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    Watching My WIfe

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    I was injured in a motorcycle wreck a couple of weeks ago. Well my wife was getting horny and I wasn't able to move around much because of several broken ribs and a bruised lung. Anyway she told me I was gonna have to do something because she was needing some dick. She gets pretty cranky if she's not getting fucked very often. I asked her what the hell she wanted me to do, I mean I could hardly move due to being so sore. She said, how about you watch me while I do myself and then I'll suck your cock while you lay back in the recliner. Hell, sounded like a deal to me! So she told me she was going to an adult store to get her a dildo for her pussy. When she came in she was smiling, and told me she got herself a little something, and was going to shower.

    I waited for a few minutes before she walked out, but I didn't see her little something. I watched from my recliner as she laid back on the couch and began to touch her breast, making her nipples hard, and also my cock. I watched, as her hands roamed her body, slowly moving her hands down to her wet pussy. She slowly rubbed her clit, as she slid two fingers inside her wetness. She loved feeling how wet she was. She was moaning, and it was driving me crazy, as I started to stroke my cock while watching her pleasure herself. All of a sudden she gets up, walks back to the bedroom, and comes back with her little something, only its not little. She bought a big thick dildo, that I know was at least 10 inches long and thick enough that her little hand couldn't reach all the way around it. Now I was shocked! I watched as she laid back, she laid this cock between her tits, and got out some lube. She poured the lube up and down the big shaft and then begin to stroke it just like a real cock. It was hot!! My cock was about to burst! Then she stood it up and looked at it with total lust, as she stroked it up and down the full length. She moaned as she run her hands up and down the thick shaft. Then she started to slowly move it towards her wet pussy. She put the head to the lips of her pussy, and was sliding it up and down the wet lips, trying to get the big head inside of her. When it finally slipped in, her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the big cock stretch her wet pussy open. I was stroking my cock while watching her push this big cock deeper and deeper inside of her.

    I knew she was getting close and was ready to cum, because she was pumping it faster and deeper as her other hand rubbeed her clit. I watched as her body shook all over and she reached orgasm. My cock throbbed as I stroked it faster. She finally calms down, walks over to me and takes over by sucking my cock into her warm, wet, mouth. She was pulling the cum from my balls. I was gonna cum any second, she felt my cock stiffen, so she pulls off wanting to see my cum fly, it went everywhere, she moaned with pleasure as she made me cum so hard. I'm looking forward to another show, I may fake that I'm hurt a little longer,

    Author: The Hubby

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