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    Wife Cheats In Front of Husband

    (Current Rating 58/100, based on 178 votes)

    We were all hanging at a party at a friend's house. The atmosphere was
    low key. Everyone was dressed smartly but casually. The conversation
    was about the problems this one couple was having with their sexuality.
    I was kind of surprised by the conversation and a little turned on.
    Before I really realized what was going on, the conversation meandered to
    a discussion of how we should all relax more. Then all of a sudden while
    we were sitting around in their living room this guy had his cock out and
    his wife starts sucking on it. It was long, large, rock hard and pretty
    impressive. I couldn't believe it. I mean I'm not used to this kind of
    openness and sexual display. I was in shock. I looked over at my wife
    and was surprised to see her smiling and looking happy. The next thing
    I realize is that this guy pulls his cock out of his wife's mouth and
    starts walking around. To my utter amazement my wife grabs his cock and
    sucks on it once as if trying it out. I was fla!
    bbergasted, amazed, and in shock. I found myself somewhat aroused, but
    emotionally confused. She had totally surprised me. She seemed to
    enjoy sucking another man's cock and was more relaxed than I had ever
    seen her.

    The guy continued to walk around the room showing off his monstrous cock
    when again he came close to my wife and again she grabbed his cock and
    started to suck it. She took it deep inside her throat swallowing the
    whole shaft and taking her glistening tongue and running up and down his
    smooth shaft. I had gotten up from my seat and was starting to same
    something when he quickly blew his whole load and she swallowed it all
    smiling and looking besides herself. She looked so happy and satisfied
    and I found myself strangely turned on and disturbed by the whole thing.

    The next thing that happened to my total amazement was my wife lifted her
    skirt and lied back on the carpet. Before I could say anything the guy
    had pushed her panties to the side and rammed his huge cock inside her,
    her juices squirting everywhere as she let his giant cock slip into her
    easily. She moaned intensely and smiled gleefully. I couldn't believe
    what was happening. My mouth was agape as he pounded his hard cock deep
    inside her putting her legs over his shoulders. She screamed a deep
    intense moan and yelled "yes yes yes fuck me harder you're so fucking
    good." The whole group of people were all looking at them fucking and
    enjoying it, glancing at me wondering what I was going to do. Before I
    knew it she yelled again in what seemed a terrific orgasm screaming at
    the top of her lungs, "oh you're fucking amazing oh I'm going to cum, I'm
    cumming, oh yessssss." She squirted all over the place as he pulled out
    of her his cum shooting all over her body and into her!
    mouth as she greedily swallowed the last of his second hug load.

    Author: Theo

    2007-07-02 13:26:45 Posted by
    Really bad grammar, and you keep repeating about how amazed your were....gimmie a break. Invest in a spell need it. JP

    2007-07-03 00:58:23 Posted by
    Wheres The Rest Of It? Anonymous

    2007-07-03 00:58:48 Posted by
    Wheres The Rest Of The Story... Anonymous

    2007-07-05 16:51:51 Posted by
    Was waiting to hear what you were gonna do bout it to be honest! JB

    2007-07-11 17:25:22 Posted by
    Are you going to finish this story or leave the audience hanging. I know you can do better than that. Anonymous

    2007-07-18 00:01:09 Posted by
    i want to fuck.. please fuck me.. Anonymous

    2007-07-20 11:08:48 Posted by
    That was very short.I think you left out one tiny thing....the rest of the story! Anonymous

    2007-07-23 22:20:29 Posted by
    Ah um needs a lot of work, way to much "amazed and shocked" and none of that would happen the way you put it... Nya

    2007-08-08 03:22:41 Posted by
    not very arousing, how sorry are u to be amazed and "emotionally confused" by all this. either ur a man and step up and fuck ur wife like crzy showin this guy off...or u leave the scene retard!!! girl thas not aroused by this story

    2007-08-08 14:26:30 Posted by
    What the fuck is your story dude ur a shit...
    maybe u shouldn't call urself an author... at all!!!

    2007-08-20 00:56:31 Posted by
    You were a;; smoking pot and you were the most stoned. That's the way I see it. I started to say something but by thr time I was able to say that my wife wasn't that kind of a girl...she was...Take a shit and you will get all clear. Anonymous

    2007-08-21 02:27:34 Posted by

    2007-08-25 14:18:28 Posted by
    tht was good enough... but not fab it cud have been better seriously prerana

    2007-08-26 21:15:49 Posted by
    I liked the notion of the story, but before I could get a hard-on, your blew his load.............twice?
    Great topic, lousy writing. Take your time maybe I can get off next time too.

    2007-10-01 08:48:05 Posted by
    fuck all and terribly unbeleivable Anonymous

    2007-10-06 16:05:55 Posted by
    get it longer Anonymous

    2009-02-24 17:41:03 Posted by
    Should have made her looking at her husband while she was sucking the dick donkey dick

    2009-03-13 10:28:55 Posted by
    yes, agree, still something more is missing. or do you want us to use our imagination ;P mike

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