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    Young Lust

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 287 votes)

    Gosh, I’m not sure where to start. This sure isn’t going to be one of those, What I Did on My Summer Vacation, stories. But then, it did get started over the summer between my Junior and senior year. It was the summer I turned eighteen, and my sister, Clea was already nineteen and getting ready to go off to College. Anyway, I came home one afternoon, and spotted my sister Clea and her girlfriend Anita soaking up some sun out by the pool. I figured they weren’t expecting me to show up, because they were both topless. Well, I already knew Clea had a great rack; hell, she’d flashed her tits at me often enough. But oh man, her friend Anita had huge melon sized jugs, with these really big jutting nipples. I moved around to the den, because I’d be a whole lot closer to them from there. The den was pretty dark and I figured that they wouldn’t be able to see me scoping them out. Anyway, I sure hoped so, because I already had my dick out. My sister has a terrific ass, and
    when she rolled over on to her stomach the way her tiny thong bottom split her ass cheeks sent my hand in to overdrive. Anita got up and grabbed the bottle of sun screen. And, I almost blew when she bent over and began sliding her hands up and down her legs. She had them spread a bit, and as she ran her hands up over her ass she spread those gorgeous cheeks even wider apart. Oh man, and I could clearly see the contours of her pussy. Beats me, but she was laughing when she bent over and began to spread oil over Clea’s back and shoulders. I could hardly believe how great Anita’s awesome tits looked, hanging their and jiggling while she worked her hands down to Clea’s ass. My fucking dick was harder then rock, and I knew that I was going to blow a load. So, I figured that I’d use my T shirt to catch it. But, I banged an elbow off the sliding glass door when I pulled the damn shirt over my head. The girls didn’t seem to have noticed, and just as soon as I could breathe
    again, my hand was back blasting up and down my dick. You probably don’t want to hear about the huge load of cum that I blasted in to that poor shirt; oops, but I guess you just did. After I shot, I felt a little weird watching them like that, so I headed on up to my room.

    After dinner, our folks headed out to play cards with some friends. It wasn’t too much later, and I was stretched out on my bed reading. Clea knocked, and then stuck her head in. “Hey bro, can I come in”? I figured she’d just gotten out of the shower, because her hair was wet, and all she had on was a short robe. She plopped down on the foot of my bed, and stretched her long legs out. That damn robe gaped open almost clear to her crotch. And, yeah I was staring alright. Clea giggled and shifted her other leg so that now I could see both of them bare nearly to her pussy. OK sorry, but I’ve got to interrupt my own story. Some of you won’t like reading this, but Clea is really my step sister. Our folks hooked up when I was three, and Clea and I have been tight right from the first. And believe me; neither of us ever uses that “step” word. I waited, but when she didn’t say anything, I asked her what was up. She gives me this look, and then says “I know that yo
    u were checking out Anita and me this afternoon. And, I’m betting that you, well you know, did it while you were watching”. Shit, I blushed, and then blushed some more because I’d blushed. Clea reached out to pat my bare thigh, and said “Hey, its cool. It didn’t bother me and Anita never even notice”. Her robe had opened a bit more, and I was staring at one bare tit, complete with its pointy pink nipple. Her hand was still sort of caressing my thigh, and between that and her bare legs, and that damn tit, I was getting a hard on. So, she’s staring at the bulge in my shorts and telling me that she likes having me checking her out. ”Well Hell sis, you’re bod is smoking hot”, I told her. She leaned over and stroked her nails up my thigh, under my shorts, and half way to my balls. That move left her robe gaping wide enough to have me gaping at bare pussy; shit, never mind both firm tits. So, she’s sitting there with this shit eating grin on her face, and tha
    t damn hand still teasing my bare thigh. The next thing I knew, she’s jumped to her feet, and is giggling as she shrugs the robe off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. I’m sitting there babbling “oh man” over and over while she’s got her hands cupping her tits while her fingers are pinching the Hell out of fucking hard looking nipples. She let her fingers slide down over her flat belly and then she pushed her fingers between her thighs. Fuck me, the bitch was giggling when she held them up to show me they were all wet and glistening with her pussies juices.

    I already told you Clea’s pretty hot; she’s bleach blonde with big green eyes and a terrific smile. And, she was tan right down to where her bathing suits thong bottom had left a tiny bit of white skin. Her tits aren’t big like her friend Anita’s, but their still a big handful. And right then, her pink nipples were popped right out, and teased hard. There was just this little triangle of bleached pubes that pointed right to her bare, I mean shaved bare, pussy. I didn’t move, or say anything; but just watched her crawl up and kneel straddling my legs. So then, she’s got her fingers rubbing over the hard on about to burst right through my shorts, and coaxing me with “I want to see it. Come on, show it to me. You jacked off watching us didn’t you, come on tell me, I bet you came thinking about fucking Anita”? Jesus and she was licking her lips and talking in this husky, real sexy voice. I guess she must have got tired of waiting for me to do something, because
    she finally just reached out and yanked my shorts down. Shit, she was staring at my hard on like she’d never seen one before. And, I figured that sure couldn’t b; Hell, Clea’s real popular, and always has a boyfriend. She smacked my leg then, and said “Come on bro, tell me. Were you playing with that big hard thing and thinking about fucking Anita with it or what”? What else could I do, but tell her what I’d been doing. “OK yeah, I did it, but it was you I kept thinking about. Anita’s pretty hot I guess, but, I don’t know, you’re really sexy; even if you are my crazy sister”. Clea was so excited that she was positively bouncing. “Oh shit, that’s just so hot. Oh man, oh man, you really did it thinking about me, fucking total wow, that’s fucking hot”. She shifted so her knees were between my legs. And then, she used that real sexy voice to ask me to play with my own dick. Please Dave, do it for me. I jack off my boyfriend all the time; and I real
    ly like doing it. Gosh, I guess that I’ve got a lot of dates off that way too. But honest, I’ve never seen a guy doing it”. My head was still shaking when she slowly reached out a finger, and lightly stroked my balls. Pretty quick, she was holding my balls in one hand, and then she had the other one wrapped around my dick and slowly jacking me off. “Come on Dave, please”, she teased. “Oh God, you’re so hard, and way bigger then my silly boyfriend. Hey, “I’ll just bet that you’ve had lots of girls doing this for you. But, I bet you’ve never seen a girl playing with her own pussy.” Well, she had that last part right anyway. I barely managed to croak out, “Oh man, you’d really do that”. But honestly, I was still pretty damn reluctant. That fist wrapped around my dick wasn’t moving slow anymore; it was just absolutely blasting up and down. Fuck, and she had that other hand gently squeezing my balls too. She was all breathy, and telling me how turn
    ed on she was getting, and how much she loved my “Big hard cock”. And then, she lets go of me, and puts those damn hands on her hips, and asks me “OK so, how about this? Do it for me now and the next time Anita’s over and we’re lying out, I’ll make sure we both get naked. I’ll make an excuse to come in; and then I’ll jack you off while you check her out and fantasize about fucking her. How does that sound”? She had me then, and she knew it too.

    The rest of this story is my version of what Clea shared with me later; and, it’s told from her perspective. I didn’t understand then, or much care; but I knew that right then anyway, I was obsessed with the thought of watching Dave jacking off. Earlier that afternoon, I’d known that he was in the den watching Anita and me lying out topless. For some reason I started thinking of him in there with his pecker out and all big and hard. I just knew he’d be in there jacking off, and I couldn’t stop thinking about actually getting to watch him doing it. Later that evening it was still all I could think about, and that’s what had led me to his room.

    So, their I was naked in his desk chair with my feet up on the foot of his bed, and feeling more exposed then I’d ever felt in my life. That’s when I realized that the thought of doing myself in front of Dave actually had me more turned on then the thought of seeing him jacking off. Hey, not that I wasn’t still on fucking fire to see that shit. I wanted to be sure, so I said “Hey bro, this is just for fun, right? You know that we’re not going to like fuck or anything like that”? The poor boy’s eyes never left my totally, right out there and exposed pussy, but he did manage to actually speak. “Yeah sure, we’re only playing around. God, you are my sister”. Yeah sure, but this sister’s pussy was on fucking fire; and for sure I’d never been so turned on before. Dave wasn’t even touching his cock, but I was positive that he’d just have to; well, if he kept his eyes on my play anyway. Mostly when I’m masturbating I just touch myself, and work my clit.
    So, that’s where I started; with one hand spreading my pussies lips apart, and the other one flicking a finger out over my clit. Yeah, I’d gone straight for it, I told you that I was on fucking fire. Gosh, I’d been getting myself off since I was about twelve, but None of my boyfriends had ever done it for me, and I’d sure as Hell never did myself in front of one of them either. My first orgasm was fast, and oh fuck, did I ever love being able to be loud and ham it up. You know; lots of “Oh my God, oh my god, I’m cuming. Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, oh shit, I’m cuming”, and other such shit. Dave’s mouth just absolutely hung open; and as if that wasn’t enough, he also had a hand just flying up and down his cock. Gosh, I’ve forgotten to mentioned that Dave’s cock is pretty damn big; well its sure longer and thicker then my boyfriends anyway. Another time we measured it, and it was almost eight inches. That’s pretty big, right? I was breathing in gasps, but
    I asked him “Did you like that brother dearest? Want to see some more”? Hey, at least he managed to nod. The same finger that had just tortured my clit was the one I pushed in to my vagina. Not only was I on fucking fire, but I was just, well dripping wet. Before I actually decided to do it, I had three fingers fucking myself, and pretty damn hard too. It was poor Dave’s turn to let loose with the “Oh my Gods”. And, oh my, he even stopped his hands frantic pumping to stare open mouthed. I kept those fingers moving, and got another finger working on my clit. Surprise, it was still all swollen, and, well sensitive beyond words. I came again almost at once, but kept fucking and flicking, and came again, and again, and again.

    When my mind cleared enough I realized that Dave hadn’t cum yet. So, of course, I encouraged him. “Come on bro, do it. I want to see you cum. Oh God, come on work that big hard cock. Do it bro, shoot you’re cum for me”. Hell, I was about to jump up and do him myself when his butt bucked up and he just exploded a stream of hot cum. And, I know it was hot, because half the damn stuff landed on my thigh. I’ll tell you what; none of my boyfriends ever blew that much cum. I wiped up a finger full and flicked my tongue out for a taste. OK, so yeah, I’d never even gone down on a guy before, and I’d sure never tasted one’s stuff either. But hey, I liked it fine, and sucked that finger in to my mouth. Well, I’d cleaned my thigh, and the only cum left was the stuff still smeared over the head of Dave’s cock. And, I’m pretty sure that if Dave hadn’t looked so shocked, that I’d have licked that right up too. We were spared any awkward moments by the sound of the
    garage door. I scrambled for my robe; Dave got a kiss on the cheek, and a “That was real fun. I love you. Dave still wore that stunned stupid look, but he still managed to hug me. I stopped at the door and reminded him of my promise. “Oh man Dave, I can hardly wait to get Anita over. Thanks bro; that really was just a total ball”. And you know what; the poor boy still hadn’t said a word.

    Let’s just say that my fantasies about Anita’s next visit practically had my clit worn down to a nub. But, late the following week Mom was off doing the Mall thing and Anita was on her way over. I burst in to Dave’s room without knocking; and the little shit had his pecker out. “Hey bro, you might just want to save it, because Anita’s on her way over”. You know what; he just grinned at me, and kept right on jacking off. I stood there with my hands on my hips and stared. The bastard had a handful of Kleenex, and that’s right where his load ended up. Sure, he did it to torment me, why do you think I called him a bastard? I wasn’t really mad at him, in fact I was giggling. Dave laughed; caught my eye, and told me “That was a good one. I was imagining shooting it right in to your mouth. I’ll bet that you’d totally love that, wouldn’t you sis”? Apparently all the wet that should have been in my mouth had deserted for my pussy, because this girl’s mouth
    was bone dry. But hey, my nasty glare still worked just fine. And, Dave got a full dose of it, before I spun around, and flipped him the finger on my way out.

    Anita was watching as I stood up and slipped my thong bottom down and kicked it aside. “I’m tired of tan lines”, I told her. I picked up the sun screen hoping that Dave was already watching, and made quite a erotic little show out of bending to spread the lotion over my bare ass and on down my legs. “Come on Anita, you don’t want to be the only girl with tan lines do you”, I teased. ”What about your brother”, she wanted to know. “I know he was checking us out last time”. “Who cares; anyway he’s up in his room”, I lied. “Yeah right”, she said with a giggle. “Anyway, it kind of gets me all hot thinking about him jacking off and fantasizing about fucking me or whatever he’d be imagining”. OK, so I had her naked; all I needed now was an excuse to go in and hook up with Dave.

    All I’d come up with was going in to make us some lemonade. But then, Anita’s cell phone went off, and the perfect excuse came up. So, when she turned to me and said “Hey, it’s my boyfriend”, I told her “Great, make sure you tell him you’re bare ass naked. I’m going to go in and make us some lemonade”. Hey, I never did make that damn lemonade either. I was expecting to find Dave in the den with his cock out and in his fist, but the little shit still had his shorts on. He waved me over, and asked “Who’s she talking to? Jesus, just watch her fucking hand”. “Wow, that’s hot; she’s talking to her boyfriend”, I told him while Anita slowly stroked a finger around her pussy. “Hey, do you think she’s telling him what she’s up to”, I asked around my giggles. I looked down, and my stomach clenched at the sight of Dave’s hard on poking out his shorts. I was brushing the back of my hand over that delicious bulge, and still keeping an eye On Anita
    . But, for the moment at least Dave seemed to be ignoring his very horny sister. I could hardly blame the poor guy, because we were both watching when she push two fingers in to her vagina, and started to fuck herself. Watching those fingers pumping in and out sent a shiver rocketing through me that I felt clear down to my pussy. Dave was so totally locked in on Anita’s nasty play that he probably didn’t even notice me move around behind him. But, he sure did notice when I slid a hand down his shorts and grabbed a handful of hard cock.

    I admit it; my eyes never left Anita either, not even while I continued to tease Dave. My hand was very slowly stroking his rock hard cock while I whispered in his ear. “So, do you want to fuck her? Do you want to slam this big hard thing in to that pussy”? “Fuck yes”, he said in a voice gone all hoarse. “But, oh God, do I wish she was you. Well shit, you know what I mean”. Hey, that was pretty sweet, don’t you think? Anyway, it was sure good enough to have me pulling his shorts down. And that left his deliciously hard cock free to spring up, and slap against his stomach. Believe me; I wanted to stare at that gorgeous cock a lot more then I wanted to watch Anita work her pussy. But, I did like hearing Dave describing her action. ”oh fuck me; she just rolled on to her stomach, her ass it up in the air, and I guess she’s fingering her clit. Shit, Clea that feels awesome. Hey, do you want me to keep telling you what she’s doing”? By then I didn’t much car
    e, but I figured it turned him on, so I said “Sure, but you just better not cum right away buddy boy”. I reached my other hand around and squeezed his cock between my open palms. Hey, for the moment he was all mine; and all I had to do was slide my palms back and forth, and up and down, at the same time. “Shit sis, where’d you learn that trick”, he asked in that still all breathy voice. I ignored him, because I wasn’t about to tell him that Anita had told me about how she did it that way for her boyfriend. He was back in my fist though when he said “Hey, she’s really got her finger moving fast now. Oh man, is she wet or what? Oops, I think she just came, fucking wow”. The way Dave was beginning to breathe in gasps had me thinking that his own little explosion couldn’t be far off.

    I swung around and dropped to my knees in front of him. Staring up at that delicious looking cock; well, I almost went down on it. I didn’t, not then; but I would, and not so many days from now either. But, for now, both Dave and I would have to suffer through with only my hands. Hey but, he sure wasn’t complaining. Poor me was conflicted; I wanted to make him cum, and I wanted to play with his big cock some more too. That’s why I asked him what Anita was up to. “Well, she’s still talking, and checking out the house real regular like. Shit Clea, your hands are magic. Hey, she’s back lying on her back with three fingers going to town on her pussy”. Meanwhile I’d been alternating slow strokes with real fast ones. I’d give him some of one, and then the other, and all while teasing his balls with my other hand. There was cum collecting where his cock’s head was split. I couldn’t resist; hey but, at least I thought about resisting. Go girl; so for the first time I flicked my tongue out over a man’s cock, and collected my little treat. My pussy was on fire, and clenching like I was about to cum myself. Maybe I did, I really don’t know for sure. I was like in a frenzy or something; and my fist was just absolutely slamming up and down Dave’s cock. I saw his balls jump; and then he was practically screaming out “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck sis, I’m going to cum”. Oh my God, I wanted to bury that thing in my mouth so bad. But, I settled for darting my mouth in close, and opening it around his cock’s head. And, I was just in time to take his first huge eruption. That one landed way back in my throat, but I got bunches more splashed right in my mouth. When he’d finally stopped spurting out that delicious stuff, I did swirl my tongue around that cock’s throbbing head. So, I had just collected the last of my first real mouthful of a man’s cum; and you damn well better believe I knew it wouldn’t be my last. Seeing Dave on his knees panting; well yeah, this girl felt like the world’s wickedest young bitch. It was the sound of the kitchen door that snapped me out of my reverie. Shit, I was still licking Dave’s cum off my lips as I intercepted Anita before she could reach the den.

    Author: Onward Bob

    2009-02-20 19:24:34 Posted by
    oh my god that was amazzing i cummed hard over that onee keep them coming horny123!

    2009-02-21 13:01:36 Posted by
    fukn brilliant Anonymous

    2009-02-21 22:08:10 Posted by
    Shit... I came 3 times during that Anonymous

    2009-02-24 11:34:58 Posted by
    Its hard reading this shiet at work and not bean abole to do nuthing 83hard at work

    2009-02-26 20:00:18 Posted by
    wow, lets hear it for young, dumb, and full of cum long tongue two

    2009-02-27 20:22:14 Posted by
    was ok, but pretty sick being your sister. masterofthemilf

    2009-03-02 00:23:26 Posted by
    fuckin sexy. I wanted to jizz myself just by reading this. Oooooooh baby, i'm touching myself. Oooooooooooo yeah. -Cums- oh baby, thats hot. cumming in my shorts

    2009-03-02 22:51:56 Posted by
    sexy slut= good story wish he would have fucked anita Anonymous

    2009-03-04 01:26:35 Posted by
    wow man that shit was pritty good! couldent stop touching myself through the whole god damn thing! sexysadie

    2009-03-05 01:07:15 Posted by
    Fuck man...
    why dint u fuck ur sis...?
    i wish 2 c anita fingering her pussy...

    2009-03-05 20:29:00 Posted by
    gr8 U need a young lust 2 where after u eat out your sis & fuck anita her friend u do her too, often gymbod

    2009-03-07 11:36:59 Posted by
    Wished anita would of joined them queen

    2009-03-09 10:34:19 Posted by
    Omfg I'm so horny my tight pussy feels awesomely wet Anonymous

    2009-03-09 19:51:17 Posted by
    so sexy. I came like three times. Wish u could come and fuck me!!!!!! sexxoxoxoxoxxes

    2009-03-13 06:18:58 Posted by
    OMG .I'm so hard it actually aches!!! Howie

    2009-03-13 18:23:27 Posted by
    Wow that was the best I have read in a long time Hard

    2009-03-21 10:05:24 Posted by
    That was hot I would of sucked his cock and fucked him if I was her soaked

    2009-03-22 18:44:12 Posted by
    I couldn't stop touching my pussy. That was amazing. XXX

    2009-03-25 02:50:14 Posted by
    Superb!!!! Anita

    2009-03-30 17:36:18 Posted by
    Holy hell that was great my dick is rock hard Dave

    2009-04-04 05:42:24 Posted by
    Nice Anonymous

    2009-04-05 15:12:58 Posted by
    IT FUCKIN SUCKED!!! amp.mat

    2009-04-05 18:12:49 Posted by
    holy fuck that was great lovesss

    2009-04-06 08:08:37 Posted by
    dam i fucking got so turned on thinking anout clea and went out and fucked my best friend god dam shes so hot Anonymous

    2009-04-06 08:09:16 Posted by
    i got so fucking hard and turned on during this story
    My Best Friends Hot

    2009-04-07 20:24:38 Posted by
    I barely had to touch myself and I exploded. hotlips

    2009-04-08 22:21:37 Posted by
    the person who said it fucking ucked is proble just saying that b/c they dont wanna be like everyone else saying oh i loved which by the way i did slut

    2009-04-09 10:53:30 Posted by
    I luv the fucking story it is so fucking cummed up Hard

    2009-04-13 18:20:20 Posted by
    didnt enjoy the whole incest bit.... but you do paint a wonderful picture not all out for incest

    2009-04-14 00:47:42 Posted by
    omg that was so fucking amazing... im so horny right now that i want to go down on the next guy that i see... wet_N_tight

    2009-04-19 23:04:34 Posted by
    wow that was stupid 1337

    2009-04-22 03:28:41 Posted by
    it was alright

    2009-04-26 17:34:17 Posted by
    o my god ive never came so much in all my life oh my god im still goin now o my god Anonymous

    2009-04-27 07:36:52 Posted by
    My hand hurts like hell and I cant close my legs :| I hope my vag doesnt hurt in the morning... HornyGirrrl

    2009-05-03 15:46:35 Posted by
    damn. sexybbygirl

    2009-05-12 01:52:03 Posted by
    Wow really good i actually jizzed in my pants without touching it and then cummed twice more while jacking off. Jizz-in-my-pants

    2009-05-12 17:21:49 Posted by
    ;_; moar is required. Anonymous

    2009-05-15 19:26:57 Posted by
    about that last comment...what? ONWARD BOB

    2009-05-20 22:30:02 Posted by
    omg i want to fuck u davr ahahahahah XXX

    2009-05-22 14:23:37 Posted by

    2009-05-26 03:12:06 Posted by
    dat was gr8..m a grl n i cummed in mid os the story...hehhehehehe kool gal

    2009-05-26 17:40:32 Posted by
    awsomme, i freakin' came without even touching ,my pussy... hornygirrl

    2009-05-27 23:22:48 Posted by
    That was so great. I just wished that you would of fucked them both sexi lexi w creamy thighs

    2009-05-31 21:22:03 Posted by
    best story on this website Anonymous

    2009-06-05 10:55:02 Posted by
    Damn, that was hot. I was so fuckin my pussy bwhile I read this. BABYGURL

    2009-06-09 17:25:06 Posted by
    i cumed during that

    2009-06-13 18:51:16 Posted by
    Oh wow. That was preety fucking sweet. xoxo

    2009-07-12 01:36:24 Posted by
    Ehh. Not as good as everyone is making it seem... It's not bad though. Still horny

    2009-07-26 11:59:44 Posted by
    Lol at you. ha

    2009-08-11 00:06:03 Posted by
    the post by HornyGirrrl was as good as the story :) which also rocked! Anonymous

    2009-08-11 21:49:21 Posted by
    OMG, i need to be full of cock. right now. bibabygirl

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