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    By now I was completely whipped by Steve's wonderful big cock. It had
    been over a week since my last session with Gina. I bet she thinks I'm
    mad at her. I better call her, I certainly don't want to hurt that sweet
    girl's feelings. It wasn't her fault that I had become totally crazy for
    Steve's prick I wouldn't say that I wanted to stop seeing her, she'd also
    become a really good friend. I've just really been enjoying my newfound
    male company, especially since I missed Rob so. Yes, I'll call her and
    perhaps stop by. I called Gina, but got no answer. I decided to leave
    her a message,Hey girl, it's me.. I was calling to see how you were
    doing, and see if you wanted some company.. guess, I missed
    me... Well at least she would see that I called. Once again I found
    myself thinking about Steve and the nasty things he said about my body
    and to me. I loved dirty talk, it really, really turned me on. It had
    been some days since our last fuck, and boy was my pussy !
    ready for more, my whole body was ready for more! I wonder where he is? I
    flashed back to the location of our last encounter, I can't believe I had
    sex in Jim's house! I had really become quite a slut! My homework was
    done, I prepared a light dinner, I cleaned the house, what should I do
    now? Perhaps, I could check into our landscaping, I thought to myself
    with a smile. Maybe I should visit Russell Brothers Landscaping for an
    estimate, perhaps Jim wouldn't get too suspicious, he and Steve has done
    landscaping for us in the past. Ok, that's what I'll do. I took a long,
    hot bubble bath. The water felt so relaxing. As I cleansed myself, I
    squeezed my tits the way Steve would have. I laid back in the tub,
    opened my legs and rubbed my clit pretending it was Steve's hand. I ended
    my bath, toweled off, and put on my favorite floral body spray. What
    should I wear? I went to my oversized walk-in closet, looking through my
    clothes to find the perfect outfit. I felt as if I was go!
    ing on a first date or something! I finally selected a white tank top and
    short yellow skirt. Since I would be in public, I knew I had to wear a
    bra, and perhaps I should wear panties as well, my skirt is short. I
    could just slide into my thong sandals and away I go! I found my
    sunglasses, purse, cell phone, and keys. I got into my Camry and drove to
    Jim and Steve's business. I knew where I was, because I had accompanied
    Marie there once to water the plants before she and I went to lunch. I
    reached the place and I saw two of the company trucks there. I walked in,
    ding, dong! went the bell after I entered. Jim greeted me,hey there!
    Jim said as he hugged me. What brings you down? Jim asked me. I was
    nervous because I wasn't sure how to interpret his question. Boy was I
    paranoid! Can't a woman visit her neighbor and ask about landscaping
    too? I asked him. Besides, I really wanted to get out of the house for
    a bit! Of course, of course, what can I do for you? Jim a!
    sked me.(Tell me where your hot brother is so I can fuck his brains out )
    is what I was thinking. I think it's time to get the yard and shrubs
    looking good before Rob comes home. I informed him. I want to surprise
    him! I lied. No problem, and you get the good neighbor-good friend
    rate! Jim laughed. You should ask Steve to help, he's a master
    designer! Jim laughed. I laughed too, but again I was paranoid of Jim's
    joke. Did he know something? Before, I could answer, Steve walked
    through the door. Hey, brother's neighbor, how are you? ‘What brings
    you down? Steve asked. For the first time, I could really see the
    resemblance between Jim and Steve. She came to see you about her
    shrubs, I told her you were a master designer of lawns! Jim replied.
    Steve looked at me and smiled, No problem, young lady. Steve said. I
    love how he acted as if I wasn't 6 years older than him. The phone rang,
    Jim answered it. I got to go out to Sun Valley, to take care of a
    yard. !
    Jim explained. Need me to go with you? Steve asked his brother. Oh,
    no, it will only take a second, I'll be back soon. Besides, Miss
    Alexandria is a customer too, stay and she what she needs. Jim replied.
    Jim was one of the few people who called me by my full name. I liked it,
    it was kind of special, so I didn't mind. Jim left, and Steve and I went
    into his office. He showed me some pictures of lawns he tailored, they
    looked beautiful! You really are good at this! The phone rang. Steve
    answered, Russell Brothers Landscaping! Steve talked to a client, but
    while he talked on the phone, he reached out and started fondling my
    tits. God was this hot! Steve never missed a beat! As he discussed
    estimates and materials with the customer, he lifted my shirt, unhooked
    my bra in front and let my breasts free. He gently massaged them as he
    pinched and played with my nipples. Steve continued his conversation, as
    he jiggled my tits to see them shake, squeezing them together, b!
    ouncing them up and down. I loved how he touched me, he was getting me so
    hot!Come here, baby! Steve ended his conversation finally and started
    sucking my tits and burying his face in them. Damn, I love big tities!
    He shouted. Ding, dong! Hold on baby, customer! Steve informed me.
    Steve went in the lobby while I hooked my bra. Steve confirmed an
    appointment with the interrupting client and called me out to the
    lobby. Come out here, baby ! Steve requested. I loved it when he called
    me baby. Steve sat at a desk near the door writing down information,.
    This could take a minute, sugar. He let me know. You're busy, perhaps
    I should go, I suggested.No, no, stay, I'm glad you came by, it's good
    to see you. He said giving me a quick kiss on the lips. Steve motioned
    for me to sit in the seat next to him while he wrote out purchase orders.
    I admit, I get a big kick out of making out in risky places, what fun! As
    Steve worked, I looked through some of the magazines. !
    Steve interrupted my reading, Open your legs for me, love, do you have
    any panties on? Let me see. I scooted my chair and opened my legs wide
    to reveal my panty clad pussy. Umm, Umm, look at that fat pussy! Steve
    remarked. His words made my pussy twitch.. The phone rang again. Damn,
    I thought, then I had to remember that he was at work. It was I who was
    invading his space. Steve once again was business as usual as he scooted
    closer to me, and started rubbing my legs. His hand massaged my knee and
    thigh, his hand slowly crept up my thigh until he reached my hot wet
    mound. Steve conducted business over the phone with professionalism as he
    slid his fingers into my panties. I reclined my chair a bit, Steve parted
    my legs. It was so hard to not to passionately scream out, his fingers
    felt great in my cunt. Steve was on the phone, so I had to keep my
    reaction quiet. Steve fingered me until I came all over his fingers. I
    was totally under his spell and got hot all over!
    again as he licked my cum from his fingers! Steve finished up his call,
    bent down between my legs and slid my panties over. Steve took his two
    fingers and spread my lips wide, Umm, Umm, now I want to eat it, baby!
    Steve quickly slid his tongue into my hot cunt and wiggled his tongue
    around inside of it at rapid speed. Ohhhhhhhhhh! I shouted. Steve got
    up and looked around the store for signs of customers or Jim. Now I
    want some pussy!Steve declared. No one was in sight, so Steve pulled
    me back into his office. He pushed up against his desk, slid my panties
    over, unzipped his pants, pulled his big brown pecker out of his boxers
    and shoved it into my pussy. He fucked me on his desk, he fucked me up
    against the wall. Against the wall, he raised one of my legs as he
    slammed his hard cock into me. I was in heaven again! As Steve fucked
    me, he whispered in my ear, do you like how I fuck you? Oh, yeah! I
    screamed. Does my dick feel good in your pussy, baby?Oh Go!
    d, yes! Yes! Would you like it on your ass? I want to fuck you in
    that big ass, baby! Come on, let me get you ready! Steve bent me over
    his desk, spread my ass cheeks and licked up and down my crack and my
    asshole. He licked his finger then starting fingering my ass for a little
    bit to prepare me for the big gun. Slowly, he eased his big cock in my
    ass and began to pump slowly in and out of my ass. Though I felt a little
    pain, it felt great! Rob loves anal, so I wasn't new to this. He always
    said my ass was made for it. Steve pumped and pumped, Ooh, shit! Steve
    shouted. He suddenly begin to pump me harder and harder until he came in
    my ass. Baby, what are you trying to do to me, get me whipped? he
    asked. I laughed to my myself quietly knowing it was I who was already

    Author: Starchild

    2007-07-20 00:56:09 Posted by
    ihope your life is fucking hottttttttttttttttttttttt

    2009-07-03 07:21:27 Posted by
    That was one fucking hot story Fuck me madly

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