Past Curfew (20/100) - Austin Drake was in trouble and he knew it!!! He frantically wove his way through rush hour traffic, but the...Group Sex
    10/25/2007 - Our New Life Together (19/100) - Since we have been back together and now married, life has never been so good. I have never experienced any one...Straight
    09/14/2004 - The Greek Menu (18/100) - The Island was beautiful and the Tavernas provided such fantastic food that Ian was really enjoying his solo...Straight
    02/19/2006 - Wish there were more calls (18/100) - As a repairman I had read many stories about repairmen getting laid but it seemed I was always left out until one...Straight
    09/13/2004 - The dancer (18/100) - The screaming, yelling, and clapping of two hundred crazed women, combined with the relentless beat of a hard rock...Straight
    03/16/2006 - My cup runneth over.. (17/100) - It started as a special day for you and I, perhaps an anniversary. You said to me, "I have a great surprise for...Slut Wife Sex
    05/02/2006 - The St Andrews Cross beams (16/100) - I work in the construction industry, often spending a good amount of time inspecting the bracing of the new...Straight
    03/19/2006 - Whipped (16/100) - By now I was completely whipped by Steve's wonderful big cock. It had been over a week since my last session...Straight
    03/21/2006 - Chance Encounter Ch. 01 (15/100) - It is a brisk Fall evening in Pittsburgh. She sits at the bar alone sipping her Zima and reflecting on the long...Straight
    03/29/2006 - The more than studying session (15/100) - The more-than-studying session It had been over two weeks since Gina had "attacked" me in the parking lot, and we...Straight
    09/07/2012 - Bumblebee finally hits on Mikaela (15/100) - Bumblebee had a crush on Mikaela, he always have had it ever since he first laid his eyes on the gorgeous human...Fiction Sex
    05/02/2006 - The Regrets That Haunt (15/100) - I sat in the morning misty air missing her and wondering at this moment just what she is doing. I recalled in my...Straight
    09/26/2012 - A very sweaty job with Good Lessons and punishments (15/100) - I am Suresh, 23 years old. After AL s, I followed Computer Hardware Diploma Course and trained as Computer...
    03/13/2006 - Alexs new conquest (14/100) - I could still feel the remnants of my encounter with Steve th other night. My cunt was still a bit sore from the...Straight
    03/09/2006 - Alexs turn.... (13/100) - Oh wow this affair I'm having with Gina is crazy!!! But I love it! I love how she makes me feel,I love her...Slut Wife Sex
    04/23/2012 - Truth or DARE (10/100) - Gentlemen, If you have a hot wife and you have never shared her with one (two, three, four, etc.) of your friends....Slut Wife
    05/28/2012 - On the Prowl (10/100) - My skin feels electric, every nerve ending craving touch. My mind wants to dominate, bend you to my will. I have...
    04/18/2012 - Strap-on used by a black lady pt1 (10/100) - hello everyone i'm a older white bi-male,but i'm only let black men use me as there bitch.that's what i thought...
    06/15/2012 - Tits and hits (10/100) - I was in the dorm. Yes. I am a student, majoring in psychology. It sucks. Psychologists are all jerks. They are...
    06/15/2012 - A special guest (10/100) - Just clocked out at work. Can't wait to get home to my man. All I could do all day was think about him & how with...Straight Sex
    09/05/2012 - My Dark Angel Teaches Me Love (10/100) - I have this reoccurring fantasy where I lay silent in this bed I've had since I was innocent. The dirty window...
    09/11/2012 - A Taste Of Heaven (10/100) - It happened just last summer but it had been in my dreams for years. There I was, a naive young stable boy with no...
    05/01/2012 - The Travel Show (0/100) - For Patricia, my beautiful Muse, with love. XThe Travel Show Sunday EveningPatricia, who now only wearing a white...
    05/14/2012 - Movie Star Fantasy (0/100) - There he was again, in the December issue of "Hunk" magazine. I had seen this beautiful guy in many magazines, and...

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