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    Fleshlight Reviews

    Virgin Slave

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 10 votes)

    My heart was pounding as I logged on to the website, I was finally going to make my fantasy become reality. I entered a few details to narrow down my search, but still I was unsure never having done anything like this before. I clicked on my profile, maybe if I entered some details about myself and left it for a day someone might leave a message. Having typed in my vital statistics it asked me to up load some photos, so I added two, one head and shoulders shot and another of me sunbathing topless. Almost done just needed to put a few words of introduction;
    “Cuddly lady looking for a master or mistress to show her how to be a slave. Complete slave virgin, but willing to try most things I don’t mind a little pain and bondage is ok.”
    There that should catch someone’s eye, with that I logged off.

    The next evening I couldn’t wait to get home, my hands were shaking as I typed in my username and password, the webpage loaded, a message popped up “you have 1 new message”. I clicked on it;
    “Hello your are to email a naked photo of yourself, it must be taken outdoors with your legs spread wide and your hands behind your head, failure to do so will mean you cannot attend our very elite slave school. Master & Mistress O’beyme, email address on our profile page”
    As it was still fairly light out side I grabbed my camera, removed my clothes but wrapped my bath robe round me so I could get into the garden unnoticed. Once there I set the camera to timed shot took off my robe and stood as the message had told me to, it took a few tries to get it right by which time I was coved in goose bumps from nerves and my nipples were erect with the chill of the evening air.

    Once back indoors I quickly uploaded the photo and emailed it, after showering to warm myself up I returned to my emails, there was a reply already! “Ok, now you must attend an assessment this weekend. You should plan to be here the whole weekend though you will only need clothes to return home in, the only item of clothing you must provide is a knee length coat which you will wear when you travel to training. You will arrive promptly at 7pm on Friday evening wearing nothing except the knee length coat (this is how you will arrive each time), your things must fit into a small hand luggage sized bag. To show that you are committed to this training to will send a reply to this email that contains two photos, a close up of your breasts (nipples must be hard) and a close up of your pussy with the lips held open. We will then send you the address. Master & Mistress O’beyme”

    That was two days ago, now here I stood on this quiet ordinary looking suburban street outside a large Georgian House. As instructed I wore a knee length coat with nothing underneath, I was shivering slightly whether from the cold or nerves I didn’t know, I looked at my watch it was 27 minutes past 7, I took a deep breath and walked up the path. As I went to knock the door it swung open, a woman of average height wearing a black leather basque, stockings, knee high boots and a black professors robe stood there, “You’re two minutes early, stand inside the foyer, while you are waiting remove your coat and place it on the chair.” She barked the words out, turned on her heel and walked away.

    A minute or so later another woman appeared wearing nothing but a leather collar, she took my bag, grabbing my hand she lead to a small room on the right, I gasped as I saw the red welts across her back and buttocks, what had I let myself in for too late now to back out. She placed my bag on the floor by a small bedside cupboard then left the room. Just as I was about to sit down on the bed the woman that had opened the front door marched into the room “Stand up straight slave let me see what I have to do to get you ready for the Master.” She walked round me and suddenly slapped my bottom hard I cried out in pain “Be quiet, I did not give you permission to make a noise, your cunt is not clean shaven for that you will be punished…later. You have given me work as I will obviously have to shave you myself as you cannot meet the master like that.” I was tied to the bed with my legs spread wide open, after the Mistress had finished she untied me “Now slave get down on you knees and lick my boots as a thank you for making you presentable for the Master, I want to hear you thank me.” Down on my knees I licked her boots “Th th thank you…Mistress for making me presentable for the Master.” “Enough now slave.” she attached a collar round me neck then attached a lead to it, “You will walk on all fours to meet the Master, do not look directly at him or speak unless you are asked to, and always address him correctly.”

    Part 2
    The Master pulled me to a standing position pushed my legs apart with his cane, “Right lets see how good a slave you are, go and lay down on that bench.” As I did so two more women wearing only collars fixed the straps around my wrists and ankles, then blindfolded me. I lay there helpless totally at the mercy of the Master yet strangely I was aroused my nipples were standing erect, my pussy was moist and getting wetter. “You are not to make a sound what ever happens, do you hear me?”
    “Yes” I quietly replied “Yes what?” the Master pinched my nipple hard, trying hard not to cry out I answered “Yes Master” “Better slave”

    Clamps were then attached to my nipples, “Does that feel good slave?” “Yes thank you Master”
    He squeezed each tit and pulled on the chain connecting the clamps, then his hand went to my pussy, as he drew his fingers across my lips he tutted “Oh dear slave you have a lot to learn, you must never cum unless your Master has told you can, now my fingers are covered in your pussy juice, you will clean them.” He pushed his fingers in my mouth, “Lick them clean remove all traces of your pussy.” The taste of my pussy was making me more aroused, suddenly I felt something cool, and big being pushed into my pussy, then pain seared through me as another clamp was placed on my swollen clit, I could feel my orgasm getting close as I struggled to stop it fearful of what would happen if I didn’t, I lost the fight and my body shook with the force. “Mistress it seems this slave has no control, for her first lesson she must be made to cum until she pleads and begs for mercy, and just to make sure the lesson will be repeated again tomorrow morning. Oh and one more thing I understand you were not clean shaven, have you ever eaten a hairy pussy slave?” “No Master I have never eaten a pussy shaved or not.” “Then you are to eat a hairy pussy before you eat the shaven pussy of your Mistress.”

    I was taken to another room and strapped face down on a board, my breasts went through two holes and clamps were reattached to my sore nipples. My arms were raised above my head, my legs spread wide, something was strapped across my clit, I felt it start to vibrate, I knew it would not be long before I was cumming. “You can make as much noise as you want slave, no one will hear you.” My breathing became rapid as I wriggled to avoid the vibrating knob, but to no avail again another orgasm ripped through, as I moaned loudly. At that moment a large thick dildo was pushed into my throbbing pussy, this sent me flying over the edge again, my moaning grew even louder as my body shook and shivered from each spasm. Just as I thought I was being allowed some rest my bum cheeks were held apart something cold was spread round my back hole then I felt something being pushed inside, the clips on my nipples began to vibrate, the vibrating knob was still attached to my clit and now I had a dildo in both my pussy and arse. My body had gone into ever increasing spiral, my head was spinning as the biggest orgasm I have ever had exploded inside me, I was no longer moaning I was screaming “Please oh Mistress, please make it stop, please I can’t take any more, aarrhhhh, please, please Mistress I beg you, make it stop, MAKE IT SSSTTTTOOOPPPP PPLLEEAASEEE!”

    Then it all stopped, the clamps and dildos were removed, “Very well slave, enough for today, now you will go to the Master, beg his forgiveness and asked to be allowed to suck his cock.” I crawled on hands and knees, though really all I wanted to do was shower and sleep, to his room “You are back slave do you have anything to say to me?” “Yes Master, I beg your forgiveness that I was unable to control my body for your pleasure and I ask that you allow me to suck you cock.” He slowly pulled open his robe letting his knees fall further apart his limp cock on full view. “Come slave and show me how sorry you are, make me hard and I may let you taste my seed.” I moved over to knee between his legs, gently taking his soft cock in my hand I flicked my tongue over the tip and felt it begin to grow and swell, slowly I took him into my mouth making him harden all the time, his cock was already about 8 inches with a good thickness. “Mmm, yes slave take it all, let it fill your throat.” as he said this his hand started pushing my head down, forcing his cock down my throat, it was by now rock hard and had swelled another inch or so I was gagging as I tried to swallow it deep down. He released my head and I came up for air, licking up and down his length then holding up I started licking and sucking his shaven balls that were full of his hot seed. “Oh yes that feels very good I can tell you are sorry for displeasing me earlier, I think I will let you taste my cum, but you must not waste a drop if any spills you will lick it up, now make me cum slave.” With one hand on his shaft and the other squeezing his balls, I covered the top with my mouth least I spill any, he was moaning loudly now urging me on then he came hot spurts of cum hit the back of my mouth and ran down my throat.

    Mistress came and got me “You are lucky slave, you may rest, your punishment will be first thing tomorrow, then later you will have a revision of today’s lesson, shower then sleep I will see you in the morning.” with that she left me in the small room where my bag was, this slave business was harder than I had thought!

    Author: wildwight

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