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    Watching My Wife Get Fucked

    (Current Rating 56/100, based on 1226 votes)

    Me and my wife decided to go watch the dancers at a local club. we had always talked about having another person join us. we just didnt know when, or whom. after we were there for a while we were getting buzzed and my wife was getting very horny, bending over while a another guy was looking, she asked me if i would let another man fuck her. it took me by surprise but i was aroused, to say the least. we agreed that i would go over there and offer to play pool with the guy and get to know him.after the first game i knew he would be up to it. my wife was sitting at the table next to us watching us play, and once in a while giving me a shot of her panties under her skirt. i was very much aroused and knew i should make a move. i told him the winner of the next game gets a blowjob from my wife. he looked very surprised, and said that sounds like it doesnt matter who wins, she looks like she wants to suck and fuck us both. she replied with the winner gets it first and ill even swallow. we both played our asses off and fast. we finished our drinks and headed for the door i told my wife to get in the back seat with him and she obliged. as soon as i pulled away from the curb she reached over and unbuttoned his pants and started sucking his cock, deepthroating him while he put his hands on the back of her head and holding her there while he fucked her face. after about 2 mins. he exploded into her mouth and she swallowed all of it. after arriving at our house i told my wife to get undressed. and expect to get fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. i layed out a blanket on the floor and got on my back she straddled me sliding my cock in her dripping wet pussy.she lays down and whispers in my ear thank you know tell him to fuck me in the ass. he had the idea already. lowering himself into her. she moaned,"oh yes fuck me you guys fuck me". our friend came first and climbed off and sat on the couch. i told my wife to lay on her stomach. so i could fuck her in the ass. i lowered myself onto her and pounded her hard and fast holding her head to the floor. we both came at the same time. i got up and traded position with our friend. are you up to it i asked my wife and she said you guys can do anything you want to me. so i watched him fuck her again and again. after a while we all showered and he left. thanking us for a great night. we loved it .

    2006-06-23 23:22:15 Posted by
    nothing is more horny then watghing your wife being fucked I am married with a beauteful young girl from thailand we both love to have strangers fuck here while I watch or participate she is 19 year old but looks 14 and loves being used for sex while I watch I lick the cum out here pusssy and mouth wich makes her scream with enyoimend we love it maracana1984

    2007-04-17 22:49:31 Posted by
    I love to watch my wife suck cock and get fucked. I really want to watch 2 black guys bang her hard. She is a loud fuck, but when 2 big black cocks ram her, I think she will wake the neighbors with her screams and moans!!! Anonymous

    2007-05-21 11:57:57 Posted by
    hot story can I be on your list? ....topwop8 Anonymous

    2007-06-29 22:48:25 Posted by
    I have just watched my wife get used & verbaly abused for a hole weekend,it was planed as I wanted to watch & she wanted to try a different cock.It was decided that it would be a stranger&she was to be a real slut ,what I did not bargin on was it was to be done with out any procutions.She said if Iwanted a slut I would get one ,when he came inside her cunt the first time she looked at me & said that your slut is now pregent and it aint yours. charlie

    2007-10-04 00:42:06 Posted by
    I fantasize about having my wife fucked and me watching her. We all the time fantasize together that she is being fucked by many many men, and having cocks all over her: in her mouth hands, butt and vigina, and more others waiting their turns. YUMMYYYYYY Fantasizer

    2007-10-19 17:55:01 Posted by
    nice Anonymous

    2007-11-14 06:57:59 Posted by

    2007-11-30 12:46:09 Posted by
    I also have watched my wife get fucked by others. I love it when she discovered my best friends big cock. He now comes over every Saturday morning for our "recreational sex." I love taking sloppy seconds. hippy2222

    2007-12-25 02:55:49 Posted by
    my Husband loves watching me fuck another man, and I love it also alot. I am now trying to get my sister carol to do the same for her husband, she came over the other day and watch me fuck my husband and his friend and wow did she get hot watching me be a slut for those cocks. Suehot

    2007-12-31 18:35:51 Posted by
    a little longer the storie that is short two men one slut should have been more to it my opinion the licker

    2008-01-27 12:48:29 Posted by
    I aint got a wife yet. Hell i dunno wat u guys felt. Im 24. Palir

    2008-02-15 17:44:02 Posted by
    great story. my husband invites men over to fuck me as he watches. he likes me being gangbanged the most ... on my hands and knees groaning in pleasure and my big tits bouncing as several guys pound me - he tells them they can use either hole. i love having a really thick cock up my ass and my hubby in front of me jamming his big cock in and out of my throat calling me his filthy whore. after he cums down my throat he has me look up at him and he rubs his cock all over my face. when we don't have men over, he lets our great dane fuck me - i love being pounded by the dog and tied with him as i'm groaning, my husband jack off on my face. i know i'm my husband's whore and i'm proud i can please him by doing whatever he requests of me sexually. slutwife

    2008-02-26 11:51:32 Posted by
    I am vailable to fuck your wife but I'm very hungry for eating pussy and cvan be very greedy! Anon

    2008-02-26 11:55:12 Posted by
    I guess slutwife likes doing it 'doggy' style! Anon

    2008-02-28 17:13:15 Posted by
    slutwife? by a dog??? shiiit Anonymous

    2008-03-03 00:03:26 Posted by
    I loveeeeee being fuced by 2 or 3 guys and my husband loves it too! I also like to see his 10 inches going in and out females.I love fucking them both.....ummmmm Im wet and horny now! pooh*is*cumming

    2008-03-11 23:32:05 Posted by
    there isn't anything like watching your wife get laid by another cock. Most women I believe secretly crave the idea as much as the men do Anonymous

    2008-03-11 23:35:33 Posted by
    I love watching my wife get fucked by another cock. At first she wasn't sure but after one well thought out adventure she began to like it more. Secretly I think most women like the idea, they just need the right man to make it happen. playtowin

    2008-03-28 07:36:51 Posted by
    My girlfriend Claire is quite dominant and after an experience at a swinger party has developed a need for big black cocks.
    She loves taking a big black stud on all fours while I watch.Seeing him play with her big tits and ride her to climax is fantastic.

    2008-03-29 04:46:30 Posted by
    I Love to share my ex-girlfriend Cynthia with her now new husband. I wish they would invite me over for a double fuck. She is a beautiful slut and loves to suck and fuck big cock. I have double teamed with a friend to stuff her in the past and she loved it. Anonymous

    2008-04-02 09:45:14 Posted by
    I can always get off watching the wife in the reverse cowgirl position doing a big cock while i lick her clit. it drives her wild! vegasguy

    2008-04-06 21:05:53 Posted by
    i would love to see my wife take on an extra cock or two and hear her moans and screams of pleasure hopefuly we can go to a private club soon and try it out wishfull husband

    2008-04-10 06:48:10 Posted by
    I would like to see my wife getting fucked fantasy

    2008-04-14 16:31:10 Posted by
    I have an aching fantasy to watch my wife get fucked by another man, maybe two or three...just the thought of going down on her afterwards, I have strong bisexual fantasies, and my fantasy about my wife getting fucked in front of me play right into it.. I want to suck a cock with her and then have that cock fuck her fuckmywifenowplease

    2008-04-20 00:55:43 Posted by
    There is nothing more hot than to watch my wife sucking another man's cock. She is so beautiful and sexy that I knew I couldn't keep her to myself. She enjoys fucking many men and coming home to make me clean her well fucked cunt. Sometimes I participate and sometimes I allow her to date on her own. She always comes home ready for more. husband of hot wife

    2008-04-23 02:47:06 Posted by
    very but a little short

    2008-05-09 06:28:58 Posted by
    i luv my wife geting fucked by thick locg dick. I really would love to see her scream while having thick long dick in her pussy. wifelover

    2008-05-13 05:58:45 Posted by
    What an idiot husband the story wasn't that good Anonymous

    2008-05-14 15:45:45 Posted by
    Hi great story, I too love to watch my wife get fuck, thing is she needs a lot of proding, but oce she saids yes she will take it everywhere. junior

    2008-05-21 02:47:59 Posted by
    what a thrill it is to watch my wife suck on a stranger's cock. I do mean stranger. She doesn't want to do any of my friends or acquaintances. Just strangers. Fernando

    2008-05-21 21:05:36 Posted by
    The story was boring but the comments horny. I'd love to watch my wife get 10+ guys cum in her face & mouth then kiss with tongue deep in each others mouth. Anonymous

    2008-05-21 21:09:03 Posted by
    Who want to come in my wifes mouth & face? I would like to kiss her afterwards BlackMan

    2008-05-24 02:14:46 Posted by
    Love the story.I have watched my wife fuck many times and always enjoy it. The best was when the guy shot his load into her pussy and I got to lick it out. The last time we played the guy eat her pussy while I had to rim his ass, but later he did fuck her. We are both bi and both black, but so far only been with white men. Seeing a hard white cock fucking my wife black pussy is Great. Mesukutu

    2008-05-24 02:25:22 Posted by
    Great Story. We are a black couple 50/28 years and both bi. I love seeing my wife fucked and she knows it. The best was having a friend shot his load in her pussy and me getting to lick it out. Fantasy - having my wife take a load in the mouth and swap it with me or be fucked in the ass and pussy and drip the cum in my waiting mouth. Mesukutu

    2008-05-25 22:35:17 Posted by
    Please u guys with big cocks cum in my wifes MOUTH & watch me cum swap, i just wanna do as i'm told! I'll suck your wives pussy too.

    2008-05-26 09:53:40 Posted by
    i'm a bisexual bottom male,since that my wife have learn it,we share every guy i or she find for wife & i both suck cocks together,but the guy have 2 fuck me before he fuck my wife, coz i like 2 suck her pussy while being fucked no-one

    2008-05-26 12:12:09 Posted by
    I love to lick my wife's pussy when filled with other men's cum... biboy

    2008-05-29 06:03:19 Posted by
    i too like to participate while my wife is being fucked by others. one cock at pussy and another at ass and myne at mouth hio

    2008-05-30 16:30:11 Posted by
    I would love to see my wife fucked by a black cock. I think she secretly loves black dick, but has not told me. She is a prude in bed, never moans, but she would scream and yell for a big black dick. I just know it. Anonymous

    2008-05-30 16:33:06 Posted by
    I think the story is great. I think my wife would love to be fucked by a big black dick. She just lies there and never says a thing when we fuck. She would scream and beg for more if she had a big black cock in her. I think she wants it. jealous husband

    2008-06-04 14:20:43 Posted by
    I let my wife fuck my friends when every they or she likes. Sometime she'll spend a weekend with a bunch of guys at the hunt camp fucking. Anonymous

    2008-06-07 12:43:24 Posted by
    I wish I could fullfill that fantasy......she says "no way" Anonymous

    2008-06-09 09:39:09 Posted by
    Good story....I also like watching my wife get fucked by other men also, but when I send in a story the only comments I get are people calling me a fag and a pussy for not fucking her myself. I don't get it, me liking to watch doesn't make me a fag. It took quite some time to get my wife to do it, but when she finally did she got really hot and wet knowing I was watching. If you ask me I'd rather be watching her get fucked, as her to be out fucking behind my back. At least she knows if she wants to get fucked by someone else all she has to do is let me know. the husband

    2008-06-09 15:30:51 Posted by
    My first wife was fuck crazy. We fucked every day I was in town, sometimes twice a day for 15 years. That wasn't enough for her. First she fucked a(too) young friend of her brother, then wanted a friend of ours. She always got what she wanted. He would come over almost every weekend and we were three to a bed. While I watched she let him come either in her mouth or cunt. Either way I got a taste of their passion. I love the taste. She's tight but her pussy was so slick afterward I could barely get enough friction to get off.

    She had a stable of men that I knew about, but I knew she had more. Every day when I came home I would strip her down (if she had anything on)and go down on her. Eight times out of ten I could taste another man's semen in her. I never asked- didn't need to.


    2008-06-13 01:20:56 Posted by
    The tought of my wife running her slender white hands over another mans thick wallet and then unfolding it and taking out his money while I watch is enough to make me spurt now BluRocket

    2008-06-16 17:07:03 Posted by
    I liked the story. It gives me an idea as a way to get another guy to fuck my wife. She wants me to fuck another girl, but I don't know how to find one. I don't want to talk about it too much, because she may think I'm just a perv.

    I fantasize about her being fucked by another guy bigger then me, the thought of it makes me hard. Watching two guys double penetrate her would be awesome! I like it when she's treated like a whore!!! CUM ON HER FACE!

    2008-06-21 19:27:33 Posted by
    I would like to watch my wife fuck another man and then join in and fuck her as well, we fantasize about it but I am not sure she would actually let it happen. Anonymous

    2008-06-22 03:51:27 Posted by
    first time my gf sucked my mates cock while i licked her pussy was wild,talked about doing it again but never got round to it,any guys in england especially midlands want a go. adultfriendfinder stuandjo2 saddla

    2008-06-26 19:29:42 Posted by
    Whow.....I hadn't realized there were so many husbands out there like me....I always felt I was in a minority becuase I too love watching my lovley wife take other men deep inside her and although reluctant she does concede to my desires occasionally........if anyone would like to chat more on this subject drop me an e mail

    2008-06-30 13:54:57 Posted by
    done it years ago with my mate,we were both on PS2 and she came in,took control off jase and started sucking his cock,I was stunned but thiught fuck it,so we treated her like a slut all night,would love a repeat but never got round to it.

    2008-07-03 18:15:01 Posted by
    I think its great to watch your wife with other men. Someohing about it is the bigest turn on ive ever had.She likes other men to eat her pussy until she comes on thair face.After that she sucks thair cock and then my favorate part is when a strange cock is sliding in and out of her her eyes closed and moaning god thats great. Anonymous

    2008-07-06 00:23:47 Posted by
    my husband still convincing me to agree to his fucking dream to have me fuck by other guy even he is not around if i wanted to. here in the philippines such a thing is somewhat taboo yet, but i think internet is keeping us to catch up very fast in time. maybe not in distant future i will experience another disc/s in my pussy again. after we married i've never been handled by other man in bed. sonia sonia

    2008-07-06 07:56:31 Posted by
    The first time my girlfriend cuckolded me at an SM party was the most exciting night of my life sexually.
    Sandra is a dom and made me kiss her feet while being fucked hard by a muscular young stud.
    The humiliation and lust was indescribable.
    Now she meets him regularly,his cock is huge,seeing it thrusting in and out of her is awesome.

    2008-07-08 01:53:35 Posted by

    2008-07-19 11:01:18 Posted by
    wow wat a story miss wet

    2008-07-21 11:01:52 Posted by
    hmmm ,,this is my fantasie ,,not married yet but guess what ,,,i'm looking for a sexy wife to marry who i can share everthying with her ,, besi

    2008-07-27 02:22:09 Posted by
    i have often fantasized about the same scenario, and have talked to my wife on many occasions about makikng that fantasy come true. there is nothing in this world that makes me hornier than to imagine myself watching my wife suck another man's cock and fuck the shit out of him. i have proposed it to her several times and she wants to do it but always backs out. i envy you guys who have been able to see and experience the treat. Anonymous

    2008-07-27 10:56:48 Posted by
    Ok kind of slow not much imagination. Real stories should have detail. Eathan

    2008-07-28 05:17:22 Posted by
    fake lola

    2008-07-30 14:33:12 Posted by
    All of you are a disgrace 2 your bodies. Respect yourself Anonymous

    2008-07-31 23:22:30 Posted by
    Most women enjoy other mens cocks-- It feels good
    sucking and fucking is great fun. My husband gets an incredible hard-on watching another man stick his big cock in my mouth and then my cunt. I always have a continuos Orgasm and scream like crazy.

    2008-08-05 04:40:28 Posted by
    Hi sonia,
    I am in the Philippines and can make your dream come true anytime you want. European

    2008-08-09 10:05:45 Posted by
    this is all a fake! Nick

    2008-08-12 01:25:46 Posted by
    After 20 years of marriage my wife and I had a threesome some with a mutual friend. I got so turned on watching her suck his dick and me fucking her. I want to experience it again but want to see her get fucked really good while she sucks my dick. Redytogo

    2008-08-12 02:06:35 Posted by
    The fantasy of watching my wife being fondled and fucked by others is a constant turn on and we are hoping to realize this fantasy soon. the husband

    2008-08-13 17:41:27 Posted by
    watching my wife take black cock is always a pleasure. She fucking loves it - as of course do all white women. There is nothing better than a black guy fucking a white woman - everyone knows instinctively that is the truth. Bibaz

    2008-08-14 23:58:57 Posted by
    i've been wanting to share my girl... Anonymous

    2008-08-15 14:56:17 Posted by
    seeing all of these men talking about enjoying the taste of another man's cum seems strange to me. i have never met a man that would admit to wanting to eat another man's cum out of me. seems the comments are over-running the story, lol. it was short but pretty good. kat

    2008-08-16 08:46:04 Posted by
    I want to fuck other men when im married too. I wont double penetration Angel

    2008-08-19 16:01:30 Posted by
    I would love to see my wife get fucked by another guy with her legs spread wide opened so I can see him thrust deep inside of her.I want to see her squirt and see her pussy juices run down his dick until he just shoot his load deep inside of her.Ofcourse ill finish her off with a load of my own.I have watched a girlfriend of mine years ago get fucked by a military friend of mind,it was awesome.We both busted inside of her about 8 times a piece.We went for about 5 hours none stop.Seeing her get fucked doggie style was the best view because she was so petite and tight.I noticed her vagina would tighten when he hit that certain spot.I enjoyed the stories all except the bi men.I`m straight and have no interest in men period!If their are any straight men out their who is clean,drug free,disease free and atleast 9inches and live in Alabama interested fucking my wife. She is gorgeous. 8inu

    2008-08-24 22:10:28 Posted by
    I love fucking other mens wives while they watch.
    I'll fuck them too if they want!

    2008-08-26 21:48:37 Posted by
    my wife dosent agree with me what can i do loko

    2008-08-27 09:31:15 Posted by
    I tried to get my wife to fuck another man but he wouldn't so me and a mate held her down and my brother fucked the bitch in the ass. twat

    2008-08-29 05:37:22 Posted by
    WOW. well, guess there is more of a lifestyle here than I thought. The story could definitely been more detailed, but the discussion that it has invoked is certainly worth the reading. I have an ex-girlfriend that I hook up with occasionally after she has just taken a good "Pound-Down" from one of her special friends. Sliding my dick inside her after she has taken a load of cum in her pussy is one of the most exciting things that I have done. I am trying to get her to understand that I would love nothing more than to watch her take an oversized black cock and a volumous load of cum in her pussy while I watch and then let me climb into her well spread cum filled pussy. I have no interest in "clean up" duty, but i do like to get my dick into her as soon as possible after she gets it fille with a hot load of cum from another dick. bigdog

    2008-09-12 06:35:30 Posted by
    man, i luv this story, anyone know where I can find similar stories of guys watching there wives get banged? Gaj

    2008-09-12 23:37:21 Posted by
    For the last 20 years I have allowed my wife to date other men. I love it when she comes home full of cum and makes me clean the mess. There is nothing more erotic than watching her please other men with her mouth and pussy. She has fucked all kinds of men, but prefers tall, dark, and well built men and boy do they like her. She gets filled with cum on a regular basis and has fucked 3 guys in one night on various occassions. her pussy is so wet when she comes home: she is turned on by the fact that she can fuck any man and even get her husband to clean up the mess. Anonymous

    2008-09-21 13:43:06 Posted by
    IDIOT HUSBANDS, DOUBLE IDIOT HUSBANDS, triple idiot husbands... Anonymous

    2008-09-21 13:45:20 Posted by
    idiots.... Anonymous

    2008-09-21 13:47:03 Posted by
    idiot husbands.... idiots husbands

    2008-09-22 09:54:03 Posted by
    Iam ready to fuck any wife wants that kouki

    2008-09-23 12:08:11 Posted by
    I love seeing my fuck other men.But I dont fuck my wife.For the last 8 years I just watch.IF she puled slut pregenut like charlie I wood love my wife more andy

    2008-09-24 09:17:07 Posted by
    I wood love slut wife.slut wife wos the best. Charles pregnet slut hast to be no2 andy

    2008-09-24 15:41:47 Posted by
    my wife and I went to pensacola.we were with 3 other guys. my saw this site anonymous. she wos going to make me to clean hure pussy.I had to use my tong.she had our frinds to jurk off in to hure panties.Ihad to ware the cum wet panties over 500 miles.BUT I HAD TO GO IN PAY AND PUMP THE GASE WARING ONLY PINK wos so much fun I wood love to do it again andy

    2008-09-24 15:59:03 Posted by
    TLUCUSW you fuck my wife long and hard.make hure screem thin I will like you clean If you like.after I clean you feel free fuck my wife in the ass. but save lot for me. I WONT IT UP MY ASS TO.Iwont it to be hard fast and last A LONG LONG TIME. dug

    2008-09-26 14:46:14 Posted by
    ilove this site. you wont to talk abou your wife fucking anotherman you git it.i wood love it my wife wood be slut cock craving hore.I ask or bag my wife to let me watch hure fuck another guy.she always no.some times I wish she wood git raped in front of me.I wood not stop it I wood help I wood git to see A big cock in andout of hure pussy and another in hure mouth. It wood make me feel bad becase she made me do it. but not that bad and not that long. I wood not relly car dam red

    2008-09-28 23:21:25 Posted by
    i would love to see my wife get fucked Anonymous

    2008-09-29 09:54:46 Posted by
    I like slut wife storie.I wood like to meet slut wife.She hast to be very intresting and enjoy sex A lot. dug

    2008-10-03 15:49:48 Posted by
    well me and my wife have been in a couple of threesomes. but i have to say im all for the other guy in her till i cum then the feeling gose away. nick

    2008-10-04 05:05:54 Posted by
    Hi this is Carol, My sister wrote a note in here some time ago about be me comming over and watching her fuck two guys, Well let me tell you. I have become the biggest slut since then. Her husband is the best fuck and he get these guys with the biggest cocks to come over and wow. then he got my sister susan to lick the cum from my pussy one day and wow did we both like it. Now Susan and I do girl girls shows for the boys and when they are hard we get royaly fucked. I just love a cock in mouth, hands, ass and pussy and the same time. We want to post some pics if that is possible. Love Carol L. HotCar

    2008-10-05 21:07:43 Posted by
    I let my wife fuck another man on holiday and now i love it.
    To see your wife suck another mans cock and enjoy being fucked is such a turn on.

    2008-10-07 12:48:44 Posted by
    i want to suck your cock Anonymous

    2008-10-14 03:18:06 Posted by
    I would Love to fuck you wife and have you watch. I can make things hot and wild. I am shure to please her every need. Anonymous

    2008-10-15 11:19:08 Posted by
    i want my wife wife to suck another mans cock soooo bad i think she has but cant prove it we talk about it while having sex and she gets extra wet... Anonymous

    2008-10-21 17:58:20 Posted by
    my wife has just came fantasising about being with 2 men. when asked, she says only one screwed her............. Anonymous

    2008-10-24 11:14:30 Posted by
    I shared my wife with a black friend on several occasions until we moved. (military) He took a vacation and came to my new house and we shared her for the next thirty days. No I didn't eat her pussy afterwards john

    2008-10-31 15:40:37 Posted by
    I fantasize about sharing my wife with a young boy 18 or so one who has never been with a woman
    I jsut want to see his face light up as he takes his first dip into her pool

    2008-10-31 16:42:57 Posted by
    i would like to watch, but my wife just likes being fucked by strangers and then telling me how they fucked her and how she sucked them Anonymous

    2008-11-02 08:48:48 Posted by
    The most exciting moment you will ever have in life is that moment when you watch your wife get fucked the first time by a hung black. The moment when the head first enters her is just the best. Bill

    2008-11-03 12:48:47 Posted by
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    Jeff was still fucking her hard and fast and I think he made her cum once and was going to try and make her come again. Tim finally finished cumin and pulled his cock out my wife's mouth so I came over and told her, why don't you suck your husband's cock like a nasty little slut while I watch Jeff fuck the shit out of ya like a little whore with that big black cock of his. I started telling Jeff, fuck my wife's little cunt good and make her cum, that's it fuck her like a dirty little slut, make her cum rather she wants it or not, use the big hunk of black meat on that pussy and make her cum while I give the little cum slut a load to swallow. All the sudden Linda started cumin and trying to scream but I kept fucking her mouth and was starting to cum and Jeff was yelling, take that you little bitch and was filling her little pussy full. She was still cumin on Jeff's cock when I started cumin in her mouth telling her to suck that cock and swallow some more cum like a good little cum slut and then I pulled out and finished cumin on her face. I can't think about that night without getting a hard on. It really seemed like a fuck frenzy and Linda and I are looking forward to the next time already. Linda said the next time she'll write so it can be more from a woman's point of view, I think she just enjoys talking nasty especially when turns me on.

    Bob & Linda
    Bob & Linda

    2009-03-31 18:04:29 Posted by
    its great turn on all for wife

    2009-04-25 15:09:17 Posted by
    We had often fantasized about her making love to another man. She loves to flirt and enjoys guys hitting on her. She would tell me about the things guys would say to her and the compliments she would get. Even things like while working as a bank teller, guys asking her to get files where she would have to bend over to retrieve them. Once she went to lunch with a couple male coworkers and the conversation turned to them fishing about her past. She was a virgin when we married. They kidded about that being such a waste. One guy offering to share her with me. She talked a lot about that later. I enjoyed listening and encouraged her to flirt with them more. A year later, a new manager came in. She and he seemed to hit it off well judging from her recitation of their talks. I met him 3 or 4 times on company picnics, etc. I could see that he would pay a lot of attention to her while trying to keep it hidden from me. The whole idea turned me on and I would coax her to tell me more and more. One night in bed I tole her it would be ok with me if she did make love with him, as long as it was just for sex. She laughed that part off, but did begin to be open with me about how she found him attractive and how openly he was chasing her in the office. At that time she stopped talking to a co-worker (female) with whom we would socialize. When I asked why, my wife said she was gossiping. I think others were too, judging by the things wife would tell me. Four or Five times a year, they would go out of town on business with a group of several others. After one such trip, she returned very excited. She told me they had stayed in a lodge as a group. Very nice accommodations but had to share shower facilities. One night they were going to a casino as a group. The other had left, she thought she was alone. She took her time getting ready but had still locked the door. Someone knocked on the door, so she shouted that she would be out soon. She thought it was one of the other women, so out of consideration, she wrapped a towel hurriedly aroud hr, picked up her stuff, opened the door and walked out to the hallway. It was the guy. The towel was very loosely wrapped and was hanging open some. She was holding it up with her elbow since her hands were full. She told me his face got really red and he was trying not to look. But as she walked down the hallway away form him, she could see a mirror and in it she saw him staring. He was even more solicitous of her the rest of the trip, even insisting as the boss that a space be saved for her in the vehicle he was riding on their return. All this made my wife very aroused. After a couple weeks, she came home to tell me about a chat he had with her. He asked her how she had enjoyed the trip. She kiddingly complained about not having enough free time to play the slot machines more He told her that if she wanted to go back again, he would take her. This made her aroused for weeks, and from what she would tell me, he got bolder. Finally she straight out asked me if she could go with him? It was two weeks later when she finally did go with him. She was insisting even as she left to meet him that she would not have sex with him. When she returned Sunday afternoon, I knew immediately she had broken that promise. I loved it!

    2009-05-22 04:16:42 Posted by
    I've wanted my wife to be taken by another man for YEARS, but she would never go for it. I gave her permission to cheat on me and she wouldn't take the opportunity. Not My Luck

    2009-05-26 08:13:15 Posted by
    Oh you guys are right. I found out after 2 years of my marriage that one of my best friends has been fucking my wife right after 2 months of our marriage. I happened to watch them accidentally and now I have become addicted to it. I wait for the days when he would come ho Anonymous

    2009-05-28 06:05:59 Posted by
    love watching another man fill my wife's pussy with his hot cum Anonymous

    2009-06-07 10:36:42 Posted by

    2009-07-19 20:26:46 Posted by
    I think charlies is # 1 my wife did the exact same thing my did she got pregnant, in the mean time she has satisfied my 2 best freinds many many time as well as myself not to mention her , we both recomend it to everyone who like fucking especially with no protection, great! Anonymous

    2009-07-25 02:56:38 Posted by
    hi i love to watch my sis to be fucked by my friends . tinkoo

    2009-07-30 05:22:45 Posted by
    wife very open husband are sporting keep it up lanchou

    2009-07-30 14:42:38 Posted by
    Liked the story but it needed more detail...
    I enjoy meeting married couples and going to a hotel room to play.Often in the afternoon when they don'thave the kids.
    We talk for a short while and then I start touching her. We all know why we're there.
    If you are in Massachusetts and want to watch your HOT wife with a big cock, drop me an email at iotaMAN2007 at yahoo

    2009-08-13 18:40:34 Posted by
    i am so available to fuck anyones wife that needs revamping in their marriage. Just email me

    2009-08-15 17:57:13 Posted by
    So IDIOTS why you married, and if it easy to let your love your wife fucked by others then you are not a man you are some kind of animals, even alot of animals will fight if any other male will touch his females.

    and if you do so , how could you know if your children are yours.


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