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    True story

    (Current Rating 78/100, based on 83 votes)

    This is a true story that happened to me in the early 70's.

    I worked for a company that supplied machinery to companies around the world. I was the one that worked on and set the machines in the USA. Sometimes we would be at a location up to 6 or 7 months. I was sent on this one job in eastern Arkansas just west of Memphis, TN.

    I had been remarried to a woman quite a bit younger than me, a little over 10 years. My first wife and I had been into the sex scene really heavy, wife swapping, threesomes both sexes, and even gang bangs or back then we referred to pulling a train. She had took up to 8 men at one time and she loved it. She would bring her girl buddies home for me to fuck and she would join in, she loved to eat pussy and gave one hell of a blow job, she would get mad as hell if you tried to pull out when you started to cum. She said she worked too hard to waste it, she loved the taste of cum.

    Any way my second wife was a real turn on we lived together for 6 months. She was great in bed but she was really calm compared to my first wife. We got married so the company would allow her to go with me when I went out. She acted really shy would not even let me watch her change clothes, the only time I could see her naked was while we were making love or she had just got out of the bath and I happened to walk in on her. She would suck dick but said she did not care for it. We often spoke of the lifestyle I lived with my first wife and she said she often thought of things like that but she could not go do anything like that. She had a great body, with a pair of natural tits that most women would kill for. I got her to flash a man her pussy one time and it embarrassed her so bad, but it really turned her on her pussy was wet as if she had just
    been fucked. We had sex often but she did not seem as if she liked it as well as before we got married.

    I tried to talk her into wife swapping or threesome, but she would not even want to talk about it. She would let me do about anything that I wanted as long as we where in the bedroom and the lights were out.

    I had got to know four of the guys at the plant three of them were married two of them had really good looking wives but the third one's was a lot on the heavy side and did not like sex at all, she did not care if he went out and fucked any one he wanted as long as he kept it on the sly. Bud was his name, he and I had been to both of the others house and fucked their wives they were as free thinkers as I was. We would go over and Ray's wife would take all three of us on. And then another night we would go to Burt's house and his wife would fuck all four of us. Jay came out ahead he was single and got all the pussy he wanted. If he did not have anyone lined up for the weekend he would go to either Burt or Ray's house and fuck their
    wife even if they were not home. I did not go as often as he did as I had a better looking piece at home but if she was at the wrong time of the month I did not have to do without. Needless to say I was a horny bastard then, never could get enough sex.

    We lived in a little community (they called it a town) it had a store and gas and post office (all in the same store). Remember this was rural Arkansas. Marion got to know the people really well all 25 or 30 of them. The man that ran the store had a brother that wanted to open a beer joint in an old house. Now this was during the time you could go to the clubs in Memphis and the right ones had nude waitress's. My wife asked me one night when I got home if I cared if she went to work for himif he opened it. She said that she would make real good money as good as she looked and dressed real sexy. I smiled and asked if she knew what kind of sexy he was talking about. She said yes I'm sure it is something like she usually wore when we went out. I laughed and said yea see through blouses with no bra and short micro minnie skirt with no panties. She turned red and said I was just a dirty old man and every one did not think about sex all the time. I just grinned at her an
    d told her to do what she wanted I know she got lonely sitting at home all the time.

    I worked long hours leaving early in the morning and not coming home till late at night mostly 10 or 11 o'clock. But the pay was really good I should say for that part it was extra good. Plus most of the time I got a month or two off with pay when the job was finished.

    Remember I said the guy is really only trying to get in your pants or wanting you to give him a bj. She had already heard the rumor that he was heavy hung. She assured me that he did not seem that way, but I had already met him and watched the way he watched her. It put evil thoughts in my head. She took the job.

    The first night was one of the few times that I was in before nine. As she was taking a bath I started laying out her clothes I got a partial see through blouse with a colored bra a minnie skirt that really looked sexy together. She came out of the bath and looked at what I had laid out and said no way, she put on a solid white blouse and a pair of black slacks. She looked good, hell she looked good in any thing. I told her that was not the kind of sexy he was looking for.

    She left for work he came by and picked her up and she said he would bring her back after they closed. She came in about midnight and I asked her how everything went she told me she had to take a shower to get the beer smell off her. After she got in bed I asked her how it went and she said only had two customers and they were friends of the owner.

    This went on for a couple weeks every night if I was home before her she would jump in the shower before she would let me touch her. I did not think much about it as shy as she was.

    She kept stressing that she did not want me to come by and bother her at work. I did not even give it a thought as we were about to wrap it up at my job and we would be leaving in about a month.

    I got in really early one night and as I was sitting there watching the tube I thought I would run over to Marion's work place and grab a beer and check the place out. I could have drove but the place was just across a field and I could get there faster by just crossing the field. As I was walking up on the place I had to walk by a window that showed the bar inside. I froze in my tracks and my mouth dropped open. There was my shy wife with a blouse so sheer it covered nothing and she was without a bra. You could see her titties and all. I could not believe my eyes the blouse covered nothing. And her skirt was so short if she stood up and measured it would barely be 3 inches below her pussy. I stood and watched for a minute hell I couldnít move, I was so stunned. But my dick was about to split my pants. I moved back out of the light
    and stood there and watched. There were two men sitting in the window watching Marion walk around. The window was open and I could hear what they were saying when the juke box was quite. I could make out how sexy they thought she was, I had to agree she looked good with them pretty titties bouncing around. There were maybe eight men in the place, and every time she would bring them a beer she would stand close and they would run their hand up her legs under her skirt, hell they didn't have far to go. She would just stand there and grin at them. She had that horny look on her face, I knew it was turning her on.

    The men by the window called her over for another beer when she brought it she was facing the window, as she stood there one ran his hand up to her ass and the other ran his hand up the front of her skirt. I thought I had caught a shot of her black panties while she was walking around. When the man ran his hand up the front he raised her skirt up and I thought I would have a heart attach she did not have any panties on. These old men were playing with her bare pussy and all they had to do was order a beer. Now I knew why there were so many unfinished beers.

    I stood there for an hour or so and had to jack off a least twice. Could not believe what I was seeing. They called last round at eleven thirty. I was still watching what was going on. When everyone had left her and the owner quickly picked up the tables. The two men by the windows were still there I learnt they were his friends, the first customers.

    She walked over to the table and the owner came over and brought her clothes, that she wore over from the house. She pulled her blouse and skirt off and she stood there naked. The juke box was off so I could hear most of what they were saying. They were kidding her about how wet she was they were all playing with her titties and pussy. She was red when she said how horny it made her for all those men to finger her pussy.

    The owner sat down on a chair and I could see when he pulled his dick out where he got the reputation for being heavy hung. His dick wasn't fully hard and it was twice as big as mine, at least it looked that way. I am not small about seven and a half inches and about as big around as a baby bottle. He pulled her around and down toward his dick and one of the other man got up and moved around behind her. I thought damn they were gonna fill both ends at once. She started sucking his dick like a pro, she knew how but she did not act like she liked it when she went down on me. The man behind her had a dick just little bit bigger than mine but I could her moan around that big dick when the man shoved his dick all the way in with one
    push, hell she was plenty wet I could see the moisture on her legs from where I stood. I was just dumb founded here was my wife doing something like this. They all three fucked her and she sucked them all. She stood up and said wow I really needed that, they just laughed and said they were glad to help her out anytime. She said she had to get dressed get home.

    I took off back to the house I knew I could get there a lot faster than they could. I got back to the house took a quick shower and was sitting watching the tube when she walked in. I reached for her but she got by me and said she had to take a shower to get the smell off her. I laughed inside and thought not really smell as much as cum.

    We went to bed and as I reached for her she started complaining that she was really tired and needed some rest. I lay there trying to figure out how I could use this to get her to change, and do this around me. I decided to think about it fora while before I said anything.

    The next day at the job I talked to Jay, the unmarried friend, who Marion had never met. I told him what I saw and could not really believe it. He had a shocked look on his face, he could not believe it either. He had heard us talk about her. He was going to be off early today and said he would go check this place out. I was to work late tonight and we were to meet at a cafe when I got off at eleven.

    It was a long day, took forever for quitting time. It finally came and it was almost midnight before Jay made it to the cafe. He had a big smile on his face as he came through the door. He said you weren't dreaming, man your ole lady has a fine feeling pussy on her, and a great set of titts. He then told me that he played with her pussy while she was putting his beer on the table. We sit there and came up with a plan. We were both to be off the up coming week end. He was going to come by the house during the day, when Marion would be home, we would tell her something that we had to do. I wanted to see what she would do.

    I had a big surprise when I got home Marion's boss had been busted for income tax invasion, the case had been on going, he had already been to court but was trying for a retrial. It was denied and they had picked up him up and sent to jail. I kinda felt let down didn't know how I could continue to transform Marion to my little sex slave.

    Come to find out it was a good thing that she did not work anymore. We were almost done at the factory anyway.

    The next day Jay was supposed to come by around ten. I started playing with Marion early in the morning, teasing her and licking on her pussy. I had told her that Jay was coming around eleven, so when he got there at ten, caught us still playing around. I jumped up pulled a house coat on Marion did the same she was naked under it. When I answered the door I said hey your a little early, he just looked at me and I grinned. Glad he was sharp enough to catch on. When we got to the kitchen where Marion was fixing coffee. She had a surprised look on her face when she saw Jay. I told her Marion this is Jay one on of
    the maintainance men at the factory. He said hi and started to say I know you but Marion was shaking her head no. And then Jay said I mean I feel like I know you as much as your old man talks about you. I grinned at him and said I gotta go get ready.

    I left them alone for a while and listened at the bed room door that I had left open a crack. I could not make out what they were talking about, but I did hear Marion moan one time. When I walked out of the bedroom Marion was kinda red in the face and Jay was grinning.

    When we got in the car he told me what happened. He said she started begging him not to say anything to me and she would do anything if she would just keep silent. He said anything she nodded yes, he reached out and started to pull her house coat open she grabbed his hands and he just looked at her and said I thought you said anything. She dropped her hands and he opened her house coat and massage her titties and ran his hand down to her pussy he said she moaned real loud when he ran his fingers along her clit and into her pussy. He said he fingered her until he heard me coming and she closed her house coat.

    We drove to the nearest cafe and sat and had a cup of coffee and started making a plan. I ask if he could come up with three or four or even five friends that would go to my house and try to fuck Marion. He grinned real big and asked if I was sure. I assured him that I was. He was to go home and get a friend to call me and tell me that I needed to come in cause they were having trouble at the factory, as we were both supposed to be off for the day.

    Everything went as we had planned. I had told him to be sure and leave the blinds open cause I was going to park in the field and walk up and see what happened.

    He came to the house well after dark he had four friends with him. When Marion answered the door he told her he was ready to collect and that he wanted some of that good looking pussy. She turned red and said what if Al comes home. He told her not to worry he will be there most of the night or at least till after midnight. They were still standing in the door and as he was talking he was unbuttoning her blouse she did not stop him. He got it open and pulled it off and removed her bra. The men in the car could see her. She finally told him to come on in as he was going in he motioned for the men to come on. They knew they were supposed to wait just a little to give him time to get her pants off. He had her naked and laying on the couch eating her pussy when they walked they were real quite and she did not see them for a while. They quietly removed their clothes and when she saw them they were standing there with hard dicks. She squealed and tried to cover up but Jay
    told her to hold still or he would tell Al what she had been doing. She kept her hands over her titts for just a bit but the sight of those hard dicks staring her in the face won over. They all started playing with her titts and one stuck his dick up close to her mouth and she started giving him head. It was a sight to see one fucking her sucking one and had a dick in each hand. She
    was cumming constantly. They all fucked her at least two times each and some fucked her three times. Some of them had also came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. It was really something to see, really hard to believe.

    When I got home pretending that I had just came from work, she had already took a shower. She said she was really tired, I laughed to my self when she didn't tell me why. But when I tried to make love to her she said she really wasn't in the mood. I doubt I could have anyway as I had got myself off at least four times watching her putting on that show.

    Nothing more happened for about two weeks when we finished and had a party cause we were leaving, I was still wanting to be there when Marion was being fucked. She looked like she really enjoyed it when Jay and his four friends had fucked her. We made sure the wives knew nothing about the party. We had it at our house, as it was off in the woods. All five of them got there and Marion had a surprised look on her face, she had thought the wives would be there. We started drinking, and dancing with Marion, the guys would do a slow grind with her and rub her ass while they danced with her. She was really eating the
    attention she was getting, plus she already knew how it felt to be fucked by them all. We drank and danced for maybe and hour when we all started getting a little more feeling and rubbing. I could tell that Marion was getting really turned on. I also knew she had nothing on under her blouse and skirt. As I was dancing with her I ran my hand under the front of her skirt and felt her pussy, I told her how wet and good she felt, she just moaned and said that I had better quit or she would rape us all. Jay saw what I was doing and said hey that's not fair. Marion asked him what wasn't fair, and he said that your old man gets to feel you up. Before she could answer I said that if she wasn't so shy she would let them feel her too. She just laughed and slapped me on the arm and said watch it. Jay danced with her next and ran his hand up the front of her and started fingering her pussy. They just kinda stood there and she started quivering, I was sure she was busting a nut
    . I walked up behind her and started playing with her titties.

    It wasn't long till we had her naked and we were all playing with her. She latter admitted that all those hands playing with her drove her crazy. She fucked all of us and most of us came in her mouth. We were still fucking her when daylight came. By the time we had finished she was into the sex scene, she admitted to me that she loved all those dickís waiting to fuck her. Our sex life changed after that, she started fucking and sucking like my first wife and I loved it.

    She later told me what went on while she was working at the bar. And that the owner and his friends had fucked her the first night she worked. She admitted that she had gave them all blow jobs and she swallowed, said she didnít know why but she was just enjoying it so much she just did.

    Author: al

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